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Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds - Feminized Strains

Royal Queen Seeds Strains on

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the best known European seed banks since they have been supplying strains to all kind of consumers and coffee shops for many years. They have a large track record of winning cannabis cups for buds, hash and BHO, such as High Life Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup. Whichever strain you choose, it will be a good choice for your garden.

Class A Feminized Seeds

Special Queen 1 Cannabis Seeds

Special Queen 1 is one of their star products since it is not required to have a good knowledge of growing to get good yields. With very Skunk genes as well as Afghan, Mexican and Colombian genes, this strain produces strong and robust plants. Fast growth and a strong structure, although, as a consequence of its weight, branches might end up bending slightly. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, with different results. Indoors, you'll want to plant it with a SCROG net to support the branches and thus, you'll get to double the weight and the quality of your yield. Outdoors, these plants are resistant to almost everything, you will be able to grow them easily and without having to visit it everyday. Up to 550g per plant should be ready to harvest by the end of September.

Ice Cannabis Seeds

One of their more resinous strains is ICE, a select Northern Lights which provides a layer of whitish crystals from which you can get very good extractions. This strain adapts to all kind of methods, though it needs its space to grow. It grows plants with an open and strong structure which support their own weight, but it is advisable to open the branches via training in order to increase how much sunlight it can absorb. It blooms quickly and we can get up to 450 g/m2 which makes it a very profitable option for the commercial grower. Outdoors, we will have the ideal plants for a hot weather. Plants can yield over 600g and will be ready for harvest by mid-end of September. You can harvest long and hard buds, very resinous and full of relaxing effects. It is very recommended for those who are incredibly tolerant to cannabis.

Critical Cannabis Seeds

If you're looking for high yields and quality in record times, the best strain is Critical. This strain forms hard and heavy buds, a very good central stick besides flowering very quickly. It is very sought-after by commercial growers since thanks to its shape it is possible to do a SOG indoors from seeds and get abundant crops. These plants grow short and compact, without intertwining, so it won't be excessive to grow 16 per m2. They have to be set to flower early, so that, besides harvesting earlier, they don't become too large. Outdoors, we will get plants that grow tall and wide with long branches that open up as the plant grows, reaching a heavy weight at the end of the cycle. If we plant seasonal plants in our garden, we will get plants which are almost 2m high and yield 800g, ready for harvest at the end of September.

The Best Dutch Seeds

In order to choose your seeds you must choose the strain that suits your growing conditions. Royal Queen has tens of strains from which to choose and all you have to do is read the detailed description and choose accordingly. Price is up to us, and we guarantee you we do everything we can to bring you the best prices. Indeed, we have permanent offers and discounts so that you can get the best for very little.