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Cultibox SG Combi Grow Kit S

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Kit CultiBox SG-Combi XL solder

Cultibox SG-Combi XL Grow Tent Kit

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Complete grow kits

Complete grow kits

Complete indoor grow kits including grow tents to start your own grow at home with all the materials required in one single kit. This kit provides you with an insulated growing space, the required lighting equipment and a supply of clean air thanks to the included exteractors. Quality, components or lightning equipment may vary depending on the kit you choose.

One of our best-selling kits is the complete grow tent 400W/600W, which was also the first kit in our catalogue. It includes a Cultibox Open grow tent of very good quality and lets you choose between a 400W and a 600W light. You will have the required air extraction system to keep heat away from your plants and supply them with fresh air, and an odor filter that will guarantee that the expelled air does not smell like weed. In the kit you will also find a timer to turn the lights on and off, pulleys to hang the light, a thermo-hygrometer to let you know the temperature and humidity and even the pots and seeds you need to get started! The most complete kit by GrowBarato.

Light grow kits are ideal for growers who want to start with the strictly necessary equipment and most affordable materials without leaving out anything important. It comes in several sizes and power options to fit your grow space. For instance, the Light Kit S comes with a 80x80cm and a 250W lamp while the Light Kit L comes with a 1.2mx1.2m and a 600W lamp. Kits include the extractors required for ventilation and an odor filtering system to avoid expelling revealing odors. Like all our kits, it also includes a timer to turn the lights on and off and the pulleys to hang your light.

If you want to improve your grow in the future, you're better off going with our Cultibox Sg-Combi Kit. This kit includes a modular grow tent to which we can attach other units of the same size. If you only own one unit but you would like to double or triple its capacity in the future, all you'll have to do is add extra tents on. To do this, just remove one wall in every unit you want to attach and link them together, making a single space out of two modules. Several sizes are available: from S to XL. The S includes a 80cmx80cm grow tent and a 250W light, whereas the XL includes two 1.2mx1.2m units and two 600W lamps.

You can also choose one of the grow kits by Grow Tent, a grow tent brand with a great quality/price ratio. Their kits include almost the same components as SG Combi Kit, the difference lies in the grow tent. The Grow Tent kits include a much higher quality tent in terms of zippers, reflective inside material, etc. Their components were chosen individually so that you have enough room and good materials to grow your plants with no hassle from the very beginning.

We also have a Kit with a harvesting and drying tent, where you can trim and dry our marijuana once it's harvested. A Lumagny microscope will let you decide whether the plant is ready for harvesting or not, you just need to observe the color of the trichomes before harvesting. Then, you will have to remove the leaves, leaving only the flowers, so they dry out as quick as possible; you can install a drying net inside your tent. A dehumidifier will take care of the excess of moisture during the first days while a extraction system with a filter will exchange the air constantly. The tent itself is made out of breathable material, so once the old air is extracted you don't have to worry about the supply of fresh air: it will get in through the walls. Having a filter will easily hide the smell expelled to the outside, so you'll be able to dry your cannabis discreetly and out of sight.

If you are looking for a cannabis grow kit featuring all required components, and you also want to enjoy our hefty discounts, you just have to choose one of the kits in our catalogue. The descriptions are well detailed so that you know what's included before buying and know how to use every component once you receive your kit.