Growing kits

 Growing kits

In, we want to help you get the best harvests! When buying any of our growing kits we will provide you with free and tailored advice. We also have growing manuals, easy to understand, covering all aspects of growing: nutrition, pests, cabinets and how to set electrical devices. They are available in both the products description and our Blog.

In this section you can find complete growing kits, so you do not have to look for each product separately but can get them in a single pack.

The first type of kit we sell concerns fertilizers. In this subsection you will find several kits with all the nutrients by a particular brand. You won't have to wonder which other product you need, since they come with a fully detailed chart (growing program) so you don't miss anything. You'll find anything in between the most economical ones such as the Top Crop Basic kit to the high-range ones for maximal productions such as Megapack from Grotek.

You will also find lighting kits, which will bring the sun you need to you indoor garden. They consist of many models of ballast and bulbs combined with different reflectors, to ensure you find what you are looking for. You can choose from the most economical kit to an electrical model with a reflector that distributes the light in a homogeneous way and reflects 97% of the light ( it's called Adjust a Wings Avenger).

If you are one of these individuals who dislikes searching for too long, we also have full kits including grwo tents, so you only need some soil and seeds to get started. By choosing this option you get a closed space to grow your plants inside, a vent system to ensure your plants get the fresh air they need and a lighting kit that will provide your plants with the sun-type light they need to thrive. Some of the kits also include pots and seeds so you can start growing on the spot.

If you like saving and always buy packs, this will be one of your favorite sections.