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Growing kits

  • Grow Light kits
    <p><strong>Grow Light kits for indoor marijuana growing</strong> which will act as the sun for your indoor plants. A timer will <strong>turn the lights on and off to control the photoperiod</strong> and <strong>get the plants to grow or flower at will.</strong></p> <p>Depending on the brand we chose, and whether the kit comes with an electrical or magnetic ballast, it will present <strong>some different features.</strong></p> <p>One of the best-selling grow light kits is <strong>Xtrasun,</strong> which is very <strong>easy to install and use.</strong> We only sell the version that comes with a 600W lamp, which is the most widely used voltage in indoor growing. The ballast has an exit for a reflector<strong> with a Plug and Play jack, so connecting the reflector to the ballast will only take a click. The bulb that comes with the kit is a Dual Xtrasun that can be replaced</strong> for other type. Xtrasun gives very good results and also Agrolite. If there is a problem such as a short circuit, the <strong>fuse of the ballast will protect your equipment from overloads.</strong></p> <p>Set de luxe are <strong>some of the most demanded kits, not only because they are economical but because you can attach to them a cable of the desired length.</strong> Usually, ballasts come with a factory-fitted cable, and if we want to join extra lengths to it to move the reflector farther away (for instance, in big grow rooms), the junction becomes visible. Set de Luxe lets you add a both the power cable and reflector's output cable of the desired length, without having to open the ballast. It <strong>includes a lamp to be chosen among several brands and you can also choose a reflector</strong> (Liso or Stucko). Several voltages available (<strong>from 250W to 1000W</strong>).</p> <p>Our <strong>Complete Kits include all an ETI2 ballast,</strong> a model that comes inside a fireproof shell to avoid fire and propagation problems. <strong>Depending on whether we choose Agrolite, Sylvania or a Large Wings kit we will have different options to change the lamp or the reflector.</strong> This kit comes with factory-fitted cables, though they can be changed easily by opening the box. It is the best kit among those with magnetic ballast.</p> <p>If you want a <strong>better quality kit, you'll have to chose one with an electronic ballast. </strong>This type of ballast ensures your plants get up to <strong>30% more light</strong> so they <strong>develop much better and are more productive</strong> with the same power consumption and bulb.</p> <p>The <strong>electronic lighting kits Agrolite, Sylvania and adjustable Agrolite come with an electronic ballast, and both the reflector and the lamp can be changed.</strong> Ballast's power can be adjusted so you can i<strong>ncrease the light intensity as the growing cycle moves on.</strong> It also includes all the necessary cables and fittings, since in order to connect your ballast to the reflector it will be necessary to use a Plug &amp; Play cable.</p> <p>Lumatek Kit,<strong> available with both 400W and 600W lamps, is the best kit in our catalogue.</strong> Lumatek ballast is one of the best on the market and it is very appreciated in the growing world. Voltage can be adjusted as plants develop. <strong>The 400W can be set at 250W, 250W superlumen, 400W and 400W superlumen. The 600W can be set at 400W, 400W superlumen, 600 W and 600W superlumen.</strong>  It lets you get maximum yields within the same space; indeed, <strong>a good ballast can make the difference between a 350g/m2 harvest and a 500g one.</strong> The bulb and the reflector can be chosen at will, to fit your growing method and preferences.</p> <p>In short, if you're l<strong>ooking for a grow light kit for your crop,</strong> you know how to compare the ones in our catalogue. Each of them comes with a <strong>detailed description, mode of employment and instructions for assembly. There are also tutorial videos explaining how to set your reflector or where to connect the cables</strong> of your ballast. </p>
  • Complete Grow Tent Kit
    <p>These <strong>complete grow kits</strong> come fully equipped with a grow tent so that you can grow your own cannabis at home using just one kit. You’ll be able to have your own private area for your cannabis plants, enough light to imitate the sun and plenty of clean air so that your plants can breathe properly. The <strong>quality of the tent</strong> and its accessories as well as the <strong>strength of the grow lamp</strong>, vary depending on the kit you choose.</p> <p>One of our best-selling kits is the <a href=""><strong>Complete</strong> <strong>400/600w Grow Tent Kit</strong></a>. It comes with a <strong>high-end CultiBox Open grow tent</strong>, and you can choose between a 400w and a <strong>600w grow lamp</strong>. It comes with a full extraction fan system and everything you need to put it together. It also has an odor filter so that you don’t give your grow away. It’s fully equipped; a timer for turning lights on and off, pulleys for hanging your grow lamp, a <strong>thermos-hygrometer</strong>. It even comes with flower pots and cannabis seeds! This is without a doubt the best kit on our entire page, especially for beginners that don’t know where to start.</p> <p>Our <strong>Light Grow tent kits</strong> are perfect for those that want a basic set up that comes with all of the necessary equipment, although cheaper than other models and of lesser quality. They come in different sizes with different grow lamps capable of growing successful cannabis plants. The S Light kit comes with an <strong>80x80cm grow tent and a 250w light</strong>, whereas the L Light kit comes with a <strong>1.2x1.2m tent and a 600w light</strong> to compensate for that extra space. They all come with the necessary extraction fan and odor filter so your plants have fresh, clean air and don’t end up causing a stink. It also comes with a timer for the lights and pulleys for the grow lamp.</p> <p>If you plan on <strong>starting out small and expanding</strong> in the future, we recommend getting the SG-Combi kit. These particular tents can be opened and added on to, so you can eventually double or triple the amount of plants that you want to grow. Simply remove one of the two walls and attach another of the same model, making one large grow tent. We also sell various sizes, from small to extra-large. The small kit comes with a <strong>80x80cm grow tent and a 250w grow lamp</strong>, whereas the XL kit comes with two full <strong>1.2x1.2m</strong> tents and two 600w lamp kits.</p> <p>We also stock <strong>GT Grow Tent</strong>s, which are super affordable and also high quality. This kit comes with a grow tent that you can put together and attach to other tents of the same size. This kit can also be doubled or tripled if you plan on <strong>expanding</strong> your operation. We specifically chose the accessories and devices in this kit so that you have the perfect space to <strong>grow cannabis successfully</strong>.</p> <p>We also <strong>stock grow tent kits</strong> for harvesting and drying your weed, where you can trim your buds after harvesting them. You can check to see if your plants are ready to harvest using our Lumagny microscope to check their trichomes. You’ll need to remove all of the leaves if you want them to <strong>dry faster</strong> – you can hang your drying rack in the tent, too. If needed, we also <strong>stock de-humidifiers</strong> for those that live in extra humid areas and need a little help drying their weed, as well as extraction fans to keep the room or tent nice and fresh. You don’t need an intake fan, as these tents aren’t fully closed and new air comes in when the extractor fan is on.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>grow tent kit for growing cannabis indoors</strong>, look no more! We have kits that contain absolutely everything you need to grow cannabis from start to finish with successful results. All of our kits come with full descriptions so that you know exactly <strong>what you’re getting and how you’re getting it</strong>.</p>
  • Nutrient Packs
    <p>If you want to <strong>start growing cannabis</strong> and you’re not sure where to start, have a look through our nutrient pack catalogue. We have kits and packs of all sorts to suit all growers’ needs, for both organic and mineral grows depending on the brand you choose and your preferences when it comes to <strong>growing cannabis</strong>.</p> <p>Top Crop kits are some of the <strong>most used nutrient pack</strong>s when it comes to growing cannabis. Their basic kit comes with a root stimulant called Deeper Underground, as well as a growth and flowering kit, allowing you to successfully grow average plants. They also stock an autoflowering kit that has absolutely everything your auto plants could need. Autos tend to start flowering after<strong> around 20 total days</strong>, so it contains mostly flowering products. Top Crop’s complete kit contains absolutely everything your plants need for both the growth and flowering periods, which is essentially their entire range of products – your plants will have <strong>access to absolutely everything they need</strong>.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Hesi’s Starter</strong> <strong>Box</strong></a> is a full range of mineral fertilizers. All you have to do is pick the right box that corresponds with your growing medium; they have a version for soil, hydro and coco coir. Each one has the necessary products for each medium. These<strong> incredibly affordable packs</strong> are perfect for beginner growers.</p> <p><strong>Grotek’s Mega Pack</strong> is one of the most professional packs you can get, as it contains products used to increase yield from cannabis plants. It’s a combination between organic and chemical products that’ll give your plants everything they need when it comes to quality minerals, which are easily absorbed. It comes with specific nutrients for each and every phase, as well as additives. You can get the <strong>Six Pack</strong> which comes with <strong>all of their flowering fertilizers in 250ml containers</strong>, which make them perfect for <strong>autoflowering plants</strong>, cuttings that are being flipped to flower or for buffering up your large plants’ flowering period.</p> <p><strong>Canna’s fertilizer kit</strong> is another of our most-sold kits, as it’s known for the amazing results that it provides and how <strong>affordable</strong> it is. You’ll be able to cover your plants’ entire cycle; you won’t need a singly additive or extra nutes if done right. You’ll be able to grow large roots thanks to Rhizotonic, stimulate the flowering period with Canna Boost Accelerator and<strong> fatten your buds using pK 13/14</strong>. Grow amazing plants thanks to this professional yet affordable nutrient pack.</p> <p><strong>BioBizz</strong> also has a complete nutrient pack that allows you to <strong>grow cannabis plants</strong>; their organic ingredients allow you to increase flavor, strength and aroma in your flowers. You’ll be quite surprised by the amazing results that you can obtain from organic nutrient; they contain an enormous amount of sugars that fatten buds and can help your plants to avoid <strong>nutrient deficiencies</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Atami</strong> has various different kits too, as they stock both organic and mineral products for all grow medium. Their <strong>ATA Organic Box</strong> contains all of their organic products in order to get the best results in as far as quality. Organic fertilizers produce slightly less flowers than mineral fertilizers, although the quality of your final product will almost be much better. Also, when growing outdoors in the ground, you can’t use mineral products as they may <strong>contaminate the environment</strong>. If you want to get larger yields, we highly recommend the <strong>Bloombastic Box</strong> which comes in soil, hydro and coco formats. Bloombastic is one of their best products, as it’s used to create sweeter, larger and denser cannabis flowers.</p> <p><strong>BioTabs</strong> stocks one of the <strong>simplest packs</strong>; once you’ve used these products you probably won’t need to use any more at all in the entire process. These fertilizers are slow-releasing tablets that can be used in your plants’ substrate or hydroponically – we highly recommend setting up an <strong>automatic watering system</strong> for these tablets. During the flowering period you may need to dose again, although that’s pretty much it. All of the nutrients in the BioTabs pack are perfect for your plants’ roots, including <strong>beneficial fungi and bacteria</strong>.</p> <p><span>So, if you’re looking for a full pack that will allow you to <strong>grow cannabis from start to finish</strong>; all you have to do is choose your growing medium and the best kit for it. Each product description contains a detailed description on how to use each pack, and the expected results with each product. Make the most of our <strong>permanent offers</strong>!</span></p>
  • Magic mushroom kits
    <h2>Magic Mushroom Grow Kits</h2> <p><strong>Magic Mushroom kits</strong> are now available so that you can study them and grow your own super easy magic mushrooms – specifically Psilocybe Cubensis. These kits <strong>consist of a container (Tupperware) which has rye substrate in it</strong> (sort of like a loaf of bread) that’s been injected with fungi mycelium, as well as other accessories needed to grow magic mushrooms.</p> <h3>How to grow magic mushrooms</h3> <p>All of our kits are delivered in the same format; follow the following steps in order to get the best results. Make sure that the environment in which you’re growing is <strong>as clean as possible</strong> as well as all of the items used in the process – these kits are extremely <strong>easy to contaminate</strong>.</p> <p>The first thing you’ll need to do is <strong>fill the Tupperware container will water</strong> and close it in order to hydrate the substrate. You can use mineral water or tap water. Leave it like that for at least 24h. After <strong>24h</strong>, open up one of the corners and pour out the water. Open the included bag and place the container inside without the lid. It’ll need to stay at around <strong>18-25ºC</strong> for the shrooms to thrive, but make sure to keep it away from heaters and the like. If needed, place it in a room where there’s a heater, but never put it on top of one. It’ll need <strong>natural</strong> light or blue fluorescent lights – if you use <strong>fluorescent lights it’ll need a 12/12h light cycle</strong>.</p> <p>You’ll need to open up the bag to air it out at least three times a day – mycelium is alive and it needs oxygen to thrive too. After <strong>approximately 7 days</strong> you’ll start seeing the first few shrooms. They’ll take <strong>7-10 total days</strong> to fully sprout, so after about <strong>15 days</strong> you’ll have your hands on your first shroom harvest.</p> <h2>Picking magic mushrooms</h2> <p>You need to <strong>pick the shrooms before they fully open</strong> up and let their spores out, as they’ll contaminate the rest of the contents and you won’t be able to harvest again from that kit. Pick the ones that are big enough and leave the smaller ones until they’re big enough. If you pick them at the right time and avoid the spores coming out, the <strong>substrate will keep producing mushrooms</strong>. To remove the shrooms, pinch them at the bottom and turn while pulling upwards – if you cut them you might contaminate them.</p> <p>Once you’ve harvested the shrooms, scrape a couple of millimeters off the top of the substrate and remove any leftover shrooms. Fill it with water again for another 24h and repeat the process. Each kit usually yields <strong>around 3-4 rounds of shrooms</strong>.</p> <h3>Magic mushrooms for scientific purposes</h3> <p><span>We don’t need to remind you that these mushrooms are for <strong>scientific and microscopic studies only</strong>; ingesting them can cause unwanted effects.</span></p>
Complete growing kits for cannabis plants

At we’re looking out for you and your plants! If you purchase any of our growing kits you’ll also get personalized and detailed advice from our expert growers. We have various growing guides on our blot that include articles on how to water, nutrient schedules, posts on how to put together grow tents – we even have full descriptions on each product on our page.

This particular section contains all of our growing kits, lighting kits and nutrient kits so that you can find exactly what you and your plants need.

Our fertilizer kit category comes with an extensive list of nutrient packs made by some of the most prestigious nutrient brands in the world. You won’t need to go on a specific product search; just get yourself a pack of nutrients and you’ll be able to feed your plants from start to finish easily; from incredibly cheap packs such as the basic Top Crop kit to some of the most professional products such as Grotek’s Megapack.

We also stock lighting kits so that you can give your plants as much artificial sunlight indoors as you need. We stock various different models of ballast and bulb, as well as plenty of reflectors – whatever it is you’re searching for, you’re guaranteed to find it here. We have incredibly affordable kits with reflectors that reflect up to 97% light such as the Avenger Adjust-a-Wings reflector.

If you want to save time and money we highly recommend getting yourself a full grow kit, which comes with a grow tent that’s ready to be set up. All you need is soil and some cannabis seeds. They even come with extraction systems that allow your plants to breathe fresh air every day. Our lighting kits are also perfect for cannabis plants, imitating sunlight to near perfection. Some kits also require you to buy flowerpots and seeds although some come with both.