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Boom Nutrients | Fertilizers for Cannabis

Boom Nutrients is a new brand that specializes in creating products designed for growing cannabis, designed based on our personal experiences. They’ve created a brand used to feed cannabis made by cannabis growers. Following’s instructions, they’ve created unique formulas that are incredibly beneficial for cannabis plants. is working hard to give their consumers the most satisfactory experience possible.

Boom Nutrients has incredibly affordable prices on all of their products for the entire plant process; from rooting to bud fattening. Roots Boom by Boom Nutrients offers visible results with just one use; this root stimulant is one of the products that we’re proudest of, drastically increasing your plants’ root development, which means that they can absorb more nutrients and therefor grow much larger and produce higher yields.

The next product you’ll be using is Crecimiento Boom by Boom Nutrients, a base fertilizer that gives your plants the right nutrients for the growth period, which readies your plants for the flowering period. It contains high amounts of nitrogen, which makes your plants grow super efficiently.

Floración Boom and Candy Boom by Boom Nutrients are the perfect flowering nutrients for your cannabis plants. Floración Boom gives your plants an extra push and serves as a base fertilizer, allowing them to produce heftier and larger flowers. Its phosphorus and potassium content allows your plants to create more flowers and resin. Towards the end of the flowering period you’ll need to start using Candy Boom. This product contains high amounts of organic material that, apart from increasing the amount of resin produced on your buds, increases flavor, aroma and effects in your cannabis. You’ll harvest heftier, larger and more aromatic yields from your plants.

We highly recommend getting your hands on one of their efficient packs; they’re incredibly affordable and are great for testing their products out without needing to get large amounts. The Start Tripack by Boom Nutrients is quite a complete pack, containing everything that your plants need for every period. You’ll be able to grow your plants successfully from start to finish.

Boom Nutrients was developed for, keeping in mind the needs of our growers; it contains only the best ingredients available when it comes to cannabis growth. Boom Nutrients is exclusively sold here and in all stores.