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Guano Boom, Boom Nutrients by GB The Green Brand is a fertilizer that provides your plants’ soil with beneficial microorganisms. 


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Guano Boom

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Guano by Boom Nutrients is the perfect fertilizer for increasing growth and spreading beneficial microorganisms throughout your plants’ substrate. This potent eco bloom stimulant for the flowering period is obtained by collecting and processing bat excrements; they feed on fruit, insects, nectar and small rodents.

In this solid format, this product is capable of stimulating root growth in plants. It can also be used to improve yield while also improving the density, size, flavor and resin on the flowers produced. Plus, it is slowly absorbed over time which allows you plants to stay fed and avoid accidental over fertilization.

This product is made using natural ingredients and processes, obtained from bat colonies in the wild; it’s made using top quality bat guano, containing absolutely no contaminants.

Over the last few decades this natural fertilizer has been used in various different ways in order to improve cannabis plant health. The first and main way it’s used is as a fertilizer; it’s actually more potent than other many products on the market. This is why you need to use small doses.

It’s also used as a pesticide; it’s actually effective as a fungicide when sprayed on plant leaves, allowing you to keep insect attacks at bay. It can also be used to improve substrates and soils, improving performance and the quality of the soil itself. Keep in mind that it also has a longer-lasting effect than most chemical fertilizers.

What is Guano Boom?

This organic fertilizer is part of Boom Nutrients’ plant fertilizer range and it’s the perfect nutrient composition for an intense flowering period. This type of organic nutrient is perfect thanks to its nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, improving root growth considerably.

The nitrogen in Guano Boom is designed to give your cannabis plants an intense boost during the growth period. Phosphorus is used during the flowering stage, and potassium is in charge of creating thicker, stronger branches and stems. Guano Boom contains various different micro-nutrients which increase your plants health.

Guano Boom Benefits

Thanks to Guano Boom you can easily increase the quality of your organic grow both outdoors and indoors. One of its biggest advantages is that it improves the texture of your soil, compacting it slightly if it’s too lose and loosening it if it’s too compact.

It’s also capable of getting rid of toxic residues in soil while protecting your plants’ roots from microbes. It also decomposes leftover materials which improves nutrient absorption and increases composting.

This product can be considered a slow-releasing product that can also keep nematodes and certain types of fungi away. It also gives your plants beneficial enzymes in order to increase their health as much as possible.

Bat Guano is nature’s gift, and it can be used in various different ways depending on its state; liquid, solid or powdered. We don’t recommend using anything higher than the recommended doses or you may end up over-fertilizing your plants. It’s ideal for eco-friendly growing, following European guidelines.

Dose and How to Use:

For the best possible results, we recommend using the first dose when you start growing, mixing it straight into your plants’ substrate. The second dose should be done at the start of the flowering period, mixing it in with the surface of the substrate.

  • Mix 1kg per 100/200L substrate.
  • Mix 50g per 7L substrate.
  • Mix 100g per plant every 2 months.


  • High quality bat guano.
  • Free amino acids: 6%
  • Nitrogen: 0.7%

Available formats:

  • 1kg
  • 5kg
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Producto indispensable en nuestro armario.


très bon produit


Este es el primer año que uso el guano espero sacar buenos resultado


En todas las fases de la planta le meto y parece que va bien con lo cual cada año repito.
Lo que vas aprendiendo cada año qué pasa es a echar cada vez más ajustado a menos cantidad de todos estos productos ya que los años que las e descuidado un poco increíblemente son las que me han salido impresionantes de sabor , ojo al dato yo pienso que a veces nos pasamos sin quererlo y las sobrealimentamos y le metemos de todo por el miedo a que se queden cortas de producción.


Muy contento con la calidad del guano :)

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