Outdoor Feminized Kit

Outdoor Feminized Kit
  •  Outdoor Feminized Kit
  •  Outdoor Feminized Kit

This handy outdoor feminized seeds pack will help you obtain great yields with the help of Boom Nutrient products.


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Outdoor Feminized Kit

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This handy outdoor feminized pack will allow you to start your growing season the best way possible. Choose seeds and fertilizers all at once and grow your own recreational or medicinal cannabis. All you have to do is select from the above options in order to pick the number of seeds you want and if you want an additional nutrient pack to start growing right away.

Each pack comes with the necessary flowerpots for the number of seeds chosen. In this case the flowerpots are 50L and they come with the right amount of substrate to fill the pots. The included substrate is Light Mix from Boom Nutrients, which is powerful and efficient. All you need to do is decide how many seeds and what strain you want to plant and whether you want to include a fertilizer in your pack or not.

You can choose to buy 3 or 5 seeds from our bulk feminized seeds selection but keep in mind that all the chosen seeds must belong to the same strain. You can choose from: Runtz, GMO Cookies, Larry OG, Wedding Cake, Banana Punch, Gorilla Glue 4, Gelatto, Zkitllez, Bruce Banner and Girls Scout among others.

The fertilizers kits that you can choose from are by Boom Nutrients, a top-quality brand exclusively sold by GB Green Brand. You can choose between Start Tripack, Candy Tripack or Boom Tripack. All of them contain everything you need to grow your plants from start to finish.

GB Green Brand Outdoor Feminized seeds pack content

Start Tripack, Candy Tripack or Boom Tripack packs are similar to the flowing products:

Crecimiento Boom 250ml: This base fertilizer is used during the growth period and it gives your plants all the nutrients needed to grow thick and strong, producing shorter internodes and more branches.

Floracion Boom 250ml: This fertilizer is perfect for the flowering period, giving your plants all the necessary macro and micro-nutrients that they need to thicken up the buds and produce a lot more resin.

These three fertilizer kits vary in one product that has been added to meet the different needs of your plants.

Start Tripack. Roots Boom: This is used to increase your plants roots, ensuring that they can absorb as many nutrients as possible, thus increasing size and yield.

Candy Tripack. Candy Boom: This product is used specifically to increase resin yield and potency of cannabis plants, including flavor and effects.

Boom Tripack. Super Boom: This one is perfect to make buds bigger and a lot denser.

What you’ll receive with your order:

  • 3 bulk feminized seeds of your choice + 3 50L flowerpots +3 50L bags of Light Mix substrate from Boom Nutrients.
  • 5 bulk feminized seeds of your choice + 5 50L flowerpots + 5 50L bags of Light Mix substrate from Boom Nutrients. 
  • If you choose the option that comes with a fertilizer kit, you’ll receive either Start Tripack, Candy Tripack or Boom Tripack by Boom Nutrients, depending on which you choose.

If you already have the necessary nutrients for your plants and don’t need the kit, please choose “no fertilizers” in the pull-down menu above.

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