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Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds has made itself a place among the best cannabis seed breeders in the world and has the largest and most comprehensive collection of strains of the planet.

Sensi Seeds has strains for all kinds of growers - indoors/outdoors and sativa/indica- along with strains for medicinal or therapeutic use. Their strains have won all kind of prizes and competitions all over the world including several High Times Cannabis Cups. They have spent many years improving their feminization techniques and stabilizing their strains in order to make delicious and high-yielding plants.

One of their best-selling strains is Skunk#1, both for its great quality and price. It is a selection of Skunks kept from the 80's which leads to very productive plants indoors and easy to grow outdoors. It produces plants which have many flowers and a lots of resin, with few leaves and very easy to trim. Indoors, these plants grow a large central bud and satellites coming from the higher branches, that reach more or less 2/3 of the plant. It leaves its buds exposed to the light so that they can get as much energy as possible and become hard and heavy. Outdoors, you can grow plants that become quite tall and ungainly which we'll have to tutor in order to prevent them from breaking under the weight and, incidentally, increase production. Its flavor is strong and muddy, with a thick aroma and its effect is mentally and physically intoxicating, result of its 70% Sativa hybridization.

Big Bud is one of the most sought-after strains by indoor growers since it yields very productive harvests and its quality is superb. Commercial growers can get their stock ready in a short time, and the grower for self-supply won't run out of weed until next season. Its buds are dense and heavy, and it has so much resin that it feels like chewing gum when crushed. It can be difficult to dry, and since the buds are so hard they take a little longer than other strains. Indoors, it grows very well; with a compact growth and fast flowering period. Outdoors, it is where you will have to be particularly careful. It will have to be protected from fungi such as botrytis or mildew. The best thing to do is plant it in a hot climate and use natural preventive products in order to ensure a good harvest. Its taste is sweet and remarkable, it lingers in the mouth for a while. Its effect is physically relaxing and quite intense. It is ideal for medicinal use to fight strong pains or insomnia.

Northern Lights is one their best taken care of selections. It was one of their first seeds and one who's been in the market for a longer time. It is a classic strain any Old School grower has grown at least once. It produces indica plants, with long bud tails very dense and heavy. Indoors, we will have to set few units per m2: with 4 plants you will fill a gap easily. Outdoors, we will get a specimen that, despite being planted a bit late, will yield a lot and reach a nice height before blooming. We can gather next to 1kg per seasonal plant at the end of September and won't have to set many of them in order to get a harvest that lasts all year. It tastes like wet earth, very much like a Skunk#1, but it has the sweet touch so typical of the variety. Its effect is 100% relaxing, ideal to switch off from stress and daily worries.

Sensi Seeds won't disappoint you. Its catalogue has many different strains so you'll find for sure one that matches your needs. You can look for your ideal strain by reading our descriptions where we give you tricks and advice for each strain. Besides, we have all Sensi Seeds permanently on offer. Get your best seeds at great prices at GrowBarato.