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Advanced Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that originated in Murcia. Over the years, they’ve managed to build up their reputation and catalogue, creating quality feminized and autoflowering seeds. We’ve been able to check first-hand the amount of care and time that they put into their strains. We tested some out for ourselves and used organic fertilizers. Advanced Seeds took inspiration from popular Dutch designs in order to design their catalogue, such as AK-47, Skunk and Jack Herer, guaranteeing amazing yields, potent plants and delicious flavors.

One of our favorite feminized strains by Advanced Seeds is definitely their Kali 47. This Sativa strain comes from an Ak-47, and we got more than we were expecting from it. We harvested a large amount of incredibly aromatic and resinous plants. Indoors it’ll take around three months to fully mature, which is great news considering that it’s a sativa plant. One of their most popular new additions is their Gelato 33, known for being a potent, balanced hybrid with high THC levels (around 23%). It has a sweet flavor, with earthy and citric hints, and its mentally active effect will have you jumping around in no time. When grown correctly indoors you can harvest up to 500g of this delicious strain.

They’ve definitely put a lot more effort into their autoflowering strains than feminized ones. They’ve managed to make an incredibly wide range of autoflowering strains based on other legendary strains in the sector such as Auto Somango. Auto Somango by Advanced Seeds combines all of the necessary characteristics needed in an autoflowering plant. It produces large yields indoors, around 70g per plant, incredibly resinous buds and delicious fruity flavors. It’s definitely one of our favorites. Another one of their amazing seeds is Auto Sweet Dwarf, known for how incredibly fast it grows and the amazing flowers that it produces – it should be ready to harvest in just two months. Its flavor is similar to classic cheese plants, both sweet and fruity. Its indica phenotype makes it a great alternative for those looking for intense physical relaxing effect. You can harvest around 400g per square meter indoors.

Advanced Seeds has a long, long list of strains that you need to try at least once. We highly recommend that you take a look at their catalogue and find a seed that sounds right for you. Advanced Seeds is a world renowned seed bank that has produced many award-winning plants in the past, and will continue to do so.