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Auto Strawberry Gum
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Auto Strawberry Gum from Advanced Seeds is a hybrid strain that offers well-balanced effects that combine euphoria, energy and body/mind relaxation.


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Auto Strawberry Gum

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Data sheet
Bank Advanced Seeds
Seed type Autoflowering
Available individually Yes
Recommended use Recreational
Recommended growing environment Any
Cannabinoid profile THC-dominant
Genotype Sativa-dominant
Physical effect Medium
Psychoactive effect Social / Relajante
Indoor Flowering Time 8-9 semanas
Outdoor Harvest Time 60+ days after germination
Flavor Sweet
Flavor 2 Fruity
Climate Mild

Auto Strawberry Gum is An Advanced Seeds autoflowering strain. Its sativa dominance ensures multiple sensations and long-lasting energizing and relaxing effects. This plant is very easy to grow, therefore it’s a great option for less experienced growers that normally seek quickness and easiness.

This strain comes from crossing Strawberry and Auto Bubble Gum. It has inherited its sweet strawberry chewing gum scent and flavor from its predecessors. As it’s non-photoperiod-dependent, it can be grown at any time of the year if weather conditions are appropriate and even various times throughout the year.

How to Grow Auto Strawberry Gum

Learn to grow Auto Strawberry Gum indoors

If you provide it with all the needed nutrients and conditions for it to develop properly during the vegetative and flowering stages, it will be ready to harvest 65-70 days after germinating. Its yield will range between 380-450g/m2 and it will grow 1m tall approximately.

Auto Boom, a mineral based fertilizer from Boom Nutrients can be used with great results in this autoflowering strain. It will provide your plant with all the necessary nutrients throughout its vegetative and flowering stages. If you decide to add Grotek products such as Blossom Blaster flower stimulant or Heavy Bud Pro to grow denser buds thanks to its carbs and sugar content, you are guaranteed an excellent yield.

Learn to grow Auto Strawberry Gum outdoors

When grown outdoors, Auto Strawberry Gum can reach 1.4m in height and it can yield up to 95g. per plant, 9-10 weeks after germinating. To achieve its maximum potential, we recommend that you use different pesticides to protect your plants from red spiders and powdery mildew, among others. Proteccion Boom Tripack is a great choice as it includes three fantastic products to protect your plant: Soil Care Boom, Spider Boom and Fungi Boom.

Auto Strawberry Gum thrives under the sun, so it will attain best results if grown in sunny areas without much rain with temperatures ranging between 20-26°. Its vegetative stage will stop developing if temperatures go under 15°. It will be very beneficial for its vegetative and flowering stage if it obtains at least six daily hours of sun.

Flavors and Effects Of Auto Strawberry Gum

Flavors and scents

Auto Strawberry Gum has a delightful sweet chewing gum flavor but other soft touches of cherry, blueberry or raspberry can be perceived. It also has some earthy scents, making this strain a perfect option for sweet-tooth weed smokers.


Its THC levels are near 18% so its effect will be long lasting and pleasant. You’ll feel energetic and positive at the start and more relaxed as the effects advance. Due to its psychoactive effects, it can be consumed at any time during the day, on your own or with friends.

Auto Strawberry Gum data:

  • Sativa/Indica: 70/30%
  • Flowering: 65-70 days since germinating
  • Height: indoors 0.9-1m, 1.2-1.4 outdoors
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