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All the products of our shop listed by brand

All products in our shop listed by brand. Look for any product within your favorite brand. General Hydroponics,Agrolite, Canna, BioBizz, Plagron, Neptune Hydroponics...Full list of our marijuana Grow Tents, Fertilizers, Substrates and Seeds listed by brand.

Often, we are looking for a specific product of which we can only recall the brand's name. Sometimes, it is a fertilizer and it is easy to find, but sometimes it is another type product, such as a water pump or a growing system, and we cannot recall the name of the product at all.

Now you can enter directly the section of that brand and see all its products at once. For instance, GHE sells fertilizers as well as growing equipment (both aeroponics and hydroponics). If you visit the GHE section, you will see all nutrients by the brand as well as their growing systems.

It is also very common that the same brand, such as Plagron or Canna, offers both nutrients and substrates. Now, by simply accessing the brand subsection, you will see all their products at a glance, facilitating your search and your buying experience.

By doing this, you also might discover new products by your favorite brand that you ignored. The clearest example of this is Ionic," the manufacturers of Clonex". We all know about Clonex, but very few of us know about the nutrient range by the same brand, or about their super concentrated acids to increase or decrease pH, which are actually some of the best on the market.

Thus, if you want to find out about the products offered by your favorite brand, just visit that specific subsection and access their whole catalogue.