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  • 00 Box Products
    <p><strong>00 Box is a Spanish company</strong> founded back in 2005, and they create oak boxes used specifically for curing cannabis. They have a mesh screen on the bottom which is used to filter trichomes that fall off your buds while curing. They also come with <strong>gauges for humidity, as well as a humidifier</strong>.</p> <p>They’ve won many, many prizes in cannabis events in paraphernalia categories, having been names the best product in Spain and the second in Europe at the <strong>European Products Awards held by High Times</strong>. In 2010, it won the best product in <strong>Spannabis, Barcelona as well as ExpoCannabis in Madrid</strong>. They are the leading brand when it comes to conserving and curing cannabis.</p> <p>They have<strong> four different boxes</strong> in various sizes, from small to <a href="">large</a>. Each box has the same features and differs only in size and storage capacity. They’re made out of oak wood, which allows them to dry your cannabis slowly while keeping all of its effects intact. Each box also has a mesh filter along the bottom which allows you to filter out any <strong>loose trichomes</strong> from your buds. You’ll be able to make some <strong>quality hash afterwards</strong>. In order to control the exact humidity in the box, it comes with a precise hygrometer that gauges humidity, and a small sponge which you can wet in order to increase it if necessary. It can also be used to<strong> absorb excess humidity</strong>, so you can keep your buds perfectly stable while they cure.</p> <p>Their latest addition is the <strong>00 Box Pocket</strong>, which is a small box that’s <strong>made out of oak</strong>; it’s perfect for carrying around with you and keeping your flowers in absolute perfect condition. This small box makes the most out of your space, and it also has a mesh filter for any loose trichomes that you can collect whenever you want. It can hold around 2-3 grams of weed.</p> <p>00 Box has an <strong>amazing selection</strong> of professional products that allow you to cure and conserve your<strong> delicious cannabis flowers</strong>. Make the most out of every last gram with 00 Box. All models <strong>available at the best possible price</strong>.</p>
  • 00 Seeds Full Catalogue
    <p><strong>00 Seeds is a cannabis seed bank</strong> based in Spain that’s specialized in creating indica strains. Its name comes from the fact that Double Zero is a term used to refer to the purest of hash – their strains are known for producing <strong>enormous amounts of resin</strong>, which makes them perfect for making quality hash.</p> <p>All of their seeds do quite well indoors, producing, per square meter, around <strong>half a kilo of delicious, THC-rich strains</strong> – they always produce around 20% THC. 00 Seeds has put quite a lot of time and effort into developing strains that can produce enormous yields indoors, shortening flowering times to around 60 days, especially when it comes to their Kush strains. Their<strong> sativa-dominant hybrids</strong> can take around<strong> 80 days to flower</strong>. They stock both autoflowering and feminized strains.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>feminized strains</strong>, one of their most popular strains is definitely<strong> <a href="">Bubble Gum</a> –</strong> this strain is famous all over the world thanks to its delicious strawberry bubblegum flavor when smoked. If you use a<strong> SCRoG</strong> method, you can easily harvest around 400g per square meter. Like we’ve said before, all of 00 Seeds are of enormous quality, and this strain in particular lets off an intense aroma due to the amount of resin that it produces, so we highly recommend using some sort of <strong>odor filter</strong> when needed. This indica-dominant strain has a deep, narcotic and relaxing effect. It’s great for consuming towards the end of the day, allowing you to get a great night’s rest.</p> <p>Another one of their most well-received strains is <strong>Chocolate Skunk</strong>, another indica-dominant strain. Just like the rest of the seeds in this catalogue, it’s incredibly medicinal and it produces high quality yields – around half a kilo. This is one of their <strong>most aromatic and pungent seeds</strong> that begins letting off aromas even during the growth period. Its flavor is similar to chocolate, combined with skunk hints; delicious.</p> <p>All of 00 Seeds’ strains are medicinal, although they have developed specifically medicinal strains that contain <strong>more CBD than THC</strong>, called White Widow CBD and <strong>Chocolate Skunk CBD</strong> – these strains can contain up to <strong>15% CBD</strong>, avoiding any sort of psychoactive effect when consumed.</p> <p><strong>00 Seeds’ autoflowering strains</strong> are just as impressive as their seasonal strains. One of our favorite autos is Auto Sweet Soma, which is perfect for those looking for potent, sweet flavors. When grown indoors you can harvest up to<strong> 500g</strong> from around <strong>9-10 flowerpots</strong>. It’s incredibly fungi-resistant and does well in areas with high humidity. It has a delicious earthy flavor, too. They also have some amazing classic strains such as their <strong>Auto 00 Cheese</strong>, which is an amazing strain that produces large yields in no time. It also has an intense cured-cheese aroma!</p> <p>00 Seeds has been <strong>offering quality seeds</strong> for years; their psychoactive strains produce <strong>enormous amounts of resin</strong>. Use these strains to relax at the end of the day or for making your very own cannabis extracts.</p>
  • ACE Seeds Products
    <p><strong>ACE Seeds is a cannabis seed bank</strong> that was originally created in order to preserve and study various different cannabis strains. When it comes to genetic diversity, cannabis needs to be conserved by seed banks such as ACE Seeds or else some strains may be lost forever. Ever since they started out, ACE seeds has been a group of breeders and cannabis lovers, with <strong>different communities and workers all over the world</strong> and in different continents. Most of their members are active in Europe, Central America, South America, Central Africa and Asia.</p> <p>ACE Seeds only works with pure strains, which are where most of the current commercial strains on the market come from. They’re <strong>incredibly invested in maintaining pure strains</strong> that have never been genetically modified. This has already happened with some strains due to the disappearance of their natural habitat and climate change. Pure strains are much more delicate than other types of strains out there.</p> <p>When it comes to their <strong>regular seeds</strong>, we’d love to talk about <a href="">Malawi Regular</a>. This <strong>100% sativa plant</strong> comes from Central Africa, and it produces enormous amounts of THC that cause intense, potent mental effect. It may not offer the <strong>biggest yields</strong>, although it does produce an enormous amount of resin and it has a delicious sweet sort of citric, wood flavor. It’s a delight to the senses and also <strong>pretty beautiful</strong> to look at.</p> <p>Another of their most famous strains is Nepal Jam, which is a combination between a Nepalese and a Jamaican strain. It’s <strong>highly recommended for experienced smokers</strong>, as it’s quite an intense strain. Its effects are super potent and long-lasting, keeping you active and energetic for hours. It’s the perfect sativa hybrid and can grow up to <strong>2m tall</strong> when planted outdoors, easily, producing up to a full kilo of weed from just one plant.</p> <p>They’ve also created versions of their original regulars in a <strong>100% feminized format</strong>. These strains are great for growers looking for large yields. Bubba hash Feminized has really impressed growers around the world due to its short flowering period when compared to others – it takes just two months to flower. <strong>Bubba Hash Fem by ACE Seeds</strong> is the perfect indica for outdoor growing, especially in super-sunny areas, which is where it does best. When it begins to flower, it’ll produce some amazingly beautiful flowers that are also incredibly resinous. We <strong>highly recommend</strong> this for smokers that prefer to smoke during the day, as its effects are energetic and active, allowing you to smoke and still get your daily activities and chores done.</p> <p>Another amazing strain from their catalogue is the potent Orient Express Fem, which comes from two incredibly potent strains, and combines the best of both; large yields and a fast flowering period. Indoors, using <strong>9 11L flowerpots</strong>, you can harvest a little over 500g per square meter. This strain really does make you think and is great for having deep, intense conversations with your friends.</p> <p><strong>ACE Seeds is a world renowned seed bank</strong> that is extremely focused on preserving pure cannabis strains, as well as creating their own and making themselves the perfect example of activism as well as commercial smarts. ACE Seeds has put a lot of work into what they’re doing, and it’s an absolutely pleasure to work with them.</p>
  • Adjust a Wings Products
    <p>In the world of reflectors you can find everything, from the classic reflectors with a parabolic shape to rhomboid shape reflectors, round reflectors, refrigerated reflectors to models that concentrate the flow of light in a point or spread it all over the crop.</p> <p>All models of Adjust a Wings belong to that last class. It can <strong>spread light homogeneously all over the crop achieving even results,</strong> preventing an excessive development of the central parts or just under the lamp which usually translates into an excessive difference of phenotypes, very different from what would happen naturally outdoors.</p> <p><strong>Adjust a Wings is a reflector made of flexible aluminium</strong> that enables to increase the cultivation surface with the same reflector and without adding additional lamps. Therefore, it helps to save energy and reduces heat in our grow rooms. The manufacturer states it is possible to grow 1.25 m2 with a bulb of 400W -most likely true- and harvest up to 1Kg of weed - although it is technically possible and they might refer to wet weight, we find this is overtly optimistic.</p> <p>With a 600W bulb it is possible to cover up to 2.35m2, according to manufacturer, and with the help of a spreader it is possible to get the lamp closer in order to increase production in a 33%. A spreader is an aluminium device to dissipate heat more quickly and it is to be set under the bulb. The spreader has holes so it allows the pass of light while pushing heat away and gets a result similar to a Cooltube. Since the heat is evacuated, flowers of better quality develop, with more resin, a more intense flavor and more penetrating scent.</p> <p>There are cheaper several versions of this reflector and according to some growers, less profitable due to the material, the degree of polishing and the resistance to light reflection. This obviously has an incidence on prices. Indeed, what is cheap tends to be expensive in the long run when you are looking for a quality result.</p> <p>There are imitations of the Adjust a Wings reflector. However, they are easily recognizable and they don't have the exact same size and don't cover the same surface. Also, the material and finishings are not the same.</p> <p>The most similar reflector to the Adjust a Wings might be the rhomboid one. This reflector is usually used to bring light to the most hidden corners of your grow op. Its shape, similar to wings, spread light very well allowing a proper development of the plants and preventing the ones right under the lamp to shoot up too quickly and becoming too tall for indoor gardens. Indeed, long plants are rarely more than an "empty stick" from which we won't harvest much.</p> <p>Another version of the Adjust a Wings lets you put two bulbs in the same reflector, increasing the light intensity received by the plants. This results in better harvest, that is, denser buds, since each bulb reaches different parts of the garden. Besides, it lets you use from 800W to 1200W per m2. The boldest ones may try to use up to 2000W being there is an intrinsic risk due to the excessive heat generated by so much power.</p> <p>The <strong>Adjust a Wings is a light-weighed reflector</strong> which can be used inside a grow tent without damaging its structure. It also allows us to use simple easy rollers rather than chains and carabiners, as it is the case with heavier reflectors.</p> <p>Its <a href="">ceramic base</a>, fragile to clashes but extremely resistant to the high operating temperatures, can be used with sodium, mh and low consumption bulbs of several voltages. Its shape is fixed by heat resistant wires that don't deform the reflector and ensure a homogeneous work. Working with Adjust a Wings will let you get plants of the same height, regardless of their location in your growing space.</p> <p></p>
  • Advanced Hydroponics...
    <p><strong>Advanced Hydroponics by Holland (AHOH)</strong> is a traditional company that’s dedicated to creating liquid fertilizers and nutrients for plant cultivation. Their fertilizers are perfect for any growing system and medium due to their perfect balance and nutritional efficiency. You’ll see what we mean when you use them for yourself.</p> <p>What makes them stand out from the rest? It’s definitely their Dutch Formula. In <strong>1993, Jay Jackson</strong>, their founder, wanted to find an alternative solution for <strong>existing products</strong> on the market. Jay found a way to combine simplicity with efficiency, and of course, affordable prices. He met with a group of experts in a town near Amsterdam, and with them he began to create his <strong>famous Dutch Formula</strong>.</p> <p>After running plenty of tests, they realized that they had some amazing products on their hands and from <strong>1996 onwards</strong> they began to sell them on the market. Years later they began to expanding their nutrient range, releasing a range of 100% organic products on the market. This amazing range contains everything you need in order to grow cannabis plants from start to <strong>finish organically</strong>.</p> <p>One of their most impressive products is <a href=""><strong>Root Stimulator</strong></a><strong>.</strong> When used you’ll be able to increase the size of your plants roots incredibly, making for much stronger plants that are capable of absorbing an incredible amount of nutrients. This stimulant has been tested both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>, producing amazing results.</p> <p><span>Advanced Hydroponics is sold in over 20 countries all over the world. Growers are incredibly happy with the brand and it has been considered one of the nest nutrient and additive brands for growing cannabis for over 20 years now. Their <strong>Dutch Formula</strong> is incredibly efficient and affordable!</span></p>
  • Advanced Nutrients...
    <p><strong>Advanced Nutrients</strong> is a Canadian Company that specializes in <strong>developing and creating fertilizers</strong> and stimulants for plants. Since they began their journey, they have managed to secure themselves a top spot among the leading fertilizer brands for cannabis around the world. Their products are especially innovative thanks to their <strong>pH perfect technology</strong>, which solves a problem that many growers struggle with.</p> <p><strong>Advanced Nutrients</strong> has quite an interesting way of working, putting a lot of effort and man power into R&amp;D, having expert scientists in every field you can think of working to improve their formulas and products. They were one of the first fertilizer companies to ever begin to sell root stimulants. Also, their products are <strong>100% certified</strong> to improve yield.</p> <p>They have an <strong>incredibly wide catalogue</strong> with fertilizers and nutrients for all growing methods, whether it’s in soil, coco coir, hydroponic or even aeroponic. With <strong>Sensi grow A+B or Connoisseur Grow A+B </strong>you’ll be able to give your plants everything they need during the growth period, and with the <strong>Sensi and Connoisseur Bloom products</strong>, you can grow some healthy and productive plants with plenty of flowers. They also have a range of three products called <strong>Grow Micro and Bloom</strong>, which are simple bases for your plants that cover both periods, as they are all used during the entire cycle – their <strong>pH perfect formula</strong> will make things a lot easier.</p> <p>On the other hand they also have a <strong>range of organic nutrients</strong> for those that prefer growing in an <strong>eco-friendly manner</strong>. Iguana grow and Iguana Bloom give your plants everything they need for each and every period, both growth and flowering, thanks to their large <strong>micro and macro-nutrient</strong> content. When it comes to organic additives, one of our favorite products is Piranha as well as Voodoo Juice, which are used to <strong>increase root surface</strong> and general size of your plants. Tarantula also gives your plants roots’ beneficial fungi that help to improve growth and protect your plants.</p> <p>When it comes to the rest of their products they have a <strong>large range of additives</strong> that, although they aren’t organic, they’re good for your plants and can be used to increase yield quite a lot. Bud <strong>Ignitor is a key product</strong> when it comes to giving your plants a push towards the flowering period, increasing flower yield all over your plants. When it comes to the final flowering period, the fattening phase, we recommend using <a href=""><strong>Bud</strong> <strong>factor</strong> <strong>X</strong></a>, which is a complex product that activates your plants defensive system, allowing them to produce much more terpenes and essential oils, which directly affect flavor, aroma, yield and resin. We highly recommend using it alongside Overdrive, which fattens up all of the extra buds – it <strong>works perfectly alongside Bud factor X</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Advanced Nutrients products are perfect</strong> for using on cannabis plants, producing some of the highest quality buds in the world. If you decide to use Advanced Nutrients, you’re guaranteed amazing, <strong>professional results</strong>.</p>
  • Advanced Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Advanced Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that originated in Murcia. Over the years, they’ve managed to build up their reputation and catalogue, creating quality feminized and autoflowering seeds. We’ve been able to check first-hand the amount of care and time that they put into their strains. We tested some out for ourselves and used organic fertilizers. Advanced Seeds took inspiration from <strong>popular Dutch designs</strong> in order to design their catalogue, such as <strong>AK-47, Skunk and Jack Herer</strong>, guaranteeing amazing yields, potent plants and delicious flavors.</p> <p>One of our <strong>favorite feminized strains by Advanced Seeds</strong> is definitely their <a href="">Kali 47</a>. This Sativa strain comes from an Ak-47, and we got more than we were expecting from it. We harvested a large amount of incredibly <strong>aromatic and resinous plants</strong>. Indoors it’ll take around three months to fully mature, which is great news considering that it’s a sativa plant. One of their most popular new additions is their <strong>Gelato 33</strong>, known for being a potent, balanced hybrid with <strong>high THC levels</strong> (<strong>around 23%</strong>). It has a sweet flavor, with earthy and citric hints, and its mentally active effect will have you jumping around in no time. When grown correctly indoors you can harvest up to <strong>500g</strong> of this delicious strain.</p> <p>They’ve definitely <strong>put a lot more effort into their autoflowering strains</strong> than feminized ones. They’ve managed to make an incredibly wide range of autoflowering strains based on other legendary strains in the sector such as Auto Somango. Auto Somango by Advanced Seeds combines all of the necessary characteristics needed in an autoflowering plant. It produces large yields indoors, around <strong>70g per plant</strong>, incredibly resinous buds and delicious fruity flavors. It’s definitely one of our favorites. Another one of their amazing seeds is Auto Sweet Dwarf, known for how incredibly fast it grows and the amazing flowers that it produces – it should be ready to harvest in just two months. Its flavor is similar to classic cheese plants, <strong>both sweet and fruity</strong>. Its indica phenotype makes it a great alternative for those looking for intense physical relaxing effect. You can harvest around <strong>400g</strong> per square meter indoors.</p> <p><strong>Advanced Seeds</strong> has a long, long list of strains that you need to <strong>try at least once</strong>. We highly recommend that you take a look at their catalogue and find a seed that sounds right for you. Advanced Seeds is a <strong>world renowned seed bank</strong> that has produced many award-winning plants in the past, and will continue to do so.</p>
  • ADWA Products
    <p><strong>ADWA Instruments (Advanced Digital Water Analysis)</strong> is a company that has specialized in making and designing special pH meters, EC meters, ORP and other devices. They’re based in Hungry, and ADWA is currently at the top of the market for devices which are used to measure parameters in cannabis grows.</p> <p>This company works very closely with their customers, which is how they’ve managed to develop products that are easy to use, <strong>comfy for growers and their grow tents</strong>, precise and sturdy. All of their products have the right components such as electrodes and sensors in order to give you a precise measurement at all times. You can have a look at our catalogue to see all of the various ADWA models that we have.</p> <p>Their <strong>submergible EC and Temperature meter</strong> is incredibly handy, and probably one of the best in its category thanks to its competitive price. This double meter has a large screen that allows you to see the measurements precisely. You can automatically calibrate it using calibration liquids which come with the product, and you can also acquire them separately. It’s super easy to clean, simply washing the sensor briefly with water after every use. It’s super easy to use, and sturdy thanks to its solid casing.</p> <p>They have a wide range of specific meters that are heavily affordable, such as EC, pH and temperature meters. Their <strong>EC meter is incredibly useful</strong>, allowing you to get immediate and stable readings. You can also automatically calibrate this device. Their sensor pH meter is also super handy, allowing you to see your <strong>plants’ pH in real time</strong>, as it’s kept inside your flowerpots. Its electrode is specially designed so that it doesn’t get damaged when in contact with water and nutrients.</p> <p><strong>ADWA meters</strong> are incredibly trustworthy pocket-instruments that’ll give you precise, perfect readings. ADWA is constantly changing and adapting, going beyond our expectations and bringing us amazing, <strong>new and ultra-precise</strong> products.</p>
  • Agrobacteria Products
    <p><strong>Agrobacterias is a Spanish company</strong> that’s specialized in biotechnology. Most of their products have been made from living micro-organisms that are incredibly beneficial for your plants. Agrobacterias has products that are <strong>perfect for growing cannabis</strong>, and are incredibly <strong>beneficial</strong> for cannabis plants. They have nutrients as well as products designed to protect and treat your plants.</p> <p>Their range of <strong>fortifying products</strong> is incredibly useful when it comes to getting rid of spider mites, oidium and many other pathogens and illnesses, such as <a href="">Amanitha</a>. If you’re worried about worms or caterpillars, they have products for almost every specific kind of insect. <strong>Snake Poison</strong> is great for getting rid of any sort of worm and it can be used throughout the entire process, spraying your plants at the end of spring. It’s perfect for <strong>organic growing systems</strong>.</p> <p>They have products for all types of <strong>insect infestations</strong>, and in each product we’ve done our best to give an accurate description of how to use each product. <strong>Spiderplant</strong> is a great product used to get rid of spider mites or any sort of aphid. You can also use it as a preventive product in order to keep your plants safe from future attacks.</p> <p>As well as insect repellants, they also <strong>stock various fertilizer products</strong> that contain living microorganisms that work in synch with your plants to keep them healthy and strong. <strong>Bactobloom</strong> is an amazing flowering booster that can help your plants to produce even more sugars, and <strong>Bactomatik Rex</strong> is a great root stimulant that also <strong>increases resin yield</strong>.</p> <p><strong><span>Agrobacterias</span></strong><span> has been investigating living organisms in fertilizers for years, and they have one of the best possible organic options for your plants when it comes to nutrient and preventive methods. Your plants will enter into a <strong>perfect symbiotic relationship with said bacteria</strong> and the results can be astounding.</span></p>
  • Agrolite Products
    <p>Agrolite is a company <strong>specialized in professional indoor lighting</strong> for agricultural purposes, and in this case, for cannabis. They have quite a wide range of lights in different wattages and spectrums, offering quality lighting at affordable prices.</p> <p>Light is one of the most <strong>important factor</strong> when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. You’ll need to have adequate lighting in order to guarantee successful plants and plenty of flowers. If your lighting isn’t good enough, your plants won’t <strong>grow or flower</strong> and you’ll still be spending extra money on electricity.</p> <p>Agrolite works with various <strong>different types of devices</strong>. At we have their best HPS and MH lights and ballasts, all available in various different strengths and spectrums, meeting every growers’ needs. We know that every grower has their own preferences and each grower has a specific amount of space in mind, which is why Agrolite is perfect; they have quite a <strong>wide range of products</strong> and options.</p> <p>We’ve designed various different kits that can help you <strong>save both time and money, </strong>getting everything you need to grow your plants in the one spot. Our<strong> <a href="">Agrolite Class 2 400 and 600w kits</a></strong> are doing incredibly well. Have a look at our catalogue and choose your preferred kit, each with their own reflector options.</p> <p>If you already have everything but the bulk and <strong>you’re not looking to spend much</strong>, we’d love to recommend the Agrolite SHP mixed bulb; it’s perfect for simple set-ups. It covers both the growth and flowering periods, so it’s perfect for beginners looking to get their foot in the door when it comes to growing cannabis, getting <strong>decent yields</strong> in the process.</p> <p>It’s quite important to mention that all of Agrolite’s bulbs and ballasts are <strong>energy efficient,</strong> which is handy for lower electricity bills without needing to grow less plants.</p>
  • Apex Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Apex Seeds is a US seed bank</strong> that supposedly has their base in <strong>Santa Monica, California. </strong>They’re capable of using scientific knowledge in order to create their amazing strains. They consider themselves a biotechnical investigative company that specializes in cannabis growing. They have been innovating since<strong> 2000</strong> with their amazing strains.</p> <p>Apex does an <strong>amazing job</strong> when it comes to creating their strains. They create perfectly stable phenotypes from their incredibly stable mother plants. All of this is done with extreme care and they put an incredible amount of work into everything that they do. You should definitely try their feminized and autoflowering strains, with the guarantee that they’re <strong>100% feminized</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Apex Seeds</strong> has designed and created their own<strong> amazingly large seed catalogue,</strong> offering growers classic strains as well as innovative, brand-new strains. When it comes to their best old school strains, Critical X is definitely a winner. This strain is quite complete, offering high yields, plenty of resin and an incredibly psychoactive effect. It’s also super-fast, finishing up right after summer outdoors. Another amazing strain in this sector is Somango X. This amazing sativa gives amazing results in a <strong>ridiculously fast amount of time,</strong> especially considering the fact that it’s an intense sativa plant. Somango X is a strain that has an intense mental effect that can at times feel a bit too potent. Its fruity, citric aroma makes it an absolute delight, and some people say that its taste is incredibly similar to <strong>pineapple.</strong></p> <p>On the other hand they’re <strong>constantly innovating</strong> when it comes to creating their own feminized strains. One of their best <a href="">new strains is Dynamis</a>, which stands out thanks to its fast flowering period, its enormous resin yields and its great relaxing effect. You can easily harvest over half a kilo of flowers from this strain indoors, after just <strong>3-4 total months</strong>. Another amazing Apex strain is Insomnia; this <strong>99% sativa strain</strong> can produce up to 20% THC when grown correctly. Insomnia’s effect is quite a happy sensation, making it quite a <strong>stimulating strain</strong> that has an intense incensed and lemon flavor.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering strains, Auto Ossis is definitely one of our favorites. It’s definitely one of their highest yielding autoflowering plants, producing up to 200g per plant outdoors and <strong>500g indoors</strong> per square meter. This plant is definitely worth it and it can grow quite tall for an autoflowering plant. After just 3 months it should be ready to harvest! Its flavor has a delicious subtle fruity hint; we <strong>recommend curing it properly</strong> before smoking if you want to make the most out of it. <strong>Auto Satelles and Auto Critical XXL</strong> are a couple more of their amazing autoflowering strains.</p> <p>Apex Seeds is an <strong>amazing, wonderful seed bank based in the US</strong> that has been working for over 20 years now to create amazing strains and bring them to home-growers all over the world. They trust in science, and so should you; grow quality <strong>Apex seeds today</strong>.</p>
  • Aptus Holland Products
    <p><strong>Aptus Holland is a professional company</strong> founded in Holland back in the 90s. They have almost thirty years of experience in this sector, so you can rest assured that their entire range of products are incredibly efficient. They’re also <strong>100% natural</strong> and perfect for growing cannabis plants. After years on the market, it has been more than proven that these products are incredibly good for cannabis plants, increasing yield quite a lot when it comes time to harvest.</p> <p>Aptus Holland is one of the most popular brands when it comes to hydroponic growing in Holland, and they’re used quite a lot in the rest of Europe too. Thanks to their success, <strong>they’re constantly expanding and growing</strong> as a company, selling in Australia and North America.</p> <p>They have <strong>four different sections</strong> in their catalogue; Aptus Insect&amp;Soil, which contains substrate correctors and insect repellents, Aptus Plant Care is for taking care of and maintaining your plants. Specialty Boosters, which has a list of specific additives that are incredibly beneficial for cannabis plants, and Nutrition which are fertilizer that come in an <strong>all-in-one format</strong>.</p> <p>All of their products <strong>contain certified ingredients that confirm their quality – </strong>and they’re not diluted, meaning that you only need incredibly small amounts in order to give your plants what they need. One of their best products is called<strong> <a href="">Top Booster</a></strong>, a potent stimulant used during the flowering period. You’ll really be able to see its effects thanks to the enormous buds that it produces.</p> <p>Their <strong>famous All-In-One Liquid</strong> is a fertilizer that contains mineral nutrients that give your plants everything they need from the get-go; from the start of the growth period all the way to the end of the flowering period. These types of products are the best possible value for money, needing to use just one product from start to finish. It contains plenty of <strong>nitrogen, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus</strong> which are great for your plants, keeping them strong and healthy.</p> <p><span>Cannabis plants that are <strong>grown with Aptus’ products</strong> produce incredible results and grow really healthy. We highly recommend using these products.</span></p>
  • Atami Organics and...
    <p><strong>Atami </strong>was founded in Holland back in<strong> 1997,</strong> and is considered one of the top companies when it comes to plant nutrition, evolving and innovating continuously. Over the years, growers have begun to put more emphasis on the importance of nutrients, fertilizers and stimulants, which is why Atami has created an enormous range of products in order to <strong>satisfy the needs of growers around the world.</strong></p> <p>Their wide range of nutrients has something for everyone, available in various formats and sizes, from <strong>250ml to 5L</strong>. Atami’s main objective is guaranteeing enormous, quality yields. Atami Organics is their organic range, which contains amazing base fertilizers that we recommend combining with additives such as <strong>Growth C and Root C</strong> in order to give your plants a strong structure and enormous root expansion.</p> <p>During the <strong>flowering period</strong>, their best product is without a doubt <a href="">Bloombastic</a>, which will cause your flowers to have an explosive flowering period. They’ll produce more flowers and an intense, delicious flavor. We’ve rarely seen results like those provided by Bloombastic. It contains the perfect amount of hydrates and sugars as well as phosphorus and potassium, which increases <strong>flavor and resin</strong>.</p> <p>If you prefer <strong>quantity over quality</strong>, they have a mineral range called B’Cuzz that allows you to maximize yield and harvest the maximum amount of weed from your plants. Atami’s products are known for helping your plants to perform as well as they possibly can, squeezing out every last drop from them. It’s absolutely <strong>great value for your money</strong>.</p>
  • Atman Products
    <p class="p1">All water pumps and products from the brand Atman are available in a single section. All Atman waterproof water pumps are now on offer at GrowBarato.</p>
  • AutoPot Products
    <p><strong>AutoPot is a British company</strong> that makes some of the most prestigious hydroponic systems in the world. These systems aren’t fully 100% hydroponic, as you can actually use substrates such as soil or coco coir, or anything else that can absorb water. AutoPot systems are slightly different, and they water using gravity, watering each plant as it dries out. This allows you to avoid issues such as accidental overwatering and rot which can happen with drip irrigation systems – it’s the <strong>optimal watering</strong> system.</p> <p>All AutoPot models have <strong>patented technology called an AQUAvalve</strong>, which gives your plants the amount of water that they need without <strong>needing electricity</strong> of batteries – all it needs is gravity. The AutoPot system can be used indoors and outdoors, so it’s quite the handy thing to have around. The best part is that you can add more on to each other, having up to <strong>100 flowerpots</strong> if you wanted. Each module comes with a tray and a certain amount of flowerpots, a <strong>tank</strong>, the necessary pipes and the AQUAvalve.</p> <p><strong><a href="">AutoPot’s</a> are 15L in size</strong>, so you can grow quite an enormous plant and maximize yield too. We recommend filling them with<strong> soil and clay</strong>, 50/50, in order to air out the roots but still increase nutrient absorption without risking puddling. The most fascinating thing about the AQUAvalve is the way it works – it closes once the flowerpot is a certain weight (when it’s wet) and opens again <strong>once it has dried out</strong>, reducing the weight of the pot. However, we still recommend <strong>hand watering</strong> during the first couple of weeks in order to avoid giving your plants too much water, because you can’t adjust the flow.</p> <p>We sell them in groups up to 4 flowerpots, although you can add as many as you want to your system – if you want to get <strong>more flowerpots</strong>, simply contact us and we’ll personally get you the pots you need. Many growers have tried the AutoPot system and they’re super happy with the results; fast, <strong>efficient and time-saving</strong>.</p>
  • B.A.C. Products
    <p><strong>BAC is a Dutch company</strong> that creates high end fertilizers and nutrients that are perfect for experienced cannabis growers. Unlike their competitors, BAC is much younger, having started in 2002. They started off as a hydroponic shop for growing roses.</p> <p>After years and years of hearing the same basic questions, they realized that not many people knew what they were doing, so they started to <strong>create fertilizers</strong> that people could use and understand easily. They used the feedback from their customers in order to come up with the perfect products.</p> <p>BAC believes that quantity and quality can be grown together, and they believe that it’s necessary to pay much more attention to organic products in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to growing plants that you will be consuming at a later date.</p> <p>They have <strong>various different nutrient ranges</strong>, including a chemical range, although their most popular range is their incredibly efficient organic products, which provide <strong>incredible results</strong>. <strong>Organic Grow</strong> makes for incredibly strong plants and thick trunks. It’s an absolute treat to see your plants looking so healthy and green. Our expert growers tried it out with some Plant Vitality Plus in order to protect their plants from <strong>insect infestations</strong>, resulting in absolutely indestructible plants.</p> <p>Another amazing product is <strong><a href="">Organic Bloom</a>, </strong>which gives your plants a complete micro-nutrient base for the flowering period. If possible, we recommend using it alongside Bloom Stimulator, which increases your plants’ growth and makes for enormously hefty flowers. You’ll probably end up drooling when you finally ge<strong>t to harvest your delicious buds</strong>.</p> <p><strong>BAC Nutrients</strong> has been surprising growers for years, which is why we heartily recommend them to all of our customers. If you want <strong>explosive growth</strong>, BAC is the way to go.</p>
  • Barney's Farm Seed...
    <p><strong>Barney’s Farm is a Dutch</strong> seed bank that needs no introduction; this is by far one of the most well-known seed banks in the entire world. Barney’s farm started out years ago in the <strong>Coffee Shops of Amsterdam</strong>, and before they became a seed bank, they were first a coffee shop – you can still go see them nowadays and check out their wares!</p> <p>Barney’s Farm has always been at the forefront of <strong>investigating and developing strains</strong> of Asian descent. Over the years they have accumulated a wide range of Indian, Nepalese, Thai, Pakistani, Afghanistan, and Vietnamese strains. They have been working since 1991 to successfully commercialize their strains, improving <strong>their THC levels and flavors </strong>all the time. Many experts prefer to grow Barney’s Farm strains. Unfortunately, they were forced to move their operation due to the fact that laws in Holland changed at the start of the new millennia. Barney’s farm now makes all of their seeds in<strong> Spain,</strong> although their main base is still in Holland.</p> <p><strong>Barney’s farm</strong> is one of the few seed banks out there that still produces new seeds each and every year, both in autoflowering and feminized format – they also have their very own range of regular seeds, catering to the needs of every single grower thanks to such a wide range of strains and genes.</p> <p>Where they’ve really stood out is their feminized, <strong>seasonal strain catalogue</strong>, producing plants that have clearly innovated and changed the cannabis market – many other banks have used these strains in order to create their own. A very clear example is <a href="">Peyote Cookies by Barney’s farm</a>. This masterpiece will win you over with its delicious flavor and massive yields. This fully indica strain has a much shorter growth and flowering period than others, and it still produces enormous yields. You can harvest over <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors easily. If you want to grow it outdoors, it should be ready towards the start of September avoiding any issues with rain or storms. This strain can grow quite enormous, and you can harvest up to 1kg per plant outdoors. It has a sweet flavor with hints of cinnamon and vanilla with a sort of cappuccino-like aftertaste. Its effects are incredibly relaxing, starting nice and light and progressing into a deep relaxation; a perfect way to end the day.</p> <p>One of their newest strains is <strong>called Gorilla Zkittlez</strong>, and is already taking over the entire market. This strain is grown a lot in the US and is currently one of the most highly-demanded strains n the market. It comes from two legendary strains, Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez. They designed the perfect hybrid which can be used to satiate demanding growers’ needs in as far as yield, effects and flavor. Gorilla Zkittlez does incredibly well in outdoor settings, proving to have a robust and sturdy structure, as well as an <strong>incredibly fast flowering period</strong>. Its flavor is a combination between fruity and earthy, and has already allowed this magnificent plant to win various cannabis competitions. Here at we absolutely love this strain and will definitely bet on it for a long time to come.</p> <p>Barney’s Farm is also constantly coming up with <strong>new autoflowering strains</strong>, having already bred various potent strains. Purple Punch Auto by Barney’s Farm was created using an original Purple Punch and a Critical Auto, producing plenty of branches which thus increases yield. With around 9 plants in <strong>11L flowerpots</strong>, we managed to get about <strong>450g per square meter</strong>. Towards the end of the flowering period, its buds begin going red which makes it quite the eye-catcher. When it comes to its effect, if you’re looking to forget about your worries and <strong>relax</strong> your body, this is the perfect strain for you.</p> <p>Another of their best autoflowering strains is <strong>Sin Tra Bajo Auto</strong>, which produces enormous yields – over <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors – and its buds taste like hash and skunk weed. Both this strain and the feminized version are quite well known and grown by homegrowers all over the world.</p> <p><strong>Barney’s Farm</strong> also has a whole line of regular strains, which were used to create their feminized and thus autoflowering plants too. Barney’s Critical Kush Regular is an amazing strain and has been used to create many, many strains and is widely recognized for its hash extracts. This 100% indica strain produces an enormous amount of resin, which produces quality and delicious hash. Its effects are quite potent, giving an intense relaxing sensation. Those that like strong highs and Kush flavors should definitely try <strong>Critical Kush Regular</strong>.</p> <p>As you can see, we can’t express enough <strong>how professional and hard-working</strong> that Barney’s Farm really is. They are currently a seed breeding giant, and you can have a look at every single one of their feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds thanks to our<strong> complete descriptions, </strong>allowing you to know<strong> exactly</strong> how to grow your favorite plant.</p>
  • Big Buddha Seeds Full...
    <p>The <strong>British seed bank Big Buddha Seeds</strong> has been developing their own cannabis strains for decades. They created the very first <strong>original Cheese strain</strong>, which is known and grown all over the world. Other seed banks have even been recreating this strain for years. Milo Yung, the founder of Big Buddha Seeds, created this seed bank in order to share this strain with the world. This amazing strain has been stabilized and <strong>perfected over the years</strong>, until the perfect version was created; Big Buddha Cheese.</p> <p><strong>Big Buddha Cheese</strong> is definitely their most famous strains and has been used to make so many hybrids and versions. This <strong>90% indica</strong> has a deliciously unique cured-cheese flavor and some delicious stimulating effects that’ll keep you active for hours. We recommend growing it indoors, where you can harvest up to <strong>500g from around 12 plants</strong> per square meter. We highly recommend that you grow this amazing strain for yourself even if you have smoked it before – there’s nothing as satisfying as tasting it when you’ve grown it yourself. This strain won one of the most important cannabis prizes back in 2006, awarded <strong>Best Indica by High Times</strong>.</p> <p>They also have a strain called <strong>Cookies &amp; Cream Cheese</strong>, which comes from the Big Buddha Cheese and a popular Girl Scout Cookies. The resulting plant is deliciously sweet and has a cured cheese flavor. This strain also produces large yields, around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors with a potent light. Its effects give consumers a <strong>giddy, active state</strong> that’ll allow you to fully relax whole also keeping your mind active. It can be used to <strong>treat depression</strong> when used in the right doses.</p> <p>Their most recent creating is the <strong>Strawnana Sundae</strong>. This strain has one of the most intense flavors we’ve ever tasted, and it took an incredible amount of work to create. Its flavor is intensely banana-like with some fruity, strawberry-like aftertaste. This <strong>50/50 indica/sativa hybrid</strong> gives soft, pleasing effects as well as a beautiful physical and mental relaxation, keeping all five of your senses operational. When grown outdoors, it grows <strong>incredibly tall</strong> – you’ll need to train and prune it so that it doesn’t grow over <strong>2m tall </strong>if you want discretion.</p> <p><strong>Big Buddha Seeds</strong> produces some amazing, quality seeds that are known for producing high-end yields – they’re proud to <strong>give breeders and homegrowers</strong> quality products to work with. Go on, give their amazing Cheese strains a go and join the club!</p>
  • BioBizz Products
    <p><strong>BioBizz: What it is and how to use it</strong></p> <p>It might be one of the few brands if not the only one that does not use PK. Almost all their products are organic. They produce both substrates and fertilizers - both liquid and solid ones-. A whole range of organic products for a organic plantation.</p> <p>Why choose this brand instead of another? Their manufactures state <strong>all their products are organic and contain no chemical components</strong> so they will allow you to get more intense flavors and better medicinal quality products.</p> <p>Pre-Mix is among their nutrients. This product is made of rock flour that will provide mineral salts and basic trace elements so that soil can be reused or enriched. It is recommended to use it mixed with Worm Mix, another product from the brand, which, as its name indicates, is a mix made of worms, ie. worm humus, 100% pure, controlled and certified. The company states the diet of the worms is based on rock flour so that the composition of this humus is as complete as possible.</p> <p>Thanks to the bacteria that go with these feces we will get an increase of the mycobacterium life along with an improvement of the soil's quality, an addition of nutrients that are both soluble in water and mixable with soil along with the Pre-Mix. It is recommended to use between 10-15% of Worm-Mix to reactivate All-Mix, another star product we are about to describe.</p> <p><strong>BioBizz substrates </strong></p> <p>Among the substrates from the brand, there are coco-fiber products. One of them is very light and it's known as "Light substrate" and then, there's <a href="">All-Mix</a><span style="text-decoration:underline;">.</span> The latter is very appreciated among growers who need a high contribution of nutrients for the substrate they employ. It contains a mix of worm humus, perlite, black peat, coco, Pre-Mix and mycorrhiza. Featuring pH=6.6 and Ec= 2.4 its main purpose is to help during the flowering stage rather than during the vegetative one. However, it can also be used during the vegetative stage. When soil is to be reused, it is advisable to mix Worm-Mix along with Pre-Mix, water the soil and wait about 36 hours before reusing the same soil. </p> <p>For those growers who need an extra addition of nutrients for their substrate but with different levels of salts concentration, it is possible to resort to<a href=""> <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Light Mix</span></a>. With a composition very similar to the previous product, the difference lies in the concentration of Pre-Mix. In fact, if we wished to reuse that same soil it would be possible as long as we use the Worm-Mix and the Pre-Mix in higher concentrations than in the first of the cases. Featuring Ec=1.2 and pH=6?2, Light Mix is overtly designed for the youngest plants.</p> <p><strong>Growers who employ coco as growing substrate</strong> will find Coco-Mix is the best coco fiber on the market. Featuring pH= 6.1 and Ec=0.3, we will get an already mycorrhizal substrate ready to start growing on coco media.</p> <p><strong>BioBizz Nutrients</strong></p> <p>Let's introduce the fertilizers range from BioBizz. We will start talking about <a href="">Bio Grow</a>, a<strong> 100% organic product,</strong> made of Dutch beetroot which, like sugarcane, contains a lot of molasses, but in a lesser quantity. That is why it supplie vitamins C, E, B1 and B2 to your plants besides sugars. Manufacturers recommend to use it during the entire cycle and not just during the vegetative stage.</p> <p><strong>For the flowering stage,</strong> BioBizz brings us <a href="">Bio Bloom</a>, <strong>a 100% organic product obtained from vegetal fermentation</strong> to which trace minerals and plant hormones have been added to booster the formation of flowers. It also contains enzymes to help plants absorb nutrients better. The company tells this product can also be used with a coco substrate and even in hydroponics. </p> <p>There is one product that can be used for both the vegetative stage and the flowering. This is "Fish Mix" and, as its name indicate is, partly, of animal origin. It is an infusion of fish caught at the North Sea partially mixed with Dutch beetroot. This product fosters the creation of life in the subsoil even if it is totally made of coco. BioBizz recommends using this product both with All-Mix and Light-Mix, though doses would vary. In the first case 1 ml/L would be enough whereas in the second one it would be necessary to use between 2-4 ml/L. It can also be sprayed.</p> <p>Besides pure fertilizers, BioBizz offers a range of stimulators or boosters. Top Max is a 100% organic flowering stimulator which, besides promoting the formation of flowers, helps to increase their weight and intensity of flavor. It is recommended to use this product during all the bloom, increasing its concentration as we forward. Top Max is a source of humic acid, coming from leonardite, which supports plants metabolic processes, assisting old cells and stimulating new ones.</p> <p><strong>Alg-A-Mic is the answer to all kind of stress plants might suffer,</strong> whether it is due to a lack of food or an excess. Any time your plants show a sign of stress, the answer will be Alg-A-Mic, a product made of algae. Its content of plant hormones will have an stimulant effect that can be taken advantage of both during the vegetative and the flowering stage. It is recommended to spray it rather than adding it to the irrigation water (although it is also possible). The result would be lush green plants.</p> <p>Root Juice is the product with a highest content of auxin by the brand and can be used to stimulate the roots. This is one of their organic products manufacturers claim can be used with any type of growing media (soil, coco, hydroponics, aeroponics). It fosters the development of a very vigorous radicular system, improving nutrient uptake.</p> <p>Bio Heaven is not a Pk. However, it can be used <strong>to fatten buds.</strong> The truth is the product does much more than that: it removes toxins from the plants, fosters the absorption of many sprayed products and can be used, again, with all kind of growing media. Rich in amino acids and all kind of biological stimulators, this products reinforces the antioxidant system of the plant. </p> <p>The most recent product in the BioBizz family is Acti-vera. This product is made of aloe vera to act as a booster and reinforcer. It has a purifying effect, cleaning the toxins present in the plant's organism, stimulating its immunological system and increasing vigor during the sprouting. On the whole, it can prove helpful to increase plant's productivity.</p> <p>Leaf-Coat is a protective product by BioBuzz. This product creates a protective pellicule around the leaves, preventing fungi and insects from damaging them. It can be used up to two weeks before the harvesting. This pellicule retains slightly the evaporation of water. </p> <p>So, that was it. <strong>The whole BioBizz family: a range of fully organic products, with no chemicals, that will help you to obtain the best quality.</strong></p> <p></p>
  • Biohazard Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Biohazard Seeds is a Spanish cannabis seed bank</strong> that resides in Castellón. They’ve been choosing and breeding strains since the very start of the 90s. They are especially interested in feminized and autoflowering plants, and they’ve designed their strains based on many of the greats; Somango by Soma Seeds, <strong>AK-47 by Serious Seeds</strong>, and Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds, which make for amazing results in as far as flavor, yield and strength.</p> <p>For example, when it comes to their feminized strains, one of our favorites is Somanta by <strong>Biohazard seeds</strong>, which comes from the potent and famous Somango. This strain has won many different prizes thanks to its intense sweet flavor and its large yields – this is definitely one of Biohazard’s best seeds. You can harvest around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> from around 9 plants, and it has a short, two-month flowering period.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>their own original creations</strong>, <a href="">Napalm is an absolute bomb</a>. They have kept the parent plants a secret; all we know is that they were incredibly potent and contained a large amount of THC. It has a very potent Skunk flavor and gives some intense relaxing effects. When it comes to indoor growing, you can harvest up to <strong>900g from around 10 plants</strong>, which is spectacular. Napalm is a great plant if you’re looking for a combination of delicious, classic flavors that honor its explosive name.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering plants, they don’t have quite as many, but the ones that they have created are amazing. Auto Kratos is an <strong>autoflowering plant</strong> that’ll have you wondering if you accidentally planted a seasonal plant. It produces an enormous amount of resin which is perfect for making your very own BHO. The best part is its effect; it gives a giggly high that can be quite long-lasting, and its amazing fresh flavor will have you drooling. Another of our favorites is the Auto 4:20, which offers quite an intense relaxing sensation. Its flavor is similar to Afghan hash.</p> <p>Biohazard Seeds produce strains that can grow quite large, such as autoflowering strains that have delicious, classic flavors that old school smokers would love.</p>
  • Bio Nova Products
    <p>Bio Nova was <strong>created in Holland</strong> way back in the 90s, and is now known all over the world as a Premium fertilizer manufacturer that works well with any flowering plants. This is the result of years and years of studying and investigation ingredients and results, combining their obtained information with actual practice. They reached a point when they realized they had <strong>something special on their hands</strong>; quality, pure products that are good for the environment and produce some highly productive results.</p> <p>Bio Nova is <strong>constantly working with external labs</strong> that can verify the efficiency and purity of their products. Bio Nova takes extreme care of knowing exactly what they put into their products and the effect that these ingredients have on your plants, striving to <strong>improve and innovate</strong> in everything that they do.</p> <p>They have quite a wide range of products for <strong>every possible situation</strong> that your plants are in. Here at we’re in favor of root stimulants as one of the most important products when it comes to successfully growing your plants, and BioRoots gave us some <strong>truly incredible results</strong> when we tested it out.</p> <p>We’d also like to give a special mention to <a href=""><strong>Autoflowering Supermix</strong></a><strong>, </strong>which is their product that is <strong>specifically made for autoflowering plants</strong>, and it’s used from the start of their growth right until it’s time to harvest. It’ll be a while before something as amazing as this product comes around – growing autoflowering plants is incredibly easy thanks to it.</p> <p>Bio Nova’s products work perfectly with each other, synchronizing perfectly when feeding your plants. They’re also perfect for beginners, as they aren’t that complicated to use and can produce some <strong>astonishingly amazing results</strong>. We’re pretty impressed with the organic results we managed to obtain from Bio Nova’s products.</p>
  • Bio Tabs Products
    <p><strong>Bio tabs is a Dutch company</strong> that’s been around for over 25 years now. They’re experts that have over 30 years’ experience in this particular sector. This company was created to investigate organic products, and they began creating tablet format products. They spent years perfecting products for your plants, and began producing amazing results in the form of <strong>enormous yield,</strong> deep flavors and aromas – this was only the beginning.</p> <p>They exclusively deal in <strong>organic products</strong> and they’re known around the globe for their incredible <a href="">Bio Tab</a> tablets; they managed to set themselves apart from the rest. Their innovative breakthrough makes growing cannabis much easier; by simply placing these tablets in your substrate, your plants will be able <strong>to absorb everything</strong> they need during the entire process.</p> <p>It’s the ideal feeding system if you’re growing with an <strong>Autopot</strong> or a Hydroponic system; these <strong>tables dissolve perfectly</strong> and won’t clog up your pipes, which usually happens with organic nutrients. If using in your substrate you should simply bury it around 5cm down. All you have to do is water your plant for the rest of its cycle and it’ll <strong>produce amazing results</strong>.</p> <p>We recommend <strong>using Mycotrex alongside these tablets</strong>; it contains beneficial fungi for your plants, which will expand and cause root growth, as well as protect them from pathogens. Making sure that your plants have strong roots is incredibly important if you want them to grow strong – the visible part of your plants represents what’s hiding underneath. We also recommend using <strong>Baxtrex</strong>, which are bacteria that help your plants to feed even more. Both products essentially <strong>increase the quality of your substrate</strong>, with long-lasting results.</p> <p>You should always <strong>keep Bio Tabs</strong> in mind if you’re looking for an alternative way to organically grow your plants. Their tablets, as well as giving your plants a complete, natural diet, are also perfect for those that don’t have much time to <strong>divide nutrients</strong> up for their plants, making the process much easier and quicker. Growers all over the world have started opting for more <strong>“automatic” growing methods</strong> that are still organic. Give it a try!</p>
  • Bluelab Products
    <p><strong>Bluelab is a company based in New Zealand</strong> that has over 30 years’ experience making measurement devices and controllers for <strong>pH, EC and temperature parameters</strong>, among others. They have small, versatile devices that can be used by casual gardeners as well as professional hydroponic growers that have large set ups and need precise readings.</p> <p>If you can easily check your parameters, you can easily keep them in control. Their large catalogue of <strong>pH, EC, temperature and nutrient meters</strong> are used all around the world thanks to their simple yet intuitive, user-friendly designs. They’ve put quite a lot of effort into making devices that everybody can easily access and use.</p> <p>Bluelab products are made out of super-strong materials, giving them a robust appearance. Their continuous <strong><a href="">pH and EC Bluelab Guardian meters</a> </strong>allow you to have a continuous reading of the most relevant parameters in your nutrient solution, including temperature. This all-in-one product has a monitor with a screen that can help you to take various different meters instantly. Once one of your parameters gets out of control, the screen wil<strong>l begin blinking</strong> to let you know that something isn’t right. Save time and, overall, money with this super handy controller.</p> <p>The Bluelab pH Controller Connect is a device designed specifically to keep your water’s pH under perfect control. This product will help you to know the <strong>exact pH in your grow at all times</strong>. It also adjusts the pH when it’s too high or low! The right pH for nutrient absorption in canna is between 5.5 and 6.5 pH. You can <strong>adjust practically every detail</strong> from your computer!</p> <p><strong>Bluelab products</strong> work absolutely splendidly and are incredibly precise. We highly recommend these devices to those that take their cannabis plants and gardening seriously – check out their amazing products and our <strong>amazing offers</strong>!</p>
  • Boom Nutrients Products
    <p><strong>Boom Nutrients</strong> is a new brand that specializes in creating products designed for <strong>growing cannabis, designed based on our personal experiences</strong>. They’ve created a brand used to feed cannabis made by cannabis growers. Following’s instructions, they’ve created unique formulas that are incredibly beneficial for cannabis plants. is working hard to give their consumers the most satisfactory experience possible.</p> <p>Boom Nutrients has incredibly affordable prices on all of their products for the entire plant process; from rooting to bud fattening.<strong> Roots Boom by Boom Nutrients</strong> offers visible results with just one use; this root stimulant is one of the products that we’re proudest of, drastically increasing your plants’ root development, which means that they can absorb more nutrients and therefor <strong>grow much larger and produce higher yields</strong>.</p> <p>The next product you’ll be using is <a href=""><strong>Crecimiento Boom</strong> <strong>by Boom Nutrients</strong></a>, a base fertilizer that gives your plants the right nutrients for the growth period, which readies your plants for the flowering period. It contains <strong>high amounts of nitrogen</strong>, which makes your plants grow super efficiently.</p> <p><strong>Floración Boom and Candy Boom by Boom Nutrients</strong> are the perfect flowering nutrients for your cannabis plants. Floración Boom gives your plants an extra push and serves as a base fertilizer, allowing them to produce heftier and larger flowers. Its phosphorus and potassium content allows your plants to create more flowers and resin. Towards the end of the flowering period you’ll need to start using Candy Boom. This product contains <strong>high amounts of organic material</strong> that, apart from increasing the amount of resin produced on your buds, increases flavor, aroma and effects in your cannabis. You’ll harvest heftier, larger and more aromatic yields from your plants.</p> <p>We highly recommend getting your hands on one of their efficient packs; they’re <strong>incredibly affordable</strong> and are great for testing their products out without needing to get large amounts. The <strong>Start Tripack by Boom Nutrients</strong> is quite a complete pack, containing everything that your plants need for every period. You’ll be able to grow your plants successfully from start to finish.</p> <p>Boom Nutrients was <strong>developed for</strong>, keeping in mind the needs of our growers; it contains only the best ingredients available when it comes to cannabis growth. Boom Nutrients is <strong>exclusively sold</strong> here and in all stores.</p>
  • BSF Seeds Full Catalogue
    <p><strong>BSF Seeds is a dream come true</strong> for its founders – it began just a couple of years ago in 2017. It started with a group of friends that had been growing and smoking for years and years. They eventually decided to <strong>take that leap forward</strong> and start their own cannabis seed bank. They have an incredible amount of experience in cannabis, taking extreme care to make some of the best, most exclusive hybrids out there. They work hard to increase yield, strength and speed of their plants – which is why they are called <strong>Bigger, Faster, Stronger</strong>.</p> <p>They have designed a wide array of <strong>high-quality hybrid plants</strong> that will surprise you if you give them a go. All of the seeds in their catalogue, both feminized and autoflowering, have this quality in common, and they have quite a lot to choose from in order to match your exact needs.</p> <p>One of our favorite feminized strains is <strong>Tangie by BSF Seeds</strong> has a delicious orange and <strong>Mandarine flavor,</strong> that’s perfectly defined and easily recognizable. This <strong>90% sativa strain is super impressive</strong>, and can grow up to a meter and a half indoors, producing up to <strong>600g per square meter.</strong> We soon discovered that the SCRoG method is one of the best ways to go with this strain. Its delicious orange flavor is one of the best we’ve ever had, and it produces an intensely active and lucid effect that’s perfect to combine with any sort of creative activity. <strong>BSF has lots of famous strains</strong> such as Godzilla Glue, Lebron haze and Green Tiger.</p> <p>They also have a <strong>wide range of autoflowering plants</strong>, such as <strong>Red Critical Auto by BSF Seeds</strong>, which is one of their best and most well-known strains – their breeders are incredibly proud of this beauty. As the flowering period progresses, you’ll see the buds going beautiful purple and red colors, and the flavor that it produces is like inhaling a deliciously sweet bouquet of flowers.</p> <p>BSF Seeds has also joined the XXL club with their <strong>new XXL autoflowering strains</strong>. These strains are known for staying automatic but growing incredibly large, increasing the length of the flowering period slightly which greatly increases yield. One of their best XXL strains is Lebron haze XXL Auto, which can produce up to <strong>500g just two months after germination</strong>. In large, <strong>11L flowerpots</strong>, you can grow some incredibly large 1m tall beasts.</p> <p><span>We highly recommend that our <strong> regulars try this seed bank out</strong>, especially if you grow indoors and have a tent set up – they have various different mixes that come in packs; each one comes with <strong>12 seeds</strong> that fit perfectly in any indoor tent. You’ll clearly notice the amount of <strong>experience BSF’s breeders</strong> have when you grow one of their strains.</span></p>
  • Buddha Seeds | Full...
    <p>Buddha Seeds is a Spanish seed bank <strong>that began creating seeds back in 2006. They deal in</strong> feminized and autoflowering seeds, although they specialize in the latter. They are one of the leading seed banks when it comes to autoflowering strains.</p> <p>One of their best strains is possibly <a href=""><strong>Calamity</strong> <strong>Jane</strong></a>, which is of US origin <strong>and almost entirely sativa -80%</strong>. It has been selling out for years now, ever since it was released. This high-yielding autoflowering strain does perfectly well both indoors and outdoors, producing up to 450g per square meter and <strong>125g per plant</strong>, respectively. It’s not the fastest autoflowering plant around, however it’s definitely worth the wait for such large yields. It should be ready to harvest after around three months. Its flavor is super interesting, <strong>slightly incensed and bitter-sweet</strong>, and its effect is active and euphoric.</p> <p>Vesta is another of our <strong>favorite strains</strong>, and it was presented on their tenth anniversary in 2016; we were there the day they unveiled it and we got to try it for ourselves. This perfect autoflowering hybrid produces large yields, however <strong>outdoors it’s capable of producing up to 200g</strong> per plant. This is rather a lot when it comes to autoflowering plants. It has a delicious fruity flavor and its effects give quite an <strong>intense high</strong> that’s perfect for recreational use.</p> <p>When it comes to their feminized strains, one of our favorites is definitely Medikit. This strain is incredibly <strong>medicinal, producing around 20% CBD</strong> compared to a teeny 1% THC. It’s definitely one of CBD-richest strains in the market, which is also why it’s one of the most sold seeds when it comes to customers seeking medicinal effects. Indoors it produces decent amounts, allowing you to produce over <strong>500g after around 3 months</strong> with a potent 600w light. Its flavor is fruity, similar to lemon and mango – it’s a delight when it comes to medicinal uses; it’s delicious to smoke and it’s great for relaxing without getting stoned.</p> <p><strong><span>Buddha Seeds</span></strong><span> is also one of the few banks out there that still deal in autoflowering regular strains, which is quite a rarity. Regardless of <strong>the effect or flavor</strong> that you’re looking for, Buddha Seeds has the right seed for you. Here at we love working with such professional and competitive seed banks.</span></p>
  • Can Filters Products
    <p><strong>Can-Filters is a Canadian</strong> company that specialize in making anti-odor carbon filters. They started back in the 80s, when they designed their first filter similar to a can, and it turned out to be perfect for large airflows. Once they saw how efficient their brand new device was, they began marketing it as the Can-Filter.</p> <p>They stock both <strong>metal filters and plastic filters</strong> for those that are working on a lower budget. Their plastic anti-odor Can-Filters are made out of incredibly light plastic, which is great for small grow tents that aren’t that strong. They come in different sizes and widths, and can last <strong>between 9-12 months</strong>. Also, thanks to how light they are, you can also hang them from plaster ceilings.</p> <p>Their most impressive product and <strong>most-sold device</strong> is their <a href="">anti-odor metal Can-Filter</a>. This product can effectively get rid of 99% of bad aromas during a period of up to 18 months, as long as it’s maintained and kept clean. <span> </span>It’s made out of one of the best active carbons out there, all the way from Australia. They’re super easy to install; for maximum efficiency you’ll need to install it at the highest possible point in your grow room so that it can <strong>efficiently filter and clean</strong> any aromas from your growing room. The air from your extractor should go through the pores on the Can Filter, coming out fully clean on the other side.</p> <p>Can-Filters have been used for decades now to filter <strong>bad odors of all kinds</strong>; as well as cannabis, they’re used in the garbage industry, military housing and many other sectors. They’re sold across three different contents in over <strong>40 different countries</strong> – you’re guaranteed trustworthy results and no bad odors thanks to Can-Filters.</p>
  • Canna Products
    <p>Canna is a <strong>nutrient and fertilizer manufacturer</strong> that has products for every growing medium. Their products have been proven to accelerate growth processes successfully. They started out at the start of the 90s, and all of their products must go through rigorous quality control before being placed on the market. They design everything themselves in their own labs. These <strong>professionals work each and every day</strong> in order to improve their products as much as possible; their nutrients are some of the best in the world.</p> <p><strong>Canna’s large catalogue</strong> stocks both organic and mineral products. Their mineral range is known for its versatility, as it can be used in various different growing systems. All growing media have varying amounts of nutrients and each one needs specific products, which is why Canna has made Terra Vega and Flores for soil, as well as Coco A+B for growing in rockwool and coco coir. They have a wide range of additives that can be <strong>used in any substrate</strong>, such as Boost Accelerator, Rhizotonic and PK 13-14. Rhizotonic gives some pretty spectacular results when it comes to stimulating your plants’ root system, allowing them to absorb many more nutrients, Their <strong>PK 13-14 product</strong> is used towards the end of the growing process, increasing bud size and giving your plants a more dense look, as well as a much thicker layer of resin.</p> <p>Canna has an incredibly <strong>large amount of mineral products</strong> that we could spend hours talking about. Bio Canna is their sub-brand that contains purely organic products that are made out of fully natural ingredients. Regardless of their complex ingredients, they are designed to be super easy to use and hard to over-feed your plants with. <strong>Bio Canna</strong>’s entire catalogue has the perfect balance of nutrients and simplicity, and all of their products have a 100% organic guarantee, making for <strong>delicious aromas and flavors</strong> from your cannabis plants.</p> <p>Bio Rhizotonic, like the mineral version, gives your plants’ roots’ quite an <strong>intense organic growth spurt</strong>, guaranteeing healthier and less stressed plants. Bio Vega and Bio Flores are organic nutrient bases for your plants and they give some of the best possible organic results when used. If you use <a href="">Bio Boost Accelerator by Canna</a>, you’ll be able to give your plants an intense push in the direct direction at the start of the flowering period.</p> <p>Canna also has a <strong>large stock of mono-nutrient products</strong> for plants that have specific nutrient deficiencies or for those that would like to make their own fertilizers at home. Some of the products that they have are <strong>Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Nitrogen</strong>, as well as various pH correctors.</p> <p>Canna has soon become known as one of the best <strong>international fertilizer</strong> brands designed specifically for growing cannabis. Their wide range of products means that there’s something for everyone. Canna has been around for years now, surprising us and keeping our customers happy. Join the club!</p>
  • Cannabiogen Products
    <p><strong>Cannabiogen</strong> is a prestigious cannabis seed bank that has developed their very own range of fertilizers for cannabis. They have over <strong>20 years’ experience</strong> in this sector. The stimulants that they have designed are capable of increasing the quality and quantity of your yield, without needing to use any sort of chemical ingredients. Their three products, <strong>Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10</strong>, have had incredible success.</p> <p><strong>Cannabiogen </strong>is known for their designer cannabis strains, creating various hybrids from <strong>exotic plants</strong> that are well-known in the cannabis community. They have both feminized and regular strains. Their fem<strong> Pakistan Chitral Kush</strong> is one of our favorite strains, producing amazing yields and beautiful-looking buds. It goes a beautiful deep red color that’ll have you in a trance. Sugarloaf is one of their best regular strains; it’s a <strong>50/50</strong> hybrid that produces enormous amounts of resin, which in turn <strong>produces delicious hash</strong> that’ll have you active and awake. It’s also incredibly sturdy and can deal with insect infestations and fungi easily.</p> <p>Their most amazing invention, however, is <strong>Delta 9</strong>, a flowering and resin stimulant that has been producing amazing results for years now. This is possibly one of the most used products in the cannabis sector when it comes to increasing resin yield. It can cause a <strong>30% increase</strong> in the amount of flowers that your plants’ produce, as well as a <strong>25% increase</strong> in resin levels. In general terms, it increases flavor, quality and yield in cannabis plants. It’s super easy to use, simply spray it on your plants during the first few weeks and switch to watering the roots once they begin to flower – you probably won’t want to switch back to your old products after using <strong>Delta 9</strong>.</p> <p>Delta 8 contains plenty of <strong>vitamins and amino-acids</strong> that’ll give your plants plenty of nitrogen which increases and accelerates the growth period. Delta 8 also helps your plants’ roots to grow much larger and thicker, helping your plants to <strong>flower better and produce more flowers</strong> because their branches will have grown much stronger. Remember, <strong>Delta 8</strong> is used during the growth period only.</p> <p>Delta 10 is another of their <strong>star products</strong>. It’s used with Delta 9 in order to increase yield as much as possible. Once you start to see the buds created thanks to Delta 9, begin using Delta 10 in order to fatten the buds up properly. It contains all of the carbs and sugars that your flowers need to <strong>fill up and fatten out</strong> perfectly, as well as <strong>potassium and phosphorus</strong>.</p> <p>Cannabiogen has been taking our <strong>breath away for years now</strong>. They work incredibly hard when it comes to perfecting their strains aesthetically and when it comes to performance – they strive for peak performance. If you’re looking to get natural <strong>stimulants that produce amazing results</strong>, Cannabiogen fertilizers are the perfect products for you. Get <strong>Cannabiogen products or seeds</strong> here at</p>
  • Cannabios Products
    <p><strong>Cannabios is an English brand</strong> that specializes in making cosmetics such as creams and balms with medicinal purposes. All of their pomades and creams have been certified as organic cosmetic products, guaranteeing their high quality. All of their products are made using virgin olive oil, hemp seed oil and hemp extract. All of their products <strong>contain beneficial cannabinoids</strong>, especially CBD, which is famously known for its anti-inflammatory properties.</p> <p>Hemp is known to have <strong>positive effects on the skin</strong>, capable of treating various different issues such as dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, burns, eczema and many more. This is usually due to its <strong>high CBD content</strong>. It has been proven that CBD creams can be used to get rid of pain and regenerate muscle tissue. Cannabios insists that their process involves all natural and organic processes that <strong>respect the environment</strong>.</p> <p>Like all creams and pomades, these products are only <strong>apt for topical use</strong>. We highly recommend using them daily in order to observe results and improve your immune system. Their <a href="">Cannabios Balm</a> comes in <strong>various different aromas</strong>, and its continuous use on skin, especially the face, can help to get rid of wrinkles. It can also be used to treat dry skin, scars and stretch marks.</p> <p><strong>Scientists at Cannabios</strong> went one step further, designing products for young kids as well as people with sensitive skin. Their <strong>Baby Balm</strong> can regenerate delicate baby skin which is incredibly handy, as toddlers are always bumping into stuff. They also have a <strong>balm for sensitive skin</strong>, which can hydrate skin and accelerate rapid cell regrowth thanks to its calming, anti-inflammatory effect.</p> <p>Cannabios is <strong>proud of the hard work</strong> that they’re doing, giving the world an alternative way to treat skin issues with all natural products. CBD is the main ingredient in their products for a reason. Their <strong>products do not contain any THC</strong>, which makes these products fully non-psychoactive. Try them out for yourself!</p>
  • CBD Seeds Entire...
    <p><strong>CBD Seeds is a Spanish</strong> seed bank that started off in 2008, Barcelona. They have two different categories; their Classic Collection which produces a recreational effect, and their Medical Collection, which produces an intense medicinal effect. They deal in <strong>seasonal fem and autoflowering strains.</strong></p> <p>Their <strong>Classic collection</strong> has all of the classic strains that you can think of such as Critical, Diesel, Cheese or Amnesia, although we’re going to talk about some of their more iconic creations. <a href=""><strong>Mexican Haze </strong>by CBD Seeds</a> is <strong>100% sativa</strong> and can keep you active all day long. Its flavor is a delicious licorice and mint flavor; quite peculiar and hard to find in many cannabis strains. With the right care, we managed to harvest <strong>400g per square meter</strong> indoors using a SoG technique.</p> <p>Another of our favorite feminized strains is <strong>Yumbolt by CBD Seeds</strong>. This strain has been around <strong>since 2001</strong>, and it’s still in quite high demand when it comes to homegrowers and the cannabis community in general. This strain was created before this seed bank had their official start, although we know that they began developing strains before officially opening. This seed produces amazing results when it comes to <strong>resin and overall yield</strong>. Its effect is energetic and happy, keeping you active. For decades now, this strain has been one of the best strains used to treat depression or general sadness.</p> <p>Their <strong>collection of medicinal seeds</strong> has also been accepted by open arms by the medicinal cannabis community. <strong>CBD Amnesia by CBD seeds</strong> is probably the best one in their catalogue. This strain is known for its high CBD levels as well as the enormous amount of resin they produce, allowing you some amazing extracts and CBD tinctures. If you prefer to smoke over taking extracts, we highly recommend the medicinal <strong>Zen by CBD seeds</strong>, high-yielding and perfect for smoking all day long.</p> <p>Their autoflowering catalogue has auto versions of all of their <strong>classic strains</strong>; one of our favorites is the <strong>Auto Diesel by CBD Seeds</strong>, which is high yielding indoors, even in small flowerpots, filling out your grow tent. Its typical diesel flavor has<strong> hints of acidic fruit</strong>; a delight for the senses. Its effects are quite social and creative.</p> <p>CBD Seeds is a great seed bank to have on your side if you <strong>miss old-school, pure cannabis strains</strong>. Strains such as <strong>AK, Amnesia or Northern Lights</strong> available at super affordable prices. This particular section contains all seeds in each of CBD Seeds’ collections so that you can find the perfect one for you.</p>
  • Cli-Mate Controller...
    <p>Cli-Mate is a <strong>Dutch brand that designs temperature controllers</strong> for indoor growers. They have quite a large range of products with which you can control your indoor climate. Their products are considered quite high-end, both when it comes wot the end product as well as <strong>putting it together</strong>. Cli-Mate is now one of the top brands in Europe.</p> <p>The Cli-Mate factory is <strong>stocked with high tech machinery</strong> in order to automate the process, which is still controlled by their large staff. We’d love to go see their factory one day. All of their devices go through a <strong>strict quality control</strong> process in order to guarantee strong materials and trustworthy devices. Our customers absolutely love Cli-Mates <strong>professional stance on quality control</strong>, making their products quite a solid investment.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Twin Controller by Cli-Mate</a> </strong>is<strong> one of their best products</strong> when it comes to price/quality. This product is incredibly efficient and intuitive to use. You can connect it to your extractor fans so that it takes control of the strength of the fans, which can be used to increase or decrease the temperature in your grow room. It can also <strong>adjust negative pressure</strong> in order to change the strength of your extraction system, making sure that your anti-odor system is working perfectly. We <strong>highly recommend using</strong> it alongside a timer so that it can work automatically if needed.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>more complete product</strong>, Cli-Mate also has the amazing Multi-Controller, which allows you to work in larger grow rooms or even two separate grow rooms at once. It has 4 different plugs which makes it excellent if you plan on separating two grow rooms or have a large grow room. You’ll be able to easily <strong>control the temperature and humidity</strong> of your grow room thanks to Cli-Mate’s multi-controller.</p> <p><strong>Cli-Mate products</strong> go through a <strong>vigorous quality control process</strong> that follows all of the strict EU laws regarding technical details, consumption, health and safety. Cli-Mate is highly invested in <strong>satisfying their customers</strong> for years to come.</p>
  • Clipper Products
    <p><strong>Clipper</strong> is a Spanish company that is known around the world for their <strong>quality, highly affordable lighters</strong>. It was founded in Barcelona, 1972, and are still the leading lighter company to this day. Everyone that smokes has a clipper lighter in their pocket or in their house – they are everywhere, on holidays, at bars, on nights out, on work breaks; everyone has a clipper.</p> <p>How did they do it? They became necessary, and <strong>began to produce amazing designs</strong> and sell their lighters at incredibly low prices. We have a wide range of the Clipper catalogue here at, with plenty of their lighters and beautiful designs. They release <a href="">new designs and collections</a> all the time, with <strong>beautiful drawings and colors</strong>, as well as specific cannabis-related designs. They also sell classic lighters with silicone cases that keep your lighter safe and are super easy to clean.</p> <p>They stock a wide range of <strong>Minitube Clipper lighters</strong> too, which are slightly longer at the top. They’re perfect for using with bongs and pipes without burning the tips of your fingers. Their deluxe metal lighters are absolutely magnificent, and come in golden or silver colors. They’re made out of sturdy materials and look great – make sure your friends don’t steal it though! All of their models are <strong>currently selling out</strong>.</p> <p>Clipper has always been <strong>one of our main collaborators</strong>, even making us some personalized lighters. They also made our exclusive, limited edition Growbarato Cup lighters. They’ve been super helpful, placing our designs on their lighters so that our customers can have the latest designs wherever they go. Clipper is definitely <strong>our favorite lighter brand</strong> and we hope it’s yours too!</p>
  • CloudV
    <p><strong>CloudV is a US company</strong> that started out in California in 2012. They’re fully specialized in <strong>designing and making portable, electronic vaporizers</strong>. Their products are considered high-end due to their amazing qualities and performance, as well as their detailed designs. After just a few years they’ve <strong>won many prizes</strong> with their high-end devices. CloudV’s mission is to design devices that are compact yet still <strong>highly efficient</strong>.</p> <p>They have a varying range of vaporizers that vary in <strong>price and complexity</strong>, perfect for everyone’s budget. Their best creation to date is <a href="">CloudV F17</a>, a small vaporizer that’s highly efficient. It’s just 10cm long, allowing you to <strong>carry it around with you</strong> anywhere you go.</p> <p>Another option is their medium-range. It’s slightly larger in shape but more <strong>affordable and practical</strong>. Its larger size and casing keeps the outside of it nice and cool when it’s heating up, an option many vapes don’t usually have.</p> <p>The materials used to make <strong>CloudV vaporizers go through quality control</strong> in order to ensure the best performance possible. CloudV considers that their vaporizers are an investment in your future thanks to their durability. They’re all <strong>charged via a USB port</strong>, and will last for around <strong>3-4h</strong> per charge. Get yourself one of these high-end vaporizers and learn what CloudV is all about.</p>
  • Compo Products
    <p><strong>Compo is a company that’s currently at the top of bio and chem home-protection products</strong>, specifically designed to keep insects away. They were founded in Germany way back in the 50s, and they’ve been at it for over 60 years now, growing more and more with every passing year. Nowadays, Compo is one of the most important insect repellant brands in the world.</p> <p>They have quite a wide range of products designed for your home and garden, from substrates to <strong>insecticides and repellants</strong> for your plants. They have various different insecticides such as products designed for worms specifically, as well as insecticides that can get rid of various different types of insect plagues such as <a href=""><strong>Cythrin Garden</strong></a><strong>,</strong> which can get rid of most of the main insect plagues that can affect cannabis plants such as <strong>caterpillars, thrips, aphids and spider mites</strong>. It works getting rid of them as well as repelling them so that your plants stay nice and safe. Make sure to read every instruction carefully so that you don’t accidentally <strong>damage your plants’ buds</strong>.</p> <p>Compo keeps in mind the rules and regulations of the EU when it comes to their products, and they have different versions of each product to match every possible market that they may sell to, known as <strong>Algoflash, Gesal, Resolva and Vorox</strong>.</p> <p>Our customers have been using Compo for years now, and they’re always a few steps ahead of any possible issue that may arise with your cannabis plants, <strong>keeping insects at bay!</strong></p>
  • Cornwall Electronics...
    <p><strong>Cornwall Electronics is a Spanish company</strong> that designs and makes climate control devices for indoor plant growing. Their accessories for cannabis growing are an absolute must if you have a professional set up going. You can find many devices in their catalogue, such as fans, timers, thermos-hygrometers, dehumidifiers, temperature and humidity controllers as well as adjusters.</p> <p>Cornwall Electronics makes quality devices that are <strong>incredibly sturdy</strong>, which is needed in devices that get almost constant use, giving you precise readings of your plants’ parameters. Their <a href="">200mg/h wall ozonizer</a> is possibly the best ozonizer when it comes to quality and affordability – it can <strong>get rid of any bad odors</strong> in your grow room, although you’ll want to place it near a door so that you can neutralize the aromas coming out of the room without having it set up too close to your plants. Ozone is <strong>very bad for plants</strong>, so make sure never to place these devices in with your plants or they’ll end up super bland.</p> <p>They also <strong>stock affordable thermos-hygrometers</strong> with and without probes. You’ll be able to have absolute control over the temperature and humidity in your growing area. This can be super handy for many reasons, including knowing <strong>how far to have your lights</strong> from the plants.</p> <p>They have some impressive humidifiers and dehumidifiers – their ultrasonic humidifier has a 6L tank, allowing you to have it on for 12 straight hours without any issues. It can release up to <strong>400ml per hour</strong>, keeping the perfect level of humidity constantly up for 12 hours. Their dehumidifier, however, is much larger and is designed to work in large rooms, extracting up to 10L of water a day. You can also <strong>attach it to a drain</strong> – its tank isn’t large enough to hold a full day’s water, so unless you have a drain nearby, you’ll need to empty the tank a few times a day. This device is a must-have if you’re growing lots of cannabis plants, especially during the flowering period where humidity can be a real issue – it needs to be <strong>under 40%</strong> at all times.</p> <p>Cornwall Electronics has designed a <strong>catalogue of useful accessories</strong> that you can use daily in your indoor cannabis grow. They’re definitely at the top of their game, producing quality devices that amateurs and experts alike can use – all at super <strong>competitive and affordable prices</strong>.</p>
  • Cultibox Products
    <p>Indoor cannabis growing has been around for years now, offering <strong>many advantages over outdoor growing</strong>. The bad part is that you need to allocate quite a lot of space for your plants, your lighting and watering systems, anti-odor systems, insulation, reflective material… This can be a bit complicated to organize in a large room, which is why Cultibox has the <strong>perfect grow tent solutions</strong>. They have various sizes and shapes for different growing needs – Cultibox grow tents are perfect for those that need to able to grow in small areas.</p> <p>Cultibox started with that <strong>exact idea in mind</strong>; helping growers that don’t have much space to grow plants indoors. Their quality tents are affordable and super easy to set up. They have tents that go from 60cm to 3m. Their most affordable range is called the Cultibox Light tents, which are super-efficient. The only bad thing about these tents is that they don’t have a reflective interior, but they’re perfect for those that are just starting out and don’t need anything too complicated. They have various sizes, going from <strong>60x60x140cm to 120x120x200cm</strong>.</p> <p>Another one of their star tents is the <a href=""><strong>Cultibox</strong> <strong>SG-Combi</strong></a>; they’re made out of thick, reflective material on the inside. Three of its four walls can be removed and placed back using Velcro – this allows you to attach more than one tent to another, creating your own personalized tent. These tents have an aluminum frame that can hold up <strong>hefty lighting systems</strong>.</p> <p>The <strong>Cultibox Open</strong> is a model that can be opened up on all four sides, allowing you to access your plants from each and every size. It makes watering and pruning your plants much easier; no need to take them all out and place them back in.</p> <p>If you’re looking for quality grow tents, Cultibox is one of the best choices you can make. They have some of the <strong>most affordable, quality models</strong> on the market.</p>
  • Cyco Products
    <p><strong>Cyco is an Australian company</strong> that was founded in <strong>2008</strong>. They started out with a vision to provide their customers with a range of innovative nutrients and additives for the hydroponic industry. They’ve used the latest technology available in order to get the best possible ingredients for their products.</p> <p>Their products have an <strong>incredible amount of work</strong> put into them, and are distributed internationally and can be bought almost anywhere in the northern hemisphere. This amount of work is clearly visible in the result they provide; Cyco is slowly making itself a home in <strong>professional growers’ gardens</strong> thanks it the truly magnificent results that it provides.</p> <p>They have quite a <strong>wide range of nutrients</strong>, and they have a product designed for each specific phase that your plants are in, allowing you to successfully grow them from start to finish without needing to use anything else. Their products are quite highly concentrated, and they increase EC levels quite a lot so you only need to use <strong>incredibly tiny amounts</strong>. These products also have seals that guarantee their efficiency and quality.</p> <p>They have <strong>full product ranges for soil</strong>, hydroponics and coco coir, each one with their own root stimulant, growth and flowering base, as well as many other additives. We’d love to talk about Zyme, which is a product that contains specific enzymes for your cannabis plants and it’s generally used during your plants’ entire growth period, offering amazing results and getting rid of dead roots, turning them into <strong>actual absorbable sugars </strong>for your plants<strong>. <a href="">Suga Rush</a></strong> is another amazing product that reinforces your plants, improves flavor, aroma, resin and THC. These extra sugars will fatten your buds up incredibly.</p> <p>Cyco has been surprising us since the first time we started using it, and it’s definitely a permanent fixture on our shelves now. <strong>We highly recommend trying out Cyco </strong>if you’ve never tried it before, it is guaranteed to give you spectacular results.</p>
  • DaVinci Products
    <p>DaVinci creates <strong>unique, potent vaporizers</strong> and in no time at all has climbed to the top of the market. They sell the perfect pocket vaporizers that come with the latest vaping technology; compact, sturdy and incredibly powerful batteries that offer the best, most potent vapor. One of the best features on their products is the fact that you can adjust the temperature by degrees, allowing you to adjust vapor density and how long your weed lasts, too. They have two different chambers, too; one for weed and other herbs, and another for <strong>oils and extracts</strong>. DaVinci vaporizers are perfect for demanding consumers.</p> <p>They have various different devices for different price ranges. Regardless of your choice, you’re guaranteed a quality, <strong>professionally-made vaporizer</strong> for your weed. DaVinci strives for pure, innovative devices that can be controlled to the utmost extent.</p> <p>Their most <strong>famous and most highly-regarded</strong> device is the <a href=""><strong>DaVinci</strong> <strong>IQ</strong></a>, which is used throughout the cannabis community by avid vapers from all over the world. This engineering masterpiece is capable of vaporizing both vegetal material and extractions/oils. You can also download an App that lets you control all of the settings on your vape, <strong>adjusting the temperature</strong> to your exact needs. It’s one of the easiest devices to use.</p> <p>On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a <strong>little less expensive</strong>, we highly recommend trying out the DaVinci Miqro, which is much smaller than the IQ and it’s a much simpler device with satisfaction guaranteed. It’s quite small so it’s perfect for carrying around while you do your errands. Regardless of its size, it still has <strong>various different options</strong> when it comes to vaping, so you can personalize your experience.</p> <p>Both devices come with <strong>ceramic mouthpieces</strong> which cool down your weed and allow you to taste it even more in its purest form. DaVinci vaporizers are <strong>impressive</strong> and they have had an incredible amount of precision work put into them; you won’t be disappointed if you go with a DaVinci model.</p>
  • Delicious Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Delicious Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that operates from Valencia. Their objective is to offer high quality cannabis seeds, and it’s currently one of the best and highly regarded seed banks in the world.</p> <p>Delicious Seeds strains’ are known for their intense <strong>exotic flavors and beautiful colors</strong>; they definitely have some of the most wonderful looking strains around. They currently work with a group of expert breeders that breed their seeds to the utmost quality before releasing them on the market. They treat their seeds with <strong>extreme care</strong> and make sure that they are all <strong>perfectly ready</strong> to be germinated before they’re sold.</p> <p>Delicious Seeds has an <strong>incredibly wide array of strains</strong> in their catalogue. They have feminized autoflowering and regular seeds. This category compiles all of their strains in the one spot.</p> <p>Among their large repertoire of feminized seeds, one of our favorites is <a href=""><strong>Sugar Black Rose</strong>,</a> an indica strain known for its incredibly large yields and even larger <strong>intense effect</strong>. Its amazing citric flavor alongside its relaxing, medicinal effect make it a great choice for those that suffer from chronic pain or have eating or sleeping disorders. You can harvest almost half a kilo per <strong>square meter indoors</strong>, making it the perfect strain for year-long harvests. Another amazing strain is Cotton Candy, which is a <strong>perfect 50/50 hybrid</strong> that tastes exactly like cotton candy. It does absolutely amazing when grown outdoors, producing up to 1kg per plant of some amazingly delicious, sweet buds. If you decide to grow this strain outdoors, you’ll be able to see it going <strong>purple and red colors</strong> if it gets low enough temperatures at night.</p> <p>When it comes to their autoflowering strains, <strong>Delicious Seeds has gone above and beyond</strong>, creating beautiful and truly delicious seeds. One of our favorites is <strong>La Diva Auto, </strong>which produces large, compact and beautifully dark buds. You can harvest up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors. It’s quite a reliable strain, and its effects are highly sedating in both body and mind. Also, it has a <strong>delicious berry flavor</strong> to it.</p> <p>Delicious Seeds also has a range of regular seeds which are known for their capacity to produce many more flowers that genetically modified feminized seeds. Marmalate by Delicious seeds is one of their best strains, producing large branches that end up covered head to toe in buds. Make sure to remove male plants if you want the flowers, or you can even use them to make your very own hybrid strains!</p> <p>Ever since we <strong>began growing Delicious Seeds strains’</strong> it was clear to us that they put a lot of time and effort into making their seeds the most delicious and flavorful cannabis strains around. As well as keeping yield in mind, they also strive to produce <strong>beautiful looking plants</strong>. Try Delicious Seeds out for yourself and you’ll see <strong>exactly how delicious</strong> they are!</p>
  • Dinafem Products
    <p>In this category <strong>you can find Dinafem’s entire seed catalogue</strong>, from feminized seeds to autoflowering seeds. Dinafem Seeds is one of the largest, most famous seed banks in the world – many growers only grow Dinafem seeds due to how reliable they are. Dinafem Seeds produces quality seeds, <strong>you’re guaranteed amazing results</strong> if you side with Dinafem.</p> <p>We’ve never met an <strong>experienced</strong> grower that’s never grown a Dinafem strain – they’re known all around the world due to their meticulous seed selection process, producing fresh seeds for their customers. They’re also known for their <strong>amazing new hybrid strains</strong>, known as “gourmet” strains. We’re going to talk about some of their feminized and autoflowering strains, including their CBD-rich strains which have <strong>been quite successful thus far</strong>, and have been used to create many new strains.</p> <p>Dinafem is also known for their intense want and need to keep their customers satisfied, not only when it comes to seed quality, but also the <strong>quality of their packaging</strong> and their capability of keeping their seeds under the best possible conditions. Thanks to their super secure packaging, you can keep them intact and fresh for quite a while before you need to plant them. They have an incredible, wide range of strains, all of which are <strong>100% feminized</strong>.</p> <p>Their most famous strain is <strong>undoubtedly Moby Dick</strong>, which they have officially had trademarked. After years and years, and generations of plants, they managed to perfect their best strain to its utmost capacity. If you’re a <strong>fan of Dinafem</strong> or haven’t tried them out yet, you should definitely try Moby Dick as soon as possible – it’s the perfect example of the quality yields that their strains produce.</p> <p>Everyone has heard of Dinafem’s Critical +, but we have something even better in store for you; Critical + 2.0, which is an <strong>improved version</strong> that is much more resistant to humidity and insect infestations. It works perfectly outdoors, although indoors it can produce some mind-blowing results. It takes less than <strong>two months to flower</strong>, and it’s great if you’re looking for an old school strain that still has quite a punch to it.</p> <p>Their autoflowering cannabis strain catalogue is <strong>pretty big too</strong>; they’ve managed to create most of their autoflowering strains using their feminized ones. Dinafem is always trying to create new strains and innovate, which is why their autoflowering strains are top quality and also come in many <strong>CBD-rich versions</strong>. One of their best autoflowering strains is Original Amnesia Auto. This strain has been called a masterpiece by experts, producing incredibly large results for such a sativa strain. Its intense mental effect will <strong>keep you up and active all day long</strong>, alongside its deliciously sweet incensed flavor. This autoflowering sativa strain was then used to create many different hybrids – this strain can produce up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors.</p> <p>Another one of their amazing strains is their <strong><a href="">Dinamed CBD Auto</a>. </strong>This strain produces large amounts of CBD,<strong> around 14%,</strong> and less than 1% THC, which means that it’s hardly psychoactive at all. It’s a great choice if you want to homegrow your own medicine without getting high. It’s also quite sought after by breeders, as it’s used to breed new <strong>CBD-rich</strong> hybrids, guaranteeing amazing results.</p> <p>Dinafem has a slow, <strong>rigorous selection process</strong> when it comes to selling seeds as well as creating new strains. They never release new strains without having tested every single aspect of them in order to make sure that <strong>they are good enough</strong> for their customers, who have come to expect amazing results. We highly recommend trying out their new strains – we have, and we <strong>definitely weren’t disappointed</strong>. Some of our favorites are <strong>Blue Kush Auto</strong>, a beautiful and delicious plant, as well as Blueberry Cookies, which is quite an impressive strain. We highly recommend trying Dinafem out if you haven’t – you simply need to see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!</p>
  • DNA genetics Full Seed...
    <p><strong>DNA Genetics is a cannabis seed bank</strong> that got its start in California, USA. They started out back in the 80s, when Aaron and Crockett, two friends that had the same dream, decided to go for it. When it all started, they were living in California and it was quite <strong>easy</strong> for them to acquire strains such as <strong>OG Kush or Chemdawg</strong>, which allowed them to create their very own strains years later. As the years have gone by they have created legends such as <strong>Chocolope or LA Confidential</strong>.</p> <p><strong>In 2003, due to pressure from the US government</strong>, they had to move to Europe, and they decided to choose the weed capital, Amsterdam. Once they got there, they really began to take off, creating some amazing strains using US strains and European strains as a base. They began to win prizes, winning over <strong>150 prizes in the 10 years </strong>to come. Their best accomplishment, however, was to be included in High Times’ Hall of Fame seed banks – a fitting prize for their <strong>years and years</strong> of hard work and quality cannabis strains.</p> <p>DNA Genetics focuses all of their efforts on <strong>developing and creating feminized seeds</strong>. One of their most highly-valued strains is their 24K Gold, which was created from two of their most highly sought-after strains; <strong>Kosher Kush and Tangie</strong>. The combination of both plants is absolutely lethal, in the best way; it produces a delicious sweet orange flavor with a deep hash aftertaste. This hybrid produces quite a lot of flowers; when grown using a <strong>SCRoG system</strong> you can harvest up to <strong>500g from just 6 plants</strong>.</p> <p>Another one of their amazing creations is <a href="">Sour Cream by DNA Genetics</a>. This amazing plant produces plenty of enormous flowers that’ll grow super, super hefty by the end of the 10<sup>th</sup> flowering week if you use a <strong>potent growing light</strong>.<span>  </span>Its effects are purely sativa, with an intense high that’ll leave you nicely relaxed. Its flavor is similar to pine and has tropical hints to it, and can be quite long-lasting.</p> <p>DNA Genetics doesn’t really deal in autoflowering plants, although they do have a couple of strains called <strong>60 Day Lemon Auto </strong>and<strong> 60 Day Wonder Auto</strong>, both of which have a <strong>60-day cycle</strong> from start to finish. It should be ready to harvest after just two months. If you want to grow some incredibly fast cannabis strains, we highly <strong>recommend trying out these two plants</strong>. You can also try out their regular strains, such as Crockett’s Confidential or Crockett’s Dawg.</p> <p><strong>DNA Genetics </strong>is specialized in growing sativa-dominant plants, as well as <strong>50/50 hybrids</strong>. They don’t tend to deal in indica plants. DNA Genetics has quite the story to tell, and we’re convinced that they’ll add <strong>more amazing strains in the future</strong>.</p>
  • Dospel Products
    <p class="p1">All models of Dospel WK extractors are available in this section. Find your extractor with the best power/size ratio on the market (although they are not the quietest ones). WK Extractors by Dospel guarantee a successful extraction.</p> <p class="p2"></p>
  • Dr. Underground Full...
    <p><strong>Dr. Underground is a Spanish seed bank</strong> situated in Las Palmas in the Gran Canaries. Their mission is to create their own hybrids using the best cannabis strains on the market. They started off in 2008 and since then they have been developing quality feminized seeds. Their catalogue contains a wide variety of <strong>mostly-indica, high-yielding and delicious flavors</strong>.</p> <p>Their most popular strain is <strong>Melon Gum</strong>; this strain is still in high demand. It’s indica-dominant and has an intensely increased flowering period. It produces amazing results both indoors and outdoors. Its relaxing effects are perfect for <strong>smoking with friends</strong> and having a good time.</p> <p><strong>Dr. Underground</strong> likes to release a lot of limited edition seeds, and once they’ve all run out, they simply create brand new strains. One of our favorites is <a href="">Godzilla Glue by Dr. Underground</a>. It comes from a cross between a high-yielding <strong>King Kong and a Gorilla Glue #4 </strong>which was brought straight from the US. This is the perfect indica-sativa hybrid and it’s rather easy to grow, allowing you to get amazing results without needing to be a total expert. After just two flowering months, you can harvest around <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors. <strong>Outdoors</strong>, when done right you can harvest up to <strong>1kg per plant</strong> that’s over 2.5m tall. It has a very US flavor, petrol-like with fresh pine hints. Its mental effect is quite intense and it’ll keep you active for quite a while.</p> <p>They’ve also <strong>ventured and branched out into autoflowering strains</strong>, creating autoflowering versions of their feminized plants. Two of their best, in fact, which are <strong>Auto Melon Gum and Auto King Kong.</strong></p> <p><strong>Auto King Kong by Dr. Underground</strong> is a great choice if you want to grow large amounts of cannabis that you can consume after just a couple of months.  Indoors, from 7L flowerpots, we’ve managed to <strong>harvest over 400g per square meter</strong>. When smoked, we felt incredibly relaxed both <strong>physically and mentally, and it has a delicious sweet</strong> and earthy flavor. Auto Gum is another delicious plant; this autoflowering hybrid allows you to harvest large yields in no time at all, and the best part is its delicious strawberry chewing-gum flavor. Its effects are quite pleasing, allowing you to relax and chill out with your friends if you want.</p> <p><span>Dr. Underground has been in our catalogue for years now, and we absolutely <strong>love their new creations and intense flavors</strong>. This Canarian seed bank grows cannabis and likes to design the best hybrids possible; the weather near the Canaries is <strong>absolutely perfect for these purposes</strong>. What are you waiting for?<br /></span></p>
  • Dutch Passion Full...
    <p><strong>Dutch Passion</strong> is one of the pioneering seed banks when it comes to breeding and selling cannabis seeds. This Dutch seed bank was established back in 1987, although they began working together in the <strong>70s</strong>. They have created an absolutely enormous cannabis seed catalogue, containing autoflowering and regular strains. Their success is based on two crucial ideas; breeding their seeds to have the <strong>best possible quality</strong> so that their customers can grow their own medicine at home, and<strong> innovating constantly</strong> with new ideas and brand new cannabis strains in order to meet the market’s current needs.</p> <p>Dutch Passion is definitely considered one of the best seed banks in the entire world with quite a large catalogue. One of their <a href="">most famous strains is Desfran</a>, which is a <strong>100% sativa strain</strong> that has some of the best qualities on the market in as far as potency, yield and how easy it is to grow. Indoors we recommend using the SCRoG method with this strain in order to guarantee at least <strong>500g yield</strong>. Its sativa effect is incredibly stimulant and it produces quite an immediate and <strong>long-lasting high</strong>.</p> <p>Another one of our favorite feminized strains by <strong>Dutch Passion is Lemon Zkittle</strong>. This hybrid produces enormous yields, and if you decide to grow it you’ll get enormous yields of around <strong>500g per square meter</strong>. We also recommend using the SCRoG method with this strain in order to maximize yield. Its citric flavor and earthy aftertaste are an absolute delight for the senses, and the effects that it has on your body will keep you in a <strong>light, relaxing state</strong>.</p> <p>When it comes to their autoflowering strains, one of the best is definitely<strong> Auto Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion</strong>. This strain comes from two incredibly potent plants, <strong>Auto Blueberry</strong> and <strong>Girl Scout Cookies</strong>, and the results are astonishing. It yields the same amount as an XL Auto plant, producing up to 450g per square meter indoors after just under three months. This indica-dominant strain has an intense tropical fruit flavor and quite a <strong>potent relaxing effect</strong>.</p> <p>We’re also big fans of their latest creations such as<strong> Auto Daiquiri Lime and Auto Cinderella Jack</strong>, and even the incredibly medicinal <strong>CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel</strong>; all of these strains have amazing yields and flavor, with the latter having incredibly potent medicinal effects.</p> <p>Dutch Passion is still one of the few seed banks that breed and work with regular seeds. They’ve been able to use these seeds to design new strains. One of their best original seeds is <strong>Durban Poison Regular by Dutch Passion</strong>. This sativa-dominant strain has been used to create many different plants and it’s still used today; it’s one of the most-used strains when it comes to regular plants. You’ll be able to get enormous yields with potent, TCH-rich buds. Its incredible psychoactive effect will seem much softer thanks to its <strong>sweet, licorice-like flavor</strong>.</p> <p>As you can probably tell, <strong>Dutch Passion is an incredibly large seed bank</strong> which can make it a bit daunting to choose the right strain. Have a look at our descriptions to find out which one is right for you! All of them are potent, high-yielding and <strong>produce delicious flavors</strong> and amazing medicinal and recreational effects – <strong>Dutch Passion has the right strain for you.</strong></p>
  • Élite Seeds Seed...
    <p><strong>Elite Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that’s situated in Valencia. They use science in order to create and develop brand new strains. They started back in 2007, and the first ever members decided to start their own laboratory in order to scientifically design strains with exact cannabinoid concentrations, <strong>especially CBD</strong> as it’s higher in demand than ever. This kind of scientific method isn’t generally used in seed breeding, which is why we consider Elite Seeds one of the most innovative seed banks around.</p> <p>Starting with their feminized range, one of their best and most <strong>successful creations is <a href="">Solodiol CBD</a></strong>. This masterpiece took an incredibly long time to perfect, involving hours upon hours of investigation and research in order to find CBD-rich strains. They managed to create a medicinal strain with around 24% CBD in an <strong>80% sativa format</strong>. Indoors we highly recommend growing this strain using a <strong>SCRoG method</strong>, making the absolute most of this plant’s yield capacity – you can harvest up to 450g without much issue at all. Its flavor is strong yet sweet with hints of fresh pine. Its effect isn’t psychoactive at all, making it a great choice to <strong>fight physical pain</strong> or to relax after a hard day at work.</p> <p>Many of Elite Seeds’ <strong>CBD-rich strains</strong> are actually currently being studied in laboratories around the world, especially in the US where they see designing and creating CBD seeds as a great marketing opportunity for the future. These strains are used as a pillar upon which to build others due to their <strong>amazing CBD content</strong>.</p> <p>If you’re looking to get stoned, however, Elite Seeds can help you out there too! One of our favorites is<strong> Banana Joint</strong>, which has caused quite a stir thanks to its <strong>indica/sativa 50% genes</strong>, its enormous yields both indoors and outdoors, and especially its amazing flavor and potent effect. It produces enormous amounts of resin, so you can make your own hash with a delicious banana-like flavor! Its <strong>potent and stimulating effects</strong> are great for smoking with friends and relaxing in paradise.</p> <p><strong>Elite Seeds</strong> has been making some amazing advances when it comes to creating autoflowering strains – various of their auto plants are super popular, such as Goliat Auto or Rica Auto CBD. One of our favorites is Purplediol Auto CBD. This 90% indica strain has <strong>around 17% CBD</strong>, which contrasts strongly with its super low THC content, making it a <strong>great choice for medicinal growers</strong> that can’t wait an entire season in order to harvest. It can be used to treat anxiety, insomnia and stress – it should be ready to harvest just two months after germination.</p> <p>Elite Seeds certifies stable<strong> THC and CBD content</strong> in their seeds, so you’re guaranteed the exact quality cannabis that you’re looking for. Trust in the science they’ve used to create some of the most ground-breaking <strong>medicinal cannabis seeds</strong> ever to set foot on the market.</p>
  • Essenz Products
    <p><strong>Essenz is a Spanish company</strong> based in Valencia that design, create and sell e-cigarettes, e-liquids and various accessories. Their devices are quality-made and still incredibly affordable for almost any budget. They also have a wide range of models to fit every consumer’s needs; <strong>hash, weed, e-liquids, extracts</strong>, you name it!</p> <p>One of our favorites is the <a href=""><strong>Essenz Wax vaporizer</strong></a><strong>, </strong>which is perfect for vaporizing oils such as BHO or resins. It’s made out of sturdy materials that make sure it can put up with the<strong> heat</strong>, so you can use it for long periods at a time. Make sure to clean it after every use, it only takes a second. Don’t be too rough when cleaning it, as you may end up damaging the coil. You can charge it anywhere you have access to a <strong>USB</strong> inlet.</p> <p><strong>Essenz</strong> has quite a large amount of simple vaporizers that are a great way to get started; your first vape should definitely be one of these, allowing you to experience <strong>BHO vapes</strong> for the first time. They have incredibly simple <strong>e-cigs</strong> that are designed for e-liquids in different flavors. We’ve created an Essenz kit that comes with this vape plus a Harmony e-liquid, which are some of the best liquids available, and they also come with <strong>small amounts of CBD</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Essenz</strong> also now stock serums which contain CBD, from <strong>2.5% to 10%</strong> for medicinal needs. These serums are some of the first products to be regulated and approved for sale by the necessary authorities in <strong>Spain</strong>; they have been proven to have many benefits, such as skin care, capable of treating issues such as dry skin and psoriasis. They contain only natural ingredients; <strong>90% olive oil</strong>! We recommend trying this product out, using a few drops on an area of your body that you would like to treat and massage it in until it has been fully absorbed.</p> <p>So, whatever type of vape that you’re looking for, Essenz has the perfect solution for you! <strong>Vapes, spares, accessories, serums</strong> <strong>etc</strong>. Get yourself a simple-to-use, affordable vaporizer from Essenz – the most affordable vapes on the market.</p>
  • ETI and ETi2 products
    <p class="p1">All models of ballasts ETI and ETI2 are now available in this section. These are the best-selling ballasts for indoors growing. ETI and ETI2 on offer at GrowBarato.</p>
  • Eva Seeds Entire Seed...
    <p><strong>Eva Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that designs, breeds and sells their very own cannabis seeds. They create their own strains, and have their very own process: all seeds are handpicked, conserved in the <strong>best possible conditions, and they guarantee germination rates</strong>, having used 100% organic results when breeding the seeds. This is how they manage to maintain quality, pure strains.</p> <p>This seed bank specializes in creating <strong>feminized, non-auto plants</strong>, and although their seed catalogue isn’t that large, the <strong>strains they produce</strong> are of the utmost quality thanks to having been perfected after decades of growing.</p> <p>One of their best strains is <strong><a href="">Veneno by Eva Seeds</a>;</strong> this indica-dominant plant is incredibly high-yielding indoors – in a grow tent with decent lights, we managed to harvest an amazing<strong> 700g</strong> per square meter; this plant is quite versatile and super simple and easy to take care of. Its potent relaxing effects are accompanied by an <strong>amazing sweet fruit flavor</strong> with woody hints.</p> <p><strong>High Level by Eva Seeds</strong> is a <strong>100% sativa</strong> plant that’s known for offering stimulant and creative effects. Like many sativas, it takes quite a while to finish flowering and it gives less yield than indicas, although it’s still an amazing amount – around <strong>500g per square meter indoors</strong>. This strain is known as a strain that only experienced smokers should try; its smoke is incredibly strong and dense.</p> <p>We’d love to talk about <strong>Black Dream too</strong>; it’s an amazing hybrid used to produce enormous amounts of resin, making it perfect for those that love extracts or making their very own hash flabs. This is one of <strong>Eva Seeds’ newest creations</strong>, and we absolutely love it. After around three months you should be able to harvest around <strong>1kg total</strong>, harvesting some amazingly incensed and earthy buds.</p> <p>All of Eva Seeds’ strains have proven <strong>to grow incredibly well and large</strong>, especially when planted and cared for outdoors, growing up to 3m in some cases. You can harvest almost 1kg per plant! We’ve been working with Eva Seeds for years now; their selection process is <strong>incredibly reliable and guarantees amazing results. </strong></p>
  • Exotic Seed Full Seeds...
    <p><strong>Exotic Seed is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that currently works out of Madrid, Spain. They’re specialized in combining <strong>Spanish, US and Dutch strains</strong> in order to create their own brand new innovative ideas. The members of their team have over <strong>20 years’</strong> experience in this sector, which is why their hybrid strains are so spectacular. Over the last few years they have won many awards and prizes in cannabis cups in Spain and Latin-America; they won <strong>thanks to their incredible flavor</strong>, effects and strength.</p> <p>This <strong>particular section</strong> contains all of Exotic Seed’s strains; feminized, autoflowering and regular. When it comes to their <strong>feminized strains</strong>, you should definitely try out <a href="">Gypsy Widow by Exotic Seed</a>. This strain is perfect if you love strong hybrids; it’s quite simple to grow and incredibly high-yielding. You can easily harvest over <strong>500kg indoors</strong> per square meter, and even twice that outdoors per plant under the right conditions. Its effects are long-lasting and potent, starting with an intense euphoric feeling and ending in a deep relaxation.</p> <p>When it comes to their autoflowering strains, one of their most famous strains is Triple A Auto. This strain is <strong>incredibly popular in the States</strong> due to the high yields it offers in no time at all. In just under three months you should be able to harvest around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors. Its flowers are beautiful to look at, giving your plants quite the aesthetic boost.</p> <p><strong>Exotic Seeds</strong> sells some of the most impressive regular autoflowering strains such as Tangerina Kush Regular by Exotic Seed. This plant is perfect for outdoor growing, making the most of the sun’s light and producing between <strong>500 and 700g per plant</strong>. It’s quite delicious as its name would have you believe, with delicious citric hints and a strong Kush aftertaste. This indica-dominant plant produces relaxing effects, forcing you to <strong>relax your body and muscles</strong>.</p> <p>As you can see, <strong>Exotic Seed</strong> is a professional seed bank that may be younger than others, but their team still has decades of experience in <strong>growing and breeding cannabis</strong>. All of their strains are perfect for growing indoors and outdoors easily, producing large, quality yields. Take a look at these “exotic” seeds for yourself!</p>
  • Family Ganjah Full...
    <p><strong>Family Ganjah is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that has been active since 2008. They work basing everything they do on three basic principles; offering the best possible quality, continuous R&amp;D in order to design new strains, and organic and eco-friendly growing – they respect the environment in all of their process, and their strains are grown using only organic products. You can find all of their strains here, in the one spot.</p> <p>Their work ethic has allowed them to maximize <strong>flavor and purity</strong> of their cannabis strains. They currently have a feminized and autoflowering catalogue; something for everyone.</p> <p>Their <strong>feminized seed catalogue</strong> is quite varied; it has plenty of different flavors and effects. For example, Orange East Coast is an amazing strain of you’re into smoking US strains. It has an intense Diesel flavor with hints of orange, making it one of the best strains for those that enjoy the flavor the most. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to harvest around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors and per plant outdoors. It also produces an enormous amount of resin, so you can make your own extracts if you want to.</p> <p>Their <strong>latest creation is <a href="">Big Trip</a>, </strong>which finally happened after years and years of crossing strains until they managed to find this indica-dominant strain with high amounts of psychoactivity. It can produce <strong>THC levels over 22%</strong>, which, after a while can cause an intense relaxing sensation. This strain takes just two weeks to flower, allowing you to harvest up to<strong> 500g per square meter</strong> indoors.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering strains, <strong>Auto Critical Man by Family Ganjah</strong> is one of our favorites. It’s definitely the perfect strain for those that love Critical genes, although it takes much less time to grow – it’ll be ready just two months after flowering. Its moderate effects make it quite enjoyable to smoke – you can <strong>smoke it all day</strong> without getting too stoned.</p> <p><strong>Family Ganjah</strong> doesn’t have too wide a range of seeds, but trust us when we say that they still <strong>have something for everyone</strong>, allowing anyone to enjoy some of the most delicious exotic and potent strains. Give Family Ganjah a go!</p>
  • Fast Buds Products
    <p><strong>Fast Buds American Autoflower is a US seed bank</strong> that started out in 2010 in California. This company was started by two friends that started off by crossing autoflowering strains with some of the most popular strains on the American continent. They only stock autoflowering strains, in order to offer their customers the <strong>fastest results possible</strong>.</p> <p>Fast Buds deals only in <strong>potent, psychoactive plants</strong> that produce average <strong>THC levels above 20%</strong>, which is very rarely seen in autoflowering strains. This young seed bank has already <strong>won prizes</strong> in various cannabis cup competitions around the world.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Crystal Meth Auto</strong> by Fast Buds</a> is one of their best-selling strains. It has quite a large amount of cannabinoids, turns beautiful colors and has a delicious marked dried fruit flavor. Each drag will bring you deeper into its <strong>relaxing grasp</strong>; it’s great for regular smokers that have a high tolerance and need potent effects. Indoors is where you’ll get the most out of this strain, harvesting up to <strong>400g per square meter</strong> indoors just two months after germination.</p> <p>Another strain that they bred using US plants is <strong>Gorilla Glue Auto by Fast Buds</strong>. This resinous plant produces a potent effect and a delicious pine flavor. It’s one of their most <strong>highly psychoactive</strong> strains, ringing in at <strong>24% THC</strong> in some cases. This strain also gives an intense indica effect. Capable of couch-locking even experienced smokers. It’s a great strain for relieving strong side effects caused by chemotherapy. <strong>Outdoors</strong> is where it does best, producing a more <strong>intense flavor</strong> due to higher resin and terpene yield.</p> <p>If you’re looking for intense sativa effects, we <strong>highly recommend C4 Auto</strong>. This strain produces long-lasting creative/stimulating effects accentuated by its deep, dense smoke that tastes like cream and butter. Indoors, after just two total months, you can harvest up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter. We recommend <strong>placing 4 plants per 600w light</strong>; make sure to use a potent light in order to get the best possible results.</p> <p>Fast Buds has managed to <strong>specialize in purely autoflowering strains</strong>. You can grow incredibly fast strains that don’t need specific light schedules in order to <strong>flower properly</strong>; they’ll automatically switch from the growth to the flowering period. These beautiful autoflowering plants grow to decent sizes and produce enormous and delicious buds; we highly recommend <strong>Fast Buds American Autoflower</strong> for all of your autoflowering needs.</p>
  • Female Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Female Seeds is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that has been around in grow shops everywhere since 2003. They’ve managed to make quite a name for themselves thanks to the quality seeds that they breed, guaranteeing 100% female seeds. When they started out, the founder originally wanted to sell cannabis seeds in order to pay for his college studies, and he was quite surprised when his seeds were incredibly popular and growing by the day. This is when he realized that his hobby could turn into a career.</p> <p>In <strong>2003,</strong> they stopped selling their seeds to other seed banks and began their very own seed bank, which is why Female seeds is one of the <strong>most prestigious seed banks in Europe.</strong></p> <p><a href=""><strong>C99 by Female Seeds</strong></a> is possibly their most relevant seed, as it’s quite popular in the United States for growing, smoking and creating new seeds. This hybrid is sativa-dominant, which is why it gives such an <strong>intense active and creative effect</strong>. Its flavors are fruity, similar to pineapple and pomegranate. Its flavors are clearly similar to the two strains used to create it; <strong>Cinderella 99</strong> alongside a delicious pineapple-y phenotype.</p> <p>Another one of our <strong>favorite strains is Maroc by Female Seeds</strong>, which comes from the combination of two Landrace strains from Morocco. We highly recommend this strain for outdoor growing due to how well it does when it comes to sunlight. You’ll be able to get the best possible results and flavors outdoors – it grows into quite a <strong>strong structure, full of delicious, thick buds. </strong>Its fast flowering period allows you to harvest around<strong> 450g</strong> per planta.</p> <p><strong>Female Seeds</strong> guarantees what other seed banks can’t, such as the fact that their seeds are <strong>guaranteed to germinate and be female</strong>. Female Seeds is currently working hard to make sure that their seeds are up to date with <strong>sustainable systems such as hydroponics and LED lights</strong>, allowing for maximum growth.</p>
  • Flower Products
    <p class="p1">The entire range of Flower insecticides is available at a glance in this section. Flower insecticides to treat all the pests that might attack your plants. Purchase your Flower products at</p>
  • Flower Power Products
    <p><strong>Flower Power was founded in Amsterdam</strong>, Holland, many years ago. They began to realize that they were surrounded by plant life such as typical Dutch tulips and many other agricultural projects – they realized that it was the perfect time to begin making their own nutrients and fertilizers, improving upon already existing brands. Flower Power is incredibly innovative due to their powdered nutrients that dissolve fully in water – no residues guaranteed. They’ve been tested with all types of water with different pH levels both indoors and outdoors and they gave amazing results in <strong>almost every substrate</strong>.</p> <p>They have <strong>specific fertilizers for each and every aspect</strong> and period that your plants go through, each one giving your plants a specific combination of nutrients that they need. It’s incredibly impressive how they’ve managed to provide such amazing, efficient results. Flower Power has put a lot of work and investigation towards their precise products.</p> <p>They have specific base nutrients for each period, <strong>such as “Crecimiento”</strong> which is for the growth period. This product has the ideal NPK for the growth period, giving your plants everything they need for healthy growth. You can rest easy that they’re perfectly apt and healthy for cannabis plants; each bottle has gone through rigorous quality control.</p> <p>Flower Power has also prepared a kit for beginners what want to try out their professional products; their <strong><a href="">Starter Kit</a> contains</strong> all nutrients needed to grow your plants from start to finish, producing amazing and high-yielding plants. This kit comes with various produces; Start, which is for saplings and clones, increasing root strength and structure. Grow, which is used from the <strong>third week onwards</strong>, and Flower, which covers the entire flowering period. Foliar is also a great product when it comes to switching from the growth period to the flowering period, increasing your plants’ diet.<span>  </span>Boost is an additive used during the last few weeks in order to increase your buds’ size and weight. We highly <strong>recommend getting your hands on this kit</strong>; these products work wonderfully together.</p> <p>These 100% dissolvable powdered nutrients are absolutely ideal for cannabis plants; they can be used in <strong>soil, coco coir and hydroponics</strong>.</p>
  • Fum Box Products
    <p><strong>Fum Box is a Spanish company</strong> that specializes in cannabis growing accessories. They stock specific products for <strong>curing, maintaining and storing cannabis</strong>, all of which are made out of quality products. Their products go through strict quality control before being put on the market, and of course all of their products have been patented. Fum Box started off in <strong>2015</strong> and they’ve already made quite a name for themselves, competing on the same level as larger companies.</p> <p><strong>Fum Box’s curing and storage boxes</strong> are available in various sizes, from mini boxes to large boxes. The Mini Fum Box will keep your buds air tight, letting nothing in or out – not even the smell. This particular model is perfect for <strong>transporting up to 3g inside</strong>. The large model is <strong>36x24x13cm</strong> in size, with various compartments inside that can hold up to <strong>120g</strong>. It also has the option to allow you to increase or decrease humidity inside the box, doing your job for you.</p> <p>One of their most successful designs is the <a href=""><strong>Vertical Fum Box</strong></a>, which is a decent sized box for curing your cannabis. Its curing and storage design is incredibly efficient, made out of the same materials in order to make it more resistant to high humidity. You can fit up to <strong>60g</strong> of buds inside one of these vertical Fum Boxes. They have wooden separators so that you can <strong>cure various strains</strong> at once.</p> <p><strong>Okume</strong> wood is their <strong>favorite wood</strong> to make their boxes with, and they use it for all of them. This type of wood is incredibly sturdy and not porous at all, so no sort of aromas or humidity can get in or out of it. They all have complex mechanisms such as their humidity circulation system, the sponge included to increase humidity and the mesh through which resin is filtered. Its <strong>potent magnets</strong> are what help to keep it perfectly sealed.</p> <p><strong>’s</strong> favorite device, however, is their Fum Box XL. This electronic device allows you to cool-store up to 2kg flowers at once. This engineering work of art allows you to keep cannabis under the absolute perfect conditions, allowing you to set the temperature and humidity digitally. It’s air-locked, has a resin filter and allows you to separate your different strains – it even comes with a key to lock it.</p> <p>With these Fum Box curing boxes, you’re <strong>guaranteed quality results</strong> from your cured cannabis – they’ll make your life much easier, doing the job for you. They’re made out of the best possible materials for curing cannabis, making for long-lasting boxes with many benefits when it comes to curing cannabis. <strong>Make the absolute most</strong> of your cannabis flowers using these Fum Boxes, <strong>designed by cannabis specialists</strong>.</p>
  • Gavita Products
    <p><strong>Gavita Horticultural Lighting</strong> is one of the largest companies in the world to specialize in indoor lighting for agricultural purposes. They’re currently active in five different continents, leading many different projects relating to growing in greenhouses. Gavita is one of our main lighting system brands, <strong>offering amazing results</strong> for indoor cannabis plants.</p> <p>Gavita provides truly <strong>amazing</strong> devices when it comes to lights, offering a wide range of diverse models and various different types of light. <a href="">Gavita Pro Lights</a> guarantee a balanced amount of light for your plants, which improves the amount of light that your <strong>cannabis plants</strong> can absorb; they have a 96% efficiency rating, which is quite impressive. They’re super easy to tell apart from other brands due to their <strong>innovative and optimal design</strong>, which is quite different to others. They are the perfect choice for experienced growers that have average or large grows, and need quality lights that are around <strong>600 to 1000w</strong>, increasing yield incredibly.</p> <p>The <strong>Gavita Pro E-Series light</strong> is even better than the previous light, with plenty of advantages such as power, light spectrum and upkeep. However, their best product is definitely their Gavita Plasma light. This lighting system comes intact, and it produces a balanced and innovative type of light that increases performance by <strong>up to 9% in cannabis plants</strong>. These types of lights also let off much less heat, so you can move your plants closer to the light without worrying about burning them <strong>accidentally</strong> – great for small areas.</p> <p>They also sell ballasts such as their <strong>Gavita Digistar Electronic 600w ballast</strong>, as well as Gavita pro bulbs and Pro Plus bulbs, all of which are available in various different wattages.</p> <p>As well as all of the <strong>previously mentioned</strong> lighting systems, Gavita also sells controllers for the parameters in your grow room, <strong>which work perfectly alongside their lighting systems</strong>. The ECM1 Gavita Controller allows you to have total control over your lighting, and the Gavita master Controller can be used to control and adjust a lot of different parameters in your grow room such as <strong>humidity, ventilation systems, heater, watering systems and CO2 devices</strong>, as well as others. Basically, you can automate anything that you need to with the Gavita Master Controller by your side.</p> <p>Gavita is definitely one of the <strong>biggest names in the lighting industry</strong>. After so many decades of experience, they’re incredibly reliable and trustworthy, especially when it comes to safely growing some indoor cannabis plants. You’re guaranteed <strong>success</strong> with Gavita devices.</p>
  • General Hydroponics...
    <p><strong>General Hydroponics of Europe (GHE)</strong> has been around for over <strong>40 years</strong> now, constantly innovating. A group of scientists and engineers joined their knowledge and turned this company into the leading hydroponic nutrient company when it comes to growing hydroponic plants professionally.</p> <p><strong>General Hydroponics</strong> produces fertilizers that are specifically designed for use in hydroponic systems, such as mineral bases for the growth and flowering period that give plants the exact macro and micro-nutrients needed to grow of flower correctly. Their three most <strong>popular products</strong> are Micro, Grow and Bloom, each one used during a specific period in your plants’ cycle.</p> <p>They also deal in <strong>incredibly potent and effective</strong> additives for plants from hydroponically; GHE’s products work best when used alongside the rest of their range. If you use Mineral Magic alongside the rest of their <strong>usual base products</strong>, your plants will be able to get nutrients that would normally receive from substrate – it improves flavor and when harvested, plants taste and smell more like organic, soil-grown plants.</p> <p>Another amazing product is <strong>Pro Roots</strong>, an amazing root stimulant. When used, this product increases the size and surface area of your roots, which means that they can absorb a lot more nutrients and grow much more. Ripen is another professional product, perfect for the end of the flowering period; it improves the <strong>aroma, flavor and immune system</strong> of cannabis plants thanks to the fact that in generates an enormous amount of resin.</p> <p><strong>GHE</strong>, as well as dealing in quality hydroponic fertilizers, also sells large hydroponic systems in different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. Our favorite systems are the <strong>Panda Hydro</strong> and the Aeroflo. <a href="">GHE’s <strong>Aeroflo</strong></a> comes in various sizes, allowing you to grow from <strong>20 to 84 plants</strong> at once. Aeroflo makes for quite a speedy growth and flowering process. They’re super easy to use, and it’s like automating the entire process, as your plants will have constant access to water and nutrients. Their misting system gives your plants’ roots the perfect <strong>oxygen/water ratio</strong>, which increases the amount they can feed too. Simply germinate your seeds in a rockwool cube and once they root, place them in an Aeroflo and watch the magic work! You don’t need to transplant at all, simply switch out the nutrient/water solution every week and make sure that it has the <strong>right pH and EC levels</strong>.</p> <p>Hydroponically grown cannabis plants tend to produce larger yields in much less time – with GHE systems and their <strong>nutrients, fertilizers and additives</strong>, you can get some absolutely incredible results without much experience at all. Here at we have all of General Hydroponics products’ in stock in <strong>various different formats</strong>, depending on the amount you need and the amount of plants you have.</p>
  • Genehtik Entire Seed Bank
    <p><strong>Genehtik is a Spanish seed bank from Basque Country</strong>. They opened officially back in 2003, although they have been operational unofficially since the 90s, creating their official seeds. They started off with their incredibly famous Kritikal Bilbo, a seed that is still super famous years and years later. They are still going strong with their <strong>potent Kritikal Bilbo</strong>.</p> <p>Genehtik has stabilized their main strains, winning prized and awards all around the world. Their seeds are <strong>high in demand</strong> by growers everywhere.</p> <p><a href="">Kritikal Bilbo by Genehtik</a> is one of their main strains. This indica-dominant strain causes intensely relaxing effects and can increase the appetite also. This strain hardly takes any time at all to flower, around a month and a half, especially indoors – it can produce up to <strong>450g per square meter</strong>. This strain lets off an intense, pungent aroma, so you’ll need to get your hands on a decent anti-odor method or system.</p> <p>On the other hand, we highly <strong>recommend growing Santa Bilbo by Genehtik</strong>, a sativa-dominant plant that has a delicious sweet and incensed flavor. This strain is a high-yielder both indoors and outdoors, producing the best results when grown in a SCRoG system. <strong>Outdoors</strong>, in warm climates, we’ve managed to easily harvest up to <strong>800g per plant</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Genehtik</strong> also has a few autoflowering strains, and they’re releasing more and more every year. <strong>Northern Lights Auto by Genehtik</strong> is definitely worth being up there with the best legendary strains. This almost-pure indica strain has intensely relaxing and potent effects, alongside a deliciously strong earthy flavor. Indoors you can harvest around <strong>40g</strong> per plant in small flowerpots – our experts managed to get around <strong>500g from 16 flowerpot</strong>. This strain has been stabilized over years and years of growing, becoming stronger and more resistant to insect infestations.</p> <p>We love their most recent plants, such as <strong>Medizinal CBD</strong>, which has very clear medicinal uses. It contains around <strong>15% CBD</strong> when grown right. Its relaxing effects make it quite smooth, and its citric orange-like flavor is delicious. Indoors it performs in much the same way as their other strains, producing around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors, which should be ready to harvest after just three months.</p> <p>Genehtik also has their <strong>very own range of liquid fertilizers</strong>, which come in super affordable packs. Their flowering pack contains everything you need to increase yield in your plants, such as an amino-acidic flowering stimulant, a bud fattener and a PK product, greatly increasing the density of your buds and adding in much more resin. The other packs are specific for the growth period and for <strong>indoor growing</strong>.</p> <p><span>As you can see, Genehtik is a seed bank that has <strong>already made quite a name for itself</strong>, while also producing quality nutrients. Get your Kritikal Bilbo today!</span></p>
  • Gi-Grow Products
    <p><strong>Gi Grow is a Canadian company</strong> that makes all of their products in Canada and ships them around the world. Their Gi Grow system is patented, making it the only rotating garden that works using gravity on the market. This system provides incredibly efficient results and performs amazingly well indoors, <strong>making the most out of your available space</strong>, too.</p> <p>They use only the <strong>highest quality materials</strong> – the Gi Grow’s entire structure is made out of stainless steel, guaranteeing a sturdy structure. Its watering system is a bit complex, combining drip irrigation and root watering, <strong>avoiding liquid flowing and residues</strong> getting into the system – this also saves water and nutrients.</p> <p>We have various different sizes available, each capable of growing more or less plants – from 144 to 336. The smallest model <strong>allows you to grow 114 plants</strong>, which is a crazy amount. The Gi Grow 144 wheel allows you to grow 144 plants using just 1200w in lighting; two 600w kits. It’s all jammed into an incredibly small area, <strong>taking up 187x137cm</strong> when fully set up. This model works well with <strong>10x10cm</strong> rockwool rubes.</p> <p>You can <strong>adjust its position and speed to two different settings</strong> so that your plants don’t end up too close to your lights. All you need to do is keep an eye on the water in the tank, changing it or filling it when needed – usually <strong>every two weeks</strong>. The rest of the process is automatic.</p> <p>If you’re looking to invest a bit in <strong>your homegrowing system</strong> and take it to the next level, Gi Grow might be exactly what you’re looking for. These systems may be the most technologically advanced systems on the market right now – their incredible patented system increases yield and it also makes for some of the <strong>most professionally-grown weed around</strong>. Have a look at their various sizes and pick the one that’s right for you and your needs!</p>
  • Grass-o-Matic Products
    <p><strong>Grass-o-Matic</strong> is an Italian seed bank that currently operates out of Valencia, Spain. This bank is known for being the first seed bank to focus all of their efforts on autoflowering plants. They started out in <strong>2007</strong> and are known for offering quality seeds and having a <strong>germination rate over 95%</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Grass-o-Matic</strong> spent a lot of time investigating the Ruderalis strains that were slowly reaching Europe, and they decided to work exclusively with these types of plants. The result is a wide range of <strong>professionally bred hybrid autoflowering strains</strong> that <strong>offer intense effects</strong>. You’re guaranteed amazing results from your autoflowering strains thanks to this strain.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Maxi Gom</strong> by Grass-o-Matic</a> is one of the first autoflowering strains that they every released, and it was an absolute success. It’s an incredibly stable plant that produces large yields. This XXL autoflowering plant can <strong>grow up to 1m tall</strong> and outdoors it can yield up to 100g per plant. You’ll be able to enjoy strains such as Maxi Gom, which has an intense, fresh citric flavor. It also has quite a relaxing effect that’s <strong>incredibly pleasant</strong>.</p> <p>If you <strong>prefer sativa strains</strong>, we’d highly recommend <strong>Maxi Haze by Grass o Matic</strong>. It produces intense mental and euphoric effects – with around 9 plants per square meter in 11L flowerpots, you can manage around <strong>450g per square meter</strong> just 80 days after germination. Just like the strains used to create it, AK 47 and Super Silver Haze, it has a delicious incensed flavor with marked hints of lemon and incense.</p> <p>If you want to see some of the <strong>best original autoflowering plants</strong>, we highly recommend giving Grass-o-Matic a try; they have a strict work ethic, especially when it comes to their manual selection process. They <strong>hand-pick the most stable strains</strong> for their customers. Their main priority is to give their customers the best possible.</p>
  • Green Hope Products
    <p><strong>Green Hope</strong> is a brand that specializes in creating bio-stimulants that are specifically designed for cannabis plants. Their combination between water, vegetable oil and natural extracts make for <strong>100% organic and bio</strong> products. Unlike traditional fertilizers, Green Hopes bio-stimulants increase your plants health and protect them much more, increasing yield and flavor, producing some pretty impressive buds.</p> <p>Keep in mind that Green Hope’s products are incredibly <strong>highly concentrated</strong>; you only need 1ml per <strong>10L of water</strong>. You don’t need to use much product at all, and they come in 60ml and 120ml containers, alongside small measuring flasks so that you can give your plants a precise amount of nutrients when needed.</p> <p>One of their top products is definitely <a href=""><strong>Root Max</strong></a>. This amazing growth stimulant is great for your <strong>plants’ root system. This 100% natural product</strong> is highly concentrated, and it’ll help you to start off your grow on the right foot. You’ll need to use it alongside some sort of growth base fertilizer. With Root max your plants will be able to <strong>improve growth</strong> thanks to their micro-elements and micro-bacteria.</p> <p>They also have products designed for protecting your plants such as <strong>Bio Protect</strong>. It mainly contains plant extracts, which helps to keep insects away from your plants. We’ve <strong>tested it</strong> out for ourselves, and it has very clear; any insects will ignore your plants and opt for others instead. It’s perfectly compatible with any sort of growing medium, including hydroponics and coco coir. It’s fully dissolvable in water and shouldn’t block any pipes.</p> <p>Green Hope’s products have shown us time and time again that they do exactly what they’re supposed to. We love their <strong>natural ingredients and guaranteed results</strong>.</p>
  • Green House Seeds...
    <p><strong>Green House Seeds Company</strong> is one of the most successful cannabis seed banks. Situated in Amsterdam, they have various stores and coffee shops. This bank was <strong>founded in the 80s</strong> by Arjan, the very same Arjan who created many strains using his own name, having proclaimed himself the <strong>king of Cannabis</strong>. Green House Seeds is one of the most award-winning seed banks too, creating new strains each and every day and selling them at super affordable prices. We have a collection of 60 of their strains in two ranges; <strong>feminized and autoflowering</strong>.</p> <p>When Franco Loja, R.I.P., joined the seed bank, they were <strong>catapulted to success</strong> and have been <strong>unstoppable</strong> so far, producing new strains all the time and making the most of their marketing skills. They also decided to work on a series of documentaries in which they travelled the world looking for landrace strains so that they could study them and use them in their <strong>seed catalogue</strong>. Thus, the Strain Hunters project was born, allowing them to offer their customers some of the purest strains and <strong>incredibly fast indica strains</strong> that produce highly psychoactive effects, enormous yields and <strong>high medicinal</strong> effects.</p> <p>One of their most popular feminized strains is <a href=""><strong>Exodus Cheese</strong> <strong>by Green House Seeds</strong></a>. This hybrid has been replicated constantly over the years by many other seed banks; it comes from a hybrid between a <strong>British Original Cheese with a Skunk #1</strong> which was incredibly popular during its time. The resulting strain is an absolute beast that has a delicious cheese flavor with earthy and spicy hints. It does perfectly well indoors, flowering in just under <strong>8 weeks</strong>. You can place around 9 plants per square meter, harvesting up to <strong>500g</strong> of some of the most relaxing, medicinal weed available.</p> <p><strong>Holy Punch by Green House Seeds</strong> is one of their latest creations, and as soon as it was released onto the market it sold out almost instantly, with more seeds being pumped out in anticipation of even larger sales. It offers amazing results, and its <strong>flavor and potent effect</strong> are quite incredible. It contains <strong>up to 20% THC</strong> when grown right, sativa-dominant, and gives an intense euphoric effect that can be used for treating depressive states. Indoors you can harvest up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter of deliciously <strong>sweet and spicy</strong> flowers.</p> <p>Green House Seeds also has quite a wide range of potent autoflowering strains. They’ve designed <strong>award-winning strains</strong> that have won prizes all over the world. A great example of their prized strains is Big Bang Auto. This cannabis <strong>engineering masterpiece</strong> offers enormous yields in less than two months. The flowers produce an intense narcotic effect that can be used for treating issues such as muscle pain, sleep issues and appetite. It’s perfect for <strong>growing indoors and outdoors</strong> all year round. You can harvest around <strong>400g</strong> per square meter indoors, - we recommend growing Big Bang Auto using a professional lighting kit indoors.</p> <p><strong>Green House Seeds</strong> also stocks a small range of <strong>CBD-rich strains</strong>, generally autoflowering plants – they believe CBD-rich strains are going to be high in demand in the future. They’re most-sold CBD rich strain is definitely <strong>Super Lemon Haze CBD Auto</strong>. Even though it’s <strong>CBD-rich</strong>, this sativa-dominant plant also has an average amount of THC. It has a delicious incensed citric flavor and produces soft relaxing effects, making it perfect for <strong>smoking continuously</strong> during the day.</p> <p><strong>Green House Seeds</strong> has a strain for absolutely every grow style and preference. We’re sure that you’ll find something that’s perfect for you in their <strong>feminized or autoflowering</strong> catalogues, whether you’re looking for specific flavors or effects. Check out each description for more information about what to expect from each strain.</p>
  • Green House Seeds...
    <p><strong>Green House Seeds Co</strong>. is a prestigious seed bank that now has their own fertilizer range. Their secret to success is simplicity; their nutrients come in powdered format and they give amazing results at quite an affordable price. What’s so great about them? The fact that they’re powdered makes them much <strong>easier to store, use and keep for long periods</strong> of time – longer than liquid fertilizers.</p> <p>All of the nutrients and products that they’ve designed are perfect for <strong>all types of plants</strong>, giving them the exact amount of nutrients needed depending on your genotypes and their growing cycle. We tried their products ourselves, needing just <strong>1ml</strong> per liter of water when feeding our indica-dominant plants, and we obtained some spectacular results.</p> <p><strong>Powder Feeding Hybrids</strong> is ideal for hybrid plants. Its <strong>NPK content (15-7-22)</strong> is perfect for plants with a short growth period that start flowering quite fast and need an intense diet. Hybrid plants do great with this product.</p> <p>As per usual, we’d like to go over one of the kits that this particular nutrient manufacturer has. Their <strong><a href="">Bio Feeding Starter Kit</a></strong> contains base fertilizers for your plants’ entire cycle. It’s fully organic and it’s a great idea for beginners that are just starting their first grow. You can feed your plants from start to finish thanks to this pack. It contains Bio grow, used during the growth period, that contains<strong> natural and organic ingredients</strong>. Bio Bloom is used during the flowering period as a base fertilizer. The third product included is Enhancer, which improves your plants’ substrate, allowing them to grow much healthier and absorb many more nutrients. This last product can be used from the first day all the way until the end.</p> <p><span>Green House is already known for their <strong>quality seeds</strong>, and we didn’t expect anything less from their <strong>amazing nutrient and additive range</strong>; their products are perfect for both beginners and experienced growers.</span></p>
  • Grotek Products
    <p><strong>Grotek</strong> is a Canadian fertilizer brand that has <strong>two ranges</strong>, their bio-mineral products and their organic products. Grotek’s fertilizers, both ranges, are incredibly professional and allow home growers to get amazing results with relative ease.</p> <p>When it comes to their <strong>mineral products</strong>, they have incredible base fertilizers called Solo Tek, which give your plants the perfect amount of <strong>NPK nutrients</strong>, as well as micro-elements that are amazing for both the growth and the flowering periods. Grotek also has quite a handy <strong>feeding schedule</strong> that you can follow.</p> <p><strong>Grotek</strong> has various different specific additives used during the <strong>flowering period</strong>, such as Bloom Fuel as well as Blossom Blaster. Your plants will have one of the best flowering periods you’ve ever seen thanks to the potent minerals in these products, producing enormous and resinous flowers. You can use <strong>Heavy Bloom and Monster Bloom</strong> towards the end of the flowering period for the best possible results.</p> <p>Their newer line is called <strong>Grotek Organics</strong>, which has eight fully organic fertilizers that are designed to be fully eco-friendly and perfect for those that don’t like to use chemicals. More and more people are beginning to use <strong>organic products every day</strong>, and with quality products like these, who can blame them?</p> <p><a href="">Core</a> is one of their main organic products, which gives your plants an organic NPK source that increases growth incredibly. Next, you’ll need to use Growth Max, which is used during the entire life cycle of your plants, from growth to flowering. <strong>Grotek Organics</strong> also has additives that you can give your plants, such as <strong>Vital Organics</strong> which gives your plants a bit more calcium, and Micro power Organics which gives your plants zinc, copper, boron and sulfur, which tend to lack slightly in these <strong>particular nutrients</strong>.</p> <p>In order to <strong>increase flowering as much as possible</strong>, you can use Rype, which contains a large amount of proteins and carbs. This product improves the quality, quantity and size of your flowers. All of these <strong>Grotek Organics</strong> products are designed to improve the quality of your substrate or soil, making for super sturdy and healthy plants. You can add some Black Pearl to the mix, which contains algae and volcanic extract, as well as <strong>Synergy</strong>, which is a dissolvable powder that contains fungi and mycorrhizae that are incredibly beneficial for your plants.</p> <p>Grotek produces <strong>incredibly professional and prestigious products</strong>. Whether you plan on using their mineral or organic products, you’re guaranteed to find success with Grotek’s amazing products, which are used by thousands of growers all over the world.</p>
  • Grow Tent Products
    <p>When we talk about indoor growing we necessarily need to talk about grow tents and cabinets. <strong>Grow Tent is one of the most innovative brands on the market of grow cabinets in terms of both design and material.</strong> This company from San Francisco brings quality products to those who want to grow indoors at a low cost.  They have been renewing their range of products for the last few years, and today they offer 3 lines of tents: the Shorty, the Lite and the Gorilla lines.</p> <p>One of the differences with regard to other indoor grow tents is <strong>the possibility of adjusting height,</strong> which makes them unique. On top of it, Grow Tent use high quality and very reflective material in their products, which allows the grower to make the most of their plants.</p> <p>Used along with good anti-odor filters, these cabinets let you cultivate anonymously thanks to their anti-detection walls. These are insulated, strong and resistant cabinets. In their website you can find images showing people hanging from the rods the cabinets' ceiling, which gives an idea about how resistant they are. No matter how heavy your carbon filters are, it won't be a problem for your grow tent.</p> <p><strong>Grow Tent Lines</strong></p> <p>The <strong>Gorilla line</strong> owes its name to the characteristics their products share with this animal: <strong>strength, durability, intelligence and reliability.</strong> This line is divided in 8 products, according to sizes and needs. Measurements are in inches, with an adjustable height that ranges from 7 to 10 inches. The material is much thicker and uses 1680D thread -whereas average cabinets feature a thread between 190 and 800. It means it is more or less twice as thick as other grow tents and this guarantees there will be no light leaks towards the outside and, conversely, no light will penetrate inside.</p> <p>Thicker walls not only prevent light pollution but they also ensure great thermal insulation and are more likely to avoid smell leakages. They also let you water by flooding, without getting water spilling all over around your grow tents. These tents feature windows that allow you to keep an eye on your plants without having to open them or make noise with the zippers. Its diamond reflective technology guarantees a homogeneous distribution of lumens, eliminating dead points or lumens and heat concentration points at certain locations.</p> <p><strong>The Lite Line, </strong>as its name indicates, is a line with <strong>a thinner cloth which implies cheaper prices and lighter shipments. </strong>However, cabinet walls are still thick enough to avoid light pollution in both senses. These grow tents include the biggest zippers on the market to ensure hermetic sealing. Although walls are thinner, they still have the same diamond reflective sheeting and are of a very decent quality so that growers that cannot spend so much can still enjoy a great product. Tents of this line feature an anti-insect mesh to be used as a pre-filter and help us fight pests. Like the products of the Gorilla line, Lite Line products also include an internal pocket to keep the products we use the most at hand. Height can also be adjusted with the aid of a kit bought separately. Despite featuring thinner walls, irrigation by flooding is also possible with no risk of water leakage. Unlike other grow tents that let light pass through the walls or where the zippers tend to get stuck, the products from the Lite Line offer you quality and reliability at an affordable price.</p> <p>If this wasn't enough, the brand from San Francisco brings us also the line named Shorty. This range of tents has been designed for those growing in basements, attics and any location in general where height is limited. Though it is mainly intended for this purpose, there is a kit to increase the height, if need be. It is made from the same material as tents of the Gorilla Line and features anti-detection technology and anti infrared light. The structure of these tents is so strong they can take up to 300 pounds weights.  You can expect the same hermeticity and visibility (windows) displayed by Gorilla Lite's products.</p> <p>In short, whatever your needs are, Grow Tent has a product to meet them.</p>
  • GrowMax Water Products
    <p>GrowMax is a company devoted to <strong>improve the quality of water with their filters and devices.</strong> GrowMax lets you irrigate your crops with the best quality water.</p> <p>GrowMax offers several products to the public: water filters, reverse osmosis systems, some models of water pumps, buoys...all with the corresponding spare parts. Grow ax water filters eliminate up to 99% of herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and volatile pollutants. They consist of a carbon filter (supposedly organic), made of coconut fiber, which features absorption capacity superior to many other materials.</p> <p><strong>It is recommended for organic crops, both indoors and outdoors.</strong> The quality of water has an effect on the roots which can become healthier and improve nutrient uptake since clogging due to salt accumulation is avoided. Thanks to GrowMax, the water's Ec will be next to 0, which lets you add nutrients in the desired proportions to meet the needs of the plants at that precise moment.</p> <p><strong>GrowMax Types of Filters</strong></p> <p>The brand offers several types of filter. The basic one is 5 micra and inhibits the pass of chlorine, soil, sediments, herbicides and pesticides, along with other pollutants. Although this is a great product, GrowMax team have surpassed themselves to provide filters which are even better.</p> <p>Indeed, osmosis filters by GrowMax provide us with salt free water. They can remove 100% of the mineral salts in the water, bringing Ec values down to almost 0.0. Not only do they remove salts, but they also remove the same substances their "lower range cousins" do, ie. chlorine, soil, sediments, herbicides, pesticides, oils, several volatile pollutants. Unlike the other filters, osmosis filters also stop nitrates and nitrites. </p> <p>Reverse osmosis filters come with a water pump (up to 20 L/hr). With waters where the concentration of salts is 500 ppm, filters have a lifespan of 6 months approx. Obviously, this depends on the amount of water they have to filter.</p> <p><strong>The advantage of using water that has undergone an osmosis process is lets us add the exact amount of salts needed by the plant at any given moment.</strong> Sometimes, depending on where we live, base water might present values of 900 mS, which means it is really "hard" (good for the vegetative stage) but which can be counterproductive by causing a jam at radicular level. Thanks to GrowMax, you can bring Ec to 0.0 and then add the exact amount of calcium and magnesium you want, bringing Ec up to 0.4. From that point on, just keep on adding whatever products are necessary for the current stage, your type of plant and your growing system.</p> <p>Many people still believe that distilled water implies pH doesn't need to be checked. The truth is pH needs to be permanently checked since the lack of salts makes pH vary very quickly (it is somehow, more sensitive to the products you use). Indeed, <strong>a few drops of pH reducer might be enough to get the result for which we used to need a lot of product.</strong> Thanks to this type of product we'll save money and our plants will look healthier and more vigorous. They will develop and bloom amazingly and nutritional deficiencies will be prevented. This is why using a GrowMax filter is virtually a must.</p> <p>Finally, the company also offers spare parts, filters and a UV ray bulb that keeps fungi and viruses away. This last one helps to sterilize water and avoid pathogenic agents, contributing to the general well-being of plants. In the end, this will lead to a fine quality and heavy harvest.</p> <p>In short, if you want to supply top quality water to your plants, you need ti use GrowMax products.</p>
  • GSE Products
    <p><strong>GSE (G-Systems Engineering) is a Company </strong>that began in Bulgaria in 2007. Ever since then they’ve been making some of the best controllers and timers for indoor growing. With their devices you can control and <strong>adjust humidity or temperatures</strong> in your grow room, making them perfect for those that tend to have issues with heat or humidity.</p> <p>They have various different controllers in their catalogue that deal with different issues. Their most complete product is the <strong><a href="">GHE Humidity, Temperature and Pressure controller</a>. </strong>You’ll be able to control how<strong> strong or fast</strong> your<strong> extraction system is running</strong>, reducing the speed as well as controlling negative pressure – this allows you to decrease the amount of noise coming from your grow room while still being able to use odor filters. You can connect up to two extractors and control every variable using just two buttons. It’s an incredibly trustworthy device that’s guaranteed to give you accurate results. It’s made out of sturdy materials and is also waterproof, within reason, with all of the <strong>electrical outlets and inlets</strong> covered and ready for environments with high humidity.</p> <p>One of their best and most useful products is their <strong>grow tent alarm</strong>. If you live in a remote area or simply want extra security, we highly recommend getting one of these devices. With this GSE alarm, you can protect your cannabis by placing <strong>up to 10 sensors;</strong> door sensors, movement, smoke and <strong>water sensors</strong>. It already comes with one sensor for each category, four in total, but you can configure up to ten for much larger grow tents. You’ll get an <strong>SMS to your mobile</strong> every time the alarm goes off. This is a highly versatile product that has various settings and allows you to know what’s going on in your grow every single time.</p> <p>These are some of their best products, but they also have <strong>other devices</strong> that are much more affordable and are perfect for smaller grow operations. They have smaller temperature controllers that allow you to connect them to an extractor and a timer, as well as basic humidity controllers. They also have <strong>another high-end product</strong> that does all of these things and also can control heaters if your grow room gets much too cold when you turn the lights off.</p> <p>GSE deals in both <strong>high-end and affordable controllers</strong> for home growers, allowing them to grow cannabis in their homes without any issues with parameters. If you’re thinking of <strong>growing indoors all year round</strong>, we recommend getting your hands on some GSE timers and controllers for the most efficient results.</p>
  • Guanokalong Products
    <p><strong>Guanokalong is a 100% organic nutrient</strong> brand with ingredients taken all the way from Thai forests. Their products come <strong>in liquid, powder and ash format</strong>. Their products are made out of bat and marine bird excrement – these animals eat insects and fruit, making their excrement one of the best organic fertilizers to ever exist, containing phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Give your plants’ substrate a new lease of life with these impressive nutrients.</p> <p>They stock products for every single phase, from transplants to rooting; even products for the very end of the process. Guanokalong provides amazing results, <strong>large buds and delicious flavors</strong> and aromas; natural results thanks to their amazing natural ingredients.</p> <p><strong>Bat guano</strong> is a product that’s absorbed <strong>incredibly slowly</strong>, and it’s generally used at the start of the flowering period so that it starts to take effect during the bud fattening phase. However, Guanokalong has come up with a way to speed this process up, developing a <strong>liquid product</strong> that does the same thing; it gives your plants the exact amount of nutrients that they need to fatten their buds and make for incredible yields. Liquids generally offer <strong>more control</strong> over dosages when feeding your plants, avoiding accidental over-fertilization.</p> <p>When it comes to their liquid range, they have products for each and every phase. Their <a href="">Liquid Guanos for the growth period</a> (<strong>Kalong Grow</strong>) and the flowering period (<strong>Kalong Bloom</strong>) have given use some surprising results. Kalong Grow is a <strong>potent organic fertilizer</strong> for the growth period, increasing growth and making for healthy, strong plants. These products are perfect if you’re worried about accidental over-feeding; they have low, perfectly balanced amounts of nutrients.</p> <p><strong>Guanokalong</strong> is one of the best companies when it comes to increasing the quality of your plants’ substrate, as well as liquid nutrients for more immediate results. Their <strong>organic, high end products</strong> have definitely solidified their place on the market.</p>
  • Hanna Instruments
    <p><strong>Hanna Instruments</strong> is a company that specializes in designing and making electro-chemical, photometric and electrode measuring instruments. They began in Italy in 1978 and since then they’ve been constantly growing – they’re the current leading brand when it comes to analytical instrumentation. Hanna has one of the <strong>best R&amp;D departments</strong> around, that comes up with incredibly intuitive and simple designs that perform amazingly.</p> <p><strong>Hanna</strong> has dedicated decades to sell the most trustworthy products on the market, guaranteeing that they’ll work perfectly and will <strong>keep working for years to come</strong>. Our Hanna catalogue contains various different measuring and analytic instruments, some which are specific for <strong>EC</strong> (electro conductivity) <strong>pH</strong>, which is acidity, temperature, and other instruments that combine two or more different meters in order to keep readings on your entire <strong>indoor</strong> set up.</p> <p>Their <strong>waterproof EC meter</strong> is a great choice if you grow in either soil or hydroponics. It’s incredibly useful and sturdy; it can take a few whacks and you can get it quite wet without any damage. All of Hanna’s instruments are incredibly easy to clean – all you need to do is wash the meter with a bit of clean, pure water and clean it. We also have other <strong>meters such as their pH meter</strong>, which is crucial for checking the pH in your nutrient solution when feeding your plants; cannabis plants require a <strong>specific pH</strong> to absorb certain nutrients.</p> <p>Hannah’s best products are their <strong>Combi</strong> meters, especially their <strong>pH and EC Combi meter</strong>. You need one if you want to reach maximum efficiency when it comes to controlling your cannabis plants’ parameters. This device is also <strong>waterproof</strong>, allowing you to have total control over the pH and EC in your water almost instantly with just the click of a button. This highly sturdy device can last for years as long as you make sure to clean it after every use.</p> <p>We also have Hannah’s best measuring instruments; the <a href="">Multi-parameter Gro Line Hanna Meter</a>, which can take up to four readings at once; <strong>pH, EC, temperature and TDS</strong> (Total Dissolved Solids). This amazing device has a probe that allows you to take instant meters straight from your soil. It’s super easy to use, and it only has two buttons that you need to change the settings. You can also replace or change the probe if you want to measure just one specific parameter – the <strong>universal sensor</strong> that it comes with allows you to get some incredibly exact readings.</p> <p><strong>Hanna Instruments</strong> has been working for over four decades to give us amazing and innovative designs and devices, keeping in mind that their devices are made to be used quite a lot, so they need to be easy to handle and simple to use. They’re currently active in over <strong>30 countries</strong>, and still expanding. All of their products come with <strong>a 1 year warranty</strong> and the sensors have a 6 month warranty. If you want to start being a bit more professional when it comes to growing cannabis, we highly recommend getting a Hanna device in order to control your parameters down to the last possible detail.</p>
  • Hailea products
    <p>All products from Hailea gathered together. Economical and quality water pumps by Hailea. Make your choice and get yours always on offer at GrowBarato.</p>
  • Harmony Products
    <p><strong>Harmony is a British company</strong> specialized in making and selling products with cannabis derivate such as <strong>Cannabidiol (CBD)</strong> for medicinal uses, containing absolutely no THC or nicotine. Harmony products are designed to be consumed via <strong>vaporization</strong>. This company soared to the top of the market as soon as medicinal extracts became a thing, allowing you to find e-liquids everywhere and in head shops all over the world.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Harmony’s</strong> <strong>CBD e-liquids</strong></a> have been professionally designed to simulate cannabis flavors perfectly, such as <strong>New York Diesel</strong> or<strong> OG Kush</strong>, among others. Each one of these flavors can be acquired in various different CBD concentrations; <strong>30, 100, 300 and 600mg</strong>. You might be asking yourself how they manage to reproduce the flavor without using plants or THC – it’s done via terpenes. Thanks to exhaustive lab work, they managed to extract terpenes from <strong>various different vegetables and fruits</strong> – when mixed in the right proportions they can imitate cannabis flavors exactly. CBD is one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis plants and it doesn’t produce any sort of psychoactive effect, having many medicinal benefits for people.</p> <p>You can consume these e-liquids in order to <strong>substitute smoking joints</strong> if you still want to enjoy cannabis flavors, although they do have a certain amount of CBD which produces a very light, relaxing effect. With these <strong>CBD e-liquids</strong> you can enjoy delicious cannabis flavors without getting stoned. If you choose high CBD levels you can calm intense inflammations, chronic pains and other issues. To find out more about CBD, <a href="">click here</a>.</p> <p><strong>Terpenes</strong>, when combined with cannabinoids, <strong>specifically CBD</strong>, create a sort of synergy which is called the Entourage Effect; essentially, cannabinoids are much more effective and intense when working alongside terpenes. Terpenes are elements that nobody knew much about <strong>until not too long ago</strong>, although more investigations are being held in order to discover the <strong>amazing properties</strong> that terpenes have.</p> <p>In order to offer terpenes with no additives, Harmony has also developed cannabis-flavor terpenes that contain <strong>no CBD or THC</strong>. This sub-category is called Clarity Terpenes – Harmony has developed a wide range of flavors and terpenes in order to recreate cannabis strains almost exactly, such as <strong>UK Cheese, Gelato, Amnesia or Lemon Haze</strong>, among others. Keep in mind that terpenes need to be handled and mixed before consuming – in their purest state they can be incredibly toxic. You’ll need to dilute your terpenes in a glycerin base in order to consume it.</p> <p>Seeing people <strong>vaping their e-cig</strong> on the street is becoming more and more normal – these types of devices are becoming increasingly popular, whether they’re for medicinal or recreational uses. Harmony has something for everyone – give them a <strong>try and enjoy</strong> their delicious flavors.</p>
  • Heavyweight Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Heavyweight Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that was founded in 2008. They design and breed their own strains, guaranteeing 100% feminized strains and intense psychoactive effects which is why they’re called heavyweight – not for beginners!</p> <p>Heavyweight Seeds is a seed bank that has a lot of Dutch influence when it comes to their seed catalogue, with the idea of opening their <strong>very own coffee shop</strong> in Amsterdam in mind. This category has a collection of all of their cannabis seeds, both autoflowering and feminized seed. They also have quite a <strong>wide range of medicinal and therapeutic strains</strong>.</p> <p>When it comes to their feminized strains, one of our favorites is <a href="">Monster Profit</a>, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid that can produce up to <strong>22% THC</strong>. It’s one of the most potent strains on the market, and its effect is active and energetic, as well as long-lasting and perfect for emptying your mind after a hard day at work. It’s a great anti-depressant too, making it medicinal even though it <strong>doesn’t have much CBD</strong>. Indoors you can easily harvest <strong>over 500g per square meter</strong>; this strain is ideal for a SoG system.</p> <p>Strawberry cake by Heavyweight Seeds is one of the most indica-dominant plants in their catalogue; it’s <strong>around 70% indica</strong>. Outdoors it grows incredibly well, producing super dense flowers that you’ll rarely see on other strains. This plant doesn’t grow that big at all, although it does produce plenty of thick branches which makes up for the lack in height, producing <strong>up to 1kg per plant</strong>. Its Cheese genes give it a delicious flavor with fruity hints. Its effects are incredibly medicinally potent, calming any sort of <strong>physical pain</strong>. If you grow this strain you may end up planting it again and again.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering strains, we’re <strong>incredibly satisfied</strong> with the wide variety that heavyweight has on offer. One of our favorites is Fully Loaded Auto. This strain has everything you could ever want in an autoflowering plant. It’s a <strong>super-easy and fast plant to grow</strong>, producing enormous amounts of delicious flowers and resin. Plus, it can produce THC levels of up to <strong>20% according to lab tests</strong>. After just two months you’ll be able to enjoy this delicious strain and its sweet, earthy flavors. You’ll start feeling happy and creative as soon as you smoke it. Indoors, with around 9-10 flowerpots, you should be able to <strong>harvest around 500g per square meter</strong> of plants.</p> <p>Heavyweight Seeds is an amazing cannabis seed bank that has their sights set on <strong>improving both the service and the quality</strong> of their final product – their seeds- They’re already world-renowned breeders, so give them a go!</p>
  • Hesi Products
    <p><strong>Hesi is a Dutch company</strong> that produces and sells fertilizers, additives and other plant-care products. Hesi’s products are known for their amazing quality, giving cannabis plants incredibly important additives such as <strong>amino-acids, enzymes and glucose</strong> which make for super strong plants. Their mineral range is perfect for both <strong>indoor and outdoor growing</strong>, proving to be key in harvesting large yields.</p> <p>Hesi has quite a <strong>wide range of products</strong> in their catalogue so that you can give your plants anything they need, from the start of the process right up until the end. For the first few crucial days you can give your saplings a product called <strong>Supervit</strong>, which gives them vitamins and amino-acids which are perfect for helping it to finish rooting and start growing. Hesi also recommends using this product during the entire process as it contains vital nutrients that your plants can use in <strong>each and every phase</strong>. From the second week onwards you’ll need to use their <strong>Root Complex</strong> if you want to make sure that they can absorb a lot more nutrients later on.</p> <p>Their <strong>TNT Complex</strong> is an incredibly potent growth stimulant. It contains large amounts of vitamins and amino acids, which makes for large, robust plants in no time at all. When it comes to the flowering period, we highly recommend using their flowering stimulant, <strong>Flower Complex</strong>, in order to increase the amount of flowers and then <strong>Phosphorus Plus</strong> in order to increase the density and size of the flowers.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Powerzyme</a> </strong>is a product that is incredibly handy; it turns dead roots and other residues into<strong> sugars</strong> that your plants can absorb easily<strong>, </strong>recycling all of the unnecessary things in your substrate and turning them into <strong>plant food</strong>. They also have some <strong>potent pH adjusters such as pH+ and pH-</strong> for the growth and flowering periods – their incredibly efficient and increasing and decreasing the acidity in your nutrient solution if necessary. The <strong>optimal pH in hydroponics</strong> is between 5.5 and 6.5 pH so that your plants can absorb as many nutrients as possible.</p> <p>Hesi also <strong>has three kits</strong> for growers to use, each one for a specific growing medium; they have a <strong>Soil, a Hydro and a Coco Coir kit</strong>. All three are highly affordable and they contain the necessary products for feeding your plants from start to finish in each medium. Each kit comes with a <strong>growing chart</strong> too, so you know exactly what to give your plants and when to give it to them.</p> <p>Hesi is still one of the <strong>leading fertilizer brands</strong> in various different contents, keeping their products up to date and efficient as ever.</p>
  • House & Garden Products
    <p><strong>House &amp; Garden </strong>is a Dutch company that’s been creating <strong>quality fertilizers</strong> for over 2 decades now, supplying growers and farmers all over the world with professional products for their plants. They moved to Canada a few years ago, and they have an incredibly large range of professional fertilizers for each and every growing medium; both <strong>substrates and hydroponic grows</strong>. They have incredibly potent nutrient bases for every phase, as well as specific additives that can really improve your results and yield.</p> <p>Their nutrient bases give cannabis plants the crucial nutrients needed to grow and flower properly. Thanks to their <strong>various additives</strong> you can give your plants extra doses of certain nutrients in order to increase the size of their flowers and the amount of resin. House &amp; garden’s products are incredibly easy to use, and <strong>super effective</strong> when it comes to making the most out of your plants.</p> <p>Soil A+B is one of their main products, and it comes in two bottles. Our growers had a go using these products and they produce some <strong>impressive results</strong>, with visible changes after just one dose. It has quite a complete composition, and you can store these products for quite a while without them going off thanks to their <strong>mineral ingredients</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Alongside Soil A+B</strong>, we recommend using <a href="">Stimulator 1</a>, which is a specific growth fertilizer that is capable of keeping your <strong>plants’ roots super healthy</strong> as well as causing your plants to grow much more thanks to its essential vitamins and extra nutrients.</p> <p>Once your plants start to flower, we recommend using the many products that House &amp; Garden stock to ensure large, resinous flowers. <strong>Specifically</strong>, you should use Top Booster; this flowering product has the perfect combination of ingredients in order to <strong>increase weight and density</strong> in your buds. Its high amounts of potassium and phosphorus have been tested in labs, producing incredibly satisfying results. We recommend using it alongside other flowering stimulants by House &amp; Garden due to how well they work together.</p> <p>House &amp; Garden’s products are known for their <strong>versatility</strong>; they can all be used in any growing medium (soil, coco coir, hydroponics) without any sort of noticeable difference. We definitely recommend this specific brand of nutrients <strong>for experienced and professional growers</strong>; there’s quite a big quality and result difference here that requires experience to handle.</p>
  • Humboldt Seeds...
    <p><strong>Humboldt Seeds Organisation is a US seed bank</strong> based in California in Humboldt County, a dense forest and mountain area. This region is known to be perfect for growing cannabis. Humboldt County became increasingly popular with the <strong>hippie community in the 60s,</strong> with many of them moving there once cannabis consumption was banned. They lived out in the middle of nowhere and would eventually be the ones to <strong>create this amazing seed bank</strong>. Their catalogue contains both feminized and autoflowering seeds.</p> <p>One of our favorite strains is <a href=""><strong>Mango Sapphire by Humboldt Seeds</strong></a>. This indica-dominant strain (85%) is one of their highest yielding strains in as far as both flowers and resin. Indoors with a few flowerpots and just a month and a half of flowering, you can harvest around <strong>400g per square meter</strong> from this beauty. Its defining factor is definitely its <strong>aroma and delicious tropical fruity flavor</strong>. Its effect is a profound relaxing sensation that’ll have you giggling in no time. If you’re looking for an exquisite strain, Mango Sapphire should definitely <strong>be on your list of strains to try</strong>.</p> <p>One of their most characteristic strains is <strong>Humboldt Seeds</strong>, which has been perfected over the years. This improved version is much sturdier and does much better with insect infestations also. This 100% indica strain has quite a short flowering period, allowing you to harvest after just 3 total months. With the right care indoors, you can harvest around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> that you can enjoy with your friends. Its flavor is similar to some of the best hash you’ve ever tried.</p> <p>When it comes to their <strong>autoflowering strains</strong>, they honor their feminized range by creating autoflowering versions of them. Sour Diesel Auto by Humboldt Seeds has surprised us quite a lot due to its high yield and intense, potent psychoactive effect. Its sativa-dominance means that it’ll take a little bit longer to finish flowering although it’ll produce a bit more to make up for the wait. If you go with the usual <strong>9 11L plants per square meter</strong> you should be able to harvest around <strong>500g per square meter</strong>. It has a very diesel flavor with hints of mind, and its effects are potent and long-lasting; highly recommended for group smoking.</p> <p><strong>Humboldt County’s natural resources</strong> make it an amazing area for growing cannabis, and it has been populated for millennia now, with the original settlers being Native Americans. It has been mined for gold and wood for years, but right now it’s a tourist destination for <strong>cannabis tourism</strong>.</p>
  • Hy-Pro Products
    <p><strong>Hy-Pro</strong> is a Dutch company that caters to the needs of growers’ of all walks of life; beginners and experts alike. They’ve been around for <strong>over 30 years now</strong>, accumulating a wealth of experience when it comes to nutrients. They have amassed quite a large range of products for growth and flowering periods. After years and years of studying and investigation, they’ve made the perfect range so that growers don’t need to go all out and get a <strong>million different additives and products</strong>.</p> <p>Hy-Pro believes in creating quality liquid fertilizers. Thanks to their many years of experience and patience, they have managed to create some incredibly professional fertilizers and additives.</p> <p>Their products are quite potent, so you don’t need to use many different products in order to give your plants’ a complete diet. <strong>Terra Hy-Pro</strong> is the perfect base product for plants grown in soil, giving them all of the basic nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy during both the growth and flowering periods. Perfect for watering and automatic watering systems.</p> <p>One of our favorite products here at is their <a href="">Spraymix</a>, a product that’s used to simulate light rainfall on your plants which is super useful if you’re growing indoors. It allows you to <strong>increase humidity</strong> while also simulating the most natural environment for your plants as possible. It’s a subtle product that your plants will absolutely love, and it also contains ingredients that increases plants strength and protects them from heat from the grow lights. Make sure to spray your plants right before the <strong>lights are about to go off</strong> to make sure that the leaves don’t get burnt.</p> <p>We recommend Hy-Pro to anyone looking to grow cannabis for the first time thanks to how easy they are to use and the amazing results that they provide; the <strong>key is simplicity</strong>.</p>
  • Ibiza Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Ibiza Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that has been working since 1996 to develop, improve and stabilize their own strains. They work from the island of Ibiza, which is a paradise for cannabis breeders thanks to its amazing climate. They have a <strong>small catalogue of indica and sativa strains</strong>, as well as both autoflowering and feminized strains.</p> <p>Starting with their feminized strains<strong>, Ibiza Seeds guarantees 99% fem seeds</strong>. <a href="">Betty’s Candy</a> is one of their most popular strains, behaving exceptionally well when grown outdoors. This strain grows quite a lot, growing over <strong>2m</strong> tall with plenty of branches. It produces an enormous amount of flowers up and down each and every branch, allowing you to harvest around <strong>750g per plant</strong>. If you live somewhere with a climate similar to that of Ibiza, (hot with low humidity) this strain is perfect for you. This <strong>indica-dominant strain</strong> produces large flowers that have an earthy, sweet flavor with hints of hash. Its relaxing effects are perfect for after <strong>a long, hard day</strong>.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering strains, <strong>Orange Biscuit Auto by Ibiza Seeds</strong> is an absolute stunner. Its slight sativa-dominance prolongs the growth period for a couple more weeks, although you’ll be able to harvest larger yields in the process. These seeds are <strong>designed to be grown outdoors</strong> under mild temperatures, allowing you to harvest around 100g per plant, which is quite a lot for an autoflowering plant. Its flavor is <strong>super sweet and has strong caramel hints</strong>, too. Its effects are mixed, starting off nice and active and turning into a deep relaxing sensation.</p> <p>Ibiza Seeds isn’t that well-known although the <strong>quality of their seeds is incredibly high</strong>. We’re super proud to be able to work with them exclusively, bringing their seeds to homes all over the country. Give them a look and read our <strong>detailed descriptions in order to figure out</strong> which seed is the right one for you.</p>
  • Innotech Lighting...
    <p><strong>Innotech lighting is a Spanish company</strong> that specializes in lighting systems designed for growing indoors in soil and hydroponics. They deal in all sorts of innovative lighting systems, such as LEC, LED CMH and CDM. Their lights are incredibly efficient and come with high-tech designs and components.</p> <p>They’re always innovating when it comes to <strong>LED technology</strong>. Their <a href="">LED Proton Plus 300w light has COB LED Bubble technology</a> and does amazingly in small to average areas, covering the same area as a <strong>600w HPS light</strong> while using a lot less energy. You’ll be able to significantly reduce the temperature in your grow, generating more resin and keeping the terpenes fully intact thanks to its UV light. Thanks to their <strong>different light spectrum</strong> combinations you can use them to cover both periods; growth and flowering.</p> <p>Another of our favorite devices is their <strong>Support COB LED</strong>. This waterproof LED is the perfect accessory for your grow, allowing you give the darker parts of your tent or room a little bit of extra light, and you can evenly place it on the ground in order to increase yield along the lower branches. <strong>No need to worry</strong> about it getting wet! It’s generally placed along the tip and side or the bottom of your plants in order to increase yield in darker areas, and stop your plants from growing too tall in search of light.</p> <p><strong>Innotech</strong> also has kits on offer such as their <strong>315w adjustable LEC kit</strong>, which allows you to adjust the strength of your lights during both the growth and flowering periods without needing to change out your bulb. Their ballasts come with a <strong>ProLumen option</strong>, increasing max power by around 10% in order to make the most of your plants.</p> <p><strong>Innotech is currently expanding</strong> their horizons and dabbling in vaporizers for cannabis – their E-Pipe contains some of their high-tech technology and looks just like a classic smoking pipe, which makes for quite an attractive design.  It has a large screen and various buttons that you can use to adjust the temperature. They work quite well and also have an auto shut-down function.</p> <p><strong><span>Innotech</span></strong><span> is here to stay with a <strong>wide range of amazing products</strong> for growing cannabis indoors. Their LED lights produce results that exceeded our expectations and will most definitely exceed yours, keeping electricity consumption to a minimum. Start <strong>working with LED lights</strong> and keep your plants big and bills small!</span></p>
  • Ionic Products
    <p><strong>Ionic</strong> is a nutrient brand for plants by Growth Technology, a British company, that has designed a <strong>plant feeding system</strong> that contains large essential molecules for correct plant growth. This formula, unlike others, gives your plants the correct and balanced amount of nutrients that are absorbed almost straight away. Ionic has spent a lot of time working rigorously in order to use the purest <strong>most stable minerals</strong> in their products.</p> <p><strong>Ionic’s Formulex</strong> is a potent root stimulant that helps your plants’ root structure to grow enormously, allowing them to absorb more nutrients in the future. Extra root growth always means extra plant growth and more feeding – it can be used from day one and you’ll be able to <strong>see clear results</strong> within a few days.</p> <p>One of their star products is <strong>SMC Spidermite Control</strong>, which keeps pests such as spiders and horrible red spider mites away from your plants. This natural product has been certified for use and is <strong>environmentally friendly</strong> – it can even be sprayed on your plants during the flowering period if needed. You’ll need to spray both the flowers and the stems in order to make sure that it works. It contains <strong>natural, ecological oil-based ingredients</strong>.</p> <p>Ionic has their <strong>very own starter kits too</strong>, so that you can grow your plants from start to finish. They have four different packs, one for each growing medium: <strong>Soil, Hydro (Soft &amp; Hard water) and Coco Coir</strong>. Ionic has an incredibly wide range of products for each and every phase that your plants go through. Each pack has five products specific for each phase. Let’s have a look at the <a href="">Soil Starter pack</a>; it comes with a Grow and Bloom base fertilizer and Formulex in order to successfully root your plants. Nitrozyme is a <strong>potent growth stimulant</strong> that’s made essentially out of algae. Lastly, PK Boost is used during the fattening period – you’ll see some pretty amazing results after a couple of weeks, which is when you should <strong>flush the roots and harvest</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Growth Technology</strong> has been around since <strong>1985</strong>, developing innovative products. They have a wide range of nutrients and additives, <strong>increasing flower size</strong> all over the world.</p>
  • Jiffy Products
    <p><strong>Jiffy is a Dutch company</strong> that provides growers with innovative and effective germination and propagation methods that are eco-friendly. You can safely germinate seeds and root clones with their products; their Jiffys come with nutrients stacked in them that help plants to root. Jiffy is definitely one of the best brands for g<strong>erminating and rooting</strong>.</p> <p>Their products are made out of fully <strong>organic products and are eco-friendly</strong>. They contain nutrients and are perfect for plant growth. Jiffy is one of the leading companies when it comes to environmental sustainability. Jiffy works and makes their own products in various different countries, making their own peat. They have strict standards when it comes to the quality control that their products go through.</p> <p>Their most sold product is their <a href="">33mm peat Jiffy-7</a>. It’s essentially like a <strong>peat tablet that’s pressed down</strong>, and it’s used to germinate and root clones. They begin to thicken up once they come into contact with water, giving you the perfect growth base with small amounts of nutrients for brand new saplings or clones. They root much faster thanks to the ingredients, which are designed to stimulate root growth. They’re super easy and intuitive to use, and incredibly <strong>practical</strong> when it comes to storage. These are the smallest rooting pellets and can last for quite a long time, allowing you to use them in more than one grow. The main ingredient is peat moss, with <strong>25% coco coir</strong> in order to give them a more sponge-like texture, allowing for more air circulation.</p> <p>We have <strong>every sized Jiffy</strong> available, made out of different materials depending on the preference of the grower – they are all organic and contain absolutely no toxic materials. They’re available in different sizes, although the <strong>most used one is the 33mm model</strong>. If you’re planning on buying large amounts, you have the opportunity of getting a<strong> box of 2000 jiffys</strong>, so you’ll never run out. We also sell Jiffy trays that come with varying amount of slots, such as 84 slots for jiffys.</p> <p>If you’ve found germination or cloning complicated in the past, we <strong>highly recommend using Jiffy pellets</strong> – they have the perfect nutrient concentration for your plants and they guarantee extreme and fast root growth.</p>
  • Kalumet Products
    <p><strong>Kalumet is a Spanish portable vaporizer brand</strong>. They sell vapes for cannabis and BHO, both of which work using a chargeable battery. You can make the most of your weed without needing to burn it. They have <strong>various different models</strong>, each one fit for a specific kind of cannabis consumer. They have also released a range of oilers and bangers as well as other accessories for vaping and consuming weed at home.</p> <p>Out of the <strong>enormous amounts of vaporizers</strong> that they stock, our favorite is the <a href=""><strong>Weda Plus</strong></a>. It’s super easy to use and its battery lasts forever. It’s definitely one of their most expensive vaporizers, but it really is worth it when it comes to the quality of the device and the absolute care and time put into making it. You can adjust the temperature to <strong>three different ranges</strong>, with a LED light that tells you the temperature that it’s set at. You can have it ready to go and vape in less than a minute – fill it and set the temperature!</p> <p>We’re <strong>incredibly proud</strong> to announce that Kalumet designed our official vaporizer, the <strong>mini Vape</strong>, which is incredibly affordable and potent. It’s perfect for vaping e-liquids, and thanks to its GB Solid Tank accessory, you can vape BHO and resin too. This vaporizer is super small and light; it has a <strong>500mAh lithium battery</strong> and is designed for the perfect grip so you don’t accidentally drop it. It has a LED button for turning it on and off, as well as adjusting the temperature. It comes with a USB charger so that you can charge it practically anywhere. The atomizer itself <strong>holds about 0.5ml</strong> and can easily be replaced if needed. We recommend handling it with care so you don’t accidentally spill anything.</p> <p>As we said earlier, you can get all sorts of <strong>spares and replacement parts such as atomizers</strong>, mouthpieces and other accessories. We have loved working with Kalumet and we’re incredibly satisfied with the end results of our <strong>Mini Vape</strong> – our customers love it!</p>
  • Kannabia Seed Company...
    <p><strong>Kannabia Seed Company</strong> is a Spanish seed bank based in Granada that’s been selling their own seeds since back in 2006. They specialize in creating delicious strains that are super easy to grow; perfect for beginner or experienced homegrowers. On the other hand, their latest strains are perfect for indoor and hydroponic growing. Kannabia has an <strong>enormous seed catalogue</strong> with feminized, autoflowering and regular strains.</p> <p>One of their most highly-sought out strains is <strong><a href="">Mataró Blue</a>. </strong>Why? Well, it’s an absolute warrior of a plant that has been with them ever since they started. It’s the strain that has won the most prizes and the results it produces are way above average. It’s a triple hybrid; Blueberry, Black Domina, and an<strong> Afghani strain</strong>. The resulting plant is an indica-dominant strain that performs amazingly both indoors and outdoors. One of the most important things about this strain is its flavor, sweet and sour accompanied by potent relaxing effects, both <strong>medicinal and physical</strong>.</p> <p>They have quite a few legendary strains such as <strong>Afrodite, Reina de Africa and Kiss (Cheese)</strong>, although one of the best strains they’ve recently created is Gelato-K. This sativa-dominant strain is one of their most potently psychoactive strains. This US-inspired strain is delicious and fruity, producing around 450g-<strong>650g both indoors and outdoors</strong>.</p> <p>Kannabia, like many other seed banks, has also created a <strong>range of CBD-rich strains</strong>. Swiss Dream CBD is one of their most successful medicinal strains – it contains around <strong>7% CBD and just 0.2% THC</strong>, which means that it doesn’t produce any sort of psychoactive effect. Its balanced CBD content makes for a relaxing sensation that allows you to smoke all day without feeling too stoned. After just three months you should be able to harvest around 500g per square meter indoors or around <strong>700g per plant outdoors</strong>.</p> <p>Kannabia also has one of the <strong>best regular seeds on the market</strong>, and it’s called Neil Haze Regular. The seed bank itself only recommends this strain for experienced growers. This indica-dominant plant is highly stable and produces amazing flavors, a potent effect and is sturdy when it comes to insect infestations or bad weather. It’s great for growing outdoors, ready to harvest at the start of autumn. You can <strong>get around 1kg</strong> from just one of these plants. Its effects are <strong>sativa and euphoric</strong>, perfected to be the perfect “sativa bomb”.</p> <p>Their autoflowering strains aren’t to be trifled with either;<strong> Baby Boom Auto by Kannabia</strong> is one of their best own creations. It comes from a triple cross between a Northern Lights, Blueberry and a Ruderalis strain. The resulting plant is small and compact, with a centered structure and plenty of thick buds. Indoors you can harvest around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> just two months after germination. Outdoors it does well too, having produces up to 200g in the best possible case. It’s also great at dealing with insect infestation.</p> <p>Kannabia Seed Co. has dedicated years and years to ensure that homegrowers around the world get the best seeds possible. They spend ages selecting their strains and hours stabilizing their genes in order to improve their quality. <strong>Give Kannabia a try.</strong></p>
  • Koalair Products and...
    <p>All filters and products from the brand Koalair gathered in the same section so that you can find your Koalair solution at a glance. Carbon filters and sleeves for carbon filters by Koalair.</p>
  • Legrand Products
    <p>All models of Legrand timers gathered in a single section. Legrand timers are on offer at GrowBarato.</p>
  • Lion Rolling Circus...
    <ul><li>Lion Rolling Circus is a <strong>US brand that sells rolling papers</strong>. They have an incredible aesthetic and are known among stoners due to the various factors involved in making their papers.</li> </ul><p>This company is pretty easy to recognize their <strong>unusual, exotic designs and drawings</strong>. They have quite a strong online and marketing presence, appearing at every and any cannabis cup they can get their hands on. They actually have quite a wide range of products to do with rolling papers, and all of their papers are made with care and are of the best possible quality. All of our customers that use <strong>LRC papers</strong> are never disappointed.</p> <p>They have various different types of <strong>rolling papers</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Natural papers</strong>, which are classic normal papers that come in the standard size. These papers are fully organic and won’t alter the flavor of anything that you use them to roll with.</p> <p><strong>King sized papers</strong>, which are perfect for stoners that prefer larger joints, or for when you’re going out with friends. These papers are also fully organic, and each booklet contains 40 papers.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Hemp blunt wraps</a></strong>, which are made out of hemp leaves and come in various different flavors. Combine them with weed for some interesting flavors.</p> <p><strong>Flavored papers</strong> – these natural papers come in exotic and interesting flavors, perfect for those that like trying new things and want to combine different flavors with their weed. These papers are not made out of hemp.</p> <p><strong>Celulose paper</strong> – these amazing papers are fully natural and eco-friendly. They’re slow burning and make sure that you can absorb the most possible original flavor from your plants. Each box has 420 papers, referencing the weed hour.</p> <p>We <strong>love Lion Rolling Circus’s products</strong> thanks to their beautiful and intriguing designs. Their papers are incredibly quality and go through intense quality controls before reaching the market, which is why this brand is such a trustworthy choice when it comes to rolling papers.</p>
  • Lumagny Products
    <p>Lumagny</p> <p><strong>Lumagny designs and creates</strong> small microscopes that are perfect for keeping a close eye on your cannabis plants when needed. These devices are great for checking how mature your plants are, checking the colors of the trichomes as well as a looking for insects. They all <strong>come with LED lights</strong>, allowing you to get a precise image of what’s going on on your plants.</p> <p>Lumagny mini-microscopes can allow you <strong>to zoom in 100 times on your plants</strong>, which is quite a lot considering their small size. One of our favorite models is the 60-100x mini Lumagny microscope. It’s <strong>8x5x2cm in size</strong>, which makes it quite small and easy to handle while in and around your plants and their flowers. It’s also great if you need to transport it anywhere – it’s as small as a smart phone and super sturdy!</p> <p>Lumagny has more <strong>technical and specific devices</strong>, such as their magnifying glasses that look like laboratory microscopes which allow you to take clear images if samples from your plants. Lumagny; a <strong>trustworthy, reliable</strong> way to keep a close eye on your plants.</p>
  • Lumatek products
    <p><strong>Lumatek</strong> is a British company that’s devoted to <strong>creating professional lighting equipment</strong> for indoor growing. They <strong>started back in 2004</strong> and since then, they have managed to produce some incredibly impressive products. They make all sorts of products such as reflectors and bulbs, they’re considered specialists in developing electronic ballasts. Lumatek’s devices are everywhere nowadays; hospitals, industrial buildings, governmental infrastructure, universities etc. They’ve <strong>established themselves in over 30 countries now</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Lumatek </strong>is so sure of the quality of their devices that they offer an additional 5 year warranty with no extra charges. Ever since they started out, they’ve <strong>strived for excellency</strong> and they’ve gotten it, producing some of the highest quality lighting devices thanks to their engineers. Lumatek produces some of the <strong>most reliable devices</strong> on the market that you can use to grow indoor cannabis.</p> <p>Lumatek has expressly asked us to tell you all about their <a href="">Dimmable Electronic ballast</a>, which is available in <strong>400, 600 and 1000w</strong>. These ballasts are highly appreciated among cannabis growers around the world thanks to the fact that you can dim your lights, which is good for your plants as well as your electric bill! Logically, you’ll need to increase light strength as your plants grow more and more, and you can even activate the <strong>Super Lumen mode</strong>, which is used to fatten buds. Their <strong>ballasts are designed </strong>in such a way that they hardly release any heat.</p> <p>All of their <strong>dimmable models have various settings</strong>; the 400w model can go from 250w to 400w, and 600w can go from 400w to 600w. Their incredibly potent 1000w ballast can be adjusted from 600w upwards. These <strong>three dimmable ballasts were created to be used depending</strong> on the size of your room and the amount of bulbs/plants that you have.</p> <p>Here at we’ve <strong>designed various lighting kits, with the Lumatek Ballast as the main player</strong>. You can choose from different reflectors, as well as various different bulbs. Their mixed spectrum Grolux Lumatek bulb provides amazing results in small and average-sized grows, making it <strong>perfect for both plant growth</strong> as well as flowering and fattening.</p> <p><strong>We’d recommend Lumatek’s</strong> <strong>products</strong> any day of the week; their ballasts are created to provide some of the best results on the market, and you’re <strong>guaranteed a working, quality ballast</strong> for years to come. Get your hands on one and bring your plants to the next level thanks to their dimmable settings!</p>
  • Maria Green Products
    <p><strong>Maria Green</strong> is a <strong>Spanish fertilizer brand</strong> and known cannabis activist – they create organic products designed specifically for marihuana. Many growers in Spain use Maria Green due to the Amazing results their cannabis-specific products provide. Their nutrients come in simple formats and they’re super easy to use.</p> <p>We’ve been using Maria Green for years now, and we’ve even won cannabis competitions with plants that were grown using Maria Green. Give your plants a full diet using <strong>100% organic nutrients</strong> thanks to Maria Green, producing quality flavors and aromas. They have specific products for each and every phase that your plants go through.</p> <p><em><strong>Raíz</strong></em> is used to give your plants the best possible start, increasing the size of their roots, which increases nutrient absorption – this causes a chain reaction and your <strong>plants grow bigger</strong> and flower with much larger buds. Crecimiento is another product that’s used to give your plants a proper source of nitrogen, which is what they need the most when growing.</p> <p><em><strong>Floración</strong> </em>is their base fertilizer used during the flowering period, giving your plants the necessary nutrients in order to flower successfully; this product has more <strong>phosphorus and potassium</strong>, and less nitrogen than Crecimiento, because it’s not as needed during the flowering period. You can also use the product that they’ve designed for <strong>autoflowering plants; <em><a href="">Autoflorecientes</a> </em></strong>is a sort of all-in-one product that feeds autoflowering strains from start to finish.</p> <p>If you’re looking to get Spanish-made nutrients that are <strong>incredibly organic</strong>, Maria Green is the <strong>right brand</strong> for you; they strive to give their consumers the best products for growing cannabis possible.</p>
  • Medical Seeds Entire...
    <p><strong>Medical Seeds</strong> is a cannabis seed bank based in Barcelona. Their founder, Javier Ruano, spend a large part of his working career in Canada, which is where he learnt about medicinal cannabis while also sharing his experience and knowledge. Once he got back to Spain he was determined to create his own seed bank, paying specific attention to the creation of <strong>purely medicinal seeds.</strong></p> <p>Their seeds have won many different prizes in different competitions as well as various different categories such as <strong>BHO extracts</strong>, resin and more. Medical Seeds have managed to perfect all of the strains in their catalogue when it comes to <strong>quality and balanced genes</strong>. Their strains always have <strong>high amounts of THC and average CBD contents</strong>, allowing for medicinal uses from THC. Medical Seeds has a regular, feminized and autoflowering catalogue that we’ve compiled in the one spot for you.</p> <p>When it comes to their feminized strains, one of their most famous strains is <a href="">called 1024</a>. It’s perfect for those that are already used to strains with high amounts of THC. This strain is <strong>sativa-dominant, </strong>so if you’re growing indoors you’ll need to start it off at 12/12h in a small flowerpot if you don’t want it grow too large. You can harvest around<strong> 600g</strong> per square meter from this amazing strain.</p> <p><strong>Prozack by Medical Seeds</strong> is another feminized strain, although this one is an <strong>indica-dominant plant</strong> that might not give as large a yield as 1024, although it has similar <strong>THC and CBD</strong> levels. This medicinal strain is perfect for those looking for intermediate effects that aren’t that strong. This plant produces enormous amounts of resin, so we recommend growing it if you’re into making your own <strong>hash or BHO</strong>; pretty much any type of resin extract.</p> <p>When it comes to their <strong>autoflowering and regular plants,</strong> they don’t have much variety, as they tend to spend most of their energy on creating new feminized strains. One of our favorites is No Name Auto by Medical Seeds, which has an <strong>average THC content (15%)</strong> and a delicious Skunk and Cheese flavor. Indoors you’ll be able to harvest potent, large buds, although if you can we highly recommend growing it outdoors which is where it gives the best possible results. You should be able to harvest around <strong>160g per plant</strong> of delicious cheese-like buds.</p> <p>They only stock one regular strain, which is called <strong>Deep Neville Regular</strong>. This amazing strain won various prizes in 2015 in various BHO and extract categories. This hybrid is incredibly resinous and it has quite a complex flavor; a combination of citric and metallic flavors, which make for some pretty special extracts. Their high THC content has proven to be <strong>effective at getting rid of nausea</strong> caused by chemotherapy and for treating eating disorders.</p> <p>We have <strong>loved working with Medical Seeds</strong> and can guarantee that they’re a great choice for potent medicinal seeds. They have quite a large amount of medicinal sativa seeds, which is hard to find in other seed banks.</p>
  • Metrop products
    <p><strong>Metrop is Dutch company</strong> that produces fully organic plant food that’s perfect for any type of plant. After years and years of growing and experience, they decided to create products that contain the exact amount of specific nutrients that your plants need in order to grow healthily through every phase.</p> <p>Metrop is still <strong>growing constantly</strong> thanks to the success they’ve been having. None of their products contain any sort of chemical products, which is perfect for plants especially when grown outside. They can be used in hydroponic systems too; they last quite a while in nutrient tanks.</p> <p>Metrop stocks highly concentrated nutrients, so you need incredibly small amounts per liter of water. <strong>Root+ is used to increase the size of your plants’ roots</strong>, which in turn increases the actual size of your plants and also influences their general quality and size. You should use <a href=""><strong>MR-1</strong> <strong>Crecimiento</strong></a> straight after in order to give your plants an intense growth period. This incredibly efficient product can be used in any growing medium; it leaves absolutely no residues and dissolves fully. You’ll need to use about 4ml per 10L of water, or around 0.4ml/L – not much at all.</p> <p>Once your plants begin to flower, you should start to use <strong>MR-2 Flowering</strong>. You’ll be able to increase flower size, aroma and flavor, as well as creating a thick layer of resin over all of your plants. It’s the perfect combination between macro and micro-nutrients including various amino-acids. Its <strong>NPK of 10-20-40 is quite high</strong>, so make sure to use incredibly small results or else you might accidentally over-feed your plants. If you’re growing in soil we do not recommend using this product constantly, make sure to take breaks or it could build up in the soil.</p> <p>Keep in mind that, although Metrop’s products are fully organic, they are also incredibly potent, so you need to <strong>take care when applying</strong> them. They have given us some incredibly impressive results, and if you use them correctly you should only need incredibly small amounts of fertilizer; these products can last for quite a while. If you’ve never grown cannabis before, we recommend starting with Metrop’s Start Set, which comes with <strong>5 star products</strong> and <strong>10 free cannabis seeds</strong>.</p>
  • Mills Products
    <p><strong>Mills is a Dutch company</strong> that’s dedicated to creating their own potent, professional nutrient range. They started from the bottom, and after years of investigation and studying plant performance, they designed a range of fertilizers that improve plant performance and make them much stronger and more capable of dealing with bad weather.</p> <p>These <strong>Dutch-made products</strong> have their own unique twist. Mills are pioneers when it comes to creating bio-mineral plant nutrients, where organic and synthetic ingredients are used together in order to increase performance, growth, aroma and of course, flavor. After years of testing their products, they designed the perfect range that’s also compatible with all types of growing (soil, coco coir and hydroponics). Their whole catalogue is perfect for both <strong>beginners and professionals.</strong></p> <p>Mills has a <strong>complete range of liquid fertilizers</strong> for each and every plant cycle and phase, allowing you to give them a complete diet. <strong><a href="">CalMag</a></strong> allows you to correct any sort of <strong>calcium and magnesium deficiencies</strong> in your plants, also allowing you to increase EC levels. Magnesium and Calcium deficiencies are the two most common issues when it comes to cannabis nutrients, so it’s great to have on hand just in case. It can also be sprayed.</p> <p>They also stock some <strong>impressive </strong>pH adjusters.<strong> pH- Grow</strong> is designed to be used during your plants’ growth period, decreasing pH in your nutrient solution and giving them an extra dose of nitrogen to reinforce growth. <strong>pH- Flower</strong>, however, is designed to be used during the flowering period for the same purpose, giving your plants a little extra phosphorus so they can grow larger flowers.</p> <p>You can acquire all of <strong>Mills’ products</strong> on our page in different formats, from <strong>100ml to 5L</strong>, so that you can feed any amount of plants. They also have a <strong>Starter Pack</strong> that allows beginners and experts alike to try their products out and see for themselves how <strong>potent and professional</strong> they are. Each pack contains five products that will cover a small amount of plants from start to finish; Mills’ organic-mineral products are truly amazing, highly recommended for guaranteed results.</p>
  • Ministry of Cannabis...
    <p><strong>Ministry of Cannabis is a Dutch cannabis seed bank</strong> that was founded in 2008. They were originally located in Amsterdam, although in 2014 they shut up shop and moved down to Barcelona. They now grow their feminized strains in Holland and their autoflowering strains in Spain. This young seed bank has only <strong>been kicking since 2008</strong>, although they already have a vast wealth of experience breeding and selling cannabis seeds. Their main objective is to have seeds on offer all year round while also releasing new seeds every year.</p> <p>Their seeds are characterized by the <strong>amazing results that they provide outdoors</strong>, especially when it comes to how easy they are to grow – perfect for beginners and experts alike. Ministry of Cannabis produces seeds that are pretty easy to get amazing results from, whether they’re <strong>feminized or autoflowering</strong> – you should get some pretty amazing results. Their original strains, which they’re incredibly proud of, are called <strong>Zensation</strong> and <strong>Carnival</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Hay-Z by Ministry of Cannabis</strong> is a sativa-dominant strain that produces enormous amounts of THC which cause energetic and euphoric effects. This plant grows quite large and can be hard to control indoors, so we <strong>highly recommend growing it outside</strong>. It’s quite used to tropical climates, so if you live somewhere where it gets quite hot during the summer, you’re in luck. Its branches grow quite long and end up covered in buds – you’ll want to train its branches from a young age. This amazing creation is quite potent; it’s <strong>sweet, fruity, and incensed</strong>.</p> <p>Their legendary strain, and most popular strain, is <strong><a href="">White Widow</a>. </strong>This amazing version is known for being a<strong> highly productive and resinous</strong> hybrid. It does better than the previous strain indoors, allowing you to harvest approximately half a kilo per square meter. We recommend using 16 flowerpots and the SoG method with a <strong>600w lighting kit</strong> in order to get the best possible results. Outdoors, however, is where it does best, having produced up to <strong>2kg</strong> per plant under the best possible conditions.</p> <p>On the other hand, they also have a wide range of autoflowering plants. One of our favorites is <strong>Auto Silver Bullet</strong>, which can be ready to harvest after just two and a half months, producing up to half a kilo from <strong>9 11L plants</strong> indoors per square meter; these results were obtained using a <strong>600w</strong> light. Its <strong>effect is mentally stimulating</strong> and it produces an intense incensed and woody flavor.</p> <p>Ministry of Cannabis clearly has Dutch roots, using classic Dutch strains as the basis for all of their creations, such as <strong>White Widow, Amnesia or Northern Lights</strong>. All of their strains have been perfected over time, stabilized to the utmost degree. Ministry of Cannabis is known for their affordable prices – even when it comes to their <strong>new limited edition strains</strong>. Of course, has added their own discount, making these some of the best choices for those that <strong>love old school weed</strong>.</p>
  • Mr Hide Seeds Products
  • Mr. Nice Products
    <p><strong>Mr. Nice currently belongs to Shantibabi</strong>, one of the most famous breeders in the world that has years and years of experience. Their regular strains are known for being incredibly potent and high-yielding. They’re also quite genetically pure, making them perfect candidates for making your own <strong>pedigree</strong> hybrid strains.</p> <p><strong><a href="">La Niña Regular by Mr. Nice</a> </strong>is a masterpiece that was created after combining sativa strains from Brazil with hybrid strains all the way from India. This strain is incredibly high yielding and is capable of producing <strong>enormous, resinous buds</strong>. Thanks to its genes, it’s perfect for growing outdoors – it grows easily and sturdily, producing long bud-filled branches. It can grow up to <strong>2m</strong> tall, and you’ll need to train its branches or control the plant’s height if you want it to stay discreet.</p> <p>Another of their amazing strains is <strong>Super Silver Haze Regular by Mr. Nice</strong>, perfect for growers that love stimulating effects from sativa-dominant strains. You shouldn’t need to grow it much, and the breeders recommend setting it at <strong>12/12h</strong> from the very start in order to get them to flower as early as possible. Towards the end of the flowering cycle you should be able to harvest up to <strong>400g</strong> per square meter of delicious, resinous flowers. It has a strong hash flavor and you’ll be able to make potent extracts that produce mentally stimulating effects. You’ll begin feeling its creative effects after just a couple of drags.</p> <p>One of our favorite strains is <strong>G13 Widow Regular</strong>. This indica-dominant hybrid grows perfectly well both indoors and outdoors; it doesn’t grow too tall, although it does grow out wide like a bush. This increases bud yield, and makes it sturdier when it comes to strong winds and rain. Towards the end of September, you can harvest up to <strong>500g per plant</strong>. It has an old school flavor that’s perfect for experienced smokers that love flowery flavors with earthy, musky aftertastes. It has a complex effect, on the one hand it’s mentally activating and on the other it produces an <strong>intense physical relaxation</strong> that’s perfect for treating muscle pain.</p> <p>Mr. Nice doesn’t sell <strong>enormous amounts of seeds</strong>, but you’ll experience the love and effort put into these seeds with every strain that you grow. Everyone should grow one of their strains at least once; enjoy both the past and future of cannabis with <strong>old school and innovative flavors</strong> and aromas by hand of a cannabis icon that has <strong>been around since the 70’s</strong>.</p>
  • Neptune Hydroponics...
    <p><strong>Neptune Hydroponics</strong> is known for their professional and efficient accessories for cannabis growing. Their products, the best of which is their hydroponic system, stand out thanks to their versatility; they have products designed for <strong>both seedlings and clones</strong>. Their star product is probably their <strong>25L DWC Pot</strong>.</p> <p>The <strong><a href="">Neptune Hydroponics’ 25L DWC Pot</a> </strong>is a hydroponic system that works a little different to others; it has a pump that bubbles water so that the bubbles pop and splash your plants’ roots, giving them an amazing water to oxygen ratio that <strong>increases ratio growth</strong>. This system works amazingly, giving your plants a constant supply of nutrients during their entire life cycle, and keeping them out of direct water contact will stop them from rotting, too.</p> <p>They have a <strong>wide range of different accessories</strong> too, which is why they are known for being such a diverse company. They currently sell various different reflective materials for the inside of grow tents, such as <strong>Diamond Eco and Mylar Diamante</strong>, which can reflect up to <strong>90% light</strong>. They also sell a lot of thermal insulating materials that can help you to keep your indoor grow safe from any sort of heat sensors from outside.</p> <p>Another one of their amazing systems is their submergible pump, which can go about 2 meters under water and <strong>still work perfectly</strong>. You can choose between six different pumps, each with different characteristics and made for different purposes and sized-rooms. These submergible pumps are <strong>perfect for large hydroponic systems</strong>.</p> <p>Neptune Hydroponics is your <strong>new best friend</strong> if you’re thinking about starting to grow cannabis hydroponically – they have everything you could possibly need, humidifiers, water filters, products for growing clones, products to <strong>modify temperature and many more</strong>. We highly recommend taking a look at their catalogue!</p>
  • Neudorff Products
    <p><strong>Neudorff is a company</strong> that makes gardening products – this historic company was founded in <strong>Germany in the 19<sup>th</sup> century</strong>, and is still going strong today. Neudorff produces products such as insecticides and insect repellents. The company was officially founded in 1854 by Wilhelm Neudorff, releasing their first insecticide in 1861, which was called Spruzit, a name we still hear today. After over 150 years of history, this company has been through it all and they’re still kicking.</p> <p>Their products are <strong>designed for people that prefer to use organic products</strong> on their crops or cannabis plants. Their potent insecticides are what we’re interested in; one of their best products is named after their first ever insecticide<strong>; <a href="">Spruzit Acaricide</a>. </strong>The first version was created back in 1861, although its formula has been improved upon over the decades. Its main ingredients are rapeseed and pyrethrum. This product has proven to provide some<strong> pretty effective results</strong>, getting rid of all kinds of spider mites, caterpillars and aphids, as well as other typical cannabis plant infestations. This product is <strong>100% organic</strong> and has been certified; it works extremely fast and doesn’t leave any toxic residues.</p> <p>Another of our favorite products is <strong>Neudo-Vital Concentrate. </strong>This<strong> 100% bio stimulant</strong> increases your plants’ strength and allows them to easily fight off fungi such as <strong>oidium or botrytis</strong>. It doesn’t produce any sort of negative effect in plants or animals, so it can be used outdoors safely. This product is organic certified and complies with EU regulations.</p> <p>Neudorff has been <strong>working for over 150 years</strong> to perfect their products; you’ll never find anything as safe and effective. Keep your products healthy with <strong>environmentally-friendly products</strong> by Neudorff.</p>
  • Nirvana Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Nirvana Seeds is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that was founded back in 1995. Their creator worked with other seed banks during the 80s, learning and accumulating experience so that he could go out on his own. Many Dutch seed banks have moved to other countries, although Nirvana is one of the few that still has their main warehouse in Amsterdam. They specialize in <strong>feminized and autoflowering strains</strong>, although they still deal in a <strong>few regular strains.</strong></p> <p>Like any good Dutch seed bank, they started out by releasing their very own versions of the legendary strains that made the cannabis movement so big in the 70s, such as <strong>White Widow or Northern Lights</strong>. Nirvana Seeds is known for personally investigating their own creations and creating them all themselves, without involving third parties. Their founder spends the year travelling and looking for the best strains around the world. The result is <strong>amazingly strong plants with intensely potent flowers.</strong></p> <p>Nirvana Seeds guarantees germination of all of their seeds and amazing growth when given the right care. One of their more recent creations is called Raspberry Cough; this strain is sativa-dominant and <strong>highly recommended for consuming medicinally</strong>. Its high THC levels make it great for treating illnesses such as insomnia and depression. Its appearance is also quite beautiful, going red and purple towards the end of the flowering period.</p> <p>Another of their latest creations, another beautiful purple monster, is called <strong>Jock Horror</strong>. This delicious sativa will keep you active and euphoric. It’s a great choice for planting indoors, as it doesn’t grow that tall at all. However, it grows out quite wide, so just four large flowerpots per square meter should be enough. You should be able to harvest <strong>400-500g per square meter</strong> when done right. It has a delicious incensed touch to it, which can last quite a while in your taste buds.</p> <p><strong>Nirvana Seeds</strong> also has quite a large range of autoflowering strains – one of our favorites is their <strong>Swiss Cheese Auto</strong>, which is incredibly potent in all sorts of manners; aroma, flavor and effect. This strain smells almost exactly like cheese, it’s quite incredible. Its lets off a strong, spicy aroma with sweet hints. Its effects are even more stimulant, keeping you super happy over a long period of time. Indoors, after just <strong>80 days you’ll have harvested around 400g</strong> per square meter.</p> <p>Nirvana Seeds also has a <strong>small collection of regular strains</strong> – just a couple. Both of them provide some truly amazing effects, energetic and euphoric. Pure Power Plant Regular gives a softer effect than Master Kush Regular; the first one is perfect for smoking during the day whereas the second one is capable of producing an intense euphoric sensation used to fight depression. Both seeds do perfectly well indoors, ensuring yields of up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong>.</p> <p>Nirvana Seeds is one of the <strong>highest quality banks</strong> that we work with. If you’re looking for classic Dutch weed flavors, you definitely need to <strong>give Nirvana a try</strong>; hundreds of our customers are more than satisfied with their results.</p>
  • Nutriculture Products
    <p>Nutriculture is a British company that <strong>pioneered hydroponic systems</strong>. They started out in 1976, founded by growers that were interested in using water as the main medium for their plants to grow in. They were the first every company to put hydroponic growing at the reach of <strong>casual gardeners</strong>, and from there it was soon used to homegrow cannabis.</p> <p>The <strong>first domestic hydroponic system</strong> was called the <a href="">NFT Gro-Tank, made by Nutriculture</a>. It’s available in various sizes, from the smaller model which is about 1 x 0.5m, to the largest one which is 1.2x1.05m. This is one of the easiest automatic growing systems that you’ll find, and it’s incredibly useful for growing using coco coir or rockwool slabs. These Nutriculture models are possibly the <strong>most famous flood watering systems</strong> on the market.</p> <p>Another of their famous products is the<strong> X-Stream propagator</strong>, which is perfect for easily and simply rooting and growing clones. You’re guaranteed great results when using these propagators, which are used to keep your clones alive and thriving. These propagators come in <strong>various different sizes</strong>, fitting from 20 to 120 clones. This system is affordable, <strong>simple and effective</strong> thanks to its pipe and spray system, keeping your clones perfectly healthy.</p> <p>Nutriculture also has <strong>simple aeroponic system</strong>, the Amazon system. This easy to use device allows you to grow plants in small areas, such as on a small balcony. Its system is used to give your plants <strong>nutrients, water and oxygen 24h a day</strong>, which makes for accelerated growth. You’ll be able to notice the faster growth and faster flowering period.</p> <p>Nutriculture also deals in <strong>flooding tables</strong>, accessories and devices needed to work their hydroponic and aeroponic systems. They have 30 years’ experience and plenty of knowledge when it comes to hydroponic agriculture; we highly recommend using <strong>Nutriculture devices</strong> if you’ve just started growing using aquatic media due to how <strong>simple, efficient and durable</strong> they are.</p>
  • OCB Products
    <p><strong>OCB is French company</strong> that has quite a long history behind them when it comes to making paper. <strong>OCB was registered officially in 1918</strong>, although the factory that started it all began to make paper in 1822. During 1917, they realized that cigarettes were taking off so they started creating rolling papers. In fact, recently, in <strong>2018, </strong>they celebrated their<strong> 100</strong> <strong>year anniversary</strong>.</p> <p>They were <strong>forced to stop</strong> making papers during World War Two, but after that they got right back to it and have been <strong>growing since the 50s</strong>. During the 80s they absolutely blew up, opening enormous factories in order to supply the high demand they were receiving. Due to their amazing success, OCB was bought by<strong> Republic Tobacco in 2000</strong>, keeping their main business in France.</p> <p>In <strong>1999 OCB started selling</strong> their famous <a href="">OCB Premium papers</a>, which are the most used papers when it comes to rolling cannabis due to their quality and slow burn. Not that long after, they started selling their <strong>OCB Premium King Sized papers</strong>, which were larger than standard papers and much thinner. They also sell filters which you can use with the King Sized papers.</p> <p>They also <strong>stock OCB Organic paper</strong>, which is made out of <strong>organic, non-whitened hemp</strong> that’s completely pure. Their latest creation, however, is their Ultimate paper, which has been named the thinnest rolling paper in the world which is great for smoking cannabis and making the most out of its flavor. OCB Ultimate came about after plenty of work and effort, which allowed them to find the <strong>perfect way to make rolling papers</strong>.</p> <p>You’ve probably seen <strong>OCB papers in the hands of every single smoker</strong> you know, so this description really isn’t necessary – everyone has heard of OCB papers and I don’t think many people need a push to buy them, as they are a necessary part of <strong>everyday life</strong> if you smoke weed. Enjoy your weed to the max, trust OCB.</p>
  • Odorsok Products
    <p>All models of Odorshok carbon filters gathered in a single section. Filters for pollen, powder and strong smells. Odorshok filters in all sizes and at a great price in</p>
  • ONA Products
    <p><strong>ONA (Odor Neutralizing Agent)</strong> products are used to get rid of bad odors – or good odors, like cannabis! They started off in Canada near the west coast. They’ve been innovating <strong>since 1995</strong> now, starting off by selling their products to hydroponic industries and have been successful ever since. ONA products can keep extreme odors under control, making them perfect for <strong>hiding aromas</strong> that come from your indoor cannabis plants.</p> <p>The <strong>science behind ONA products</strong> is that they are created from complex formulas, mixing a variety of chemical elements and different ingredients. 25 years ago, scientists began to see the influence that terpenes can have when released into the air. ONA products are fully safe for the <strong>environment and eco-friendly</strong>. All of their products go through rigorous testing and quality control before being put on the market.</p> <p>One of our favorite products is <strong>their <a href="">ONA Gel</a></strong>, which works perfectly and is incredibly simple to use. If you combine its efficiency with its ease of use, it’s the absolute perfect product and does exactly what it’s supposed to. You can use it whenever and wherever, during the growth and flowering period – even when you’re <strong>drying your plants</strong>. If you want to use it simply to keep your house from smelling like smoke if you’re a stoner, that’s perfectly fine too. All you have to do is <strong>open it up and set it down</strong> in whatever room you want to de-odor. It’ll begin evaporating slowly, capable of lasting quite a long time.</p> <p>ONA also comes in a <strong>Spray format</strong> so that you can get almost instantaneous results wherever you need – perfect for emergencies. The <strong>ONA Mist Dispenser</strong> is also an amazing product, alongside the ONA Mist refills. This dispenser is super easy to use; it has a timer that lets out mist periodically. It has three different settings; <strong>7.5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes</strong>. If you live in an apartment, this dispenser is great for beside the front door, avoiding any cannabis aromas getting out to the hall or stairwell.</p> <p>We recommend getting some ONA products if <strong>you grow indoors</strong> and have neighbors nearby – it’s better to be safe than sorry, all it takes is one call to the police and you’re done. Grow responsibly and <strong>hide any intense cannabis aromas</strong>.</p>
  • Organik Products
    <p><strong>Organik is a Spanish fertilizer brand</strong> that produces organic nutrients for cannabis growing. They’re very serious about the environment, which is why their <strong>nutrients are all organic</strong>. They also have products designed to protect your plants as well as fungi-preventers that are also organic. Organik has their own feeding charts that explain how to easily and efficiently give your plants the <strong>best possible feeding schedule</strong>.</p> <p>Their <a href="">root stimulator</a> gives your plants the best possible base from which to grow upon, creating thick and healthy roots which protect your plant and increase growth thanks to the fact that they’ll be able to absorb more water and nutrients. <strong>Crecimiento Grow</strong> gives your plants an extra boost of nitrogen, as well as amino acids that speed up plant growth. All you need is around <strong>2-4ml</strong> per liter of water.</p> <p>Their stimulant <strong>Floración Bloom</strong> causes your plants to flower incredibly, producing many more flowers that’ll eventually need to be fattened out. That’s where <strong>PK Plus</strong> comes in, fattening them up thanks to its sugars and extra PK.</p> <p>We’ve had <strong>Organik</strong> in our catalogue for years now and they have never let us down. All of their products, from germination until your plants’ fattening period, have been tried and proven to work splendidly. They’re <strong>highly concentrated</strong> so you don’t need to use much product at all. We’re incredibly proud to have this <strong>environmentally-friendly and cannabis enthusiast</strong> brand on our side, available at amazing prices to our customers only.</p>
  • Ozotres Products
    <p><strong>Ozotres deals in various different ozonizers</strong> which are used to fight intense odors, such as the aroma that flowering or drying cannabis plants may produce. Ozotres guarantees their customers highly competitive prices. Definitely one of the best sources on the market if you're looking to make your growing set up a little more discreet.</p> <p>Their most <strong>interesting device </strong>when it comes to home-growing is their<strong> <a href="">Ozotres Duct Ozonizer</a>,</strong> which can be attached to the pipes and ducts in your growing room. It gets rid of any aromas that may pass through it, so you don’t need to worry about any escaping aromas. Nobody will have a clue! Keep in mind that ozone gas can <strong>deteriorate most surfaces</strong> that it comes into contact with, including electronic devices and their cables, so it’ll need to be at the very end of your circuit, spilling the resulting gas out of your house and not into it. It comes in <strong>various duct sizes</strong>. You can buy bulbs separately too, in case you need to replace them.</p> <p>Their other ozonizer is the <strong>Ozotres wall ozonizer</strong>. It’s perfect for setting in your room or around your house where you smoke, although you should never use it in your grow room; it can’t be moved around, you can’t use it with a tube or connect it to your ventilation system at all. It’s perfect for <strong>getting rid of bad aromas</strong> in your house.</p> <p>Ozores devices will keep your house clean and <strong>nice-smelling, avoiding issues with neighbors, family members or even worse</strong>, the police. Keep your home aroma free with Ozotres ozonizers.</p>
  • Paradise Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Paradise Seeds is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that started out in <strong>1994</strong>. They currently operate out of Amsterdam and have done ever since they started, offering the best cannabis strains to every customer that walks through their doors. Paradise Seeds was responsible, along with other seed banks, for Amsterdam having the <strong>best weed in the 90s</strong>. Their seeds then started being exported to various regions, allowing everyone to grow them.</p> <p>During the 90s, cannabis consumption and <strong>seed demand increased quite a lot</strong>; the general public started buying their own cannabis seeds to grow at home.</p> <p>Paradise Seeds has quite a large cannabis seed catalogue, both feminized and autoflowering. One of their best creations is <a href="">Mendocino Skunk</a>. Experts love growing this strain, as it’s one of the best strains available for making <strong>your very own hash or BHO</strong>. From around 7-9 plants you can harvest up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong>. Its flavor is incredibly impressive, fusing fruity and earthy flavors that are potent when found in extracts made from this strain. Its effect is quite soft but energetic thanks to its sativa content, although you’ll feel more relaxed towards the end of the high.</p> <p>Another of their latest creations is called <strong>L.A. Amnesia</strong>. This amazing hybrid comes from various combinations between US Kush strains and Dutch Amnesia plants. The resulting plant is incredibly potent, sativa-dominant and <strong>THC over 20%</strong> when grown right. Its effects are incredibly mentally narcotic, giving the consumer a strong high that’ll give you a boost of energy. This plant does absolutely amazing outdoors, designed for hot climates and dealing with high temperatures. Under the perfect conditions you can harvest up to <strong>1kg per plant</strong>, which should be ready to harvest towards October.</p> <p>Paradise Seeds has <strong>put an incredible amount of work</strong> into their autoflowering strains. One of our favorite autos is Vertigo Auto, which is famous for being one of the fastest hybrid strains in the world. It grows incredibly fast, ready to harvest after just two months from germination. Indoors, when under a 20h light period, you can harvest up to <strong>500g per square meter from 9 plants</strong>. It has quite an intense psychoactive effect alongside a fruity flavor.</p> <p>Most of Paradise Seeds’ autoflowering strains produce relaxing effects and some even have <strong>high CBD contents</strong>. Most are <strong>indica-dominant</strong> in order to accelerate flowering times and have them ready within just a couple of months. These <strong>strains are perfect</strong> for those that want fast results in order to smoke their after-work joint comfortably.</p> <p>Paradise Seeds is a permanent fixture here at, and has been with us for years now. All of their cannabis seeds are made organically and go through an intense quality control process. All of Paradise Seeds’ strains have a germination guarantee of <strong>around 95%</strong> - get yourself one of their strains and give them a try!</p>
  • Philips Products
    <p><strong>Philips</strong> <strong>is a Dutch company</strong> that is known all around the world for their household products, as well as tech and health products. This massive company works on various different levels; from televisions to lightbulbs. They currently have over 73.000 employees and are present in over 100 countries – it’s definitely the <strong>biggest company in the sector</strong>, and their products are guaranteed to give you exactly what you need.</p> <p>Of course, the products that we’re interested in are their <strong>indoor growing lights</strong>, which they have clearly put a lot of thought into. These lights are dynamic and help growers to maintain a constant yield all year long. They have some of the most technologically advanced buds due to the fact that they’ve been working <strong>for over 75 years </strong>to perfect them.</p> <p>Their discharge bulbs come in models that are specific for each growth phase; we have their HPI Growth bulb and their <strong>SON-T PIA Plus Flowering bulbs</strong>, for the growth and flowering periods respectively. They’re perfect if you’re looking for good performance &amp; no complications; we highly recommend using their Green Power <strong>mixed spectrum bulb</strong>, which is perfect for both periods, both growth and bloom.</p> <p>We have various models of their bulbs in our catalogue, allowing you to improve your yield while using some <strong>incredibly efficient, reliable and durable bulbs</strong>. Choose the one that works best with your ballast and lighting kit. Their <a href="">Green Power Mixed Spectrum bulb</a> is perfect if you don’t want to have to change your bulb for the <strong>flowering period</strong>. The light that it emits is incredibly similar to summer light, making it perfect for cannabis. They also have a <strong>flowering specific bulb</strong> called the SON-T Plus flowering bulb, which gives pretty amazing results if you want to go down an even more professional route.</p> <p>After so many <strong>years of experience</strong>, if anyone has gotten it right, it’s definitely Philips; treat your plants. You’re guaranteed to improve yield and general quality of your plants; quality light makes for large, quality flowers as long as you keep the <strong>right parameters</strong> in your grow tent.</p>
  • Philosopher Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Philosopher Seeds is a Spanish</strong> seed bank that started out in 2008. The professionals that work at Philosopher Seeds put an incredible amount of care and effort when it comes to breeding their seeds, guaranteeing quality seeds. All of their seeds are perfect for growing in <strong>Mediterranean climates</strong>, so if you have the right climate we highly recommend growing this strain outdoors.</p> <p><strong>Philosopher Seeds</strong> has various different ranges, each one with feminized, autoflowering and regular versions. <a href="">Philo Skunk by Philosopher’s Seeds</a> is their version of one of the best Skunks on the market; it comes from a combination between a <strong>delicious Somango and a Mazar</strong>. Indoors is where this strain does best, allowing you to place plenty of plants in a small area. You can harvest around <strong>600g</strong> per square meter from this impressive strain. It produces quite a lot of branches, so we recommend growing it using the <strong>SCRoG</strong> method in order to make the most out of its yield. When it comes to its effects, it’s slightly relaxing, and its flavor is <strong>deliciously sweet and fruity</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Early Maroc by Philosopher Seeds</strong> is a great choice if you’re planning on making your very own hash. This 100% sativa has a relatively short flowering period, allowing you to have it ready to harvest before summer is over. We <strong>highly recommend</strong> this strain if you’re planning on growing outdoors, as does the seed bank. It has a delicious strawberry chewing gum flavor and gives an energetic effect – amazing for making your own <strong>hash or BHO</strong>.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering strains, <strong>Philosopher Seeds</strong> has quite a large amount of relaxing indica-dominant strains that also have high CBD contents. A great example of this is <strong>Lemon Auto CBD by Philosopher Seeds</strong>, which grows super short and produces average yields. This is one of their most versatile seeds that <strong>can do amazingly indoors</strong> in small rooms and outdoors, as well as on balconies and terraces or even on your window. You can harvest around <strong>125g</strong> per plants outdoors – which is quite impressive considering that it’s an autoflowering strain. It has a delicious lemon flavor and offers an <strong>intense relaxing sensation</strong>.</p> <p>They have quite an impressive regular strain that has a whole following. It’s called <strong>Jamaican Blueberry BX by Philosopher Seeds</strong>. This strain definitely prefers to be grown outdoors, and it absolutely loves prolonged sunlight exposure. You should be able to harvest around <strong>500g</strong> per plant of <strong>fruity Blueberry flowers</strong> that produce amazing sativa stimulating effects.</p> <p><strong>Philosopher Seeds</strong> offers delicious and high-yielding strains that produce amazing results indoors, although they are designed to give even <strong>better results outdoors</strong>. You can find all of Philosopher Seeds’ strains in this particular category, allowing you to have a look through all of them and choose whichever one meets your needs.</p>
  • Phytolite Products
    <p><strong>Phytolite</strong> is a brand that specializes in creating effective lighting systems in LED format. They started out in 2009 in Italy, and currently have their main base in Switzerland. They were originally going to work with <strong>HPS, CMH and CFL</strong> but once they saw LED lights, they decided to go in a different direction and innovate.</p> <p>When they <strong>started out</strong>, LED lights were still being tweaked when it comes to indoor growing and different plant phases. They worked perfectly during the growth period but once it came around to the flowering period, they were a bit weak for cannabis plants. Over the years they’ve managed to perfect their products, investing quite a lot in engineering in order to overcome what they considered to be <strong>obsolete HPS technology.</strong> They’ve managed to easily satisfy the needs of homegrowers with <strong>their amazing systems</strong>, exporting them all over the world. They began to create specific models for amateur home-growers that were small enough to fit in a grow tent, which are the models that we have in stock.</p> <p>Phytolite <strong>really started offering quality lights</strong> for growers when they realized the Phyotled Linfa, which comes in 100, 200 and 400w. These LED lights are perfect for homegrowers that don’t have much space to grow cannabis in. These LED systems have proven to give the same results and yield as other lighting systems that use double the power. The <a href="">Phytoled Linfa 400w</a> was designed to <strong>replace 600w HPS lighting systems</strong>, producing the same amount of yield without using as much electricity. They’re perfect for around a meter squared, maybe a bit more, producing <strong>450g</strong> per square meter pretty easily.</p> <p>Their innovative <strong>Phytoled Chlorofilla lights</strong> marked a clear change in the world of LED lighting. Its design is spectacular and it has three different color channels which can work together or on their own; you can modify this depending on the phase that your plants are in, in order to give them the perfect kind of light. It also comes with a heat dissipater with internal fans that allow you to use these systems during the warmer summer months. You’ll be able to concentrate more light in darker areas, which guarantees more light access for your plants – these lights are great for <strong>SoG and SCRoG systems.</strong></p> <p>Growing cannabis using LED lights has proven to be <strong>incredibly beneficial</strong> when compared to other growing systems. The quality of your cannabis will be much higher when compared to CMH and HPS lights, as they’ll be less stressed out due to the type of light, which keeps its terpenes much more intact you’ll also be able to save quite a lot on your electricity bill, reducing it quite substantially. guarantees that you won’t be disappointed with these LED systems, some of the <strong>best lights that you can find on the market</strong> right now.</p>
  • Piece Maker Products
    <p><strong>Piece Maker</strong> is an innovative US company that makes cannabis <strong>paraphernalia</strong> – they’re known for making bongs, pipes, ashtrays and mouthpieces entirely out of <strong>food-grade silicone</strong>. You’ll be able to easily and safely consume your cannabis without sacrificing quality.</p> <p>Over at Piece Maker they’re constantly trying to innovate and produce <strong>practical and innovative products</strong>, staying at the top of the market in the United States. They have an incredibly large range of bongs, pipes and various different tools that’ll make your life much easier when it comes to smoking and consuming <strong>cannabis, BHO and extracts</strong>.</p> <p>There are many advantages when it comes to using <strong>food-grade silicone</strong> when compared to normal glass-blown pipes – the best difference is that <strong>silicone items are practically indestructible, heat-resistant and easy to clean</strong>. You can hand-clean them easily with any kind of soap or even clean them in your dishwasher without breakage of any kind. These products are made to last a lifetime.</p> <p>You can find all Piece Maker products on our page, such as the <strong>Kwiki</strong> portable pipes, which are small and can be carried around and used pretty much anywhere you want. We also have small <strong>Karma</strong> pipes and average-sized <strong>Kazili</strong> pipes, both easy to transport and available in various colors, as well as the <strong>Konjurer</strong> pipe that looks like Gandalf’s pipe from <strong>LOTR</strong>. They also sell ashtrays known as Kashed – they come in various colors and some of them even glow in the dark. We also have two bong models; the <strong>23cm Kolt and the 27cm Kermit</strong>, also available in various glow in the dark colors. For those that are more inclined to smoking extracts, we also have a BHO Kube, a beautiful compact water-pipe in the shape of a cube.</p>
  • Pi Technics Products
    <p><strong>Pi Technics is a Dutch company</strong> that designs amazing hydroponic growing systems called the Pi Rack, or the Pi Wall if acquired in parts. They’ve invented a complex watering system in a vertical format, allowing you to make the most of your available space. This vertical system allows you to place plenty of <strong>plants vertically</strong> in the one spot without shading any of them.</p> <p>Their revolutionary <strong><a href="">Pi-Rack</a> </strong>allows you to grow up to<strong> 320 plants</strong> at once in a space of just two cubed meters. This sublime device has one of the best designs possible when it comes to making the most of space indoors, allowing you to get amazing yields in really small rooms. Its octagonal design allows you to <strong>place up to 40 flowerpots</strong> in each wall, allowing for proper air circulation inside. You’ll need to include an air filtration system if you don’t want to end up with unwanted fungi and rot.</p> <p>You can also <strong>buy the walls separately</strong>; the walls on their own are called Pi-Walls. These models are perfect for those that don’t have much space to grow in – <strong>around 40 plants is enough</strong>, allowing you to grow more than enough for yourself. You’ll need two lights for your Pi-Wall, which should be able to get enough light to your plants thanks to the necessary reflectors.</p> <p>Pi Technics allows you to get a kit that comes with <strong>everything needed</strong> to start growing using their devices, such as their lighting and watering kit- Their design is incredibly efficient, allowing you to place as many walls as you want. You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount on the entire thing; you can just try out one and see how it goes! It’s <strong>definitely worth it</strong>.</p>
  • Plagron Products
    <p><strong>Plagron is a Dutch company</strong> that specializes in creating organic and mineral nutrients and substrates. They began back in 1992 with a small worm farm, and over the years they began to grow into an incredibly professional, internationally renowned company. They state that they’re quite a versatile company and have everything from <strong>products for amateurs to professional farmers.</strong></p> <p>They have their own <strong>organic and mineral range</strong>, offering something for growers from all walks of life. Their most used products when it comes to growing cannabis and getting the best possible results are their <strong>organic products</strong> due to their amazing results.</p> <p>Plagron’s products make it <strong>much easier</strong> to grow cannabis at home. Their green line has a green packaging, easily identifying which products are fully organic, such as <strong>Alga Grow and Alga Bloom</strong>. Alga Grow causes an explosive growth spurt in your plants without needing to use chemicals. Your plants will begin producing a beautiful, bright green color. On the other hand, Alga Bloom is generally used during the flowering period, increasing <strong>potency and flavor</strong>.</p> <p>Their mineral products have <strong>pink packaging</strong> and their Terra Grow and terra Bloom line is designed to be used with soil only – they do the same as the previous products, although these ones contain mineral ingredients. They also have products that come in orange packaging, which are specifically designed for <strong>growing in coco coir</strong>, as well as blue products which are designed for plants grown <strong>hydroponically</strong>.</p> <p>These four different ranges are designed to meet the needs of <strong>all types of growers</strong>. Their most extensive range is their purple products, which can be used in any growing medium – keep in mind that they are not organic. They have products for each and every phase, such as Sugar Royal, <strong>Power Roots and Pure Zym</strong>. Power Roots is used to stimulate your plants’ root system, increasing their size and health in an organic manner, improving growth and creating a sturdy base for the flowering period. Sugar Royal is used to fatten up your flowers during the fattening period, increasing resin yield quite a lot. We <strong>highly recommend</strong> this last product for those that want to make their own <strong>BHO</strong> or hash extracts.</p> <p>Plagron will always have a spot on our shelves. Here at <strong> </strong>we’ve been working with them for years and recommending their products to our customers daily. You’re guaranteed astonishing results when you use <strong>Plagron’s products</strong>. You can choose between <strong>mineral and organic products</strong>, whichever way you want to grow – they have it all.</p>
  • Prima Klima Products
    <p><strong>Prima Klima</strong> is a German company that designs and makes various <strong>different ventilation and air filtration systems</strong>. They started their journey in 1996, and are currently based in the <strong>Czech Republic. </strong>They have customers all over the world thanks to their incredibly high reputation, known for their quality,<strong> consistency and reliability.</strong></p> <p>Their best extractor is definitely their <strong><a href="">“UFO” extractor</a>.</strong> It’s both<strong> incredibly designed and highly functional</strong>, and many companies soon began to copy the UFO model, which is why it’s super easy to find extra parts and replacements out there, and many other similar extractors. This particular model comes in various types, for larger to smaller rooms – you can also <strong>adjust the extraction speed</strong> if needed. The first ever UFO-type extractor on the market was Prima Klima’s, making them the real pioneers when it comes to this type of extraction.</p> <p>Their <strong>Prima Klima PK Anti-Odor filters are filter</strong>s that contain active carbon, designed to fully neutralize strong odors that may come out of your extraction fan.<span>  </span>All of the odors and aromas that come out of your grow room are filtered through these devices, allowing for much more discretion. They also have reflectors such as the <strong>Azerwings 55-A</strong>, which is perfect for average-sized grow rooms. Its hood allows you to cover up to a meter and half squared of flowerpots. It can reflect up to 86% of all light that hits it, which is quite above average.</p> <p>Prima Klima has a staff of around <strong>60 employees</strong>, who work incredibly hard to <strong>export their products to over 20 countries</strong>. They use energy-efficient motors in their products in order to reduce contamination as well as your electric bill. Prima Klima’s OVNI extractor is incredibly reliable and durable; you’ll have it for years without a single hitch, and if you combine it with their <strong>reflector and carbon odor filters</strong> you’re guaranteed success.</p>
  • Pro-XL Products
    <p><strong>Pro XL</strong> is a company that develops organic and mineral fertilizers using Dutch technology. All of their products are designed to prevent any deficiencies or other issues that your plants may have; they’re very focused on a more “<strong>preventive</strong>” way of feeding cannabis plants. Their products contain quality nutrients that are absorbed in no time at all; all of their products are specifically designed to satisfy this particular need.</p> <p>Growing cannabis doesn’t just mean that you water your plants every few days – it’s a challenge that requires a lot of dedication and concentration, and the more you give the more you get. Pro-XL has a <strong>wide range of nutrients</strong> so that growers of all walks of life can find the product they need. These perfect mineral-organic products are super easy for your plants to absorb.</p> <p>Pro Start is used to <strong>accelerate root growth</strong>; it’s perfect for the start of the <strong>growth period</strong>, and it can be used until the start of the flowering period. It’s incredibly important for your plants’ to have a large root structure if you want to get the best possible results. With Grow A+B you’ll be able to give your plants the perfect push. You can get amazing results in the form of <strong>large leaves</strong>, thick branches and large amounts of flowers.</p> <p><strong>Bloom A+B </strong>is used to give your plants a decent nutrient base for the flowering period. You’ll notice some highly impressive results when you grow with this product. As soon as your plants start producing flowers, you’ll need to start using additives such as<strong> <a href="">Quick Boost</a> and Flora Exploder</strong>. Quick Boost is used to give your plants the necessary potassium for producing flowers, whereas Flora Exploder is used to <strong>fattening those flowers</strong>.</p> <p>We like to <strong>try out the products</strong> we’re going to be selling ourselves, and Pro-XL definitely delivered. We’ve gotten some incredibly amazing results from their products, and we’re quite surprised with the amazing <strong>results that we’ve obtained from their organic-mineral products</strong>. These products are perfectly healthy for your cannabis plants, while also helping to protect them from insect infestations.</p>
  • Bayer Garden Products
    <p><strong>Bayer</strong> <strong>is a multinational chemical-pharmaceutical </strong>German company that was established in<strong> 1863.</strong> Over the decades, they’ve branched out, and they now have a sub-organization called Bayer Garden, which deals exclusively in <strong>gardening products</strong> such as insecticides, repellents and various other products used to fight off pests.</p> <p>Their gardening products are quite <strong>potent, exterminating </strong>insect infestations in no time at all. Also, you can<strong> use them both inside and outside</strong> – although chemical, it is safe to use these products in your home.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Solabiol</strong> by Bayer Garden</a> is a natural acaricide, getting rid of fully grown spider mites, larvae and eggs, and you can even use it just a few days before harvesting. Thanks to its natural products, your cannabis plants will be perfectly fine. This product is <strong>authorized for organic use</strong>, both indoors and outdoors, containing mainly rapeseed oil and pyrethrins.</p> <p><strong>Decis Protech by Bayer Garden</strong> is a multifunctional chemical insecticide that acts as both a repellent and an insecticide. It has quite a short waiting period; you’ll need to spay it at least <strong>7 days</strong> before harvesting. It has been proven to work against white flies, thrips and many other <strong>common cannabis insect infestations.</strong></p> <p>As you can see, we stock their most <strong>effective insecticides</strong>, helping you to get rid of any unwanted pests on your cannabis plants – or even in your home. <strong>Bayer Garden has the solution</strong> with incredibly affordable prices.</p>
  • Positronics Products
    <p><strong>Positronics is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that has been directly and indirectly involved in the cannabis industry since the <strong>60s</strong>. During this period, Wernard Bruining discovered his passion for growing and developing cannabis strains. From that point onwards, he began travelling all around the world, meeting cannabis activists and amazing strains; he spent and long stint in California back in the 80s, finishing his massive trip in <strong>2004, in Spain</strong>, where he moved his seed bank to. From the 90s onwards, Spain began to turn into a cannabis seed production paradise, which is why he moved his entire company to <strong>Malaga, Spain</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Positronics</strong> is one of the best seed banks in the world thanks to their quality seeds and amazing creations that they’ve been creating over the years while <strong>Bruining travelled</strong> around the world. This seed bank is also considered a pioneer when it comes to maintain mother plants for making cuttings. We’ve collected all of their strains in this one category to make your search that much easier; autoflowering and <strong>feminized</strong> strains.</p> <p>One of their most <strong>classic strains</strong> that everyone loves is called<strong> <a href="">SuperCheese</a>. </strong>This hybrid has always been high up on my list; it’s hard to find strains that are as productive as this strain while still staying perfectly compact, especially indoors. This plant is super discreet and it’s great for using the<strong> SCRoG method</strong>. You can harvest enormous yields from dense and hard buds which produce incredibly strong relaxing effects.</p> <p>One of their <strong>most exotic strains</strong> is Chizpa. This <strong>sativa-dominant hybrid</strong> will have you flying after just one drag, activating all of your senses and producing a strong medicinal stimulation. Its flavor is incredibly Diesel-like; citric with spicy hints. When it comes to yield, it does well both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>. We highly recommend growing it outdoors if you have enough experience and space; this strain will grow massive, producing beautiful resinous buds – just one plant can produce up to <strong>800g</strong>.</p> <p>When it comes to their <strong>autoflowering strains</strong>, we’d love to talk about Wernard Express, named after the founder of Positronics. This combination comes from an <strong>AK47</strong> which was crossed with an <strong>Afghan Express</strong>, resulting in quite a high-yielding strain that can produce up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors just a <strong>couple of months</strong> after germination. This indica-dominant strain was made as such because it’s Bruining’s favorite type of effect. This strain produces an <strong>intense relaxing sensation</strong> that isn’t too strong – you’ll feel pleasant and happy, while also relaxed. Its flavor is fruity and citric.</p> <p>Positronics also has a <strong>growing range of CBD-rich strains</strong>. Their latest creation is CBD+ Caramelice Express, which produces a potent medicinal effect. This 50/50 hybrid has a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio, which makes it perfectly medicinal. It does well both indoors and outdoors, and its effect has been proven to relax muscle pain and relax the brain too, perfect for those that <strong>tend to get stressed out</strong> easily. This strain is perfect for both beginners and experts alike.</p> <p><span>Positronics has <strong>quite a history</strong> behind them, but their story isn’t over yet. They work with some of the best seed experts in the world, <strong>Dutch, US and Spanish</strong> breeders and workers, perfecting their seeds as much as possible. Join Positronics’ army and be a part of history.</span></p>
  • Pure Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Pure Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> founded in 2008. After years and years of growing new strains and travelling to other countries in order to acquire more knowledge, they opened their very own seed bank in order to create their own strains. Their work revolves around <strong>creating and selling new seeds with medicinal properties.</strong></p> <p>Pure Seeds currently has a <strong>decent collection of cannabis seeds</strong> as permanent fixtures in their catalogue; both feminized and autoflowering strains.</p> <p><strong>Starting with seasonal strains</strong>, one of the strains that they’re super proud of is Viking Haze by Pure Seeds. They bred this seed themselves, and it’s one of the most potent and high-yielding sativas that we’ve tried. It can <strong>produce THC up and around 22%</strong> - you’ll be flying high after every single drag. It gives a potent mental effect, alongside a noticeable increase in appetite. When it comes to yield, you’ll be surprised at how fast it grows and how much it can produce – up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter after just three months.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>their medicinal strains</strong>, one of our favorites is <strong>CBD Pure</strong>; it’s high medicinal value is due to its perfect <strong>1:1 THC:CBD ratio</strong>. We highly recommend growing it indoors, where you’ll be able to get amazing results with just a few flowerpots. It produces quite a lot of branches, so you’ll need to give it more lateral space. With around four flowerpots per square meter you’ll be able to harvest up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter when done perfectly. It has quite a peculiar flavor, with hints of mint and licorice. Its effect is quite relaxing although it definitely isn’t potent enough to leave you feeling too stoned.</p> <p><strong>Pure Seeds’ autoflowering strains</strong> are also quite impressive, and they adapt quite easily to their surroundings; they do well with fungi infestations. They’ll be ready just a couple of months after germination. One of our favorites is THC Autoflowering by Pure Seeds. This is <strong>definitely a great strain</strong> for those looking to relax after a hard day’s work. It produces a delicious flavor and relaxing effect capable of taking away all of your stress after a hard day. We managed to harvest up to <strong>450g</strong> per square meter using a <strong>600w light</strong>. This strain produces enormous amounts of resin, and has won plenty of competitions.</p> <p>At we consider Pure Seeds to be <strong>one of the best medicinal seed banks</strong> around thanks to their <strong>CBD-rich and THC-rich strains</strong>, all of which can be used medicinally or recreationally. If you’re looking for a wonderfully relaxing effect towards the end of the day, Pure Seeds is the strain for you.</p>
  • Pyramid Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Pyramid Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that has been creating their own strains for over a decade now, impressing us and the rest of the world. They’re grown in different continents around the world in both feminized and autoflowering format. All of their seeds are produced without masculine male chromosomes, guaranteeing <strong>100% feminized plants </strong>that produce large, resinous buds.</p> <p><strong>Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds</strong> has always been up there at the top of their strain list. This strain was originally grown at around <strong>1000 meters</strong> above sea level, which means that it’s incredibly sturdy when it comes to cold and other climate inconveniences. This indica-dominant strain gives a light mental high that ends up in a soft physical relaxation. Its flavor is <strong>delicious and pine-like</strong> with spicy hints. When it comes to yield, its high yield makes it a strain that prefers to be grown outdoors as it prefers to flower early, and you won’t have to deal with end of summer rains. Around <strong>halfway through September</strong> it should be ready to harvest, turning into a robust plant with hefty buds.</p> <p>Another of our favorite strains is <a href="">Amnesia Gold by Pyramid Seeds</a>. This strain is sativa-dominant, producing a stimulating high that’s typical when it comes to Dutch sativa strains. Although it grows much taller outdoors, we highly recommend growing this strain indoors. It can grow strong and sturdy – we recommend topping and using a <strong>SCRoG method</strong> in order to control their height. This plant centers most of its yield on the central stem, producing up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong>.</p> <p>They also have their own range of autoflowering strains. This is done by crossing their original strains <strong>with pure Ruderalis strains</strong>, making for plants that are much easier to grow and don’t require a specific type of light. Over the years they’ve managed to perfect these strains, giving them a little extra resistance to fungi and pests. They’re perfect for <strong>growing in small areas</strong> and, if necessary, with little sunlight.</p> <p>Pyramid Seeds has created an <strong>autoflowering version of each one of their original strains</strong>. One of their latest creations is Auto Super OG Kush, which was created after an enormous effort and hard work. This autoflowering indica is one of the most complete plants they have, growing large and producing decent, resinous yields. This autoflowering strain should be ready to harvest after just over two months. You can harvest up to <strong>500g from 9 plants</strong> indoors. Its effect is quite narcotic, producing high amounts of THC that may couch-lock you, so reserve it for the end of the day before bed.</p> <p>We’re certain that <strong>Pyramid Seeds’ cannabis seeds</strong> can hold their own when compared to any other seeds due to their quality and amazing properties. Their strains are incredibly stable, and their seeds are producing yields that are topping the market. You can get fast sativas, relaxing indicas, and beautiful colorful plants. We hope that <strong>you’ll take a look through their catalogue</strong> and find the perfect strain for you!</p>
  • RAW Products
    <p><strong>RAW</strong> is a Spanish company dedicated to satisfying the needs of the most demanding stoners.</p> <p>Originally, they started with rolling papers such as their typical classic 1/ ¼ papers. All of their rolling papers are <strong>completely natural</strong>; the normal ones, the long ones, and even the pre-rolled papers. They also have a water mark, meaning that your joints should smoke perfectly and evenly.</p> <p>Over time, the company decided <strong>to expand their product line to include other objects and accessories</strong>. Now they sell storage boxes, grinders and shredders, trays, filters etc. They also have an accessories section where they sell all sorts of RAW products, some of which are quite curious; they have everything from magnetic ashtrays to rings that can hold your joint for you. They have some original quality accessories</p> <p>They have products such as their <a href=""><strong>famous 1 ¼ papers</strong>, available in booklets of <strong>300</strong></a> so that you never run out of papers. The papers in this pack are entirely organic and have been made out of natural fibers and hemp. They’re super thin and don’t contain any sort of whitening product, ensuring a 100% natural experience and a much healthier one too. Even the booklet they come in are made out of recycled materials.</p> <p>The <strong>RAW Magnetic Tray Lid</strong> is simply a thin plastic lid with the same design on it as the RAW tray. The back of the tray is essentially a large magnet, so it sticks to the tray perfectly. This lid is extremely helpful and it can be used to either keep your objects hidden, or to stop your papers or weed from blowing away if you put the tray down.</p> <p>The <strong>RAW 24k ring</strong>: This product is absolutely killing it right now. It’s a ring that has the Brand’s name on it like a seal and made out of 24k gold-coated metal. The exiting part, however, is the hole in the ring that allows you to place your joint inside and smoke completely hands free. Now you can do whatever you want with your hands without having to put down your joint or cigarette. This is the perfect gift for your stoner friend, or for yourself!</p> <p>If you’re looking for the best smoking accessories and quality, natural papers, <strong>RAW is the brand for you.</strong></p>
  • Reggae Seeds Full Seed...
    <p><strong>Reggae Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that has a large amount of regular and feminized seeds.<span>  </span>Founded in 2006, they’re constantly searching for and creating new strains, trading with other breeders or banks. Their main strain contains a <strong>high amount of CBD</strong>, allowing for its medicinal use.</p> <p>They also stock a few <strong>regular seeds in their catalogue</strong> – you may be asking yourself why, as many seeds banks consider the future of seeds to be feminized strains. Well, reggae Seeds has always bred regular strains and <strong>consider themselves</strong> to be quite the experts. They use a lot of the male strains they grow in order to breed the rest of their strains, making for more genetic diversity in their cannabis.</p> <p>All of their plants are grown with <strong>natural and bio products</strong>, all of which have been categorized as organic plant products.</p> <p>When it comes to their feminized strains, one of their <strong>most famous strains is Juanita La Lagrimosa</strong>, although they’ve also made some pretty special strains using it. Sra. Amparo by Reggae Seeds is a special strain that’s ready to harvest in less than <strong>3 months</strong>. This sativa-dominant plant (85%) produces a delicious pine and wood flavor with incensed hints and a euphoric stimulating effect that’ll help you to get through your daily chores. When flowering, it can produce beautiful blue flowers. It can yield up to <strong>400g per square meter outdoors</strong>.</p> <p>Their regular seeds have been used many, many times in order to create<strong> many different strains. </strong>One of their favorite creations is<strong> <a href="">Dancehall Regular</a>, </strong>which is another strain that comes from<strong> Juanita la Lagrimosa. </strong>This strain has won plenty of cannabis-related competitions. It’s a sativa-dominant plant that was designed to produce a pleasing mental effect alongside a delicious<strong> citric flavor</strong>. We recommend growing tis strain indoors, where you’ll need to use a SoG method if you can due to the small amount of branches that it produces. With around 9-10 plants, you should be able to harvest around <strong>400g per square meter</strong>. We don’t know the exact amount of THC in this strain but we do know that it’s quite high.</p> <p><span> </span>We could spend forever talking about <strong>each and every one of their strains</strong> so that you can get to know the better, but why don’t you check them out for yourself? Each seed comes with a full description so that you can pick the perfect one. Also, if you want to get the best possible flavors, we recommend trying one of their regular strains, which offer the <strong>purest cannabis flavors possible</strong>.</p>
  • Resin Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Resin Seeds is a Spanish Seed bank</strong> that was founded in <strong>2008</strong>. Their founders have always been present when it comes to the cannabis movement, participating in projects and conferences regarding medicinal cannabis. Their main objective is to therapeutic cannabis use, developing feminized strains; this category contains every single Resin Seed strain in the one spot.</p> <p>One of their best strains is <a href="">Cannatonic by Resin Seeds</a>. This perfect hybrid has a <strong>THC/CBD 1:1</strong> ratio, which allows for amazing medicinal effects without getting too stoned. It gives similar yields indoors and outdoors, though you’ll be able to get more delicious and more medicinal flowers from outdoor plants. They can harvest up to <strong>500g per plant outdoors</strong> and per square meter indoors. Its effects are great for relaxing muscle pains and it can also be used to treat nausea and appetite issues. <strong>Cannatonic by Resin Seeds</strong> is possible one of the best strains created by their breeders.</p> <p>Another of their amazing creations is called <strong>Yummy</strong>. This strain, unlike the previous plant, has potent mental effects that’ll keep you active, alongside a relaxing comedown later on. This strain was <strong>officially bred in 2003</strong> and it was made using US strains. Indoors is where it does best, producing <strong>400g</strong> per square meter using a <strong>600w</strong> light. It doesn’t produce many branches, so you can easily fit 16 plants in <strong>7L flowerpots</strong>. Its active effect will keep you on your feed, and its sweet flavor also has a sort of spice.</p> <p>Another thing that <strong>Resin Seeds’</strong> strains have in common is of course their incredibly large amounts of resin. These plants are incredibly easy to grow and they are perfect for beginners and experts. If you’re looking for intense <strong>highs and delicious flavors</strong>, Resin Seeds is the seed bank for you.</p>
  • Ripper Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Ripper Seeds</strong> is a Spanish seed bank that <strong>started back in 2000</strong>, pushed forward by their incredible passion for cannabis seeds. They started out right when the cannabis sector was progressively <strong>growing in Spain</strong> and in many different countries, accompanied by a massive wave of head shop openings both off and online. They specialize in creating <strong>100% feminized seeds</strong>.</p> <p>They use some of the <strong>most important strains</strong> in the world such as Kush, Haze, and Afghan plants in order to create their very own creations.</p> <p>One of their latest strains is <strong>Brain Cake</strong>; this hybrid plant is sativa-dominant and is great as an anti-depressant. It’ll absolutely invade your brain with a strong stimulating sensation, which is perfect for getting rid of stress or treating insomnia. You’ll be able to <strong>experience its dense, earthy flavor with sweet aftertastes</strong>. It performs perfectly well both indoors and outdoors, growing absolutely amazing with large internodes so that light can reach even the lowest branches. It takes around two months to flower fully, producing up to <strong>450g per square meter</strong> and up to <strong>800g</strong> per plant; whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you’re sure to get amazing results.</p> <p>One of their best strains and strains that they’re proudest of, centering most of their marketing campaigns around it; <strong><a href="">Zombie Kush</a>.</strong> This is one of the first ever strains that they exclusively made, and the results were absolutely mind-blowing. This indica-dominant strain produces large amounts of resin. It yields dense, hard and aromatic buds – when smoked you’ll be able to enjoy its deliciously sweet hash flavor. Zombie Kush can easily produce up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors, giving amazingly <strong>relaxing effects and its CBD content</strong>.</p> <p>One of their most <strong>sativa-dominant strains</strong> and therefore, most active strains, is called Acid Dough by Ripper Seeds. This strain is incredibly satisfying to grow due to how beautiful it is. It has quite a <strong>fast flowering period</strong> for such a sativa strain, taking just 9 weeks. If you have the necessary tools and experience, we recommend <strong>growing outdoors</strong> in order to make the most out of it. You’ll get some amazing results; pure diesel flavors and enormous flowers. Its effect is addictive and euphoric; highly social.</p> <p>Ripper Seeds has put a lot of effort into designing hybrid strains, creating plants that have an interesting flavor/aroma combination. They’ve <strong>won various cannabis competitions</strong> on an international level. We recommend using their strains for making your own extracts too, due to the <strong>amazing amount of resin</strong> that you can harvest from your plants. Here at we’ve seen Ripper Seeds grow and are looking forward to seeing it continue to grow.</p>
  • R-Kiem Seeds
    <p><strong>R-Kiem Seeds is a Spanish </strong>seed bank that was founded in <strong>1998</strong>. It was originally a co-op, where growers and breeders would participate both national and internationally, producing various high-end cannabis strains. Their mission as a seedbank is to preserve some of the best cannabis strains via breeding. All of their plants are grown organically in order to conserve their purity. R-Kiem has feminized and regular seeds.</p> <p>One of their newest and most successful seeds is <a href="">Sublimator by R-Kiem Seeds</a>. This balanced strain rewards growers’ efforts with enormous yields and an intense, fruity Kush flavor. It’s ideal for making your very own resin extracts. It comes from Sour Banana which was crossed with a potent Gorilla Glue. Outdoors, with the right care, you can harvest up to <strong>800g per plant</strong> easily. Indoors, after just 3 months, you may be able to harvest up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong>.</p> <p>Another of their potent strains is <strong>Harybo</strong>. This indica-dominant strain will melt in your mouth when smoked – it has a sweet caramel-like flavor, hence the name that was given to it. Indoors it’s quite a reliable strain, producing around half a kilo in <strong>9 11L flowerpots</strong> which is the standard amount of plants that we tend to work with indoors.</p> <p>R-Kiem Seeds doesn’t have very many strains in their catalogue, although all of them are quite <strong>special and innovative</strong> – they have won very many cannabis cups, especially for their hash extracts. If you feel like breaking the mold, R-Kiem has the <strong>perfect exotic strain</strong> for you.</p>
  • Royal Queen Seeds Full...
    <p><strong>Royal Queen Seeds is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that has been offering some of the best strains on the market for over 20 years now. They have plenty of experience when it comes to breeding and growing cannabis, with many different award-winning strains. All of their strains are carefully selected, and the seeds’ purity is checked as well as their <strong>germination rate</strong> – they are perfectly stored and packaged so that they reach your home in perfect conditions.</p> <p>Royal Queen Seeds is an <strong>internationally renowned</strong> seed bank that’s considered one of the leading banks in the world. Their incredible effort and the amount of work that they’ve put into their strains is quite honorable. They currently have an incredibly large amount of seeds in their catalogue, allowing you to <strong>choose between 80 different cannabis strains</strong>. This particular category contains all of their strains so that you can browse them in the one spot.</p> <p>When it comes to their feminized strains, one of their most popular strains is <a href=""><strong>Royal</strong> <strong>Gorilla</strong></a>. This is one of their absolute masterpieces when it comes to strength and psychoactivity, <strong>producing up to 25% THC</strong> which can be up to 30% in some cases – quite incredible. Its effects are incredibly intense; brace yourself for the first few days, it’ll get easier after that. It gives an intense euphoric long-lasting effect that’ll have you uncontrollably giggling. It has a delicious earthy and citric flavor that will melt in your mouth. When it comes to growing it, it’s proven to be incredibly sturdy and resistant to fungi and insects, yielding up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors and up to 1kg per plant outdoors. Another important factor is the intense high it offers, meaning that you’ll need to smoke less to get high.</p> <p>One of their best creations when it comes to <strong>CBD-rich cannabis strains</strong> is called Royal Highness CBD. This absolute beauty of a strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio, making it a great medicinal strain. This perfect balance allows consumers yo get a soft bodily relaxation alongside a slight mental effect that <strong>isn’t too intense</strong>. It can be used to alleviate pain, as well as improving the mode. Its flavor is super fruity, with hints of classic Skink. We recommend growing it outdoors, in mild areas – it doesn’t do too well in the cold. We’ve managed to grow it up to 3m tall, harvesting around <strong>700g</strong> per plant. <strong>Royal Highness CBD</strong> by Royal Queen Seeds is a delicious strain you’ll want to keep growing.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering strains Royal Queen Seeds has always been the “queen”, producing quality seeds that grow incredibly fast and are super easy to grow. One of their most legendary autoflowering strains is <strong>Royal AK Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds</strong>. This strain is just as potent as the strain used to create it, AK47, although it’s simpler and faster to grow. It should be ready to harvest in just under 3 months, with a few extra flowering weeks that allow it to produce up to half a kilo per square meter indoors. This strain is one of their most-sold seeds due to the high amount of resin produced alongside its intense euphoric effect and delicious resinous flavor.</p> <p>Royal Queen Seeds grows using <strong>exclusively organic products</strong> which guarantee organic seeds that haven’t had their internal properties modified at all. Your work will be halved thanks to how easy they are to germinate and take care of – there’s a reason that RQS is currently one of the leading seed banks in the world. Thanks to their <strong>extensive catalogue</strong>, you should be able to find the perfect seed for your needs.</p>
  • Samsara Seeds Entire...
    <p><strong>Samsara Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that’s been around for over a decade now. Their strains are hybrids that were created from classic strains such as <strong>Jack Herer and Northern Lights</strong>. At we absolutely love their feminized strain which is called <a href="">El Alquimista</a>, which means the Alquimist – they also have an autoflowering version of this strain.</p> <p><strong>El Alquimista</strong> is a combination between two legendary strains, <strong>Northern Lights and AK47</strong>. Even though it does quite well indoors with a potent lighting system outdoors is where it will do best. This strain is <strong>incredibly strong and sturdy</strong>, especially when it comes to high temperatures. It’s incredibly important to train the branches or else they may end up bending and breaking due to their hefty cannabis buds. Towards the end of September you should be able to harvest up to <strong>700g</strong> per plant outdoors – you’ll have an interesting winter ahead. Its effect is mixed and quite stimulating, although it’s relaxing after a while.</p> <p>On the other hand, they’ve made an <strong>autoflowering version</strong> of their main seed called Alquimista Auto. After just two months, it’ll be ready to harvest and dry. It doesn’t grow that tall at all, although it’s still capable of producing <strong>enormous yields</strong> along the main branch. It doesn’t grow out that wide, which makes it perfect for small indoor setups; you can place quite a few specimens without having them overlap. It produces a delicious wood and incensed flavor with a deep earthy aftertaste.</p> <p><strong>Samsara Seeds</strong> spends an awful lot of energy on perfecting and creating a balanced plant that gives absolutely amazing results. Try this amazingly <strong>professional strain</strong> and you’ll be surprised.</p>
  • Secret Jardin Products
    <p><strong>Secret Jardin</strong> is one of the best grow tent brands out there. They began back in 2006 in Belgium, and since then they’ve been creating some of the most efficient grow tents on the market. This company is known for the high quality technology used in their grow tents, as they were one of the first ever companies to use dimpled Mylar, reflecting over 95% of light inside the tents. Secret Jardin has various different ranges to choose from called Hobby, Expert, Professional and Propagation.</p> <p>All of Secret Jardin’s products have been designed, developed and made by <strong>professional growers, obviously,</strong> that know what cannabis homegrowers need when it comes to growing indoors. They have tents that come in different sizes too, they’re all incredibly sturdy and light weight.</p> <p>Their most popular model is the <a href="">Dark Room II</a>. This excellent grow is perfect for experienced growers, as it’s made out of incredibly high-quality materials. It’s made out of thick, strong materials so that no light can get in or out, and its walls reflect up to 95% light easily. It’s available in different sizes too, in order to meet every growers needs.</p> <p>Their Intense model is their <strong>largest grow tent</strong>. Being inside it is like being camping! These large grow rooms have the same exact qualities as the dark Room II but they are much bigger – you can basically set up a whole new room inside an already existing room. You’ll be able to grow large amounts of plants here without any light getting out or in, maintaining the perfect temperature – these tents are also undetectable by thermal cameras.</p> <p>Their Dark Propagator is great for<strong> rooting clones or germinating your seeds</strong>, keeping new saplings nice and healthy. It has shelves that you can use and two sides, allowing you to place different lights or types of plants. The amount of clones you can fit depends on how large they are, but you can fit up to <strong>100 average sized ones.</strong></p> <p>Secret Jardin is always thinking about the <strong>comfort of home growers</strong>, giving us a wide range of tents to choose from. If you’re looking to start growing cannabis indoors, Secret Jardin is one of the better choices.</p>
  • Secret Smoke Products
    <p><strong>Secret Smoke</strong> is a company that specializes in making products and accessories for BHO extracts. Over the past few years they’ve managed to make quite a name for themselves, innovating quite a lot by creating a range of <strong>products made out of silicone</strong>. This material is ideal for working with sticky extracts or other delicate substances – nothing sticks to it and it’s super easy to clean.</p> <p>Secret Smoke has an <strong>incredibly wide range of various products</strong>, from borosilicate bongs and pipes to machinery for making your own extracts. One of their most sold products is their <a href="">Secret Icer washer kit</a>. This washer allows you to easily make your own hash. It’s incredibly <strong>easy to use</strong>, all you have to do is use distilled water at around <strong>2 degrees Celsius</strong> and start the process.</p> <p>If you’re just getting into extracts and you’d like to start <strong>making more professional materials,</strong> we highly recommend getting their 5 ton hydraulic Resin process. It’s super easy to use and produces <strong>larger yields</strong> – you can get up to <strong>80% extract from your entire harvest</strong>, making the absolute most out of your plants. It works by applying pressure and heat to your weed, resulting in a delicious extract due to having extracted most of the <strong>terpenes</strong> too. You also don’t need to use any sort of toxic ingredients such as alcohol or gas.</p> <p>Their most popular products are products such as their <strong>BHO Rigs</strong>, which are a great way to comfortably vape your resin extracts. They come <strong>available in different models and sizes</strong>, from small 16cm bongs to larger 35cm bongs. If you decide to get a large one, you’ll be able to tell exactly how potent your BHO is.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>their special silicone products</strong>, they have incredibly practical products such as <strong>silicone boxes</strong>, which are perfect for moving around with your BHO without it getting stuck to anything. Another amazing product is their portable silicone bong. This bong <strong>comes in various models</strong> and they’re practically fool-proof. Thanks to being made out of silicone, they won’t break if you drop them. You can bring them camping if you want to and not worry about any cracks or bumps. They are <strong>20cm tall once fully opened</strong> – super practical and light.</p> <p>Secret Smoke has quite a wide range of products; from the most simple products to the most complex. They have been <strong>working for years to perfect</strong> their accessories and various BHO-related products. If I were you, I’d trust in <strong>Secret Smoke’s ability</strong> to make the entire process of extracting and smoking BHO much easier. You can find all of their products in this category.</p>
  • Seedmakers Full Seed...
    <p><strong>Seedmakers is a Spanish</strong> seed bank that has some of the best cannabis seeds on the market right now. They’re super-efficient when it comes to their work-ethic; they work using seeds from independent breeders that they’ve discovered over the years, keeping the best on their payroll. They’ve always believed that everyone should <strong>have access to cannabis seeds</strong>, which is why they have incredibly competitive and more than reasonable prices.</p> <p>Seedmakers produce <strong>top quality cannabis seeds</strong>, and they are incredibly popular in the US. Their main secret is in how they select the parent plants; it’s an incredibly <strong>meticulous process</strong> in which they cross only their best strains. Their strains are currently perfectly stable and have been balanced out <strong>genetically</strong>, which isn’t something many seed banks can say. They produce high quality feminized and <strong>autoflowering strains</strong>.</p> <p>One of the strains they’re most proud of is called <strong>Jack Widow</strong>. It’s a beautiful looking strain when grown outdoors – it goes <strong>lovely dark colors</strong> which make its resin stand out even more. As well as being incredibly resinous, its flower yield is also quite high, allowing you to easily get around <strong>500g per plant</strong> when done outdoors. Its sativa-dominance allows for stimulating and creative effects alongside an incensed flavor with spicy hints at the <strong>end of every drag</strong>. These plants are definitely worth the effort required to grow them.</p> <p>Another of their amazing strains is called <strong><a href="">Super Kush</a>. </strong>This strain has come a long way for us to be able to enjoy it in our homes. It comes straight from the Hindu Kush Mountain range in Pakistan. This plant yields almost the largest amount of resin ever found on a cannabis plant, ending up covered along the buds, leaves and even the stems. If you’re looking to grow or try a new strain, we highly recommend giving Super Kush a try; it’s an amazing plant for making your very own cannabis hash or BHO extracts. It can produce around<strong> 400g per square meter</strong> <strong>indoors</strong>, and over <strong>500g per plant outdoors</strong>. This strain really does produce a potent effect, incredibly medicinally relaxing effects and delicious lemon and fruit flavors.</p> <p>Their autoflowering strains are what have people talking. <strong>Auto Critical by Seedmakers</strong> will produce an absolutely mind-boggling yield just two months after germination. You can harvest over <strong>400g per square meter indoors</strong>, with a typically citric and sweet flavor that tends to occur in Critical strains. Another consumer favorite is <strong>Auto AK</strong>, which loves sunny and warm climates – it grows amazingly outdoors. It can grow to around a meter tall, producing up to 80g per plant on average. It produces an amazing physically relaxing effect that’s perfect for smoking at the end of the day after a long day at work. It has a <strong>delicious mango</strong> and <strong>tropical fruit</strong> flavor.</p> <p>Seedmakers is quite a <strong>quiet seed bank</strong> that doesn’t call too much attention to itself, but they’ve been selling nationally and internationally for years now. We <strong>highly recommend</strong> giving them a go if you’ve never grown a Seedmakers seed before.</p>
  • Seedsman Full Seed...
    <p><strong>Seedsman is an English seed bank</strong> that started out in 2003. When they started out, they were selling seeds made by other seed banks. In 2007, with the help of a group of professional breeders, they decided to create their own seed bank. They <strong>started selling feminized seeds</strong> and began selling autoflowering strains in 2011.</p> <p><strong>Seedsman is now a world-wide international</strong> seed bank that sells seeds in different continents. Their range of old school strains are beloved by US breeders, who use their strains to create their own versions. Strains such as <strong>Somango or Early Skunk</strong> have been used to create many of the seeds we sell today.</p> <p><strong>Original Skunk 1 by Seedsman</strong> is known for <strong>how stable and balanced</strong> it is. It provides amazing yields that are incredibly potent. It’s super easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. It’s super resistant to extreme temperatures as well as insect infestations, although it was designed to be grown indoors. You can easily get around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors when using pruning techniques and a SCRoG or SoG trellis. It takes just two months to flower, allowing you to harvest enormous amounts of weed just three months after planting. Its hybrid genes give it a mental and physical effect that can last for quite a while.</p> <p>In 2011 they started <strong>selling autoflowering strains</strong>, one of which is the incredibly legendary Lowryder, which was originally thrown out. This is one of the most important seeds that Seedsman has every bred, and they used it to create the <a href=""><strong>Easy</strong> <strong>Ryder Auto</strong></a>, which was created using an Ak47 and a potent Lowryder. This strain is a bit more delicate to grow, so if you’re not an experienced grower, you might want to grow it indoors to make your job a bit easier. After just a couple of months you should be able to harvest up to <strong>450g per square meter</strong>. Its effect is intensely mentally active, although if you go too far its effect may end up couch-locking you.</p> <p><strong>Ogre Auto by Seedsman</strong> is another one of their amazingly potent seeds. You’re not likely to find a strain with such prestigious genes as Ogre Auto – it comes from a mix between strains such as <strong>Lowryder, Amnesia Haze and Hindu Kush</strong>. It grows perfectly well indoors and outdoors, it’s up to you. We grew it outdoors, planted straight into the ground with a decent pre-prepped substrate. We managed to harvest around <strong>100g per plant</strong>, which is quite a lot. Thanks to its perfected genes, it’s resistant to various different kinds of insect infestations. It’s important to harvest before the end of the summer, as strong rains may damage the plant. Its <strong>slight sativa-dominance</strong> gives it quite a potent effect that isn’t that strong, allowing you to go about your business.</p> <p>We consider Seedsman to be an <strong>incredible seed bank</strong>, offering quality seeds. They have quite a high germination rate, are easy to grow and produce amazing results – whatever your preferences, Seedsman has <strong>something for everyone</strong>.</p>
  • Sensi Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Sensi Seeds is a Dutch</strong> seed bank that has their main base of operations in Amsterdam. The company was founded in <strong>1985 by Ben Dronkers</strong>, making it one of the oldest banks in the sector and a pioneer when it comes to <strong>breeding new cannabis seeds</strong>. They also started out using the <strong>selection process</strong> that many modern cannabis seed banks still use, which consists in travelling around the world in order to find pure landrace strains. Countries such as <strong>Turkey, Afghanistan </strong>and<strong> Jamaica</strong> are some of the destinations that Sensi Seeds has visited in the past.</p> <p>Nowadays, <strong>Sensi Seeds</strong> is known for being one of the largest cannabis seed banks in the world, stocking over 500 strains. Their strains have become absolute legends all around the world, and many of them have even been patented such as <strong>American Dream and Shiva Shanti</strong>. This seed bank has such sway that the <strong>Dutch government</strong> put them in charge of growing the medicinal cannabis that is now sold in pharmacies all around the country.</p> <p>As you can tell, these guys are the <strong>big fish in the cannabis industry</strong>, so let’s have a look at some of their most impressive strains. Sensi Seeds has an enormous amount of strains; feminized, regular, autoflowering and even <strong>autoflowering regular strains</strong>. They’re one of the few seed banks that still work with auto regular plants, which can be incredibly hard to find but are great for making your own autoflowering strains.</p> <p>Sensi Seeds works with a lot of highly pure regular cannabis strains which are incredibly difficult to find anywhere else. They’ve used these seeds to make <strong>potent feminized strains</strong> that gave them their start. A clear example is <strong>Jamaican Pearl by Sensi Seeds</strong>. Each drag from this sativa-dominant strain will have you thinking that you’re chilling on a tropical Jamaican beach; incredibly euphoric. It’s perfect for growing outdoors; it should be ready to harvest towards the <strong>end of October</strong>. If you’re a patient grower, you’ll absolutely love Jamaican Pearl.</p> <p>Another amazing strain is jack Flash #5 by Sensi Seeds. This short-flowering hybrid takes around <strong>60-70 days</strong> to fully flower. Indoors you’ll get amazing results, around <strong>600g</strong> per square meter of delicious skunk flavored weed with hints of <strong>pine and lemon</strong>. Its effect is considered anti-depressant, due to the <strong>euphoric and happy</strong> sensation that it produces, allowing you to smoke it during the day without feeling too stoned.</p> <p>Sensi Seeds spends a lot of time <strong>developing and maintaining their regular strains</strong>, which are the building blocks upon which the rest of their strains are built. Some of them are absolute legends such as <strong>Skunk #1 or Northern Lights</strong>, although their catalogue is so large that we’ll need to talk about some of their other strains first.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Hash Plant Regular</strong> by Sensi Seeds</a> is one of their most underrated strains, although it’s the perfect choice for those looking to make pure extracts from their own plants at home. Its indica-dominance gives it quite a <strong>potent physical effect when consumed</strong>, making for an intense medicinal relaxant. You’ll feel incredibly sedated, so we recommend consuming it before sleeping or for treating strong muscle pains. It’s super easy to grow and is perfect for beginners that need a bit more experience. It does well indoors and outdoors, harvesting around <strong>500g</strong> per square meter indoors and the same amount per plant outdoors.</p> <p>One of their most <strong>important regular seeds</strong> is Durban Regular; this is the perfect sativa plant for growing outdoors, which is where it does best. It's perfect for growing in mild climates that get plenty of sun. It’s quite surprising visually, stretching upwards while also producing a <strong>large amount of buds</strong> along the central stem. This strain was found in South Africa, which is why it’s called Durban regular.</p> <p>They’re currently expanding their <strong>autoflowering range</strong>, having used their legendary strains to make the first few such as Early Skunk Auto or Hindu Kush. Big Bud Automatic by Sensi Seeds is one of the most productive autoflowering plants we’ve ever seen. Indoors it’s a flower-machine, ready in just 3 total months, and its relaxing effect is incredibly <strong>sweet, similar to Critical strains</strong>. If you want to grow strong, sturdy and high yielding autoflowering plants, Big Bud Auto by Sensi Seeds is the strain for you.</p> <p>Don’t forget about their regular autoflowering strains such as <strong>Ruderalis Indica Regular and Ruderalis Skunk Regular</strong>, satisfying a small part of a wide market. We recommend using it for crossing with other feminized strains that you have, resulting in female plants with short flowering periods.</p> <p><strong>Sensi Seeds</strong> only sells strains that have been chosen because they are the best, without any genetic modifications. If you want to grow quality strains, Sensi Seeds is the seed bank for you. This section contains all of their <strong>enormous seed catalogue</strong> in the one spot so that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. Sensi Seeds has been winning over growers since the <strong>80’s</strong> – it’s about time you give them a try.</p>
  • Serious Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Serious Seeds is a Dutch cannabis seed bank</strong> that was founded in <strong>1995</strong>. Simon, their founder, was determined to start his own bank; the year before, in 94, his AK47 and Chronic plants won prizes in Amsterdam’s<strong> High Times cannabis cup</strong>. Simon was travelling around Africa during the 80s, learning about cannabis, smoking weed and collecting seeds for himself. He was hired by Alan Dronkers, Sensi Seeds’ founder. After working there for years and learning from the best, he started Serious Seeds.</p> <p>Serious Seeds has an amazing reputation, known for <strong>producing high end cannabis seeds</strong> that produce enormous yields and delicious flavors. Serious Seeds only produces quality seeds, which is proven by the fact that all of their seeds have won cannabis competitions. They stock <strong>feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds.</strong></p> <p>When it comes to their feminized seeds, <strong>Chronic</strong> is one of their first ever creations that helped them to create many of their other strains. This plant is an <strong>indica/sativa hybrid</strong> that produces indica-like yields. Our expert growers have managed to get over <strong>600g per square meter</strong> indoors. This strain centers most of its yield on the central stem, so it doesn’t like being topped or pruned excessively. This strain is perfect for experienced smokers, as it gives as intense high – you’ll be <strong>couch-locked</strong> in no time. Chronic by Serious Seeds is a strain that every grower should grow at least once – it has quite the history behind it, and has been perfected over the years.</p> <p>Another of their original strains come about just a few years after they started creating seeds; <strong>Warlock</strong> was released onto the market in 1997 is a strain that provides consumers with <strong>intensely relaxing effects</strong> as well as a delicious fruity and citric flavor. This strain has won an amazing amount of prizes since it was created and it’s still winning. Outdoors it does perfectly, producing many branches when given enough space. You can harvest around <strong>500g per plant</strong> – careful though, this strain is incredibly potent.</p> <p>Serious Seeds also has a wide selection of <strong>regular seeds</strong> – if you’re used to growing feminized seeds, you might want to give their regular seeds a go. We recommend growing <strong>Biddie Early Regular</strong>. This is the perfect strain for starting out with regular strains – it does amazingly well when it comes to humidity, cold and mold. It does pretty well indoors, however, we recommend growing it outdoors due to how sturdy and strong it is. You can easily grow it to around 2m tall without much effort, harvesting up to <strong>250g per plant</strong>.</p> <p>Some of their strains come from the US –<strong> Serious Seeds</strong> was one of the first EU banks to begin<strong> importing strains from the US</strong>. This is because some of Simon’s US partners brought them to the EU from the states, they were having legal troubles and were forced to give the plants to Simon – a clear example of one of these strains is <strong>Bubble Gum Regular</strong>.</p> <p><a href="">Bubble Gum Regular by Serious Seeds</a> is known for its intense strawberry bubblegum aroma – it’s super easy to recognize. Its effect is super energetic and euphoric and its flavor is just as sweet as its flavor. This amazing strain has won the<strong> High Times Cannabis Cup over 10 times now</strong>, which is one of the most prestigious prizes in the cannabis sector. Bubble Gum Regular does amazingly both indoors and outdoors – we tried it out indoors and we harvested 450g from a square meter indoors. Its buds are incredibly resinous – we highly recommend using a decent aroma filter when grown indoors.</p> <p><strong>Serious Seeds</strong> is one of our must trustworthy seed banks – the quality of their seeds is undeniable, so if you want to start growing truly potent and delicious strains, give Serious Seeds a go. Have a look at their full catalogue right here, with complete descriptions of each and every strain so that you know what to expect.</p>
  • Shogun Products
    <p><strong>Shogun Fertilisers</strong> is a British fertilizer brand with headquarters in Sheffield, UK. They aim and strive to create new products that revolutionize the world of gardening, farming and cannabis growing. Shogun knows that cannabis growers are incredibly demanding when it comes to the quality of their fertilizers. That’s why they took the time to design quality, professional fertilizers. They have made two incredible discoveries, called <strong>SmartZen and AquaZen</strong>, which are included in some of their products in order to increase yield and general quality.</p> <p><strong>AquaZen is a formula</strong> that essentially optimizes the distribution of water in your growing medium, allowing it to expand evenly throughout the substrate, which helps your plants’ roots to absorb more nutrients. SmartZen is a product that’s been added to their base nutrients in order to increase yield <strong>around 8%.</strong></p> <p><strong><a href="">Katana Roots</a> </strong>is an impressive product used during the rooting period; it stimulates intense root growth, which is key for guaranteeing<strong> successful and healthy plants. Sumo Active Boost</strong> is a product that has done amazingly when it comes to accelerating the growth and flowering periods. These products work perfectly alongside <strong>Warrior PK 9-18 and Dragon Force</strong>, both of which are used to increase flowering as well as fatten your plants’ buds.</p> <p>These additives do <strong>amazingly on their own</strong> and combined, although you will definitely need to use their main nutrient bases, which are Terra Grow and Terra Bloom, which are generally used for the growth and flowering periods. These products are perfect for using with soil or peat substrates. They also have a specific product designed for coco coir substrates called <strong>Coco A+B</strong>, and hydroponic equivalents such as <strong>Hydro Grow and Bloom A+B</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Shogun</strong> has just started but they’ve already made a name for themselves due to the amazing effects and results provided by these products. They are <strong>incredibly stable</strong> and constant, increasing yields much more than other products. Shogun still works daily to innovate and create brand new masterpieces – some of the best quality you can find on the market.</p>
  • Solux Products
    <p>Solux is one of <strong>the best light brands for cannabis growing</strong> out there. Their lights are incredibly well made and are the best on the market at imitating natural light for your plants.</p> <p>Various studies done around the world have guaranteed that Solux bulbs and products are at least eight times stronger and twice as energy-efficient <strong>as traditional lighting systems</strong> – Solux means trust and quality, guaranteed.</p> <p><strong>Solux</strong> has always been right at the forefront of light technology and innovating, having spent quite a lot of time studying and creating their lights. They recently began producing a type of light can may revolutionize how homegrowers grow their cannabis indoors; LEC systems. LEC systems can replicate the <strong>natural light spectrum</strong> more efficiently than LED lights, using less electricity and increasing yield.</p> <p>One of their best products is their 630W LEC kit. LEC lights let off around a fourth of the heat that normal sodium lights do, so you can place them closer to your plants without worrying about burning the tips. This <strong>incredibly potent LEC light</strong> is used to increase yield to heights you’ve probably never even imagined. These lights are perfect for any grower due to how easy they are to set up and start using. It comes in two models, one for the growth period and another for the flowering period.</p> <p>At we like to test our products first so that we know our customers are getting the best they possibly can. You will <strong>absolutely love</strong> your new Solux light. Every single one of their products are made with top quality materials.</p>
  • Soma Seeds Entire Seed...
    <p><strong>Soma Seeds is a US seed bank</strong> that had to move to Holland to stay open due to various legal issues in the states. Soma is one of the most important figures in the cannabis world due to his implications in the legalization movement and his various efforts for preserving different strains. His masterpiece is his prized strain, <strong>Somango</strong>, which has been around for decades and is still high in demand – it’s even been <strong>copied</strong> by rival seed banks.</p> <p><strong>Somango by Soma Seeds</strong> is the real and original version of this strain that was used to inspire many future strains. The creator highly recommends growing it using organic products in order to amplify its flavor and effect. When grown indoors using <strong>600w grow lights</strong> you can harvest around <strong>300g</strong> per square meter. Outdoors, however, this strain is capable of dealing with any type of climate (it does best in mild climates). If you make the most of the sun and give it maximum light exposure, it will grow incredibly well, producing up to <strong>400g</strong> per plant easily. Its flavor is deliciously mango-like with hints of pineapple, and its effect is <strong>euphoric and positive</strong> – perfect for chatting with friends.</p> <p>Soma is one of the few people that have been able to dedicate their life’s work to something that he’s really <strong>passionate</strong> about. He has put a lot of love and care into his company and strains – Lavender and <a href="">NYC Diesel are clear examples of the <strong>incredible high quality</strong></a> that Soma offers his consumers.</p>
  • Strain Hunters Products
    <p><strong>Strain Hunters is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that belongs to Green House Seeds. This seed bank started as an idea to collect exotic strains found on their travels. They also filmed a series of documentaries on their travels, visiting places like <strong>Jamaica, Colombia, Indica, and Malawi</strong>. Arjan, alongside the recently deceased Franco Loja, would take a camera absolutely everywhere with them. We highly recommend checking these documentaries out.</p> <p>Alongside a <strong>series of documentaries</strong>, they released the seed bank Strain Hunters, selling the seeds they’ve found all around the world. All of these strains have something in common; all of them were taken from <strong>third world, nature-rich countries</strong> that sustain themselves mostly with (not necessarily) cannabis sales.</p> <p><strong>Strain Hunter’s catalogue</strong> contains purely seasonal feminized strains that may not be well known, but they have been <strong>tested by professionals</strong> at Green House Seeds and have proven to give amazing results.</p> <p><a href="">Big Tooth by Strain Hunters</a> is one of the highest-yielding seeds they’ve found, harvesting up to <strong>500-600g per square meter</strong> indoors underneath potent lamps. The genetic origins of this strain are unknown; all we know is that they were Afghan, Hawaiian and Nepalese plants. Its flowers grow incredibly juice and thick, letting off a <strong>spicy flavor with herby and flowery hints</strong> to it. Its effect is clearly mixed, starting off with an intense mental high and ending in intense physical relaxation. This strain is great for adventurers, just like the men that made it possible to grow this strain in Europe.</p> <p><strong>White Lemon by Strain Hunters</strong> is another of their prized strains, with <strong>high THC and CBD levels</strong>. It’s super easy to grow, and you’ll be able to get amazing results without much effort at all. It’s super productive if you take into account its super short flowering period. Indoors you can harvest up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong> after just three months. Its flavor is quite interesting, with hints of musk and vanilla. Keep in mind that this strain loved being topped indoors, responding wonderfully to techniques such as <strong>SCRoG or SoG</strong>. During the last few flowering weeks, you’ll be able to see its thick layer of resin, making for quite a pretty looking plant.</p>
  • Sunmaster Products
    <p><strong>Sunmaster is a company based in Ohio, USA</strong>, and they specialize in making HID lights for indoor growing. This company has made a name for itself when it comes to indoor lighting, having over <strong>25 years’ experience</strong> to back them up. They’ve also made a name for themselves when it comes to the cannabis community due to the amazing results their lights provide when growing cannabis. They have <strong>specific bulbs for the flowering and growth periods</strong>, as well as mixed bulbs.</p> <p>Their <a href=""><strong>Sunmaster</strong> <strong>VH Veggie light</strong></a> is designed specifically for the growth period – it produces quite a white light which causes cannabis plants to grow strong and compact. Their light imitates spring almost perfectly, so they <strong>shouldn’t stretch out too much</strong>, producing more nodes. They’re highly useful when it comes to growing mother plants and clones.</p> <p>Once the growth period is over, you’ll need <strong>to switch out the light</strong> in order to change it for a flowering bulb, which increases performance and yield. You’ll need to start using the <strong>Sunmaster Super HPS light</strong>, which is specifically designed for the flowering period. These lights have more of an orange tint to them, which simulates the end of summer, so your plants will think that winter is coming soon, causing them to flower as fast and as strong as possible.</p> <p>You’ll get much larger yields when <strong>using specific bulbs</strong>, however if you’ve just started out and want something a bit more simple or simply don’t have a large budget, you can simply use a mixed light such as the <strong>Sunmaster Dual Light</strong> – this light can be used for both the growth and flowering period. Short, yet high-yielding plants.</p> <p><strong><span>Sunmaster produces high quality lights</span></strong><span> at super competitive prices. All of their bulbs come in different strengths, so you can choose the perfect one for your available space. Get your hand on a <strong>400, 600 or 1000w light</strong>.</span></p>
  • Super Smoker Products
    <p><strong>Super Smoker is a Spanish company</strong> that has made a name for itself when it comes to cannabis paraphernalia. Their innovative designs have been sold all around the world. They recently launched their own range of <strong>bongs, bangers, grinders, lighters and stash containers</strong>, as well as many other products.</p> <p>When it comes to bongs, one of our favorites is the <strong>30cm tall Gamma bong</strong>. It’s the perfect bong for smoking with a few friends, and its classic design makes it perfect for parties although it’s not the best bong to be carrying around. It has special <strong>slots on the neck for ice-cubes</strong> so that you can cool your smoke down much more, making for a more intense and deep weed flavor when smoking.</p> <p>Super Smoker also has some <strong>pretty dope lighters,</strong> such as their<strong> <a href="">double-arc electric Nibiru lighter</a>. </strong>It’s an incredibly pretty lighter, with two clear visible plasma arcs used to<strong> light your joints.</strong> It’s also made out of<strong> incredibly sturdy materials.</strong> The<strong> Nibiru</strong> lighter works using electrodes that generate the beautiful blue/purple light. It uses a lithium battery, just like many smartphones, and it comes with a <strong>USB charger</strong> for maximum comfort. Its battery lasts for quite a while, so you won’t need to charge it every day.</p> <p>One of our favorite items, however, is the <strong>Smokus Focus Stash</strong>. Two amazing companies got together to make this beautiful device; Super Smoker and Smokus Focus, a renowned US paraphernalia company. This stash is essentially both a way to stash your plants and a way to <strong>display your weed</strong>. Each bottle has a magnifying glass for a lid and lights on the inside so that you can see the trichomes perfectly. It has <strong>beautiful LED lights</strong> inside that’ll make it look like your buds are sparkling. It’s super easy to use, and you can charge it using a USB cable too – perfect to display your <strong>incredibly resinous strains</strong>.</p> <p>Super Smoker has <strong>plenty of products</strong> that we haven’t even mentioned; we recommend having a look at their products on our page if you want to be pleasantly surprised. There’s something for everyone! Super Smoker is for those that see <strong>weed as a lifestyle rather than a hobby</strong>.</p>
  • Super Strains Entire...
    <p><strong>Super Strains is a relatively young Dutch seed bank</strong> that started off in 2010. This seed bank belongs to the same company that makes Hy-Pro nutrients. They currently operate independently, designing their own strains that produce amazing results in as far as size, yield, flavor and effect. They currently stock <strong>feminized and autoflowering</strong> strains.</p> <p>Their <a href="">most legendary strain is <strong>Amnesia</strong></a>, known for being an incredibly high-yielding sativa strain that produces enormous buds in record times. This strain is originally from the 90s, and is still many consumers’ preferred strain, which is why they’ve kept it genetically stable for so long. It has a delicious <strong>incensed flavor with spicy, licorice hints</strong> to it, producing sweet and fresh drags. This strain is incredibly stimulating, keeping your brain up and at it for long periods of time. When it comes to yield, after just three months you can harvest up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong> indoors or <strong>800g per plant outdoors</strong>. If you think you have the experience for it and the space, we highly recommend growing it outdoors, which is where you’ll get the best possible results.</p> <p>Another of their most impressive strains is <strong>Enemy of the State by Super Strains</strong>, which is designed specifically to produce enormous amounts of resin. This indica strain produces potent effects that are both <strong>physically and mentally</strong> relaxing. Its flavor is also incredibly potent, with hints of musk in its incredibly dense smoke – this is a warning sign that its effect is equally as potent and dense. Its yield is similar to that of the rest of their seeds, yielding around <strong>500g from 9 plants</strong> per square meter indoors after just <strong>55 flowering days</strong>.</p> <p>They also stock autoflowering strains for those that don’t have the time or space for feminized plants. We highly recommend trying out their <strong>Turing Auto strain</strong>. This strain is highly resistant to intense climates as well as insect plagues, growing perfectly in whatever environment that you put it in, even <strong>during the winter</strong>. It does grow a bit slower than other autoflowering strains – after 3-4 months you’ll be able to harvest <strong>delicious sweet buds</strong> with hints of wood and musk alongside its intensely relaxing effect.</p> <p>Super Strains doesn’t have quite as large a catalogue as other seed banks, but they definitely make up for it with their <strong>high-end quality seeds</strong>. They work incredibly hard in order to perfect the stability and yield of their plants- Their catalogue revolves around their original Amnesia – they are experts in Amnesia seeds.</p>
  • Sweet Seeds
    <p><strong>Sweet Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that started back in 2005 in Valencia. It took them a while to get started, but after a few years of hard work they finally began to make a name for themselves in 2008. That year they won first prize for the <strong>Best Cannabis Bank at Spannabis 2008</strong>. Now, you can find Sweet Seeds strains almost anywhere in the world. They’ve been growing their catalogue ever since, commercializing their amazing strains, many of which have won an enormous amount of prizes. Have a look at their <strong>feminized, autoflowering and CBD-rich seeds</strong>.</p> <p>Sweet Seeds is constantly innovating, creating brand new <strong>Fast Version (F1)</strong> strains that are essentially <strong>incredibly fast seasonal plants</strong> that have been combined with autoflowering plants. They flower super-fast but are still considered seasonal strains!</p> <p>In this category, we’ve <strong>rounded up all of Sweet Seeds’ strains</strong>, such as their feminized strains. One of our favorites is Green Poison, which has won many prizes and will probably continue to do so. Green Poison by Sweet Seeds is already <strong>one of their customers’ favorite strains</strong>, producing large amounts of flowers both indoors and outdoors. You’ll be able to harvest beautifully resinous and potent buds that’ll send you on an absolute trip for quite a while. Soon after releasing this strain they also released autoflowering, <strong>F1 and CBD versions</strong> of the strain.</p> <p>If you’re interested in their <strong>CBD-rich catalogue</strong>, we highly recommend trying out their Ice Cool CBD. This strain is possibly the perfect CBD strain that produces large, high concentrations of weed and plenty of resin, which is also <strong>ideal for making medicinal extracts</strong>.</p> <p>When it comes to autoflowering strains, they <strong>currently have over 30</strong> of them in their catalogue. Most of their auto strains are versions of their feminized strains, such as <a href=""><strong>Black jack Auto</strong></a> which comes from <strong>the legendary Jack Herer</strong>, producing enormous amounts of weed in just under two months. This strain is perfect for growing indoors, allowing you to place <strong>9 11L flowerpots</strong> per square meter. We recommend training the branches, as it can grow quite tall and you’ll want its branches to be as strong as possible. Its effects are <strong>pretty amazing</strong>, causing fits of giggles and laughter that keep you active and ready to take anything on.</p> <p>They also <strong>have various CBD-rich seeds</strong>, one of which is their <strong>Honey Peach Auto CBD</strong>. This CBD-rich autoflowering plant has been perfected over the years, reaching excellency in its 5<sup>th</sup> generation. This strain is <strong>fungi-resistant</strong>, has quite a large structure and produces large amounts of quality flowers. Like its name would suggest, it has intense medicinal effects as well as delicious sweet and fruity flavors that’ll stick around for a while. You can <strong>easily harvest around 500g per square meter</strong> from around 9 plants. Thanks to its low THC content, it’s great for those that simply want a medicinal effect without feeling too stoned.</p> <p><strong><span>Sweet Seeds</span></strong><span> is definitely one of the <strong>best seed banks</strong> out there thanks to the quality of their seeds. With Sweet Seeds, you’re guaranteed amazing results from these reliable seeds. They have a strain for absolutely everyone in their <strong>wide catalogue</strong>; all types of flavors and aromas, ready to grow!</span></p>
  • SystemAir RVK Products
    <p><strong>Systemair</strong> is a <strong>Swiss company</strong> that started back in 1974. They had an idea that would revolutionize ventilation systems, changing the way fans were made. Ever since they began, they’ve been growing and expanding, having over <strong>5500 employees</strong> around the world in 65 different companies.</p> <p>Their best and most useful product when it comes to indoor cannabis growing is their <a href="">RVK Extractor Fan</a>. This just might be the most known and used extractor when it comes to cannabis growing thanks to <strong>how efficient, potent</strong> and quiet it is. When used inside a silencing box you’ll forget that it’s even on. The RVK Extractor might be the best extractor fan that we face, and it’s definitely the quietest. It’s <strong>perfect for growers</strong> that have small or medium-sized indoor setups. It’s available in various different strengths, and the largest ones are good for growers with more plants.</p> <p><strong>Systemair’s RVK Extractor</strong> is incredibly trustworthy, <strong>you’re guaranteed quality</strong> for your money, keeping your plants0 extraction system working perfectly at all times. They are known for how well they run and their <strong>amazing performance</strong>, making them great if you want to have a professional indoor crop at a lower budget. Thanks to <strong>Systemair’s technology</strong>, you can have one of the best air extraction systems at a great price.</p>
  • Technaflora Products
    <p><strong>Technaflora is a Canadian</strong> company based in British Columbia. They have a wide range of high-performance nutrients and additives for both hydroponic and soil mediums. They think of themselves as an <strong>imaginative and dynamic company</strong>, with a consistent range of products when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. We’re well aware that Technaflora is constantly upgrading and improving their products.</p> <p>One of our favorite recent releases by the brand is their <strong>Recipe for Success Starter Kit</strong>, which has taken off among cannabis home-growers, as well as gardeners and farmers. For an incredibly low price, you can get <strong>10 different products</strong> that can feed your plants from start to finish, alongside a complete feeding schedule for your plants. It’s definitely one of the best offers on the market right now when it comes to affordable yet complete fertilizer packs. You’ll be able to use their exclusive specific additives for each and every phase, which makes for amazing results.</p> <p>One of the best products in the <strong><a href="">Recipe for Success pack is Root 66</a>,</strong> a product that’s used whenever you transplant cannabis plants. It helps to keep your plants’ roots healthy and strong, reducing the stress caused by transplants. It also protects your plants’ roots from insect infestations and fungi. Their base fertilizer is called<strong> Pura Vida Grow and Pura Vida Bloom</strong>, for the growth and flowering periods respectively.</p> <p>Technaflora’s products stand out when it comes to their <strong>flowering</strong> products, which are incredibly potent and absolutely necessary for the best possible yield. You’ll need to use <strong>BC Bloom and Boost </strong>– these products give your plants everything they need to create an incredibly thick layer of resin, resulting in deliciously aromatic and flavorful flowers.</p> <p>One of their newest products, <strong>Seaweed</strong>, is from their range of organic stimulants. This product essentially gives your plants a little push during the growth period, causing them to grow taller and much stronger. This algae-based product is quite <strong>potent</strong> when it comes to ingredients, so it should never be used more than twice or you <strong>might end up over-feeding</strong> your plants with potassium.</p> <p><strong>Technaflora has an impressive range of products</strong>, from base nutrients to specific additives for every phase. Our expert growers got impressive results using Technaflora’s products, so we can almost guarantee that you will too! We <strong>highly recommend Technaflora</strong> to beginners and experts alike.</p>
  • Terranabis Products
    <p><strong>Terranabis is a Spanish Company</strong> that started a few years ago in 2016. They specialize in designing and creating <strong>organic stimulants</strong> <strong>and protective products for cannabis plants</strong>. They're based in Castellón, and just a few years after starting out they’re already being used all over Spain and outside of Spain. At Terranabis, their aim is to give their customers organic products that work perfectly with cannabis, increasing yield. Unlike other brands, Terranabis produces products <strong>designed exclusively for cannabis plants</strong>.</p> <p>You may be asking yourself, <strong>why Terranabis</strong>? They’re still such a young company – and that’s exactly why. In just three years they have managed to create products that provide truly amazing results with the added bonus of <strong>being organic</strong>. Their scientists, specialists in plant biology and biotechnology, developed the perfect creation process.</p> <p>Their <strong>growth fertilizer</strong>, Aminabis, is fully organic and makes for absolutely massive plants that are well fed. You’ll be able to <strong>see your plants looking better</strong> and better each day, producing thick and strong stems. Floranabis is their flowering base fertilizer – thanks to its potent concentration of nutrients, you’ll be able to harvest enormous amounts of <strong>deliciously thick flowers</strong>. It has an element called Can-Up Activator, which increases the amount of cannabinoids in your plants. One of the best, most <strong>revolutionary organic product</strong>s out there.</p> <p>We <strong>highly recommend that everyone try Terranabis at least once</strong> – their innovative biotechnology mixed with the fact that these <strong>organic fertilizers</strong> are designed for cannabis plants specifically make them quite unique. We recommend trying the <a href=""><strong>Terranabis</strong> <strong>Tri-pack</strong></a>, which comes with three products; the growth and flowering bases, as well as Bionabis, which is used to increase nutrient movement in your plants as well as <strong>reducing stress</strong> caused by external factors. This kit is great for beginners that don’t know how to get started.</p>
  • THC Products
    <p><strong>THC’s fertilizers and additives</strong> for cannabis are some of the best alternative products that we’ve ever tried. These affordable, potent products come in <strong>powdered format</strong>, such as their <strong>Epson salts, dolomite, silicone gel</strong> and their famous Guerrilla Grow. These quality additives can help your plants reach a whole new level.</p> <p><strong>Epson salts</strong> are used to give your plants’ substrate a little extra magnesium and sulfur, which is incredibly useful during the flowering period. You’ll be able to see the results with your own eyes; beautiful, green strong flowers that just keep growing. Dolomite is used to give your substrate a bit more oomf, as well as <strong>stabilize its pH</strong>, allowing your plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently. It has a little extra calcium and magnesium, too.</p> <p>Their <strong>silicone gel is used to absorb extra humidity</strong> from the environment, making it perfect for indoors grows. It’s also great for using when you’re drying your plants. You’ll know when it’s starting to lose its effect, because it’ll <strong>start going blue</strong>.</p> <p>Their most famous product is <strong>called <a href="">Guerrilla Grow</a></strong>. This additive can keep humidity in soil for much longer, which is super helpful if you don’t have much time to tend to your plants or if you plant on growing guerrilla style. You <strong>won’t have to water your plants as often</strong>.</p> <p><strong>THC products</strong> are great for cannabis plants and produce some pretty spectacular results without being too intense for fragile plants. These <strong>powdered additives</strong> are definitely something every grower should have on their shelf.</p>
  • The Devil's Harvest Seeds
    <p>The <strong>Devil’s Harvest Seeds is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that’s located in the cannabis capital of Europe, Amsterdam. This young seed bank has plenty of members that have years upon years of growing cannabis for recreational uses. They’ve already made quite a name for themselves when it comes to their strains, having won various prizes already. They’re considered one of the most creative seed banks when it comes to <strong>innovating with new seeds</strong> and surprising the cannabis community. They create feminized and regular seeds, combining classic and new strains.</p> <p>One of our favorite strains is <a href=""><strong>Shoreline</strong> <strong>by</strong> <strong>The Devil’s Harvest Seeds</strong></a>. It has an intense Skunk aroma and flavor, some of the most potent cannabis flavors on the market. They’re almost as pure as the strains smoked in the<strong> 80s</strong>. The strains used to create it are from the same decade, although they can’t be found anymore – that’s why this strain is so special. This strain can produce up to <strong>20% THC</strong>, and has won many cannabis cups, including Spannabis and the High Times Cup in the extracts category. It produces an incredible amount of potent, delicious resin that produces an intense relaxing effect. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a medicinal strain with which to ease chronic pain. When grown using a <strong>SoG method indoors</strong>, we managed to harvest up to 400g per square meter indoors. We recommend placing many plants, as they don’t produce a lot of branches; you can easily fit quite a lot in a square meter area.</p> <p><strong>Fallen Angel</strong> by Devil’s Harvest Seeds is one of their latest and best creations. This strain is designed to be grown <strong>outdoors</strong>. It’ll grow incredibly tall, reaching around <strong>2-3m tall</strong> with ease, full of resinous buds. You can harvest up to <strong>900g</strong> from just one plant, which is an incredible amount for outdoor growers. This indica-dominant strain has a delicious <strong>Afghan hash-like flavor</strong>, and its effects are equally as relaxing and pleasing. You should also use it to make extracts, as its resin is incredibly potent; you’ll really love the flavor.</p> <p>They also have a regular seed section, such as <strong>John Doe Regular</strong>, as well as Hell’s Bell. Both of these strains produce incredibly similar amounts indoors and outdoors, which is around <strong>300g</strong> per square meter indoors and between <strong>500 and 600g outdoors</strong>. We highly recommend growing John Doe if you’re looking for a sativa plant that is super easy to grow and gives a delicious and energetic effect. Hell’s Bell is more indica-dominant and produces quite an intense relaxing sensation after every drag.</p> <p><strong>Daire and Paul</strong>, the founders of DHS are proud of producing <strong>Old School strains for home-growers</strong> to enjoy in their gardens. Their seeds are sold all over the world thanks to their incredibly hard work.</p>
  • The Kush Brothers...
    <p><strong>The Kush Brothers</strong> is a Spanish seed bank that specializes in breeding and creating feminized strains. Their founders, <strong>JM Kush and AM Kush</strong>, have quite the history in the cannabis sector, collecting seeds in order to design their very own versions via hybridization. The results were astonishing, offering a large range of <strong>flavors and aromas</strong>.</p> <p>The Kush Brothers pays a lot of attention to the quality, not the quantity, of their plants, offering incredible strains in limited edition format. You’ll be able to <strong>get your hands on some incredibly unique strains</strong> that turn amazing colors.</p> <p>When it comes to flavor, aroma, and exotic qualities, one of their best strains is definitely the legendary <strong>Yellowstone</strong>. This strain was designed to be grown indoors, as it grows incredibly fast. We recommend topping it or using a <strong>SCRoG trellis net</strong> so that it doesn’t grow too big. You should be able to center most of its yield on the central stem, harvesting a whopping <strong>700g per square meter from 9 plants</strong>. It comes from a legendary Cheese strain, which gives it its flavor alongside an earthy aftertaste. You’ll love smoking it, as it’ll remove anything that’s stressing you out, allowing you to fully relax after a long, hard day.</p> <p>One of their best creations, however, is <a href="">Exotic Kush by The Kush Brothers</a>. This 100% indica strain combines high yields, flavor, and strength. We recommend growing it indoors; it takes just two months to flower, producing up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong> when done right. You’ll be able to harvest enormous yields of relaxing flowers that have a woody yet earthy flavor with a fruity aftertaste. Its flavor is quite long-lasting, so it’s perfect for enjoying over an afternoon or before bed.</p> <p>All of The Kush Brothers’ strains produce an enormous amount of resin, so they’re the perfect strain for those that <strong>enjoy BHO extracts</strong>. The Kush brothers guarantee high quality flowers when grown right. These strains are great if you’re looking to <strong>grow something different</strong> yet still incredibly potent.</p>
  • T.H. Seeds Products
    <p><strong>T.H. Seeds is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that was founded in 1993 in the cannabis capital of Europe, Amsterdam. It’s one of the oldest seed banks out there, with over <strong>25 years’ experience</strong> in the sector. Their founders, <strong>Adam and Doug</strong>, have put a lot of effort into doing what they love, and have won many prizes on various occasions.</p> <p><strong>T.H. Seeds has currently expanded</strong> and is now a worldwide company, with a base in Colorado too, which allows them to grow their strains and analyze their buds in their own labs. They’ve managed to create their own catalogue full of <strong>therapeutic and medicinal </strong>strains – most of their strains are feminized seasonal strains, although they have a few autoflowering plants too.</p> <p>It’s quite <strong>hard to choose a favorite</strong> from their feminized strains, with MK Ultra and S.A.G.E. ranking in at the top as authentic cannabis legends – they’re still winning prizes to this day. We’re going to talk about some of <strong>their lesser known strains</strong>, which are just as impressive.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>French Cookies</strong> by T.H. Seeds</a> is an <strong>indica-dominant strain</strong> that produces large, orange and resinous flowers – an absolute beauty. This plant is great if you’re looking for plants to grow outdoors, especially in hot and humid climates. Its <strong>short flowering period</strong> makes it quite a safe bet; it should be finished before the pesky after-summer rains. Under the best possible conditions we managed to harvest <strong>800g</strong> from just one plant. Its buds are incredibly aromatic, and they produce energetic, euphoric and happy effects.</p> <p>T.H. Seeds has also worked on a variety of versions of their <strong>S.A.G.E. strain</strong>, for example their CBD-rich version or their Kush version called <strong>Kushage</strong>. T.H. Seeds has stated that it’s one of their most sought-after seeds in their entire seed catalogue thanks to its amazing yields and psychoactive effect. Indoors it can produce up to <strong>400g per square meter</strong>, centering most of their yield on their central stem which allows you to place up to 11 plants per square meter. This strain is incredibly aromatic and will require an <strong>odor filter</strong> if you want to keep it discreet indoors. Its effect is incredibly relaxing, and can be used to treat issues such as insomnia.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>autoflowering strains</strong>, one of our favorites is Auto Northern Hog by T.H. Seeds. This strain comes from the legendary Northern Lights, <strong>registering THC levels up to 17%</strong> which is impressive from an autoflowering plant. Indoors, you can harvest between <strong>25-50g</strong> per plant. We don’t recommend overloading your grow tent, however – too many may decrease yield due to light blockage. Its effect is incredibly potent, giving a fast, <strong>pleasant</strong> and <strong>relaxing high</strong>.</p> <p>T.H. Seeds is one of the <strong>best cannabis seed banks around</strong>, with their own hall of fame with different celebrities that have tried their strains. Join their fan club and discover their exotic, amazing strains.</p>
  • Top Crop Products
    <p><strong>Top Crop is a Spanish bran</strong>d that designed and makes <strong>100% organic fertilizers and stimulants</strong>. Top Crop’s products have been surprising us year after year, giving growers all over the world amazing results thanks to their fully eco-friendly ingredients.</p> <p>We’d like to talk about some of our <strong>favorite Top Crop</strong> products, starting with Top Veg. This product makes for some intense, healthy growth, making for intensely strong branches that can hold up your plants’ buds. When growing outdoors, we recommend using it alongside <strong>Green Explosion</strong>, which is perfect for creating some enormously large plants that normally wouldn’t be ideal for growing indoors.</p> <p>They also have a range of fertilizers for the flowering period, known as <a href=""><strong>Top Bloom</strong></a>, which contains everything you plants need during this stage; high amounts of <strong>phosphorus and potassium</strong> in order to increase performance to the max. We recommend using it alongside Top Candy, which is used to increase the amount of sugars in your buds, fattening them and increasing the <strong>amount of resin produced</strong>.</p> <p>Top Crop is known for their exclusive use of organic ingredients in their products, as well as the enormous catalogue and stock of products that they have, offering <strong>substrates, additives and fertilizers</strong>. Their different substrates have absolutely taken off when it comes to growing cannabis, especially Top Crop Complete Mix. It’s a high-quality, versatile soil substrate that contains nutrients that guarantee healthy roots and intense growth. We recommend adding some bat guano to their substrates, which increases their potential even more; <strong>Nitro Guano and Super Guano</strong>, which contain specific nutrients for your plants’ growth period and for the bud fattening period, respectively.</p> <p>That’s not all, however; they also have a wide range of additives and stimulants for your plants, each one with its specific function. <strong>Barrier</strong> is used to increase the <strong>photosynthetic process</strong>, Deeper Underground is used to expand root structure and Top Auto is specific for autoflowering plants. Top Crop has a lot of different kits too, each designed for specific experience levels; if you’re a beginner, the <strong>Top Crop Tripack</strong> is a great way to start, and if you’re a more experienced grower, the Complete Top Crop Kit is the best.</p> <p>We could spend hours upon hours talking about Top Crop’s incredibly potent and <strong>professional products</strong> and the amazing results they provide. All of their products are made fully <strong>organically,</strong> and we highly recommend that you try them out for yourself so that you can see the amazing, <strong>intense results</strong> that we’ve been talking about – if you want <strong>professional results</strong>, Top Crop is the brand for you.</p>
  • TRABE Products
    <p><strong>TRABE (<em>Tratamientos Bioecológicos</em>)</strong> is a Spanish company that was founded in 1996. Ever since then they’ve been successfully making their own fertilizer and other high-performing products for plants. They’ve always put a lot of effort into making natural products that don’t harm the environment, keeping their prices <strong>quite affordable</strong> too. They’re considered <strong>Spanish pioneers</strong> when it comes to farming and agriculture.</p> <p>They have quite a large range of products that come in <strong>different formats</strong> for each and every cycle and phase of your plants – their products are fully eco-friendly. When used on cannabis plants, we’ve gotten some amazing results. If you use Bachumus Evolution C during the growth period you can grow some intensely robust and large plants, easily capable of holding up <strong>hefty, thick flowers</strong>. Those flowers can be produced using Bachumus Evolution F, a natural fertilizer that gives cannabis plants everything they need for a successful flowering period. These products are <strong>quite potent,</strong> so take care not to over-feed your plants.</p> <p><strong>TRABE </strong>also stocks various products used to get rid of insect<strong> infestations</strong> that tend to pop up in cannabis plants. They have insecticides and various preventive products such as Aliosan and Propolix. Proplix is used to keep fungi and rot away, making for much healthier plants. Aliosan is used to keep insects that typically attack cannabis plants at bay, such as white flies or spider mites. TRABE has put a lot of work into their <strong>preventive products</strong>, and they’ve always worked perfectly for us.</p> <p>When it comes to the <strong>best organic fertilizer</strong>, GuanoForte is probably their star product. It’s made out of <strong>various types of guano</strong> and it contains an unreal amount of nutrients – we recommend mixing it with your substrate for the best possible results. It contains only organic ingredients, so this versatile organic product can be used in the ground too. It contains <strong>high amounts of nitrogen</strong> for your plants’ growth, as well as phosphorus and potassium for the flowering period.</p> <p>TRABE is a guaranteed way to <strong>grow highly productive plants</strong>, safe from insect and fungi infestations, without needing to use any sort of chemical product at all.</p>
  • Trimpro Original Products
    <p>Cannabis cultivation can be divided in several stages: sprouting, growing, trimming, drying (those last two stages can be changed according to taste), and curing. <strong>Trimming is one of the most complex and boring tasks,</strong> probably one we, growers, dislike most. It is to help us with this task that Trimpro was created. This invention came to us through the hands of a Canadian man <strong>that needed to perform trimming in a quicker way but without quality losses.</strong> Its metal screen acts as a filter letting only leaves pass through. The former ones are hoovered by the movement of the blades located under the grid. Ultimately, the blades will cut the the leaves without harming the plants. The flowers will remain untouched while the leaves are gathered in a bag underneath. In short, a complete and clean job that will leave no trace.</p> <p><strong>History of the brand Trimpro </strong></p> <p>The brother of the inventor, during some of his stays in Europe, recommended some modification to the original Trimpro in order to <strong>meet the needs of their European customers.</strong> It was then when the <a href="">Trimbox</a><span> </span>was introduced. It is a smaller trimmer that can be assembled in any table with clamps or brackets and it's ideal for smaller crops, always employing the same technology as its bigger predecessor. Both the <a href="">Trimpro</a> and the Trimbox can be coupled to the Workstation, a working surface that facilitates manicuring since it allows branches to be on the table and thus, accelerates the process.</p> <p>In the beginning, the Mercier brothers only sold these machines. However, their willingness to keep on surpassing themselves make them come up with a more automatic machine. They designed the <strong>Automatik, a machine with 4 blades that would increase the whirlwind effect and with a 3 speeds engine. The height of the blades</strong> was also adjustable to choose the desired type of cutting. The difference between the Trimpro and this one is that the cover that is on top of the screen reduces the risk for injuries and this makes it much safer than any other trimmer. Once the flowers have attained the desired degree of cleaning, they come out easily by simply opening a small door. Cleaned flowers are propelled by the air generated by the turning blades. All the waste is gathered in a bag, like in the original Trimpro, for a perfectly clean job.</p> <p>It didn't take too long before customers in USA, Canada and Australia called for a <strong>Trimpro Automatik with a bigger capacity. And that's how Trimpro Automatik XL was born.</strong> With a capacity 5 times superior to the Trimpro Automatik, both trimers are some of the safest ones for the user and are designed for an industrial use. The motor of the XL is more powerful than the Automatik's one. It was necessary to redesign the screen and install 2 more blades (making up for a total of 6) that are able to give you clean flowers in very little time, with no loss of quality or resin.</p> <p>Not happy enough with their trimers, the brothers <strong>decided they wanted to increase the power and install an even more powerful engine on it: a 1.3 HP Honda motor, </strong>ideal for those who want <strong>to work outdoors</strong> and cannot be plugged to the power network. The motor is started in a similar way to a chainsaw, by pulling from a chord and adjusting the speed. It has several compartments that allow you to introduce the flowers and collect the clean ones in a safe way. When it comes to waste, it might not be as clean as the above explained models.</p> <p><strong>In 2010, Trimpro wanted to innovate with regard to their previous machines which were "too aggressive" </strong>and launched Trimpro Rotor. Quieter<strong>, these machines work in a softer manner and even less resin is lost.</strong> They are very safe thanks to a metal protection around the screen while already trimmed flowers are easily collected through a small door.</p> <p><strong>After the success of  Trimpro Rotor several models came out, as it happened with Automatik.</strong> There is an XL version that allows a faster and more voluminous job. Trimpro Unplugged allows for a quiet job: it is not powered by electricity or oil but it works with our bare arm. A soft and constant movement is recommended. The <strong>leather sheets treated with oil limit the adherence of resin and let you </strong>get the best results out of your trimming in a shorter time.</p> <p></p>
  • Trompetol Products
    <p><strong>Trompetol</strong> is a company that started out in the <strong>Czech Republic</strong>. They started out in order to fill the rising demand for medicinal CBD products. All of their products are fully natural and organic, totally safe to use. Trompetol decided to <strong>bet on the cannabis sector</strong> once they saw CBD consumption increasing.</p> <p>Their products have all been certified as <strong>100% natural and organic</strong>; they even grow their own hemp for their products. Their <a href="">CBD pomades</a> have proven to get rid of pain, hydrate dry skin and reduce pain from <strong>burns and psoriasis</strong>. Its anti-inflammatory effect is great for pretty much any external skin issue you may have. Also, anybody can use these products as they don’t produce any sort of negative effect; <strong>perfect for kids and elders</strong>.</p> <p>Trompetol has also developed a face cream that <strong>contains 100% natural ingredients</strong>. Its properties included hydration and protection, keeping your skin safe from external agents. It also increases the regeneration process. It’s great for those that have been sunburnt too, as it accelerates the recovery process.</p> <p>All of Trompetol’s products are just as effective thanks to their <strong>high CBD content</strong>, which has been proven to be extremely <strong>good for the skin</strong>. All of their products will leave you with hydrated, beautiful-looking skin. Get your hands on some Trompetol products and see it for yourself – you’ll see the difference.</p>
  • Tropical Seeds Products
    <p><strong>Tropical Seeds is a cannabis seed bank </strong>that officially opened their doors in 2008, although they originally began breeding seeds around a decade before. This Spanish seed bank is based in the Canary Islands. These islands have one of the best mild climates all year round, making it the perfect location for growing cannabis and experimenting with new strains.</p> <p>Tropical Seeds is specialized in <strong>breeding landrace sativa strains</strong>; plants that are native to various different regions in the world, doing the whole process outdoors. Tropical Seeds works using regular seeds in order to <strong>guarantee maximum genetic purity</strong>. They currently stock feminized and regular strains.</p> <p>When it comes to their regular strains, they have some quite extraordinary specimens, such as <strong>Zambian Regular</strong>. This <strong>100% sativa strain</strong> is incredibly potent, giving an energetic mental effect that’ll have you floating on a cloud of positive energy. This plant, native to Africa, offers a flavor that’s somehow similar to sweet carrots with hints of pepper. When it comes to yield, it does perfectly well both indoors and outdoors although all of Tropical Seeds’ plants do best when planted outdoors. It can grow to <strong>around 3m tall</strong>, producing enormous amounts of buds on each and every branch – we highly recommend training the branches so that they don’t end up bending and breaking under the weight of the buds. Outdoors we managed to harvest up to <strong>700g per plant</strong> of delicious flowers.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>feminized strains</strong>, we’d love to talk about Red Afro by Tropical Seeds. This strain is one of the few plants that they bred with <strong>indica-dominance</strong>, making it one of their easiest strains to grow. It has quite an enormous amount of terpenes too, which makes for an intense aroma and flavor. Its relaxing effects are quite potent, so it’s highly recommended for consuming at the end of the day before going to bed. It’s also <strong>highly medicinal</strong>, allowing you to make the most out of its effects to treat chronic pain or cancer treatment side effects. <strong>Red Afro by Tropical Seeds</strong> has all of the necessary characteristics needed to become your newest favorite cannabis strain; it can produce up to <strong>500g per square meter</strong> in less than three months. This plant is easy to grow, strong and doesn’t require large doses of fertilizer.</p> <p><span>We fully stand behind this <strong>amazing seed bank</strong> that works with landrace strains from all over the world so that we can grow them at home. Tropical Seeds allows us to enjoy seeds that are quite <strong>different from strains that you’ve tried before</strong> – a delight for the senses.</span></p>
  • Uvonair Products
    <p><strong>Uvonair Environmental Technologies</strong> has been creating and designing ozonizers for both commercial and industrial use since 1994 now. Their products are designed and made in Ontario, Canada. They make their devices with only the best possible materials, having created some of the best UV systems and <strong>Corona Discharge (CD)</strong> devices out there. These high-performance ozonizers are perfect for <strong>destroying all unwanted aromas</strong>.</p> <p>Their devices are designed to work <strong>perfectly in areas</strong> where there are high humidity and temperature variations without producing any sort of toxic residue. These products are perfect for using alongside your cannabis plants, getting rid of any aroma that they let off.</p> <p><strong>Uvonair’s UV 80H is their most affordable model</strong>, allowing you to get rid of any odor particles using UV lights. You’ll need to make sure that it doesn’t come into contact with your plants though, as ozone can end up destroying them. You’ll need to set it up straight after your extraction system so that all of the air leaving your <strong>grow room is filtered through</strong> it and any aromas are destroyed. In order for it to work as well as possible, you’ll need to attach a 5m table that goes outside in order to get rid of all of the particles. You’ll need to <strong>change the UV lights every 8000 hours</strong> (around every 2 years) for optimal usage.</p> <p>Uvonair has designed devices that have a much <strong>more complex system</strong> than the UV devices; their Corona Discharge Uvonair Ozinizer comes in 800 to 1200w, with 1-3 coronas, depending on your needs. Remember, ozone gas oxidizes almost everything in its path, insects, bacteria, fungi, odor, and even your plants. That’s why it should <strong>NEVER come into contact that your intractor,</strong> bulb or <strong>anything in your actual grow room</strong>, and should always be set up at the very end of your grow room, with a 5m tube that’ll remove it out to the street.</p> <p>Uvonair’s products are made to be <strong>used by professionals around the world</strong>. They have been tested on incredibly odorous objects and places such as laboratories and organic dumps, so it shouldn’t have any trouble getting rid of potent cannabis aromas.</p>
  • Vents Products
    <p><strong>Vents Company</strong> is a company that specializes in creating special fans and extraction systems. They began back in the 90s in Ukraine, and they are currently considered one of the leading companies world-wide in this sector. They have sold over <strong>50 million units</strong> since starting, and they have over <strong>10.000 products</strong> in their catalogue, for both personal and industrial use.</p> <p>Ventas has made various models of their most-sold products in order to reach the needs of any customer in any climate. They currently have over <strong>60000 square meters</strong> in factories and warehouses, and up to <strong>16 warehouses</strong> fully authorized to fulfill any orders. This company has over <strong>2000 qualified employees</strong> that are experts in the sector.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>growing cannabis indoors</strong>, their VK Tubular Extractor is one of our customers’ favorites. Its high performance and accuracy is incredibly efficient, as well as the fact that you can adjust it to run at different speeds, have made it one of the most used extractor fans in growing rooms. They have <strong>six different models</strong>, allowing you to easily find one that meets your specific needs. They’re all relatively quiet and they have smaller, more affordable models for all sorts of <strong>budgets</strong>. They are made out of light weight plastics that make them <strong>super handy to move around</strong>. Also, these devices can be used as both extraction and intraction fans.</p> <p>If you have a <strong>larger growing area</strong>, you’ll need to get a larger extractor. Katrina is one of their most potent and also most quiet extraction systems. It has a <strong>5.5cm thick insulation</strong> in order to keep it from vibrating, making it one of the most silent systems on the market. Just like the previous model, this one also comes in <strong>six different wattages</strong>.</p> <p>Their <strong>Inline Extractor</strong> is also super handy, allowing you to get new air into your grow and improve air circulation and ventilation. This product is the perfect complement for your main extractor too, keeping your <strong>plants extra healthy</strong>.</p> <p>Vents Company is definitely <strong>one of the best companies</strong> around when it comes to extraction systems in indoor cannabis grows.</p>
  • Venus Genetics Products
    <p><strong>Venus Genetics</strong> is a <strong>Spanish seed bank</strong> that makes 100% female seeds in feminized and autoflowering format. Venus Genetics is known for having quite a large seed catalogue at incredibly amazing prices. On the other hand, Venus Genetics has a few specialty strains in their catalogue; seeds known for their <strong>high yields, CBD-rich strains,</strong> strains with <strong>exotic aromas</strong> and <strong>flavors</strong> etc.</p> <p>One of their best strains is called <a href=""><strong>Hielo</strong>, and it’s one of their highest yielding</a> strains. Outdoors, and under perfect conditions, we’ve managed to harvest up to <strong>1kg per plant</strong>, which can grow up to two meters tall in some cases. If you decide to plant it outdoors you’ll need to put plenty of space between your strains, as it grows out quite wide before the flowering period. You’ll have buds for months, with delicious <strong>sweet flavors and metallic hints</strong>, alongside a potent relaxing effect that’ll have you couch-locked in no time. This strain is great for treating hyperactivity, nervous disorders or trouble falling asleep.</p> <p>If you prefer to smoke stimulating strains, we highly <strong>recommend trying Venus Genetics’ Kamikhaze</strong>. This plant is <strong>80% sativa</strong>, resulting in a fast flowering period – in just under 4 months you’ll be ready to harvest an enormous amount of flowers. Indoors, after placing around 9 plants per square meter, training them correctly and feeding them, you can harvest over a kilo of quality cannabis. The resulting flowers are <strong>large in size, incensed and citric</strong>, keeping your body up and active for quite a while.</p> <p>Their autoflowering catalogue is just as expensive, offering strains such as <strong>Kritical Max Auto by Venus Genetics</strong> – this is one of their most sold autoflowering strains, producing amazing results just <strong>70 days after germination</strong>. This indica-dominant plant is a strain that’s easy to grow and will reward your efforts with delicious buds and relaxing effects.</p> <p>On the other hand, they also have a sativa dominant strain called <strong>Jack Attack Auto</strong>. After just three months, this beautiful sativa plant will be ready to harvest. Its buds are spicy and fresh. <strong>Outdoors</strong> you can harvest almost <strong>100g per plant</strong> when done right. We highly recommend growing this strain in the ground in order to grow it larger than usual.</p> <p>Alongside their <strong>incredible prices</strong>, plus the discount that we offer, you can truly get some amazing strains at an absolute bargain. Venus Genetics puts a lot of effort in <strong>breeding new strains</strong> and is proud of their wide range of seeds; you’re sure to find a seed that’s perfect for you.</p>
  • Verdamper Products
    <p><strong>Verdamper vaporizers</strong> are some of the best table-top vapes on the market, and it has been since its release in 1995. These vaporizers are still used in Coffee Shops all over Holland. It’s definitely one of the best vaporizers when it comes to making the most out of your weed. They’re made out of quality materials, with borosilicate and glass parts that fit perfectly together. They have <strong>quite a beautiful design</strong> too; they efficiently cool down the vapor from your weed so that when you inhale it, it’s perfectly cool and you can taste every last drop. Even though it’s been <strong>around for decades</strong>, it’s still one of the most used vaporizers – it’s almost impossible to beat this classic!</p> <p>Their most famous model is the <strong>Verdamper De Luxe</strong>, which looks kind of like a giant bong. It comes in various different pieces, which is why we stock various accessories and spare parts in case they are needed. There are <strong>two different sizes, small and large</strong>. All of the spare parts such as the chamber and coil can fit both models. These vaporizers are not the most expensive models around, but once you’ve gotten yourself one you will <strong>definitely not regret it</strong>. These quality vaporizers are worth the price.</p> <p>Verdamper has also developed a more <strong>affordable</strong> model called the <strong>Verdamper Reizer</strong>, which has the same heating and vaping system as the De Luxe model, but it’s much smaller and more simple. It’s a great option for those that want to get their hands on a quality Verdamper vaporizer for the first time; although it’s not as advanced as other models, it produces <strong>incredibly similar and potent results.</strong></p> <p>These vaporizers are <strong>incredibly efficient</strong> and make the most of your weed. The effect produced is more potent, cleaner and makes the most out of every last drop. It’s definitely worth it to <strong>spend a bit extra</strong> in order to get your hands on a Verdamper vaporizer – these devices are perfect for getting intense highs or for patients that consume cannabis medicinally. One of the healthiest, best ways to <strong>consume cannabinoids</strong>!</p>
  • Volcano Products
    <p><strong>Storz &amp; Bickel is a German company</strong> that was created in the mid-90s. Markus Storz founded the company and was joined by Jürgen Bickel in 2002. In 1998 they patented their amazing Volcano design, and it’s still known as one of the best table-top vaporizers in the world. They soon began to gain popularity among stoners all over the world, and began to develop their innovative potable vaporizers – a decade later they began selling their incredible vapes, the mighty and the Crafty.</p> <p>Their Volcano vaporizer is still their <strong>biggest masterpiece</strong>, and it comes in a classic and a digital version. It’s definitely the best table-top vaporizer on the market. It produces an incredible dense vapor that you can adjust too. The vapor goes up into the bag, filling it like a balloon, so that you can then <strong>inhale it out</strong> slowly. Absolutely no cannabinoids are lost using this method, making it one of the best ways to make the most out of your weed. You’ll be able to absorb more than 4 times the usual amount from the same amount of weed. It comes in a <strong>classic and digital</strong> format. The digital Volcano offers a more precise temperature, allowing you to adjust it. Other than that, they’re practically identical.</p> <p>Their two amazing portable vaporizers are called <strong>Crafty and <a href="">Mighty</a></strong> – they’re both incredibly similar and have just a few differences. The Mighty vape has a digital screen which you can use to <strong>adjust the temperature</strong>, check battery percentage and check the general state of the vaporizer. The Crafty doesn’t have a screen – it uses a mobile phone app that allows you to have maximum control over everything. They also created the Plenty vaporizer, although it’s not portable and it needs to be plugged in to use. Absorb up to <strong>90% THC</strong> from your cannabis thanks to Storz &amp; Bickel vaporizers.</p> <p>Check out <strong>their catalogue</strong> on our page; you can get your hands on all of their vaporizers, as well as a large list of spare parts and extra accessories. Volcano vaporizers and related products have been around for years and nobody has managed to take them down yet – get one of these <strong>classic must-haves</strong> at any stoner party.</p>
  • Wassertec Products
    <p><strong>Wassertec</strong> is a company that <strong>specializes in providing a wide range of products</strong> for filtering water, measuring parameters and timing your plants’ watering schedule. This company started around 10 years ago in 2009 all the way over in <strong>Singapore</strong>. Their products are perfect for being used at home as well as at an <strong>industrial level</strong>, designed to provide use for all walks of life.</p> <p>Their prices are <strong>slightly higher</strong> than normal, although they are definitely worth it, and not everything is over the top – two of their osmosis filters that we have in stock are actually quite underpriced when compared to other devices. Their <strong>Inverse Osmosis filters</strong> can filter up to an <strong>impressive 190L</strong> per day. This efficient filter guarantees that your plants can get the exact amount of water that they need, filtering out any accumulated salts or minerals. These devices are designed so that your plants get the best <strong>macro and micro-nutrients</strong> that they actually need – no salts or residues from anything else.</p> <p>When it comes to <strong>EC and pH meters, Wassertec</strong> has proven to be incredibly efficient, offering rapid and precise readings with incredibly affordable items. Their <strong>pH meter</strong> allows you to continuously measure the <strong>pH water</strong> in your nutrient solution, and it’s just as easy to calibrate as it is to clean, taking just a couple of seconds.</p> <p>Their <strong>battery-watering system</strong> can help you to save quite a lot of time. You <strong>can water up to 10 plants at a time</strong> without much effort at all both indoors and outdoors. It’s as simple as connecting it to a tank so that it can <strong>scoop up the water</strong>, set the watering times, and it will take care of watering your plants while you’re not there. All you have to do is make sure that your tank doesn’t empty out fully, and that the battery is properly charged while you’re not there. We also have a much more basic, more manual version of this <strong>system called the Autowatering Bag</strong>, which can hold up to 10L and water up to 6 plants. Each plant will have its own dripper that you can adjust, too. It’s perfect for growers that don’t have time to spend hours taking care of their plants – fill the bag up with <strong>10L of nutrient solution</strong> and away you go.</p> <p>Wassertec has a wide range of <strong>alternative products</strong> that can be used to solve lots of different issues. Their affordable <strong>automatic watering systems</strong> are incredibly efficient and have been used by growers from everywhere. What’s their secret? Time is gold, and Wassertec saves us time and <strong>money</strong>.</p>
  • White Label Seeds...
    <p><strong>White Label Seeds is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that belongs to the cannabis giant, Sensi Seeds. This seed bank is known for growing strains from Holland as well as interesting hybrids. They’re slightly more affordable than their bigger brother, although their seeds are of the exact same quality. This cannabis seed bank is located in Amsterdam, the cannabis capital of Europe – almost all head shops stock WLS in their catalogue.</p> <p>They have quite a wide range of seeds, <strong>offering legendary strains</strong> such as <strong>Northern Lights, Diesel, White Widow</strong> and many others. You can get your hands on their feminized, autoflowering and regular strains.</p> <p>When it comes to their feminized strains, one of their leading strains is <strong>Super Skunk</strong>. This is one of the first strains that they ever sold, and it’s still out there on the front line, giving home growers enormous and delicious yields. This intense <strong>indica-dominant strain</strong> produces amazing results in as far as psychoactive. This particular strain does perfectly well outdoors, yielding up to <strong>1kg per plant</strong>. These amazing yields are accompanied by a sweet, tropical flavor and <strong>narcotic, potent effects</strong>.</p> <p>White Label Seeds, just like Sensi Seeds, creates their strains using <strong>regular seeds,</strong> which makes for much purer strains. Another of their main strains is Afghan Kush Regular. This strain comes from the <strong>Hindu Kush Mountains</strong>, so you know it’s going to produce buckets of resin, capable of making some of the best hash that you’ve ever tried. If you like making your own homemade extracts, we highly recommend going with this strain. After just a couple of drags from this sweet, earthy strain, you’ll be super relaxed.</p> <p><strong>White Label’s catalogue</strong> is almost as large as Sensi Seeds’. WLS also stocks a large amount of autoflowering seeds. One of their most famous autoflowering strains is called Purple Bud Automatic. This strain has the perfect structure for indoor growing; it doesn’t grow too much, centering moist of its yield on the central stem which allows you to place more plants in your grow tent. From <strong>around 9-10 plants</strong> per square meter you can harvest around 300g, after just two months. This strain is delicious to smoke, giving quite a stoned effect without being too psychoactive. It’s an earthy, woody strain thanks to its genetic composition – it comes from a <strong>Hindu Kush and a Cali Purple Bud</strong>.</p> <p>White Label has been working with us for many years now and hopefully they’ll still be here for years to come. Our customers have had <strong>amazing experience</strong> with White Label Seeds’ strains – make sure to have a look at our full descriptions in order to find which seed is the perfect one for you. Join the White Label Seeds’ fan club.</p>
  • Wilma Products
    <p><strong>Wilma by Atami’s hydroponic systems</strong> are designed to allow cannabis plants to Grow to the best of their abilities, giving them access to everything that they need. Wilma systems guarantee that you don’t have to water manually. They’re definitely one of the most used systems in the world at this stage when it comes to hydroponic growing, especially when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. Their prices are highly competitive, and they’re made by one of the best <strong>fertilizer brands too, Atami.</strong></p> <p>At <strong></strong> we have all sorts of Wilma models so that any grower can find the perfect device. The Wilma system will make you feel like you’re growing in soil with all of the advantages of <strong>growing hydroponically</strong>. Wilma products are super versatile and they can all be used with each-other, so you can get your system and pots separately. They have systems classified as <strong>large, Small/Wide and XXL</strong>, allowing you to grow from <strong>4 to 20 plants</strong> in different sized flowerpots.</p> <p>If you want to <strong>grow your own cannabis</strong> but don’t have much space, we recommend using the large 4 11L pot system, which allows you to grow a few plants into large yielders thanks to the larger flowerpots. Its <strong>square tank makes</strong> it perfect for placing inside a small or average-sized grow tent with enough space for your plants to sit comfortably.</p> <p>The <strong>Small Wide Wilma</strong> system has a rectangular tank and can <strong>fit 10 6.5L flowerpots</strong>. This format is highly appreciated among veteran growers for growing clones and flipping them straight to flower. Of course, you can also use it to grow normal plants but they’ll probably be smaller and won’t produce as many flowers as clones would. You’ll be able to <strong>avoid plants growing too big</strong>, and you’ll also be able to grow them much faster using this system.</p> <p>Wilma XXL is highly recommended for growers that have a lot of space to grow in – it has a <strong>150L tank</strong> and contains 20 6L flowerpots. This model is definitely the one that gives the most <strong>immediate performance</strong>, producing amazing plants in no time at all. You can use it to cut growth times in half and increase flowering speeds quite a lot. This system is perfect for using with clay balls – you’ll need a much larger grow tent or a room set up for cannabis plants for this system, keep in mind that it’s quite a lot of plants and you’ll need the <strong>corresponding power and fertilizers</strong>.</p> <p>Wilma’s hydroponic systems <strong>guarantee amazing results</strong> without hardly any effort on your part. They have been working for many years now to keep growers all over the world happy. We recommend these systems for both beginners and experts alike – <strong>Wilma is the brand for you</strong>!</p>
  • World of Seeds Products
    <p><strong>World of Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</strong> that started out in 2007. It was founded by two brothers, one of which did the travelling and seed collecting in order to obtain pure African and Asian seeds, while the other brother handled the “business” side of things. Their very <strong>first catalogue was released in 2007</strong>, and it included many landrace strains such as Ketama and Pakistan Valley; they were a success from the very beginning.</p> <p>They originally wanted to open their main base in Amsterdam in typical cannabis culture, although they decided to stay in Valencia, Spain, which is <strong>known to be a great region</strong> for growing and breeding seeds. World of Seeds is an international seed bank that sells seeds all over the world.</p> <p>The seeds that they offer are the <strong>perfect combination of pure, exotic and high-yielding</strong> plants. A perfect example of one of these strains is <a href=""><strong>Wild Thailand</strong> </a>by World of Seeds. This 100% sativa plant was found on a lost island in Thailand, with incredible purity and <strong>THC levels of up to 22%.</strong> It has an intense citric flavor and its effect is fully euphoric. It’s a great strain for treating depressive states. This strain has proven to give amazing results both indoors and outdoors although it definitely performs best outdoors. It can grow up to an incredible <strong>3m tall</strong> when grown outdoors given the right conditions; it’s quite resistant to issues such as humidity and mold, so it’s perfect for pretty much any climate; mild, warm and rainy. You can harvest up to <strong>500g from one plant</strong>.</p> <p>If you prefer indica plants and effects, one of our favorite strains is Afghan Kush x Yumbolt by World of Seeds. This <strong>100% indica strain</strong> produces absolutely amazing results when grown indoors. It takes just two months to flower, producing around <strong>500g per 9 plants per square meter</strong>. Its buds are intensely aromatic and its flavor is sweet with hints if spices. It produces quite a relaxing effect that isn’t that potent but is quite long-lasting. It’s a great strain for treating insomnia and loss of appetite.</p> <p>Their autoflowering catalogue is slightly smaller, although they still have quite a few prize winning strains. <strong>Amnesia Auto</strong> produces an enormous amount of weed after just three months. It’s extremely easy to grow outdoors, although you’ll get the best possible results indoors, allowing you to harvest up to 400g per square meter. One of the <strong>most inconvenient things</strong> about this plant is that it grows even during the flowering period, so you’ll need to top it or use other methods to keep its size under control when growing indoors. Its effect is quite <strong>active and euphoric</strong>, having you up on your feet in no time at all; it’s a great strain that can be used to treat depression.</p> <p>World of Seeds has a <strong>wide range of seeds</strong> and an amazing selection of strains and genotypes, offering pure strains as well as <strong>hybrids</strong> that are incredibly productive. Their pure strains are <strong>quite sought-after</strong> by growers all around the world; if you want to grow strains that have been originally grown around the world for centuries, give this seed bank a try.</p>
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