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Solux Products

Solux - Lighting Systems for Indoor Growing

Solux is one of the best light brands for cannabis growing out there. Their lights are incredibly well made and are the best on the market at imitating natural light for your plants.

Various studies done around the world have guaranteed that Solux bulbs and products are at least eight times stronger and twice as energy-efficient as traditional lighting systems – Solux means trust and quality, guaranteed.

Solux has always been right at the forefront of light technology and innovating, having spent quite a lot of time studying and creating their lights. They recently began producing a type of light can may revolutionize how homegrowers grow their cannabis indoors; LEC systems. LEC systems can replicate the natural light spectrum more efficiently than LED lights, using less electricity and increasing yield.

One of their best products is their 630W LEC kit. LEC lights let off around a fourth of the heat that normal sodium lights do, so you can place them closer to your plants without worrying about burning the tips. This incredibly potent LEC light is used to increase yield to heights you’ve probably never even imagined. These lights are perfect for any grower due to how easy they are to set up and start using. It comes in two models, one for the growth period and another for the flowering period.

At we like to test our products first so that we know our customers are getting the best they possibly can. You will absolutely love your new Solux light. Every single one of their products are made with top quality materials.