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Grotek Products

Grotek Mineral and Organic Fertilizers

Grotek is a Canadian fertilizer brand that has two ranges, their bio-mineral products and their organic products. Grotek’s fertilizers, both ranges, are incredibly professional and allow home growers to get amazing results with relative ease.

When it comes to their mineral products, they have incredible base fertilizers called Solo Tek, which give your plants the perfect amount of NPK nutrients, as well as micro-elements that are amazing for both the growth and the flowering periods. Grotek also has quite a handy feeding schedule that you can follow.

Grotek has various different specific additives used during the flowering period, such as Bloom Fuel as well as Blossom Blaster. Your plants will have one of the best flowering periods you’ve ever seen thanks to the potent minerals in these products, producing enormous and resinous flowers. You can use Heavy Bloom and Monster Bloom towards the end of the flowering period for the best possible results.

Their newer line is called Grotek Organics, which has eight fully organic fertilizers that are designed to be fully eco-friendly and perfect for those that don’t like to use chemicals. More and more people are beginning to use organic products every day, and with quality products like these, who can blame them?

Core is one of their main organic products, which gives your plants an organic NPK source that increases growth incredibly. Next, you’ll need to use Growth Max, which is used during the entire life cycle of your plants, from growth to flowering. Grotek Organics also has additives that you can give your plants, such as Vital Organics which gives your plants a bit more calcium, and Micro power Organics which gives your plants zinc, copper, boron and sulfur, which tend to lack slightly in these particular nutrients.

In order to increase flowering as much as possible, you can use Rype, which contains a large amount of proteins and carbs. This product improves the quality, quantity and size of your flowers. All of these Grotek Organics products are designed to improve the quality of your substrate or soil, making for super sturdy and healthy plants. You can add some Black Pearl to the mix, which contains algae and volcanic extract, as well as Synergy, which is a dissolvable powder that contains fungi and mycorrhizae that are incredibly beneficial for your plants.

Grotek produces incredibly professional and prestigious products. Whether you plan on using their mineral or organic products, you’re guaranteed to find success with Grotek’s amazing products, which are used by thousands of growers all over the world.