Impact Grow A+B Bottles
Impact Grow A+B Bottles

Impact Grow A+B

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Impact Grow A+B is a product designed to feed cannabis plants during the growth period. This A+B product is efficient and easily absorbed.

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Impact Grow A+B by Grotek is an excellent bio-mineral product that took an awful lot of research to create. This amazing product is guaranteed to give your plants quality, absorbable ingredients that won’t end up backing up or causing accidental over-feeding; it can be used in drip and hydroponic systems too, as well as any substrate with a large amount of peat.

Impact grow is a competent, quality product that contains slightly different micro and macro-nutrient amounts than Solo-Tek Grow. It contains the exact perfect amount of nutrients that your plants need during the growth period. As soon as you start using it you’ll notice your plants producing many more branches which is due to new node growth. They’ll also begin to produce denser foliage, turning a vigorous and lively green color; this two-part product can be used to get your plants to an impressive size and health in order to flower as strong as possible.

It’s super easy to use, and like all two-part products first you’ll need to add part A to your water, mix well to make sure it’s fully diluted, and then add part B. Its new, refined ingredients ensure that it works perfectly in drip irrigation systems without blocking up the pipes. It’s highly recommended for peat/soil based substrates too.

Dose and how to use:

  • 1-2ml of part A and part B per liter of water once a week.
  • Saplings: 0.5ml of part A and B.
  • After a transplant, use 1ml per liter of water of both parts.
  • Adult plants need around 2.5ml/L of part A and 2ml/L of part B.
  • During the pre-flowering period, use 2.5ml of part A and 2ml of part B.
  • First add part A, mix and then add part B.
  • Never mix both products together on their own.
  • In hydroponic systems, change out your nutrient solution every 7 to 10 days or once the EC drops too low.
  • Shake well before use.

Part A (6-0-3):

  • Nitrogen: 5%
  • Potassium: 3%
  • Calcium: 4%
  • Magnesium: 0.5%
  • Iron: 0.06%
  • Manganese: 0.08%
  • Molybdenum: 0.0004%
  • Sodium: 0.01%
  • Zinc: 0.015%


Part B (1-3-5):

  • Nitrogen: 1%
  • Phosphorus: 3%
  • Potassium: 5%
  • Boron: 0.01%
  • Copper: 0.004%
  • Iron: 0.07%
  • Manganese: 0.01
  • Molybdenum: 0.0008%
  • Sodium: 0.01%
  • Zinc: 0.015%

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Gracias Xavi por tu aportación. Le será muy útil a nuestra comunidad.


Como químico que soy, me ha gustado muchos su formulación. Va perfecto y sin obstrucciones en cultivos hidropónicos. Buen producto

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Impact Grow A+B Bottles

Impact Grow A+B