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Solo-Tek Grow by Grotek is a quality fertilizer that gives your plants the best possible minerals they could have during the growth period.


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Solo-Tek Grow

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Solo-Tek Grow, High Performance Growth Fertilizer  by Grotek

Solo-Tek Grow by Grotek is a base fertilizer for the growth period that gives your plants access to quality minerals. It’ll cause an explosive growth period in your plants. It’s generally combined with root stimulants during the first few weeks, as well as a vegetative growth booster during the last growth weeks.

Its ingredients are fully dissolvable, meaning that you can use them in drip or automatic watering system. It shouldn’t get clogged in any pipes or tubes. You can use it in any medium; aeroponics, hydroponics, NFT, coco and soil.

Benefits of Using Solo-Tek Grow in Marijuana Plants

Solo Tek Grow by Grotek gives your plants the basic nutrients they need alongside oligo-elements that they can absorb almost instantly, keeping them healthy during the flowering period.

Your cannabis plants should grow strong and healthy, with a thick branch structure that can easily hold up its buds. The thicker the trunks and branches are, the better the yields you will receive.

Consult Grotek’s full fertilizer chart in order to get the best possible results when growing your own medicinal cannabis.

Dosage and how to use Solo-Tek Grow by Grotek:


  • Add 1-2ml per liter of water.
  • Use alongside the rest of your scheduled nutrients.


  • Add 1-2ml per liter of water and use every 1-2 weeks.
  • Avoid using too often; it’s a highly concentrated product that can accumulate in the substrate and be quite damaging.

Solo- Tek Grow composition:

NPK 6-3-7           

  • 6% Nitrogen
  • 3% Phosphorus
  • 7% Potassium
  • 3% Calcium
  • 1% Magnesium
  • 1% Sulfur
  • 0.1% Iron

WARNING! Grotek has drastically renewed its line of nutrients and has also formulated new compositions for the entire range of products, even changing the name of some of them. SOLO-TEK GROW (6-3-7 NPK) remains the same, only the package has changed.

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Solo-Tek Grow Reviews


cada cuanto debo tirarle el solotek ?


Después de probar con bastantes marcas, me quedo con ésta.
Un churre superdenso q tupe la jeringa, y q denota que las matas van a gozarlo ????


en coco por norma general se debe abonar en cada riego, en el caso de las bases de Grotek, debes hacerlo de la misma manera, pero solo aplicando las dosis mínimas recomendadas. En el caso en el que observes que las plantas no reaccionan bien, debes realizar un riego solo con agua entre abonado y abonado.
Un saludo.


en coco se abono en todos los riegos ? Como dices que es muy concentrado me haces dudar


Hola , siempre compro en Grow barato, tienen buenos precios y el envio rapidisimo, son los mejores !


Buen Solo-Tek Grow


10 sobre 10


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