Canna Coco Slabs

Canna Coco Slabs
  •  Canna Coco Slabs
  •  Canna Coco Slabs
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These coco slabs are perfect for growing cannabis. Simply place the slab on your growing table, insert the drippers and plant your saplings or clones; an easy, clean and comfortable way to grow cannabis.


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Canna Coco Slabs

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What are Canna Coco Slabs?

These Coco Slabs by Canna are super easy to use and make growing cannabis an easy process. All you have to do is place the slab on a growing table, attach the drippers and transplant your clones or cuttings. This innovative growing system allows you to grow lots of plants in small spaces, increasing productivity by quite a lot.

Coco Slabs are a Great Way to Grow Large Roots

Canna’s coco slabs contain quality coco fiber that has been treated and washed in order to get rid of any dirt and pathogens; it doesn’t contain minerals of any kind. It’s the perfect medium for your plants’ roots, as it retains quite a lot of water but is still quite airy, giving your plants’ roots constant access to fresh air.

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors Using Coco Slabs

In order to get started, simply place the unopened packet on a growing tray or a special slab pot with the pre-perforated part facing downwards. Attach one dripper per plant and cut an X where you’re going to plant your saplings or clones. Hydrate the slab using a nutrient solution with a very small amount of nutrients so you don’t over-feed your plants. Make sure to include a small amount of root stimulant to entice growth.

Make sure that your set up can drain off correctly and that excess water has a proper outlet. Make sure that all of the drippers are working properly, including the connections; if the slabs dry out or end up too wet your plants may die. You also may want to check your nutrient solution every now and then in order to make sure that you still have water left and that the pumps are working correctly. It may be an easy system to use, but there are a lot of working parts that may end up malfunctioning.

How to use Canna’s Coco Slabs:

  • Place the packet on a growing tray with a drain or a special slab flowerpot with the holes facing downwards.
  • Attach the drippers and cut an X where you want to place your plants.
  • Hydrate the slab with a low-nutrient solution and root stimulant until at least one 5th of the liquid has drained out of the slab.
  • Plant your rooted plants in the X holes that you made when attaching the drippers.
  • Adjust your watering system to make sure that the slabs don’t dry up or end up soaked.

Canna’s Coco Slab contents:

  • 100% coco coir, no minerals or pathogens
  • 100% organic growing medium

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Hola Anonimus,
estos Slabs son de 24 Litros y unas dimensiones de 100x15x7'5cm.


Son 50l?




Muy útil para iniciar el cultivo.

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