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Super Strains Entire Seed Catalogue

Super Strains | Full Seed Catalogue

Super Strains is a relatively young Dutch seed bank that started off in 2010. This seed bank belongs to the same company that makes Hy-Pro nutrients. They currently operate independently, designing their own strains that produce amazing results in as far as size, yield, flavor and effect. They currently stock feminized and autoflowering strains.

Their most legendary strain is Amnesia, known for being an incredibly high-yielding sativa strain that produces enormous buds in record times. This strain is originally from the 90s, and is still many consumers’ preferred strain, which is why they’ve kept it genetically stable for so long. It has a delicious incensed flavor with spicy, licorice hints to it, producing sweet and fresh drags. This strain is incredibly stimulating, keeping your brain up and at it for long periods of time. When it comes to yield, after just three months you can harvest up to 500g per square meter indoors or 800g per plant outdoors. If you think you have the experience for it and the space, we highly recommend growing it outdoors, which is where you’ll get the best possible results.

Another of their most impressive strains is Enemy of the State by Super Strains, which is designed specifically to produce enormous amounts of resin. This indica strain produces potent effects that are both physically and mentally relaxing. Its flavor is also incredibly potent, with hints of musk in its incredibly dense smoke – this is a warning sign that its effect is equally as potent and dense. Its yield is similar to that of the rest of their seeds, yielding around 500g from 9 plants per square meter indoors after just 55 flowering days.

They also stock autoflowering strains for those that don’t have the time or space for feminized plants. We highly recommend trying out their Turing Auto strain. This strain is highly resistant to intense climates as well as insect plagues, growing perfectly in whatever environment that you put it in, even during the winter. It does grow a bit slower than other autoflowering strains – after 3-4 months you’ll be able to harvest delicious sweet buds with hints of wood and musk alongside its intensely relaxing effect.

Super Strains doesn’t have quite as large a catalogue as other seed banks, but they definitely make up for it with their high-end quality seeds. They work incredibly hard in order to perfect the stability and yield of their plants- Their catalogue revolves around their original Amnesia – they are experts in Amnesia seeds.