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Aptus Holland Products

Aptus Holland - Quality Fertilizers

Aptus Holland is a professional company founded in Holland back in the 90s. They have almost thirty years of experience in this sector, so you can rest assured that their entire range of products are incredibly efficient. They’re also 100% natural and perfect for growing cannabis plants. After years on the market, it has been more than proven that these products are incredibly good for cannabis plants, increasing yield quite a lot when it comes time to harvest.

Aptus Holland is one of the most popular brands when it comes to hydroponic growing in Holland, and they’re used quite a lot in the rest of Europe too. Thanks to their success, they’re constantly expanding and growing as a company, selling in Australia and North America.

They have four different sections in their catalogue; Aptus Insect&Soil, which contains substrate correctors and insect repellents, Aptus Plant Care is for taking care of and maintaining your plants. Specialty Boosters, which has a list of specific additives that are incredibly beneficial for cannabis plants, and Nutrition which are fertilizer that come in an all-in-one format.

All of their products contain certified ingredients that confirm their quality – and they’re not diluted, meaning that you only need incredibly small amounts in order to give your plants what they need. One of their best products is called Top Booster, a potent stimulant used during the flowering period. You’ll really be able to see its effects thanks to the enormous buds that it produces.

Their famous All-In-One Liquid is a fertilizer that contains mineral nutrients that give your plants everything they need from the get-go; from the start of the growth period all the way to the end of the flowering period. These types of products are the best possible value for money, needing to use just one product from start to finish. It contains plenty of nitrogen, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus which are great for your plants, keeping them strong and healthy.

Cannabis plants that are grown with Aptus’ products produce incredible results and grow really healthy. We highly recommend using these products.