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Break Out Powder

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Break Out Powder by Aptus Holland is a completely organic flower stimulant, void of any chemical ingredients that might affect your plants. It comes in a simple powder formula that’s easy to apply.

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Break Out Powder by Aptus Holland is a formula thought up specifically for your plants’ flowering period, increasing bud and resin potency. It has a PK of 35/23, giving your crops everything they need to grow to be the best they can. This product is right up any commercial grower's alley.

You should use it from the third week of flowering onwards. It contains a high quantity of specific ingredients designed for your plants’ flowers, increasing the flow of nutrients to your buds, which will get fatter, bigger and more aromatic.

You’ll have to pay special attention to the Ec levels in your water, which should be kept at a steady 1.2 once you begin applying the Break Out Powder.  It dissolves perfectly, although it’s not especially recommended for use with systems that use irrigation pipes.

The required dosage is simple, you just have to use one little bag per 100L of water. From the second or third week onwards, up the dosage to two bags.


  • P²O⁵: 35%
  • K²O: 23%
  • Mg: 2%
  • Sulfur: 3%

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Break Out Powder Reviews

Funciona muy bien, muy sano para las plantas.

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Breake Out Powder

Break Out Powder