Trimpro Original Products

  • Rejilla para Trimpro Original Silencio Mixta

    Trimpro Original Mixed Grate

    The mixed Trimpro spare grate is perfect if you’re looking to have two trimming finishes when using just one grid. It has a thick cut side and thin cut side, which you can use depending on the size of your buds.

  • Prensa Jack Puck

    Jack Puck Press by Trimpro

    Jack Puck by Trimpro is a press used to make hash slabs, or any other type of resin or powder slabs with a pressure power of 2 – 8 metric tons.

  • Rejilla Trimpro Silencio Ancha (corte grueso)

    Trimpro Original Spare Grating (Thick)

    Spare grille for the Trimpro Original trimmer. It’s made out of tough steel and has an anti-stick surface so that you can trim your buds perfectly.

  • Mesa Workstation Para Trimpro Rotor

    Trimpro Workstation for Rotor

    This workstation is perfect for the Rotor Trimpro, allowing you to work comfortably and safely. Trimming your buds has never been so easy.

  • Mesa Workstation Para TrimBox de Trimpro

    Workstation Table Trimmer TrimBox Trimpro

    With the Trimbox Workstation you can easily set your trimmer at a super comfortable height; discover a new way to trim your buds.

  • Mesa Workstation Trimpro

    Workstation table made for Trimpro trimmers

    The Workstation table to be able to transform your Trimpro trimmer, you need to have another system for trimming, which is moving the buds with your hands at table level, instead of the ground.

  • Trimpro Unplugged Peladora Manual

    Trimpro Unplugged

    This manual Trimpro bud trimmer is super easy to use; simply turn the handle to trim your cannabis buds without much effort at all; it’s incredibly silent.

  • Peladora Trimbox (Peladora de cogollos) de Trimpro


    This affordable trimmer is quite a handy tool. It can trim buds straight on the branch incredibly fast.

  • Trimbox + Mesa Workstation

    Trimbox + Workstation Table

    If you have lots of cannabis plants, the Trimbox + Workstation combo is the perfect device to use to trim your mountain of buds in no time at all, with minimum effort.

  • Peladora Trimpro Original Manicuradora de Marihuana.

    Trimpro Original

    The Trimpro Original trimmer is used to easily remove leaves from your plants, making for incredibly clean buds that are ready to dry.

    1 518,95 €
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  • Peladora Trimpro Rotor Manicuradora

    Trimpro Rotor

    The Trimpro Rotor trimmer is one of the best and safest ways to trim your buds. Trim your buds before setting them to dry.

    1 589,95 €
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  • Peladora Trimpro Workstation

    Trimpro Original + Workstation

    The Trimpro Original plus workstation is an incredibly effective trimmer; place your buds on top and move them around to clean them up.

    1 839,95 €
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  • Trimpro Automatik Peladora de Cogollos Profesional

    Trimpro Automatik

    The Trimpro Automatik is a trimmer that gives some of the best results out there. Trimming your plants has never been so easy.

    2 489,95 €
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  • Peladora Trimpro XL

    Peladora Trimpro XL

    The Trimpro Automatik XL can trim an enormous amount of buds in an incredibly short amount of time; it’s like having a whole group of friends over to help trim your plants.

    8 459,95 €
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  • Peladora Trimpro Rotor Xl

    Trimpro Rotor XL

    The Trimpro Rotor XL bud trimmer allows you to trim industrial amounts of buds.

    8 464,95 €
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Trimpro Original Products

Cannabis cultivation can be divided in several stages: sprouting, growing, trimming, drying (those last two stages can be changed according to taste), and curing. Trimming is one of the most complex and boring tasks, probably one we, growers, dislike most. It is to help us with this task that Trimpro was created. This invention came to us through the hands of a Canadian man that needed to perform trimming in a quicker way but without quality losses. Its metal screen acts as a filter letting only leaves pass through. The former ones are hoovered by the movement of the blades located under the grid. Ultimately, the blades will cut the the leaves without harming the plants. The flowers will remain untouched while the leaves are gathered in a bag underneath. In short, a complete and clean job that will leave no trace.

History of the brand Trimpro 

The brother of the inventor, during some of his stays in Europe, recommended some modification to the original Trimpro in order to meet the needs of their European customers. It was then when the Trimbox was introduced. It is a smaller trimmer that can be assembled in any table with clamps or brackets and it's ideal for smaller crops, always employing the same technology as its bigger predecessor. Both the Trimpro and the Trimbox can be coupled to the Workstation, a working surface that facilitates manicuring since it allows branches to be on the table and thus, accelerates the process.

In the beginning, the Mercier brothers only sold these machines. However, their willingness to keep on surpassing themselves make them come up with a more automatic machine. They designed the Automatik, a machine with 4 blades that would increase the whirlwind effect and with a 3 speeds engine. The height of the blades was also adjustable to choose the desired type of cutting. The difference between the Trimpro and this one is that the cover that is on top of the screen reduces the risk for injuries and this makes it much safer than any other trimmer. Once the flowers have attained the desired degree of cleaning, they come out easily by simply opening a small door. Cleaned flowers are propelled by the air generated by the turning blades. All the waste is gathered in a bag, like in the original Trimpro, for a perfectly clean job.

It didn't take too long before customers in USA, Canada and Australia called for a Trimpro Automatik with a bigger capacity. And that's how Trimpro Automatik XL was born. With a capacity 5 times superior to the Trimpro Automatik, both trimers are some of the safest ones for the user and are designed for an industrial use. The motor of the XL is more powerful than the Automatik's one. It was necessary to redesign the screen and install 2 more blades (making up for a total of 6) that are able to give you clean flowers in very little time, with no loss of quality or resin.

Not happy enough with their trimers, the brothers decided they wanted to increase the power and install an even more powerful engine on it: a 1.3 HP Honda motor, ideal for those who want to work outdoors and cannot be plugged to the power network. The motor is started in a similar way to a chainsaw, by pulling from a chord and adjusting the speed. It has several compartments that allow you to introduce the flowers and collect the clean ones in a safe way. When it comes to waste, it might not be as clean as the above explained models.

In 2010, Trimpro wanted to innovate with regard to their previous machines which were "too aggressive" and launched Trimpro Rotor. Quieter, these machines work in a softer manner and even less resin is lost. They are very safe thanks to a metal protection around the screen while already trimmed flowers are easily collected through a small door.

After the success of  Trimpro Rotor several models came out, as it happened with Automatik. There is an XL version that allows a faster and more voluminous job. Trimpro Unplugged allows for a quiet job: it is not powered by electricity or oil but it works with our bare arm. A soft and constant movement is recommended. The leather sheets treated with oil limit the adherence of resin and let you get the best results out of your trimming in a shorter time.