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Advanced Nutrients Products

Advanced Nutrients Cannabis Fertilizers

Advanced Nutrients is a Canadian Company that specializes in developing and creating fertilizers and stimulants for plants. Since they began their journey, they have managed to secure themselves a top spot among the leading fertilizer brands for cannabis around the world. Their products are especially innovative thanks to their pH perfect technology, which solves a problem that many growers struggle with.

Advanced Nutrients has quite an interesting way of working, putting a lot of effort and man power into R&D, having expert scientists in every field you can think of working to improve their formulas and products. They were one of the first fertilizer companies to ever begin to sell root stimulants. Also, their products are 100% certified to improve yield.

They have an incredibly wide catalogue with fertilizers and nutrients for all growing methods, whether it’s in soil, coco coir, hydroponic or even aeroponic. With Sensi grow A+B or Connoisseur Grow A+B you’ll be able to give your plants everything they need during the growth period, and with the Sensi and Connoisseur Bloom products, you can grow some healthy and productive plants with plenty of flowers. They also have a range of three products called Grow Micro and Bloom, which are simple bases for your plants that cover both periods, as they are all used during the entire cycle – their pH perfect formula will make things a lot easier.

On the other hand they also have a range of organic nutrients for those that prefer growing in an eco-friendly manner. Iguana grow and Iguana Bloom give your plants everything they need for each and every period, both growth and flowering, thanks to their large micro and macro-nutrient content. When it comes to organic additives, one of our favorite products is Piranha as well as Voodoo Juice, which are used to increase root surface and general size of your plants. Tarantula also gives your plants roots’ beneficial fungi that help to improve growth and protect your plants.

When it comes to the rest of their products they have a large range of additives that, although they aren’t organic, they’re good for your plants and can be used to increase yield quite a lot. Bud Ignitor is a key product when it comes to giving your plants a push towards the flowering period, increasing flower yield all over your plants. When it comes to the final flowering period, the fattening phase, we recommend using Bud factor X, which is a complex product that activates your plants defensive system, allowing them to produce much more terpenes and essential oils, which directly affect flavor, aroma, yield and resin. We highly recommend using it alongside Overdrive, which fattens up all of the extra buds – it works perfectly alongside Bud factor X.

Advanced Nutrients products are perfect for using on cannabis plants, producing some of the highest quality buds in the world. If you decide to use Advanced Nutrients, you’re guaranteed amazing, professional results.