Big Bud Liquid

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Big Bud Liquid
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Help your plants to grow out large flowers by adding Big Bud to your irrigation water. Your plants will end up full of giant buds that you’ll need to try and fatten.


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Big Bud Liquid

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Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients for more Flowers

When you use Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients your plants will grow new sprouts and flowers, as well and increasing resin and pistils. You should then use a fattening PK product such as Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients in order to fill out these new, large buds.

Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients during Flowering

Big Bud is used in your feeding water alongside an Advanced Nutrients base fertilizer – this will give your plants everything they need to grow during the first flowering weeks.

You’ll be able to grow out long colas of buds, thick and round like a cheerleader’s pompom and ready to fatten up and give the largest yield possible. Your flowers will look better than ever if you use Bigbud by Advanced Nutrients – it’s perfect for growing in soil, hydroponics and aeroponics.

Dosage and how to use Big Bud Liquid:

  • Use 2ml/L
  • Use Big Bud from the first appearance of pre-flowers, which is about the second week after flipping the lights.
  • Use it up until the flowers have fully formed and need to be fattened – then switch to Overdrive until you flush the roots.

Composition of Big Bud Liquid:

  • Phosphorous 1%
  • Potassium 3%
  • Milk Whey Proteins.
  • Amino Acids.
  • Ascorbic Acid.
  • Citric Acid.
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Big Bud Liquid Reviews


Contento con los resultados de big bud,va fenomenal para desarrollar la flor.


Tres bon produit


muy notable su uso!!


Es un Big Bud Liquid bueno


Los resultados son perfectos siempre.
El Big Bud Liquid llegó en perfecto Estado.


Lo mejor que he probado hasta magia negra como dice un amigo


Buen Big Bud Liquid y buena relación calidad precio. ¡Como siempre!


Excelente Big Bud Liquid, encantado con toda la serie de fertilizantes de está marca


El súper Big Bud


Excelente Big Bud Liquid


es un estimulador de floración destinado a aumentar la formación de flores y su compactación, el cual se puede combinar con terra flores ya que es un básico para toda la floración, sin embargo no se combina con Bud Ignitor ya que Bud Ignitor no coincide con las semanas de aplicación de BIg Bud. Por otro lado recuerda que Bud Ignitor tiene un modo de empleo bastante particular, el cual debes clavar para que las plantas obtengan todos sus beneficios.
Un saludo.


like with the whole advanced nutrients lineup this is a quality Big Bud Liquid. my only gripe with advanced nutrients is the have about 16 independent Big Bud Liquids they would like you to use. many of wich could be included in the part A&B base (IMO) I don't use anywhere near all those Big Bud Liquids but this one I think is really important and one u can't do without and because u need to give it at certain time I can understand why it's not included in the parts A&B but has to come separate. I can easily recommend it


Buenos resultados y aromas y sabores perfectos para tus cosechas!! 100% recomendado


Es un estimulador?
Se puede mezclar con bud ignitor y terra flores todos guntos.


De lo mejor en el mercado. Combinado con los demas Big Bud Liquids de la gama los cogollos crecen una barbaridad.


Buena calidad!


una maravilla!! no puede faltar en tu cultivo!! y soempre de la mano de growbarato, la mejor calidad al mejor precio y con la maxima confianza! los mejores sin duda alguna!!


Sin duda hace unas ramificaciones del fruto inmensas


Entrega nós Brasil e quantos dias demora pra chegAr


Como su nombre indica este gran aditivo hace que los cogollos crezcan mas de la cuenta en tan solo 3 semanas de uso.Uno de los Big Bud Liquids estrella de Advance nutrients,soo good

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