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Mandala Seeds regular

Mandala Seeds Regular - High Quality

Mandala Seeds Regular: High Quality Regular Seeds

Mandala Seeds is a seed bank that offers a wide range of high quality regular seeds. They’re known for producing pure indica strains, although they have quite a wide selection of regular strains.

Affordable, High Quality Cannabis Strains

Founded in 2004 by Mike and Jasmin, expert growers, they base their entire philosophy on offering high quality cannabis strains at the best possible price. Mandala Seeds also works with 100% organic breeding methods.

For many years, the founders of Mandala Seeds have worked to build one of the most varied seed banks out there, and every seed was bred and grown organically and in a manner that’s respectful to the enrivonment.

Efficient and Simple Cannabis Grows with Regular Seeds

We highly recommend growing regular seeds for various different reasons; they’re easy to grow and incredibly sturdy, especially for beginners, they produce clones faster and at a larger rate, and they can deal with stressful issues such as rapid pH changes.

Strong, Fast Growing Plants

Their seed catalogue is incredibly rich in different genetics and has been bred with incredible care; customers are the main priority here. Thanks to this, you can find some impressive strains in their catalogue; one of the main characteristics is that their strains can easily deal with hotter climates, such as 8 Miles High or Krystalica.

Buy Satori Seeds by Mandala Seeds

When we talk about Satori seeds, we’re talking about a strain that won Plant of The Year at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007. This is quite an easy to grow sativa plant that’s known for how well it withstands insect infestations especially when it comes to red spiders and issues such as rot. This is a great strain for beginner growers, as it can deal with some of the most typical beginner mistakes. As we were saying before, it’s an incredibly high yielding strain that produces intense aromas. This is definitely one of the best sativas in the world. This strain produces fruity, citric, and incensed aromas alongside a mentally active sativa effect. This strain takes 70 days to flower indoors, producing over 550g per m2; outdoors it takes until October to flower, producing over 800g per plant.

Buy Krystalica Seeds by Mandala Seeds

Krystalica is one of the best examples of Mandala Seeds’ high quality. This strain is an excellent combination of Kerala, India and Nepal strains. It’s a more balanced version with improved aromas and flavors, while still maintaining the main characteristics. In as far as flavor, you’ll notice bubblegum, pineapple and classic sweet flavors. Regardless of the fact that it’s sativa, it actually looks a lot more like an indica plant when flowering due to the amount of resin that it produces, as well as its intense THC content. Indoors this plant takes 65-72 days to flower, producing over 450g per m2. Outdoors, it takes until the end of October, producing around 1 kg per plant.

Strains Designed for You

Mandala Seeds is known as one of the best seed banks on the market, and it has quite a large catalogue of regular seeds. You can create your very own strains and enjoy your own creations for years to come; find your preferred parent plants and get breeding!

Mandala Seeds has a strain designed for you, whether you’re looking for a particular aroma, flavor, size, type or yield – they have it all!