Trompetol Products

  • Trompetol Pomada 30ml, 100ml ó 300ml.

    Trompetol CBD Ointment

    Trompetol CBD ointment is perfect for treating bruises and muscle pain, as well as dry skin, eczema, burns and other injuries that require skin regeneration.

  • Trompetol Pomada Extra & TeaTree

    Trompetol Extra & TeaTree Ointment

    Trompetol Extra & Tea tree Ointment blends the antifungal and antibacterial properties of tea with CBD power. It is ideal for injuries such as skin ulcers and even recent tattoos.

  • Trompetol Pomada Extra CBD

    Trompetol Extra CBD Ontiment

    The concentration of cannabinoids has been increased in Trompetol Extra CBD Ointment raises to boost the anti-inflammatory and analgesic power. Ideal to treat for more severe pains.

  • Crema Facial Trompetol 40ml

    Face Cream Trompetol 40ml

    This hemp-cream by Trompetol is perfect for facial care, allowing you to keep your face hydrated and strong – regenerative and calming thanks to its 100% natural ingredients.

Trompetol is a company that started out in the Czech Republic. They started out in order to fill the rising demand for medicinal CBD products. All of their products are fully natural and organic, totally safe to use. Trompetol decided to bet on the cannabis sector once they saw CBD consumption increasing.

Their products have all been certified as 100% natural and organic; they even grow their own hemp for their products. Their CBD pomades have proven to get rid of pain, hydrate dry skin and reduce pain from burns and psoriasis. Its anti-inflammatory effect is great for pretty much any external skin issue you may have. Also, anybody can use these products as they don’t produce any sort of negative effect; perfect for kids and elders.

Trompetol has also developed a face cream that contains 100% natural ingredients. Its properties included hydration and protection, keeping your skin safe from external agents. It also increases the regeneration process. It’s great for those that have been sunburnt too, as it accelerates the recovery process.

All of Trompetol’s products are just as effective thanks to their high CBD content, which has been proven to be extremely good for the skin. All of their products will leave you with hydrated, beautiful-looking skin. Get your hands on some Trompetol products and see it for yourself – you’ll see the difference.