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Innotech Lighting Products

Innotech - LED technology at your fingertips

Innotech lighting is a Spanish company that specializes in lighting systems designed for growing indoors in soil and hydroponics. They deal in all sorts of innovative lighting systems, such as LEC, LED CMH and CDM. Their lights are incredibly efficient and come with high-tech designs and components.

They’re always innovating when it comes to LED technology. Their LED Proton Plus 300w light has COB LED Bubble technology and does amazingly in small to average areas, covering the same area as a 600w HPS light while using a lot less energy. You’ll be able to significantly reduce the temperature in your grow, generating more resin and keeping the terpenes fully intact thanks to its UV light. Thanks to their different light spectrum combinations you can use them to cover both periods; growth and flowering.

Another of our favorite devices is their Support COB LED. This waterproof LED is the perfect accessory for your grow, allowing you give the darker parts of your tent or room a little bit of extra light, and you can evenly place it on the ground in order to increase yield along the lower branches. No need to worry about it getting wet! It’s generally placed along the tip and side or the bottom of your plants in order to increase yield in darker areas, and stop your plants from growing too tall in search of light.

Innotech also has kits on offer such as their 315w adjustable LEC kit, which allows you to adjust the strength of your lights during both the growth and flowering periods without needing to change out your bulb. Their ballasts come with a ProLumen option, increasing max power by around 10% in order to make the most of your plants.

Innotech is currently expanding their horizons and dabbling in vaporizers for cannabis – their E-Pipe contains some of their high-tech technology and looks just like a classic smoking pipe, which makes for quite an attractive design.  It has a large screen and various buttons that you can use to adjust the temperature. They work quite well and also have an auto shut-down function.

Innotech is here to stay with a wide range of amazing products for growing cannabis indoors. Their LED lights produce results that exceeded our expectations and will most definitely exceed yours, keeping electricity consumption to a minimum. Start working with LED lights and keep your plants big and bills small!