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Terranabis Products

Terranabis - Organic Fertilizer for Cannabis

Terranabis is a Spanish Company that started a few years ago in 2016. They specialize in designing and creating organic stimulants and protective products for cannabis plants. They're based in Castellón, and just a few years after starting out they’re already being used all over Spain and outside of Spain. At Terranabis, their aim is to give their customers organic products that work perfectly with cannabis, increasing yield. Unlike other brands, Terranabis produces products designed exclusively for cannabis plants.

You may be asking yourself, why Terranabis? They’re still such a young company – and that’s exactly why. In just three years they have managed to create products that provide truly amazing results with the added bonus of being organic. Their scientists, specialists in plant biology and biotechnology, developed the perfect creation process.

Their growth fertilizer, Aminabis, is fully organic and makes for absolutely massive plants that are well fed. You’ll be able to see your plants looking better and better each day, producing thick and strong stems. Floranabis is their flowering base fertilizer – thanks to its potent concentration of nutrients, you’ll be able to harvest enormous amounts of deliciously thick flowers. It has an element called Can-Up Activator, which increases the amount of cannabinoids in your plants. One of the best, most revolutionary organic products out there.

We highly recommend that everyone try Terranabis at least once – their innovative biotechnology mixed with the fact that these organic fertilizers are designed for cannabis plants specifically make them quite unique. We recommend trying the Terranabis Tri-pack, which comes with three products; the growth and flowering bases, as well as Bionabis, which is used to increase nutrient movement in your plants as well as reducing stress caused by external factors. This kit is great for beginners that don’t know how to get started.