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Guanokalong Products

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Guanokalong Products

Guanokalong - High Performance Nutrients

Guanokalong is a 100% organic nutrient brand with ingredients taken all the way from Thai forests. Their products come in liquid, powder and ash format. Their products are made out of bat and marine bird excrement – these animals eat insects and fruit, making their excrement one of the best organic fertilizers to ever exist, containing phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Give your plants’ substrate a new lease of life with these impressive nutrients.

They stock products for every single phase, from transplants to rooting; even products for the very end of the process. Guanokalong provides amazing results, large buds and delicious flavors and aromas; natural results thanks to their amazing natural ingredients.

Bat guano is a product that’s absorbed incredibly slowly, and it’s generally used at the start of the flowering period so that it starts to take effect during the bud fattening phase. However, Guanokalong has come up with a way to speed this process up, developing a liquid product that does the same thing; it gives your plants the exact amount of nutrients that they need to fatten their buds and make for incredible yields. Liquids generally offer more control over dosages when feeding your plants, avoiding accidental over-fertilization.

When it comes to their liquid range, they have products for each and every phase. Their Liquid Guanos for the growth period (Kalong Grow) and the flowering period (Kalong Bloom) have given use some surprising results. Kalong Grow is a potent organic fertilizer for the growth period, increasing growth and making for healthy, strong plants. These products are perfect if you’re worried about accidental over-feeding; they have low, perfectly balanced amounts of nutrients.

Guanokalong is one of the best companies when it comes to increasing the quality of your plants’ substrate, as well as liquid nutrients for more immediate results. Their organic, high end products have definitely solidified their place on the market.