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Compo Products

Compo - Bio Repellents and Preventives

Compo is a company that’s currently at the top of bio and chem home-protection products, specifically designed to keep insects away. They were founded in Germany way back in the 50s, and they’ve been at it for over 60 years now, growing more and more with every passing year. Nowadays, Compo is one of the most important insect repellant brands in the world.

They have quite a wide range of products designed for your home and garden, from substrates to insecticides and repellants for your plants. They have various different insecticides such as products designed for worms specifically, as well as insecticides that can get rid of various different types of insect plagues such as Cythrin Garden, which can get rid of most of the main insect plagues that can affect cannabis plants such as caterpillars, thrips, aphids and spider mites. It works getting rid of them as well as repelling them so that your plants stay nice and safe. Make sure to read every instruction carefully so that you don’t accidentally damage your plants’ buds.

Compo keeps in mind the rules and regulations of the EU when it comes to their products, and they have different versions of each product to match every possible market that they may sell to, known as Algoflash, Gesal, Resolva and Vorox.

Our customers have been using Compo for years now, and they’re always a few steps ahead of any possible issue that may arise with your cannabis plants, keeping insects at bay!