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Kalumet Products

Kalumet - Quality, Efficient Vaporizers

Kalumet is a Spanish portable vaporizer brand. They sell vapes for cannabis and BHO, both of which work using a chargeable battery. You can make the most of your weed without needing to burn it. They have various different models, each one fit for a specific kind of cannabis consumer. They have also released a range of oilers and bangers as well as other accessories for vaping and consuming weed at home.

Out of the enormous amounts of vaporizers that they stock, our favorite is the Weda Plus. It’s super easy to use and its battery lasts forever. It’s definitely one of their most expensive vaporizers, but it really is worth it when it comes to the quality of the device and the absolute care and time put into making it. You can adjust the temperature to three different ranges, with a LED light that tells you the temperature that it’s set at. You can have it ready to go and vape in less than a minute – fill it and set the temperature!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Kalumet designed our official vaporizer, the mini Vape, which is incredibly affordable and potent. It’s perfect for vaping e-liquids, and thanks to its GB Solid Tank accessory, you can vape BHO and resin too. This vaporizer is super small and light; it has a 500mAh lithium battery and is designed for the perfect grip so you don’t accidentally drop it. It has a LED button for turning it on and off, as well as adjusting the temperature. It comes with a USB charger so that you can charge it practically anywhere. The atomizer itself holds about 0.5ml and can easily be replaced if needed. We recommend handling it with care so you don’t accidentally spill anything.

As we said earlier, you can get all sorts of spares and replacement parts such as atomizers, mouthpieces and other accessories. We have loved working with Kalumet and we’re incredibly satisfied with the end results of our Mini Vape – our customers love it!