CBD 10ml Essenz Serum

CBD 10ml Essenz Serum

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Essenz BHO Bubble Atomizer solder

Essenz BHO Bubble Atomizer

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Essenz Products

Essenz Products

Essenz is a Spanish company based in Valencia that design, create and sell e-cigarettes, e-liquids and various accessories. Their devices are quality-made and still incredibly affordable for almost any budget. They also have a wide range of models to fit every consumer’s needs; hash, weed, e-liquids, extracts, you name it!

One of our favorites is the Essenz Wax vaporizer, which is perfect for vaporizing oils such as BHO or resins. It’s made out of sturdy materials that make sure it can put up with the heat, so you can use it for long periods at a time. Make sure to clean it after every use, it only takes a second. Don’t be too rough when cleaning it, as you may end up damaging the coil. You can charge it anywhere you have access to a USB inlet.

Essenz has quite a large amount of simple vaporizers that are a great way to get started; your first vape should definitely be one of these, allowing you to experience BHO vapes for the first time. They have incredibly simple e-cigs that are designed for e-liquids in different flavors. We’ve created an Essenz kit that comes with this vape plus a Harmony e-liquid, which are some of the best liquids available, and they also come with small amounts of CBD.

Essenz also now stock serums which contain CBD, from 2.5% to 10% for medicinal needs. These serums are some of the first products to be regulated and approved for sale by the necessary authorities in Spain; they have been proven to have many benefits, such as skin care, capable of treating issues such as dry skin and psoriasis. They contain only natural ingredients; 90% olive oil! We recommend trying this product out, using a few drops on an area of your body that you would like to treat and massage it in until it has been fully absorbed.

So, whatever type of vape that you’re looking for, Essenz has the perfect solution for you! Vapes, spares, accessories, serums etc. Get yourself a simple-to-use, affordable vaporizer from Essenz – the most affordable vapes on the market.