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Shogun - Efficient Mineral Fertilisers

Shogun Fertilisers is a British fertilizer brand with headquarters in Sheffield, UK. They aim and strive to create new products that revolutionize the world of gardening, farming and cannabis growing. Shogun knows that cannabis growers are incredibly demanding when it comes to the quality of their fertilizers. That’s why they took the time to design quality, professional fertilizers. They have made two incredible discoveries, called SmartZen and AquaZen, which are included in some of their products in order to increase yield and general quality.

AquaZen is a formula that essentially optimizes the distribution of water in your growing medium, allowing it to expand evenly throughout the substrate, which helps your plants’ roots to absorb more nutrients. SmartZen is a product that’s been added to their base nutrients in order to increase yield around 8%.

Katana Roots is an impressive product used during the rooting period; it stimulates intense root growth, which is key for guaranteeing successful and healthy plants. Sumo Active Boost is a product that has done amazingly when it comes to accelerating the growth and flowering periods. These products work perfectly alongside Warrior PK 9-18 and Dragon Force, both of which are used to increase flowering as well as fatten your plants’ buds.

These additives do amazingly on their own and combined, although you will definitely need to use their main nutrient bases, which are Terra Grow and Terra Bloom, which are generally used for the growth and flowering periods. These products are perfect for using with soil or peat substrates. They also have a specific product designed for coco coir substrates called Coco A+B, and hydroponic equivalents such as Hydro Grow and Bloom A+B.

Shogun has just started but they’ve already made a name for themselves due to the amazing effects and results provided by these products. They are incredibly stable and constant, increasing yields much more than other products. Shogun still works daily to innovate and create brand new masterpieces – some of the best quality you can find on the market.