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Elite Seeds Autoflowering

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Elite seeds
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Elite Seeds Autoflowering

Elite Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Elite Seeds, Perfected Autoflowering Strains

Elite Seeds is a seed bank based out of Valencia that began their adventure over 15 years ago, working on an intense selection process in order to create a name for themselves; now, they represent the most professional breeders and growers of the area.

Valencia is known for its fertile soil full of micro-life and sunshine all year round. Keep in mind that Valencia is extremely well-known for its oranges and many vegetables, including juicy and giant Valencian tomatoes. This is all due to Valencian soil which has plenty of carbohydrates and other important nutrients.

This means that Valencian gardens get to make the most of the natural substrate and natural strains that have adapted to this particular climate. Elite Seeds has years and years of experience growing in these climates, creating strains that are highly resistant to frequent issues due to humidity such as fungi and rot.

100% Feminized Seeds for Indoor and Outdoor Grows

Elite Seeds’ Autoflowering strains are entirely feminized – you’ll never find a male in your grow when using these seeds. This seed bank puts a lot of effort into their seeds, ensuring that you won’t have any problems in your grow when it comes to accidental male plants, which can pollinate female plants and thus make them weaker, as well as cause seeds to appear everywhere. Thanks to their experience with hybrids, these plants are perfectly symmetrical and stable, making them easier to grow.

Fast growing, potent strains

If you’re looking for autoflowering plants without needing to wait forever to harvest and without sacrificing any quality, strains such as Elite 47 are perfect for you. Elite 47 has AK-47 genes, and it’s been adapted perfectly to the Valencian climate; it’s strong and vigorous and will be ready just 70 days after germinating.

It performs perfectly outdoors, and indoors you’ll be able to harvest about 10 days earlier than outdoors; both growing mediums are perfect options. If you get a chance you should definitely try out this strain – you won’t be disappointed with Elite 47.

CBD-Rich Autoflowering Seed Catalogue

If you browse our catalogue you’ll notice that each seed has its own description written by professionals here at Growbarato so that you know exactly what to expect when you grow them. Take a look at our prices too – we have discounts all year round!