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Élite Seeds

Elite Seeds Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Elite Seeds is a seed bank whose main objective is to find and cross the best strains by using the best technology they can get their hands on. They hybridize award-winning strains and then proceed to feminize them using a unique process. Their mother plants are taken extreme care of and conserved during years without losing any medicinal or therapeutic qualities. This seed bank knows how important it is to treat mother plants right when going through the selection process in order to offer top-quality seeds and clones.

One of their most famous strains is Juanita La Lagrimosa CBD, a plant that contains extremely high levels of both THC and CBD, making for a perfectly medicinal effect. The psychoactive effect produces by THC is muted quite a bit due to the CBD in this strain, making for a wonderfully medicinal plant. It flowers quite fast considering its sativa heritage, 75%, and you can grow it both indoors and outdoors. These plants grow an enormous central cola with open buds and an enormous yield. Outdoors it makes for large plants that can be hard to hide. The best thing about this plant is that it’s highly medicinal and great and calming pains, insomnia or eating disorders.

Early Widow is for growers looking for enormous yields both indoors and outdoors. This strain grows buds all along its branches, making long, dense and heavy colas. The most eye-catching thing about this strain is the amount of resin that it produces – the buds will be covered in a thick layer of white resin. Indoors these plants grow small and compact, allowing the light to reach every leaf and create many flowers. Outdoors they can grow up to 2m, rewarding growers with up to 800g per plant. This strain doesn’t like humidity or cold although it does well if you take preventive measures.

Black Hole is a strain for those that want strong, relaxing and pain-relieving effects, perfect for bone or muscle issues or many different disorders. They grow out small, without taking up much space in your grow – you can place around 6 plants per square meter. They begin flowering quite fast after switching the lights to 12/12. Outdoors most of the yield will fall on the tips of the branches, making for an open structure that gets the most of the sunlight. It has a delicious sweet flavor that’ll have you couch-locked in no time.

This seed bank has many different strains with very different characteristics; all of them are top quality. Though. Go check out their complete catalogue of feminized seeds; feel free to read the descriptions written by our team of experts in order to help you make an informed choice. We also have permanent offers on all of the seeds in this catalogue.