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Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Ripper Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that has been many years committed to bringing the best crossbreds among strains and the best selections of stabilized seeds. Varieties such as Skunk, Kush, Haze or Afghani with their own touch so that lovers of these classic strains can access them with highlighted characteristics. Our Hazes will be more powerful and incensed, the Afghan and the Kush will be even more resinous for our extractions while the Skunks will present exaggerated scents for those looking for strong smells.

Double Glock is one of the insignia strains of Ripper Seeds: it was one of their first strains which helped them to get a name. It is a 100% Indica strain and comes from some Afghan plants from which very homogeneous and stable plants were obtained. 
We will get plants which don't become too wide though maybe a bit too tall. 9 plants will be more than enough for 1 m2. It tastes like sweet hash and it has a very sedative and corporal effect that will help you palliate many pains or get you back to sleep if you suffer from insomnia. We will get high returns in resin and BHO extractions and it is very recommended to do medicinal dyes.

Another of their favorite strains is Ripper Haze, a 80% Sativa strain with a very fast bloom. It is very well known in the Dutch coffee-shops and has been number one in sales for decades. Now it is available for us to grow it at home. In the cannabis world it is now as Amnesia Haze, an elite clone that's very famous and was obtained by Ripper Seeds during a visit to Holland to be stabilized afterwards and produce intoxicating plants of given characteristics. It will give us dense, hard and very resinous buds with an incensed aroma. Indoors, it is quite easy to be grown even it is a Haze because it doesn't shoot up much or require as much space as a regular Haze. Outdoors, we will get an early plant, which will be ready by mid-September and produce about 800g per plant. We will get an awakening and cheerful effect and is one of these strains that leaves you with the smile on for hours.

Criminal+ is one of the most commercial strains, since its characteristics are very appealing for lucrative growers. This strains produces large buds in a very short time, allowing fast and heavy crops indoors and short and very productive plants outdoors. When we grow them under the lamps, they don't grow too high or too wide, so we can set 9-16 plants per spot of 600W with no major problem. The only thing we have to do is grow them for some 15 days and then change them immediately to 12hr of light, so that not many branches grow and all the production is concentrated in the central part. We will get 500 g of dry weed easily in 55-60 days. Outdoors, we will get plants that don't become too big but which get wider due to a homogeneous exposure to light. They will become like marijuana cypresses. This strain has sweet aroma and tastes and a very marked narcotic-relaxing effect. 

Ripper Seeds is a bank for growers who want classic plants in their best version. Their selections are based on award-winning genetics and selected slips, doing crossbreds which have gotten many prizes of cannabis and Hash and HBO extractions. Now you can get them at unbeatable prices, since in GrowBarato we enjoy permanent offers all year round. Purchase your Ripper Seeds and make the best of them thanks to our tips.