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White Label Auto

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White Label Auto

White Label Auto - Autoflowering seeds

White Label Seed Company Autoflowering Seeds

White Label is a seeds bank that belongs to Sensi Seeds. It brings us now their best strains in autoflowering version. It is possible now to get quick productions of our favorite marijuana with their great selection of feminized autoflowering strains.

Autoflowering White Label Strains Ready in 60 Days

You'll find some of the classic strains, now ready for harvest in just 2 months. They count with strains such as Northern Light and Super Skunk that used to take several months outdoors available in a record time. These strains perform a whole cycle in basically what a seasonal plant would take just to start blooming. By flowering so early automatic varieties save you time and allow you to get up to 3 crops in a single cycle (instead of 1). This can be pushed indoors, where it is possible to get up to 6 crops.

White Label Seed Company, quality seeds for Sensi Seeds

White Labels gives us all the guarantees of an established seeds bank with very affordable prices for all budgets. Its high quality comes from the selection of Sensi Seeds strains. It is undoubtedly one of the banks with the best quality price ratios.

White Label Seed Company Best Autoflowering Seeds

Snow Ryder Auto is an automatic strain, quick to harvest. Indeed, you'll be able to smoke it in less than 8 weeks after sprouting. It has an abundant veil of resin crystals covering it. It is not particularly small but won't reach an excessive height neither. Indeed, you can expect plants to be between 80 cm and 1.20 m high, which makes them ideal for being grown both .indoors and outdoors It will reach its peak during the most favourable 4 months for its cultivation: May, June, July and August where you'll get the highest and most productive plants. Along with its citric aroma and a muddy aftertaste, inherited from its Rudelaris ancestry, it has a very relaxing and soft effect.

White Haze Auto is a very tasty and sugary strain. Its Haze aroma will fill your mouth with a dense and very pleasant smoke. It is one of the best autoflowering strains available in the bank since it is a direct descendant of the award winning White Haze which won the Cannabis Cup and has great vigor and strength. Its blooming stage starts from the 6th to the 9th node in the branches around 45 days after sprouting. After 35 more days it will be ready for harvest, since it completes its blooming in a record time.

White Label XXL Strains

Super Skunk Autoflowering will flood the palate with its original taste, the same it had 26 years ago when it was first introduced to cannabis users. It will yield a very decent production, almost as big as an XXL automatic since it holds to the ground very firmly. From the 3rd week it has a growing spurt to reach almost 1.5 m at the end of the blooming. It produces abundant resin even at the largest leaves and sticky buds hard as stone. It has a very enjoyable and light effect, stimulant and soft for the body at the same time, which make your day fly by with a clear head.

White Label Seed Bank

In this bank you can find feminized autoflowering seeds for all publics with different flavours, effects and sizes. Choose the one you prefer and enjoy them. You can purchase these delicacies at the best price since we enjoy discounts in all seeds banks.