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ACE Seeds

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ACE Seeds

ACE Seeds Feminized Cannabis Strains

ACE Seeds | Worldwide Landrace Breeders

ACE Seeds is an innovative seed bank that’s bringing us brand new strains constantly, crossing cannabis plants from all over the world in order to create new hybrids that can survive in bad weather, high humidity and many other aspects that we all wish our plants could have. One of this bank’s most important aspects is the huge amount of Sativa strains that they offer; they have a large collection of plants that have a stimulating, euphoric and psychoactive effect.

ACE Seeds Cannabis Strains

Bangi Haze Hybrid

Bangi Haze is one of ACE Seeds’ most well-known seeds, a hybrid between a native Conga strain and another from Nepal. This plant was born after a meticulous and delicate process involving many generations of hybrids, guaranteeing a strong and vigorous plant that has quite a decent yield. You can grow this plant both indoors and outdoors, although the plants may differ slightly depending on where you grow them. Indoors, this plant is fast and grows big, up to 500g per square meter. Outdoors you can easily get 1kg per seasonal plant, although you’ll need to grow in a warm area to get the most out of it.

Nepal Jam Hybrid

Nepal Jam is another one of ACE Seeds’ star strains, as it grows pretty much anywhere in the world. This sativa/indica hybrid is extremely easy to grow, and adapts quite nicely to wherever it grows, as well as having a high resistance to fungi and pests. If you decide to plant them straight into the ground, you’ll have a practically invincible plant unless it happens to freeze over – this strain does super well with cold and rain. It takes just 9 weeks to flower, and you can get 540g per square meter. Outdoors, these plants are discreet in as far as size but amazing when it comes to yield, getting up to 800g per plant.

Violeta Hybrid

If you’re looking for a colorful and sweet plant, then Violet is the strain for you. It’s a hybrid, born from crossing two amazingly purple plants such as Purple Malawi and Pakistan Chitral Kush. The result is a plant that goes purple/red towards the end of the flowering period, making for some pretty eye-catching buds. It has fruity and sweet nuances when it comes to flavor, and those that smoke daily will love this strain for its taste and its balanced effect, which isn’t that strong, so you can go about your business.

Incredibly Pure Strains

So, if you’re looking for pure strains or brand new hybrids, ACE Seeds has a wide collection of all kinds of cannabis strains will all kinds of genes. Find a sativa that makes you fly or an indica that makes you sink into the couch; we have the best prices and ACE Seeds has the best strains.