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ADWA Products

Adwa Ph and Ec meters for cannabis crops

ADWA Instruments (Advanced Digital Water Analysis) is a company that has specialized in making and designing special pH meters, EC meters, ORP and other devices. They’re based in Hungry, and ADWA is currently at the top of the market for devices which are used to measure parameters in cannabis grows.

This company works very closely with their customers, which is how they’ve managed to develop products that are easy to use, comfy for growers and their grow tents, precise and sturdy. All of their products have the right components such as electrodes and sensors in order to give you a precise measurement at all times. You can have a look at our catalogue to see all of the various ADWA models that we have.

Their submergible EC and Temperature meter is incredibly handy, and probably one of the best in its category thanks to its competitive price. This double meter has a large screen that allows you to see the measurements precisely. You can automatically calibrate it using calibration liquids which come with the product, and you can also acquire them separately. It’s super easy to clean, simply washing the sensor briefly with water after every use. It’s super easy to use, and sturdy thanks to its solid casing.

They have a wide range of specific meters that are heavily affordable, such as EC, pH and temperature meters. Their EC meter is incredibly useful, allowing you to get immediate and stable readings. You can also automatically calibrate this device. Their sensor pH meter is also super handy, allowing you to see your plants’ pH in real time, as it’s kept inside your flowerpots. Its electrode is specially designed so that it doesn’t get damaged when in contact with water and nutrients.

ADWA meters are incredibly trustworthy pocket-instruments that’ll give you precise, perfect readings. ADWA is constantly changing and adapting, going beyond our expectations and bringing us amazing, new and ultra-precise products.