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Cultibox Products

Cultibox Products

Indoor cannabis growing has been around for years now, offering many advantages over outdoor growing. The bad part is that you need to allocate quite a lot of space for your plants, your lighting and watering systems, anti-odor systems, insulation, reflective material… This can be a bit complicated to organize in a large room, which is why Cultibox has the perfect grow tent solutions. They have various sizes and shapes for different growing needs – Cultibox grow tents are perfect for those that need to able to grow in small areas.

Cultibox started with that exact idea in mind; helping growers that don’t have much space to grow plants indoors. Their quality tents are affordable and super easy to set up. They have tents that go from 60cm to 3m. Their most affordable range is called the Cultibox Light tents, which are super-efficient. The only bad thing about these tents is that they don’t have a reflective interior, but they’re perfect for those that are just starting out and don’t need anything too complicated. They have various sizes, going from 60x60x140cm to 120x120x200cm.

Another one of their star tents is the Cultibox SG-Combi; they’re made out of thick, reflective material on the inside. Three of its four walls can be removed and placed back using Velcro – this allows you to attach more than one tent to another, creating your own personalized tent. These tents have an aluminum frame that can hold up hefty lighting systems.

The Cultibox Open is a model that can be opened up on all four sides, allowing you to access your plants from each and every size. It makes watering and pruning your plants much easier; no need to take them all out and place them back in.

If you’re looking for quality grow tents, Cultibox is one of the best choices you can make. They have some of the most affordable, quality models on the market.