Ozotres Products

  • Bombillas de recambio para Ozotres

    Spare bulbs for Ozotres

    Spare bulbs for Ozotres Ozonizers. Make sure your Ozotres Ozonizers  always works at its best.

  • Ozonizador conducto Ozotres - Generador Ozono para Tubo

    Duct ozonizer Ozotres - Ozone Generator for ducts

    Get rid of marihuana odors from your crop with Ozotres Duct Ozonizer. It will prevent odors from coming out of your crop.

    This product not available in your country.

  • Ozonizador Pared Ozotres

    Ozotres Wall Ozonizer

    Ozotres Wall Ozonizer will let you eliminate bad odors and  purify the air in enclosed spaces such as bedrooms or unventilated areas.

Ozotres Products

Ozotres deals in various different ozonizers which are used to fight intense odors, such as the aroma that flowering or drying cannabis plants may produce. Ozotres guarantees their customers highly competitive prices. Definitely one of the best sources on the market if you're looking to make your growing set up a little more discreet.

Their most interesting device when it comes to home-growing is their Ozotres Duct Ozonizer, which can be attached to the pipes and ducts in your growing room. It gets rid of any aromas that may pass through it, so you don’t need to worry about any escaping aromas. Nobody will have a clue! Keep in mind that ozone gas can deteriorate most surfaces that it comes into contact with, including electronic devices and their cables, so it’ll need to be at the very end of your circuit, spilling the resulting gas out of your house and not into it. It comes in various duct sizes. You can buy bulbs separately too, in case you need to replace them.

Their other ozonizer is the Ozotres wall ozonizer. It’s perfect for setting in your room or around your house where you smoke, although you should never use it in your grow room; it can’t be moved around, you can’t use it with a tube or connect it to your ventilation system at all. It’s perfect for getting rid of bad aromas in your house.

Ozores devices will keep your house clean and nice-smelling, avoiding issues with neighbors, family members or even worse, the police. Keep your home aroma free with Ozotres ozonizers.