Nutriculture Products

  • Manta de Riego de NUTRICULTURE

    NUTRICULTURE Spreader Mat

    Keep your plants from getting thirsty with this Nutriculture Spreader Mat; you can also use it NFT ebb and flow systems, as well as capillary watering methods.

  • Discos Collarin Neopreno 5cm Nutriculture 100 u.

    Neoprene Clone Collars

    100 50mm Neoprene Clone Collars for aeroponic grow systems. You can replace your old collars with these ones.

  • Gro-Tank 0.5 x 1 m (NFT) Nutriculture

    Gro-Tank 0.5 x 1m (NFT) Nutriculture

    One of the simplest automatic growing systems. Gro Tank is an ebb & flow system that allows you to grow with both Rockwool or coco fiber slabs.

  • Propagador X-Stream

    Propagador X-Stream

    X-Stream by Nutriculture is a top quality propagator that allows you to easily grow clones and root them successfully every time.

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  • Flo & Gro 510 Nutriculture

    Flo & Gro 510 by Nutriculture

    The Flo&Gro 510 by Nutriculture is a hydroponic growing system that can grow two plants. It’s incredibly easy to use and maintain, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Amazon Nutriculture Sistema Hidropónico

    Amazon Nutriculture Hydroponic System

    Get started with aeroponics thanks to Amazon by Nutriculture. This system lets you grow your plants easily even on your balcony.

  • Mesa de inundacion "EBB&FLOOD"

    "EBB&FLOOD" flood table

    EBB & FLOOD flood table is a hydroponic system that will give you full control over the roots of your plants, allowing you to change watering cycles and your nutrient schedule whenever you want.

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  • Gro-Tank 1 x 1 m (NFT) Nutriculture

    Gro-Tank 1 x 1 m (NFT) Nutriculture

    Gro-Tank 1x1m (NFT) by Nutriculture is a novel ebb and flow system, more commonly known as NFT. It lets you grow plans easily with no need for manual irrigation.

  • Flo & Gro 500 Nutriculture
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    Flo & Gro 500 Nutriculture

    Grow 1 plant in hydroponics with the Flo & Gro 500 Pot by Nutriculture. A simple hydroponic system for 1 plant you can place where you want.

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Nutriculture Products

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