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Hesi Products

Hesi Products - Dutch fertilizers for weed

Hesi is a Dutch company that produces and sells fertilizers, additives and other plant-care products. Hesi’s products are known for their amazing quality, giving cannabis plants incredibly important additives such as amino-acids, enzymes and glucose which make for super strong plants. Their mineral range is perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing, proving to be key in harvesting large yields.

Hesi has quite a wide range of products in their catalogue so that you can give your plants anything they need, from the start of the process right up until the end. For the first few crucial days you can give your saplings a product called Supervit, which gives them vitamins and amino-acids which are perfect for helping it to finish rooting and start growing. Hesi also recommends using this product during the entire process as it contains vital nutrients that your plants can use in each and every phase. From the second week onwards you’ll need to use their Root Complex if you want to make sure that they can absorb a lot more nutrients later on.

Their TNT Complex is an incredibly potent growth stimulant. It contains large amounts of vitamins and amino acids, which makes for large, robust plants in no time at all. When it comes to the flowering period, we highly recommend using their flowering stimulant, Flower Complex, in order to increase the amount of flowers and then Phosphorus Plus in order to increase the density and size of the flowers.

Powerzyme is a product that is incredibly handy; it turns dead roots and other residues into sugars that your plants can absorb easily, recycling all of the unnecessary things in your substrate and turning them into plant food. They also have some potent pH adjusters such as pH+ and pH- for the growth and flowering periods – their incredibly efficient and increasing and decreasing the acidity in your nutrient solution if necessary. The optimal pH in hydroponics is between 5.5 and 6.5 pH so that your plants can absorb as many nutrients as possible.

Hesi also has three kits for growers to use, each one for a specific growing medium; they have a Soil, a Hydro and a Coco Coir kit. All three are highly affordable and they contain the necessary products for feeding your plants from start to finish in each medium. Each kit comes with a growing chart too, so you know exactly what to give your plants and when to give it to them.

Hesi is still one of the leading fertilizer brands in various different contents, keeping their products up to date and efficient as ever.