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BioBizz Products

Bio Bizz organic nutrients - cannabis growing

BioBizz: What it is and how to use it

It might be one of the few brands if not the only one that does not use PK. Almost all their products are organic. They produce both substrates and fertilizers - both liquid and solid ones-. A whole range of organic products for a organic plantation.

Why choose this brand instead of another? Their manufactures state all their products are organic and contain no chemical components so they will allow you to get more intense flavors and better medicinal quality products.

Pre-Mix is among their nutrients. This product is made of rock flour that will provide mineral salts and basic trace elements so that soil can be reused or enriched. It is recommended to use it mixed with Worm Mix, another product from the brand, which, as its name indicates, is a mix made of worms, ie. worm humus, 100% pure, controlled and certified. The company states the diet of the worms is based on rock flour so that the composition of this humus is as complete as possible.

Thanks to the bacteria that go with these feces we will get an increase of the mycobacterium life along with an improvement of the soil's quality, an addition of nutrients that are both soluble in water and mixable with soil along with the Pre-Mix. It is recommended to use between 10-15% of Worm-Mix to reactivate All-Mix, another star product we are about to describe.

BioBizz substrates 

Among the substrates from the brand, there are coco-fiber products. One of them is very light and it's known as "Light substrate" and then, there's All-Mix. The latter is very appreciated among growers who need a high contribution of nutrients for the substrate they employ. It contains a mix of worm humus, perlite, black peat, coco, Pre-Mix and mycorrhiza. Featuring pH=6.6 and Ec= 2.4 its main purpose is to help during the flowering stage rather than during the vegetative one. However, it can also be used during the vegetative stage. When soil is to be reused, it is advisable to mix Worm-Mix along with Pre-Mix, water the soil and wait about 36 hours before reusing the same soil. 

For those growers who need an extra addition of nutrients for their substrate but with different levels of salts concentration, it is possible to resort to Light Mix. With a composition very similar to the previous product, the difference lies in the concentration of Pre-Mix. In fact, if we wished to reuse that same soil it would be possible as long as we use the Worm-Mix and the Pre-Mix in higher concentrations than in the first of the cases. Featuring Ec=1.2 and pH=6?2, Light Mix is overtly designed for the youngest plants.

Growers who employ coco as growing substrate will find Coco-Mix is the best coco fiber on the market. Featuring pH= 6.1 and Ec=0.3, we will get an already mycorrhizal substrate ready to start growing on coco media.

BioBizz Nutrients

Let's introduce the fertilizers range from BioBizz. We will start talking about Bio Grow, a 100% organic product, made of Dutch beetroot which, like sugarcane, contains a lot of molasses, but in a lesser quantity. That is why it supplie vitamins C, E, B1 and B2 to your plants besides sugars. Manufacturers recommend to use it during the entire cycle and not just during the vegetative stage.

For the flowering stage, BioBizz brings us Bio Bloom, a 100% organic product obtained from vegetal fermentation to which trace minerals and plant hormones have been added to booster the formation of flowers. It also contains enzymes to help plants absorb nutrients better. The company tells this product can also be used with a coco substrate and even in hydroponics. 

There is one product that can be used for both the vegetative stage and the flowering. This is "Fish Mix" and, as its name indicate is, partly, of animal origin. It is an infusion of fish caught at the North Sea partially mixed with Dutch beetroot. This product fosters the creation of life in the subsoil even if it is totally made of coco. BioBizz recommends using this product both with All-Mix and Light-Mix, though doses would vary. In the first case 1 ml/L would be enough whereas in the second one it would be necessary to use between 2-4 ml/L. It can also be sprayed.

Besides pure fertilizers, BioBizz offers a range of stimulators or boosters. Top Max is a 100% organic flowering stimulator which, besides promoting the formation of flowers, helps to increase their weight and intensity of flavor. It is recommended to use this product during all the bloom, increasing its concentration as we forward. Top Max is a source of humic acid, coming from leonardite, which supports plants metabolic processes, assisting old cells and stimulating new ones.

Alg-A-Mic is the answer to all kind of stress plants might suffer, whether it is due to a lack of food or an excess. Any time your plants show a sign of stress, the answer will be Alg-A-Mic, a product made of algae. Its content of plant hormones will have an stimulant effect that can be taken advantage of both during the vegetative and the flowering stage. It is recommended to spray it rather than adding it to the irrigation water (although it is also possible). The result would be lush green plants.

Root Juice is the product with a highest content of auxin by the brand and can be used to stimulate the roots. This is one of their organic products manufacturers claim can be used with any type of growing media (soil, coco, hydroponics, aeroponics). It fosters the development of a very vigorous radicular system, improving nutrient uptake.

Bio Heaven is not a Pk. However, it can be used to fatten buds. The truth is the product does much more than that: it removes toxins from the plants, fosters the absorption of many sprayed products and can be used, again, with all kind of growing media. Rich in amino acids and all kind of biological stimulators, this products reinforces the antioxidant system of the plant. 

The most recent product in the BioBizz family is Acti-vera. This product is made of aloe vera to act as a booster and reinforcer. It has a purifying effect, cleaning the toxins present in the plant's organism, stimulating its immunological system and increasing vigor during the sprouting. On the whole, it can prove helpful to increase plant's productivity.

Leaf-Coat is a protective product by BioBuzz. This product creates a protective pellicule around the leaves, preventing fungi and insects from damaging them. It can be used up to two weeks before the harvesting. This pellicule retains slightly the evaporation of water. 

So, that was it. The whole BioBizz family: a range of fully organic products, with no chemicals, that will help you to obtain the best quality.