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Budget pH Meter

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Indoor Grow Measuring Instruments

Indoor Grow Measuring Instruments

Some of the most important tools in any growers room are measuring instruments, which are used to keep the parameters at the right levels, making for happy and healthy plants. Cannabis plants grow in plenty of different climates, although there is a list of specific parameters that are best, including humidity and temperature parameters. You can also keep an eye on your water’s pH and EC levels, as well as many other parameters.

We stock gauges that allow you to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in your grow room as well as meters that allow you to control the pH and other parameters in your plants’ soil and nutrient solution. You’ll be able to give your plants the perfect micro-climate, adjusting all parameters as needed.

If you have more specific needs, you can get soil meters that allow you to measure the parameters in your plants’ soil. We have models that can be used for a specific parameter and models that measure more than one thing. We also stock gauges with two different probes that allow you to check if your plants’ soil is humid enough or if you need to water them yet while also checking the pH and EC in your soil; you’ll know exactly what parameters need adjusting and which ones don’t. We have meters that only measure humidity or pH. We also stock thermometers for your flowerpots, which come in super handy during the winter – you’ll be able to tell if your plants’ roots are too cold, or too hot during those unforgiving summer months.

We also have environmental gauges, which allows you to test the atmospheric parameters in your grow room such as temperature, humidity and Co2 concentration. These devices are incredibly helpful when it comes to growing cannabis; you can use them to figure out stuff like how far away from the plants to hang your light, if you need to bring in more fresh air or if the humidity in your grow room is too high. You can also get a light meter if you want to know if your plants are receiving the best possible light, or a noise gauge to see if your grow room devices are making too much noise for your liking.

Thermo-hygrometers can be used to measure both the temperature and humidity in your grow room, allowing you to keep a close eye on your plants and their general state. You’ll be able to figure out the relative humidity in your grow room, which is essential when you’re rooting clones or when your plants are in the middle of the flowering period; clones need high humidity and flowering plants prefer low humidity. We stock various models, some of which take the reading from the device itself and others that come with an actual probe/sensor that can be placed anywhere in your grow, allowing you to know what parameters need to be adjusted for optimal plant growth.

Our Co2 meters allow you to know if your plants have enough Co2 in their room in order for photosynthesis to work. If you don’t have an extraction system in your grow room that renews old, stale air, then your plants won’t have any Co2 to breathe and they may stop growing and eventually die if left long enough. If you have a Co2 controller you can check your grow room and find any stagnant air bubbles, and if you have an actual Co2 burner you’ll be able to give your plants the perfect amount of breathable air.

Our pH and EC meters are perfect if you want to give your plants the best possible water and nutrient solutions. pH meters allow you to see how acid your plants’ water is, which you can then adjust if needed – the amount of nutrients that your plants can absorb depends entirely on the pH of the water used and of the soil you’re growing in. For example, plants need enormous amounts of nitrogen during the growth period, which requires a low pH level to be absorbed. During the flowering period, however, you’ll need to increase pH as your plants need to absorb much more phosphorus and potassium. If you keep on top of pH levels you can increase plant performance quite a lot.

EC is quite similar; if you give your plants a nutrient solution high in EC, they won’t be able to absorb it. The EC in your nutrient solution is a representation of the amount of salts in the mixture; your plants’ roots are a sort of filter that can only allow a certain concentration of nutrients through. So if your EC is too high, your plants won’t be able to absorb anything efficiently. This can really put a downer on your plants’ roots, causing them to burn out and eventually possibly die; this can be fixed by washing out your plants’ roots, although it’s best not to let it get to that stage anyway.

Of course, you’ll need calibrating liquids in order to start using your measuring instruments; we stock various different brands so that your devices always give you the most accurate measurements, avoiding nasty mishaps.

Whatever the device you’re looking for, you’ll find it right here at at some of the best prices on the market. Each product comes with its own detailed description so that you know exactly what you’re getting, alongside an explanatory video in Spanish.