Clipper Gas 100% Pure for BHO

Clipper Gas 100% Pure for BHO
  •  Clipper Gas 100% Pure for BHO
  •  Clipper Gas 100% Pure for BHO

This 0% impurity gas by Clipper is perfect for making BHO extracts. When using this gas your extracts will have the best possible flavor and quality.


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Clipper Gas 100% Pure for BHO

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100% Pure Clipper Gas for BHO

Clipper is quite a well-known lighter brand, and they make 100% pure gas for their clipper lighters and zippo lighters. This clean, pure butane gas is one of the most-used butane gases in order to make cannabis oil extracts, known as wax or BHO.

High Quality Pure Extracts with Clipper Gas

This gas’s technical name is Isobutane Pro Gas, which has been filtered 12 times before being put into the can, which is why it’s so pure. This absolute purity makes it perfect for making BHO, leaving your plants’ resin glands intact without any sort of residue, as it purges perfectly.

Easy BHO Extracts

This product is extremely flammable and the bottle can explode, so you need to be extremely careful when handling these materials. Keep it away from heat sources and NEVER leave it sitting in the sun or anywhere with temperatures over 50ºC.

If you take care and do it right, you’ll be able to make some extremely impressive wax with this butane gas, worthy of winning cannabis competitions all over the world.

100% Pure Clipper Gas details

  • Contains 300ml.
  • Aluminum valve

100% Pure Clipper Gas details:

  • Isobutane: 98%
  • Propane: 1.60%
  • Butane: 0.38%
  • Others: 0.2%
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Clipper Gas 100% Pure for BHO Reviews


yo no lo uso para extracciones pero para rellenar mecheros muy bien


Excelente para extracciones


El producto es bueno, no deja mal gusto en la extracción, pero si hay stock comprad el Newport obtienes el mismo resultado y x el mismo precio hay 100ml más


Funciona perfecto para rellenar mecheros clippers


buen precio para este gas




Una llama impoluta.


Uno de los gases más limpios para hacer las extracciones de BHO a parte del Colibrí que también va muy bien y tiene menos impurezas.
Pero muy bien en relación calidad precio


Un gas que no deja rastros al fumar


a buen precio,me gusta

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