Boom Nutrients Clone Kit

Boom Nutrients Clone Kit
  •  Boom Nutrients Clone Kit
  •  Boom Nutrients Clone Kit

Boom Nutrients Clone Kit includes a plastic propagator, a Plugin Pro tray, Cloner Boom, a pair of blunt scissors, a scalpel and a spray bottle.


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Boom Nutrients Clone Kit

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GB is introducing a new Boom Nutrients Clone kit, especially designed for people that are interested in preserving their favorite cannabis genetics. It will suit the needs of first time and more experienced growers. This pack contains all you need to properly clone your cuttings and guarantee their growth and well-being: a soft plastic propagator, a 77 alveoli Plugin Pro tray, a pair of blunt scissors, Cloner Boom, a scalpel and a spray bottle.

You need to think about which genetic aspects will adapt better to your preferences, like yields, organoleptic properties, vegetative and flowering periods, etc. before choosing your cuttings.

How to Use Boom Nutrients Clone Kit

To start with, the cuttings need to take place during the vegetative stage. You’ll choose healthy and plague free average sized branches (10-15cm), to promote perfect rooting.

This process will require the use of certain tools included in the kit, like the scalpel and scissors. It’s very important to clean the utensils with alcohol after each use and wash your hands to prevent infections that might affect the cutting and stop them from developing properly. Use gloves, face masks and safety glasses to prevent accidents.

Once you have taken cuttings, place a bit of Cloner Boom in its cap and dip each cutting in the solution for 10-15 seconds. Afterwards you’ll plant them in the previously prepared Plugin Pro tray that will retain the perfect moist levels for their proper development.

This process will finish by placing the cutting inside the propagator. You need to make sure your cuttings receive 18/6 photoperiod light cycles with CFL grow lights. Spray all the cuttings with a product rich in Nitrogen and vitamins like Insta Green from Grotek. You should check on your cuttings daily to be sure that they are growing properly.

Clone Kit Content

Soft plastic propagator: With this item your cuttings will have controlled environmental conditions for rooting to take place in a comfortable, easy and effective way. It is made with high quality and easy to clean non-porous plastic. It has ventilation holes that can be opened whenever the cuttings need air.

Plugin pro 77 Alv: Handy tray with 77 alveoli where seeds can safely germinate and form a small root system within a few days. These plugins give roots enough space to start developing and get plenty of oxygen at the same time. They also get some stimulant micronutrients from the peat.

Cloner Boom: Boom Nutrients rooting gel. It is formed with seaweed, rooting plant hormones, amino acids, microelements, polysaccharides and other vitamins. This product stimulates the cuttings to obtain as many root points as possible. With the use of Cloner Boom your cuttings will have a healthy root system in a short space of time.

Blunt scissors: These long and blunt scissors should be handled by an expert and are perfect for cutting small branches and leaves. They are light weighted and have a spring in the center to help with opening and closing. Should be cleaned with alcohol.

Scalpel: This tool is very sharp and thus perfect to make cuttings with a clean cut that will not damage cell walls, allowing them to heal properly and root perfectly. It is 14cm long and 1cm wide with a steel blade and a plastic handle.

Spray bottle: This sprayer has 1L capacity and will facilitate applying fertilizers and insecticides to the foliage. For optimal results clean after each use.

The Best Clone Kit

This clone kit will be very handy to successfully preserve your favorite strains. For best results we recommend keeping temperature between 20-25ºC and humidity levels between 60-70%. You will find other tools and products related to this task in our grow shop and if you need hints or advice, you can check our blog.

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