Gavita Plasma Lighting Kit

Gavita Plasma Lighting Kit
  •  Gavita Plasma Lighting Kit
  •  Gavita Plasma Lighting Kit

Gavita Plasma is a new lighting system that facilitates its installation and use. It provides a homogeneous and powerful spectrum. Your plants will absorb 9% more light.


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Gavita Plasma Lighting Kit

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Gavita Plasma Lighting Systems are lights that work using Luxim Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology. This set comes put together without any moving parts, perfect for indoor rooms with high humidity. It can be used with Gavita Master Controller EL1 and EL2 units.

LEP technology is based on a radio frequency controller that activates the emitting cells without needing electrodes. The cells turn into plasma, which lets off a continuous string of full-spectrum lights.

These kinds of kits last for quite a while – their higher prices are definitely worth it for the amazing results you’ll get. The high quality of the lumens will allow your plants to grow as large as possible; both the growth and flowering periods will be explosive. It covers the full light spectrum, and thanks to the nature of its plasma molecules, it produces UV-A and UV-B rays too.

It lasts for around 30.000 hours, and it’s a bit more compact than the Gavita Pro which makes it even easier to set up. It hardly lets off any heat, so you don’t need to worry about keeping it far away from your plants. Also, its color temperature is at around 5600k, which is perfect as a substitute for HPS lights.

It comes with a rectangular, aluminum Vega reflector which reflects light evenly back onto your plants. It’s perfect for growers that need a professional kit with which to obtain professional results from your cannabis plants.

It’s available in two different models; Gavita Plasma 270e LEP Grow and Plasma PRO 300 LEP AC2

Technical details:

  • THD: <10%
  • Light Power: 270W (model Plasma 270e LEP Grow) and 300W (Plasma PRO 300 LEP AC2).
  • Input Connection: IEC C14.
  • Output Connection: XR505.
  • Internal Case Dimensions:  580 mm x 288 mm x 190 mm.
  • Weight 10.5 kg, 23 lbs.
  • Reflector Material: Cast aluminium housing. Humidity resistant. EMI shielded wire mesh.
  • External dim: Gavita Master Controller.
  • External dim connector: RJ14 (6P4C).
  • Light Source: LUMIX GRO 41.01 or GRO 41.2 emitter.
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