Canna Bio Terra Plus 50L

Canna Bio Terra Plus 50L
  •  Canna Bio Terra Plus 50L
  •  Canna Bio Terra Plus 50L
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Bio Terra Plus by BioCanna is a substrate that’s enriched with plenty of organic nutrients so that your cannabis plants grow successfully. 100% organic.


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Canna Bio Terra Plus 50L

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Canna Bio Terra Plus - 100% Organic Substrate

Bio Terra Plus by BioCanna is an excellent substrate for cannabis plants that contains the necessary nutrients to produce quality plants that yield large amounts of flowers.

Canna Bio terra Plus Properties

This substrate is an airy peat mixture that contains natural fertilizers such as bat guano and bone meal. It also contains plenty of oligo-elements that are super beneficial for your cannabis plants. We recommend using this substrate right from the start for the best results – its organic ingredients will not over-fertilize your seedlings or clones.

This peat mixture contains plenty of air for your plants' roots and organic, natural fertilizers of non-animal origins. It also contains numerous smaller ingredients that push your plants to their growing limit. We recommend using it from the start of the growing process until the end, as its small amounts of nutrients won't be able to over-fertilize your plants.

Bio Terra Plus by BioCanna is perfect for beneficial bacteria, creating a mini eco-system in your plants’ roots, which allows them to grow incredibly strong, which also produces strong and sturdy plants. Its white peat is perfect, as it makes for a much more aired out mixture and it also balances out humidity. 

Remember, your plants’ roots need oxygen just as much as they need water, so you might want to mix this substrate with coco fiber, clay balls or perlite, which can help to give your roots more oxygen and also help retain water and improve water drainage. We also recommend placing a thin layer of perlite or clay balls at the bottom of the flowerpot; this helps to get rid of any excess water rather than having it pool up at the bottom of the flowerpot.

BioTerra Plus by Bio Canna is a great choice if you plan on growing organic, quality cannabis. This product is 100% organic and apt for eco-friendly EU cultivation.

You may want to use fertilizer during the flowering period, especially during the fattening phase, such as BioBoost by BioCanna, in order to increase yield even more.

How to use Bio terra by BioCanna:

  • This product is ready to be used, although we recommend some pre-preparation.
  • Mix in about 20% of your preferred porous substrate in order to give your plants’ roots more oxygen; coco fiber (Canna Coco Professional+), clay balls or perlite.
  • Add a thin layer (2-3cm) of your chosen porous substrate at the bottom of each flower pot in order to improve water drainage.
  • You can also remove some of the mixture and add in some guano or any other slow-releasing organic fertilizer for bud fattening. You can also do this when transplanting.

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Canna Bio Terra Plus 50L Reviews

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Excelente sustrato. Lo compro siempre con excelentes resultados. Recomendado 100%


Muy buen sustrato.




Tierra excelente va genial,lo recomiendo....


Fabuloso donde lo compro


Tierra recomendada durante todo el ciclo de cultivo así me lo comentaron y así me funciono no vuelvo a x otra el envío k decir de growbarato 10/10.


No es mala lo recomiendo señores


Si quieres menos additivos, esta tierra lo es


Se puede mezclar con humos de lombriz?
Digamos que añadirle al sustrato un 20% de coco y 10% de humus, qué les parece, iría bien? Gracias

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Hola WeedLover.
Puedes poner tus semillas recién germinadas sin problemas, ya que los componentes que contiene son orgánicos y se liberan lenta y progresivamente. Si quieres asegurarte de un mejor enraizado, aplica hongos micorrizas.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.




Puedo colocar mis semillas recién germinadas en este sustrato? o corro el riesgo de sobrefertilizarlas?


Lo uso mezclado con sustrato de Coco y da excelentes resultados


Thanks Noname, you are correct. We will change it inmediately. Thank you for your participation and feedback.


Correction, this soil contains no bat guano or any animal Canna Bio Terra Plus 50Ls.


Para mi que quiero que sea todo natural me va de cine.

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