10 Round Bong Screens

10 Round Bong Screens
  • 10 Round Bong Screens
  •  10 Round Bong Screens
  • 10 Round Bong Screens
  •  10 Round Bong Screens

You can use these screens with your bong, making it much easier to clean. 10 screens per purchase, so you’ll have plenty of screens for your bong.


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10 Round Bong Screens

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Curved Screens for Bongs

These round screens are perfect for bongs, as they’re much easier to clean and they make your bong easier to clean too. These screens have 1-micron holes in them, so no need to worry about any ash or weed filtering through your bong or pipe.

Screens for Filtering Bongs

Many people use flat screens which can be a bit of a pain to use – with these round ones, all you need to do is press them in and done. Thanks to its curvature, designed specifically for bongs, it will fit like a glove. Each purchase guarantees 10 durable bong screens that’ll keep your bong in business for quite a while.

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10 Round Bong Screens Reviews


Son perfectas, mucho más resistentes que las típicas que compras en el estanco.


Excelente Rejillas curvadas, resulta muy sencillo limpiarlas y poder reutilizarlas.


Se ajusta a la perfect on al bong, y es muy duradera


Lo recomiendo, antes de usarlo siempre me entraban restos en la boca.

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