Dexso EOE Extractor

Dexso EOE Extractor
  •  Dexso EOE Extractor
  •  Dexso EOE Extractor

The Dexso EOE Extractor is a tube used to make potent BHO extracts, obtaining both quantity and quality.

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Dexso EOE Extractor

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The Dexso extractor combines anodized aluminum with crystals coating, providing the same purity as glass tubes, although much less fragile. It’s as light as aluminum, making it super comfy and easy to use, as well as highly durable.

The tube has a tripod so that you can handle it and work with it without needing to have it in your hands constantly. The check valve and air outlet system make it much more efficient at extracting every last cannabinoids in your cannabis.

It comes with a reusable grid filter that you’ll need to clean after every use, and a vacuum system that’ll allow you to remove the leftover residues from the extraction within seconds. You might have noticed that regular tubes can be a real pain to empty after using, whereas this one practically empties itself.

There are two models available; standard and professional. The difference between the two is essentially how long they are and how much weed they can hold. The standard tube fits about 50g of cannabis and is 25cm long, whereas the professional tube is much longer, around 50cm long, and can fit up to 100g of weed or trim.

Make the most of your weed with a Dexso extractor and Dexso Dimethyl Ether gas, which is the purest possible gas that gives the largest yield.


  • Extractor tube.
  • 1 centerpiece & easy to assemble tripod legs.
  • Rubber stoppers on legs to keep tube stable.
  • 1 static o-ring.
  • 1 self-cleaning vacuum emptying unit.
  • 1 reusable steel V4A filter to increase yield.
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Dexso EOE Extractor Reviews


un muy buen tubo extractor la manera en la que no ay que estar aguantando tanto el tubo y luego es una pasada a la hora de sacar la materia la verdad es que me ha sorprendido

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