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ONA Spray
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With ONA spray you will not have any odor-related problems in given locations. Just spray a bit of ONA air freshener to neutralize all odors.

ONA type
ONA type

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ONA Spray

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ONA Spray Neutralizes Crop Odors

ONA spray of 250 ml is a powerful odor neutralizer with which you can administer ONA freshener fast and easily. Just press its cap to spray a thin mist of essential oils that will leave the air fresh and clean within seconds.

ONA Products Destroy Bad Odor Particles

ONA air fresheners do not camouflage odors: they destroy them while leaving a persistent fragrance in the air. Its technology works through the action of its fluctuating molecules in the air. These particles join odor molecules and, increasing their weight, they fall to the ground where they will disappear in record time.

Enjoy your products without leaving traces with ONA Spray

Now, you will be able to vaporize or smoke at home without getting into trouble. In addition, you can choose among the four available fragrances: Fresh Linen (citric), Pro (neuter), Apple Crumble (apple) and Tropicale (Tropical).

Ona Spray volume:

  • 250 ml bottle.

Ona Spray fragrances:

  • Pro (clean-neuter).
  • Fresh Linen (lemon citric).
  • Apple Crumble (apple).
  • Tropicale (tropical).
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ONA Spray Reviews


un chuff y sobra, para un habitáculo pequeño y móvil


Me gusta mucho, lo utilizo en mi casa


Lo he usado hoy por primera vez y va bastante bien, aunque no cubre el olor de una planta, creo que es más para usar cuando se fuma o seca.


es una manera economica de ocultar el olor a hierba en casa, sobre todo si no vives solo :D jeje

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