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Medical Seeds auto

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Medical Seeds auto

Medical Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Medical Seeds Strains

Medical Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that mainly deals in feminized seeds, although they’ve just recently released two autoflowering seeds to give their catalogue a bit more accessibility. All of their strains are carefully selected and worked on in order to create perfectly balanced seeds. They are guaranteed to germinate.

Strains rich in THC

Potent, psychoactive strains

No Name Auto is the autoflowering version of their No Name strain. It’s incredibly indica and it has a strong, highly resistant structure. It grows to an average height with short internodes and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors – in warmer climates you can even grow it out of season. After around 9-10 total weeks it should be ready to harvest, yielding up to 160g per plant. Its buds are incredibly thick and produce resin trichomes all over. It has a sort of old school Skunk flavor, similar to cured cheese. It also has a sort of double effect that starts off quite energizing and ends up in an intense relaxing sensation. THC: 12-15%

Blue Hell Auto is an autoflowering strain that was obtained thanks to a combination between Blueberry from DJ Shorts very own private selection, with an Auto Medical Ruderalis, making for a delicious fast-flowering plant that can easily be grown both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors it does perfectly as long as it gets good weather, just like with any autoflowering plant. This strain can be grown by experienced and beginer growers. It should take two months from seed to flower, producing up to 180g per plant outdoors. It has a strong, penetrating aroma that turns fruity when smoked. It gives a relaxing, soft effect that’ll allow you to go about your business as usual. THC: 12-15%.

Premium Autoflowering Strains

So, if you’re looking for potent, autoflowering, feminized strains, Medical Seeds has two wonderful choices for you. This professional seed bank allows for easy, guaranteed germination and quality yields at quite an affordable price. Grow Medical Seeds today and you won’t be disappointed!